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<p><strong>Note: Please check &ldquo;Upgrade rules&rdquo; and &ldquo;Feature

Limitations&rdquo; section before upgrading.</strong></p>

<p><strong>New features and Enhancements</strong></p>

<li>Captive Portal support for non-management VLANs when inter VLAN routing
is disabled on the router.</li>
<li>Facebook Wifi support for non-management VLANs when inter VLAN routing is
disabled on the router.</li>
<li>Changes made to improve GUI response time.</li>

<p><strong>Issue Fixed</strong></p>

<li>Fixed various client connectivity issues resulting from channel
congestion, mainly in 2.4 GHz band.</li>
<li>Wireless Multicast Forwarding (WMF) enhancements to handle multicast
traffic freezing sometimes.</li>

<p><strong>Known Issues</strong></p>

<li>When adding two different Facebook business page for two Captive portal
profiles only the latest Facebook configuration will take effect for both the CP
<li>Duplicate Access point entries created in Facebook Business Wi-Fi
settings page when the Access point get registered with Facebook second time after
doing factory defaults and configure the same Facebook business page to the CP
<li>Packet capture related configuration parameters are not clearly displayed
in Mozilla Firefox browser with Ubuntu
OS.&nbsp;<strong>Workaround:</strong>&nbsp;There parameters are displayed clearly
in WIN OS on different browsers (IE11, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)</li>
<li>The dashboard screen becomes distorted when the screen resolution is 1280
X 800 or lower.</li>

<p><strong>Upgrade Procedure:</strong></p>

<li>Using the Download Link below, download and extract the new firmware to a
convenient place such as your desktop.<br />
The Firmware File name after extracting
is&nbsp;<strong>WAC720_WAC730_V3.9.0.3.tar</strong><br />
<br />
<strong>Download Link:</strong>&nbsp;<u><a
<li>Login to the AP web interface.</li>
<li>Select&nbsp;Maintenance &gt; Upgrade &gt; Firmware Upgrade</li>
<li>Click the&nbsp;Browse&nbsp;button and locate the image (.tar) upgrade
<li>Click the&nbsp;Apply&nbsp;button to initiate the upgrade process.<br />
During the upgrade process, the wireless access point automatically restarts.
The upgrade process typically takes several minutes. When the Test LED turns off,
wait a few more seconds before doing anything with the wireless access point.</li>

<p><strong>Operational Notes:</strong></p>

<li>Business Central 2.x (2.0/2.1) is supported in AP running with V3.5.6.0
or higher Firmware version. By default Business Central mode is enabled.</li>
<li>AP supports three modes of operation, Standalone mode, ensemble mode and
CLOUD mode (or Business Central Wireless Manager Mode).</li>
<li>HTTPS traffic is allowed when Wireless clients connected to FB Wi-Fi
enabled SSID without authentication but not allowed for general CP enabled SSID
without authentication.</li>
<li>Wireless client session timeout depends on time period configured in the
Facebook business page for the Facebook Wi-Fi authenticated clients.</li>
<li>DNS server should be configured with the AP name to access AP GUI using
AP name.</li>
<li>The default IP address of the AP is when the AP cannot get
dynamic IP address. DHCP client is enabled by default</li>
<li>Enable/Disable Business central (Cloud Enabled) option resets the AP to
factory default but retains IP, DNS and management VLAN settings</li>
<li>In the following scenarios AP is expected to reboot automatically for the
configuration to take effect:<br />
a.Firmware upgrade<br />
b.Reset factory defaults<br />
c.Business central enable/disable<br />
d.Restore configuration<br />
<br />
In all the other conditions AP is not supposed to reboot automatically</li>
<li>Factory reset will be required to get managed by controller after upgrade
to latest Firmware.</li>

<p><strong>Upgrade Rules:</strong></p>

<p><strong>For Standalone and ensemble users</strong></p>

<li>If fresh out-of-factory AP, recommend to upgrade to latest FW available
in the Web and do factory defaults to configure the AP and deploy in production
<li>If AP operating in standalone / ensemble mode with FW V3.6.12.0 or lower
version, upgrade to latest FW.&nbsp;<br />
<strong>Note:</strong>&nbsp;Please go through the&nbsp;<strong>&ldquo;Feature
limitations&rdquo;</strong>&nbsp;section below before upgrading.</li>
<li>Highly recommends in ensemble mode to upgrade Master and Salve APs
simultaneously to the latest FW for all the configurations to be synced
<li>The AP goes to factory defaults automatically when upgraded to FW
V3.1.5.0 / V3.5.6.0 or higher version from the FW version below V3.1.5.0
<li>Follow the steps below to restore the old configuration.&nbsp;
<li>Do &ldquo;config backup&rdquo; if AP&rsquo;s FW is less than
<li>Upgrade to latest FW.</li>
<li>Do factory defaults.</li>
<li>Restore the backup config file.</li>

<p><strong>For Business Central users</strong></p>

<li>To connect to Business Central wireless manager, make sure AP has the FW
V3.5.6.0 or higher version image where by default Business Central mode is

<p><strong>Feature Limitations:</strong></p>

<li><strong>Firmware Upgrade:</strong>

<li>The below feature related configurations will go to defaults after
upgrading from FW V3.6.12.0 or lower to the FW V3.7.10.0 or higher version.
<li><strong>Wireless scheduling</strong>: In the latest FW this
configuration is available under per radio and security profiles per radio.</li>
<li><strong>Wireless client security separation</strong>: In the
latest FW this configuration is available under security profiles per radio.</li>
<li><strong>MAC Authentication:</strong>Configurations done in FW
V3.6.12.0 or lower version after upgrading to FW V3.7.10.0 or higher FW version
will be available under SSID profiles page per radio.</li>
<li><strong>Backup / Restore feature:</strong>
<li><strong>AP Mode.</strong>
<li>Restoring configuration file from V3.6.12.0 or lower version
to the FW V3.7.10.0 or higher FW version will reset the configuration done for the
below features only to defaults
<li>MAC Authentication</li>
<li>Wireless scheduling</li>
<li>Wireless client security separation</li>
<li><strong>Ensemble mode</strong>
<li>Backup / Restore configuration feature doesn&rsquo;t work
properly on ensemble enabled APs. Disable ensemble and restore the config file for
configuration to apply properly.</li>
<li><strong>Rogue AP detection</strong>
<li>WAC720/730 &ndash; Rogue AP detection will not work when AP is
operating in DFS channel.</li>
<li><strong>Ensemble Mode:</strong>
<li>There is no option to select which channels to be used (or not to
be used) for Auto Channel Allocation feature in Ensemble mode.
<li>For 5GHz, Auto-channel logic will select only from non-DFS
allowed channels for the current country code/revision list.</li>
<li>For 2.4GHz, Auto-Channel logic will select either of these
channels 1, 6, 11 only.</li>