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 Equestrian  Surfaces,  Inc.  

Marke&ng  Presenta&on  
Because so much is riding
on your surface…
Company  History

•  Founded  by  Nick  A/wood  in  1992  

•  Over   400   facili<es   installed   across  
USA,  Europe  and  Asia-­‐Pacific  
•  Customers   include   many   top-­‐drawer  
compe<tors  and  trainers    

•  Unrivalled   focus   on   science   &  

innova<on,  and  pre/aKer-­‐sale  service  


1992:  Company   2000:  150  arenas   2008:  Pinnacle,  our  
2012:  TerraNova   2013:  A>wood  
founded  by  Nick   installed  in  the   superior  non-­‐wax  all  
launched   diversifies  into  
A>wood   USA  alone   weather  riding  surfaces  
Europe  and  Asia  
was  patented  
Company  Background
A"wood   Equestrian   Surfaces   has   been   manufacturing   and   installing   quality   equestrian   arena  
foo:ng  for  more  than  twenty  years.  We  are  innovators  of  equine  surfaces  and  Equa:on®  is  
the   original   dust-­‐free   foo:ng.   Our   background   in   chemistry,   construc:on,   and   manufacturing  
enables   us   to   research   and   create   carefully   balanced   products   that   perform   consistently   in  
any  climate.  
We   understand   the   needs   of   each   discipline.   Our   clients   range   from   na:onally   recognized  
compe:tors   to   the   private   discerning   rider.   We   know   it’s   essen:al   to   provide   me:culously  
engineered  surfaces  that  benefit  the  horse  and  the  rider.  Using  advances  in  technology  and  
our  con:nuous  innova:on,  we  remain  at  the  forefront  of  arena  foo:ng  development.  
Having   become   established   in   North   America,   we   have   recently   embarked   on   a   global  
expansion   strategy,   and   have   opened   offices   in   India   and   the   UK   to   service   Asian   and  
European   markets,   respec:vely.   With   significant   local   presence,   we   are   able   to   provide   the  
same  standards  of  service  that  we  already  provide  across  the  USA.  
This   ul:mate   riding   surface   combines   the   latest   in   technology   and   our   20   years   of   equestrian  
arena   foo:ng   experience.   Pinnacle   is   engineered   with   premium   materials   to   bring   you   the  
op:mum  in  shear  strength,  minimal  concussion  and  maximum  viscoelas:c  rebound.    
Pinnacle   surfaces   are   formulated   from   high   quality   silica   sand   and   fibres,   and   coated   with  
viscoelas:c   polymer,   to   bring   you   the   op:mum   in   shear   strength,   shock   absorp:on   and  
maximum   viscoelas:c   rebound.   Pinnacle   is   laser   graded   to   a   uniform   depth   of   four   inches  
over  a  carefully  graded  compacted  base.  

•  Indoor  and  outdoor  use  

•  Requires  no  watering  
•  Dust  free  
•  Industry   leading   concussion   reduc<on  
and  rebound  
•  More   stable   than   wax   to   extremes   of  
•  Customisable   to   suit   jumping,  
dressage,  racing  

Our  latest,  and  most  innova:ve  polymer-­‐coated  foo:ng.  Terra  Nova  is  formulated  from  high  
quality  silica  sand  and  fibres,  and  coated  with  a  next  genera:on  viscoelas:c  polymer,  giving  
unrivalled  shock  absorp:on,  grip,  and  rebound.    
•  Very   economic   and   compe<<vely  
•  No  watering  required  
•  Dust-­‐free  and  Non-­‐tacky  
•  Consistent  riding  characteris<cs  
•  Manufactured   from   premium   raw  
•  Reduced   concussion   with   viscoelas<c  
•  Freeze-­‐resistant   and   stable   over   a  
wide  temperature  range  
Green Footings
Our  foo:ngs  are  now  available  in  a  green  shade.  This  'Green  Pinnacle'  as  we  refer  to  it  has  all  
the   proper:es   of   our   high   performing   Pinnacle   foo:ng.   Addi:onally,   the   colour   resists   fading,  
and  does  not  wash  out  in  rain.  
Because  our  Green  Pinnacle  contains  very  pure  fibres  and  polymeric  coa:ng,  and  no  carpet  
scrap  or  recycled  rubber  which  turns  the  foo:ng  black,  we  believe  we  are  the  only  company  
capable  of  supplying  a  quality  green  product  that  will  remain  green  throughout  its  life.  

•  The   green   surface   gives   a   very  

appealing  visual  result  
•  The   colourant   reflects   infra-­‐red  
radia<on   from   the   sun   and   keeps   the  
foo<ng  cool  
•  The   coloured   surface   minimizes   glare  
allowing   be/er   depth   percep<on   for  
both  the  horse  and  the  rider  
Portable Arenas
What   do   you   do   when   you   require   the   best   foo:ng,   but   only   for   a   limited   :me?   A"wood’s  
Portable  Arenas  are  the  solu:on  to  this  surprisingly  common  problem.  Our  highly  acclaimed  
EuroTex   foo:ng   is   laid   over   a   series   of   custom   made   mats,   and   can   be   removed   aVer   the  
event  is  over.  The  foo:ng  retains  all  its  proper:es.  
The   Menlo   Charity   Horse   Show   was   the   ideal   plaYorm   for   A"wood   to   demonstrate   this  
technology.   The   2014   show   was   claimed   to   be   a   major   success   with   the   foo:ng   receiving  
universal  praise.  

Liz  Crowell,  Show  Manager,  Menlo  Charity  Horse  Show  

This  complete  race  track  system  is  specifically  designed  and  formulated  for  horse  safety  and  
injury  reduc:on.  AmeriTrack  is  engineered  with  a  free-­‐draining  base  and  all-­‐weather  cushion.  
It  incorporates  a  ver:cal  drainage  system  which  eliminates  movement  of  the  cushion  to  the  
rail  and  results  in  a  consistent,  no  bias  track.    
Unlike  many  coated  surfaces,  AmeriTrack  is  manufactured  without  wax.  AmeriTrack  remains  
stable   in   extreme   temperature   condi:ons.   During   high   temperatures,   it   will   not   melt   or  
become   soV,   and   during   extreme   cold,   it   will   remain   soV   and   pliable,   rather   than   become  
hard  and  bri"le.  
•  Dust-­‐free  and  non-­‐tacky  
•  Consistent  going  
•  Manufactured   from   premium   raw  
•  Engineered   for   thoroughbred   training  
and  racetrack  
•  Reduced   concussion   with   viscoelas<c  
•  Freeze-­‐resistant   and   stable   over   a  
wide  temperature  range  
Additives – GGTTM
GGT’sTM   combined   Geo   felt   &   Polyester   fiber   deliver   greatly   improved   shear   strength   and  
stability  over  the  surface.  Also,  aides  in  moisture  reten:on  and  concussion  reduc:on.  It  can  be  
incorporated  into  new  or  exis:ng  sand  arenas.  
Additives - EuroTex
This  new  addi:ve  from  Europe  is  truly  affordable  and  easy  to  install.  The  unique  composi:on  
of  Polyester  and  rubber  fiber  is  further  enhanced  with  the  addi:on  of  Geopad  felt  and  Cleff  
elas:cated  fibers  providing  lateral  and  ver:cal  binding  to  achieve  op:mum  consistency  and  
cushioning.  It  can  be  incorporated  into  new  or  exis:ng  sand  arenas.  
Additives – Micro Supreme
Our   own   special   poly-­‐micro   fiber   is   100%   synthe:c   and   not   recycled,   meaning   that   its  
proper:es   are   always   known   and   consistent.   When   added   to   sand   it   greatly   increases   the  
shear  strength  of  the  sand  crea:ng  stability  and  concussion  reduc:on.  This  is  a  great  addi:ve  
for   exis:ng   sand   arenas   that   may   have   had   other   tex:les   incorporated   in   the   past.   It   also  
works  well  with  sand/stone-­‐dust  arenas  by  providing  the  lateral  and  ver:cal  stability  for  the  
horse  and  rider.  It  can  be  incorporated  into  new  or  exis:ng  sand  arenas.  
Services – Arena Design
and Construction
A"wood   Equestrian   Surfaces   is   a   full   surface   arena   and   gallops/track   builder.   We  
provide  site  prepara:on,  drainage,  base  installa:on,  kick  boards,  fence  installa:on  and  
addi:ve  incorpora:on.  
We   closely   manage   the   product   manufacturing   process.   Each   foo:ng   is   custom-­‐
created  to  meet  your  specific  riding  and  climate  needs,  and  we  work  with  you  to  create  
and  build  an  arena  or  a  track  or  gallop  that  provides  a  unique  riding  experience.  
Services – Consulting
Careful  planning  ensures  an  easier  installa:on  and  ul:mately  a  more  enjoyable  riding  
experience.   The   experienced   staff   at   A"wood   Equestrian   Surfaces   can   help   you  
properly  design  your  arena  at  the  earliest  stages  of  arena  planning.  
We   also   analyse   your   exis:ng   surfaces   and   provide   sugges:ons   and   advice   on   ways   to  
improve   them   through   addi:ves.   We   can   assess   the   feasibility   for   installing   a   new  
surface,   improve   drainage   through   a   series   of   small   but   important   steps   and   help   with  
regular  maintenance  and  upkeep  of  your  arenas  and  tracks.  
Our Clients
Prominent Riders
With   over   400   installa:ons   across   the   USA,   Europe   and   Asia,   our   client   list   is   impressive,  
including  many  interna:onally  recognized  compe:tors  and  trainers.  
David  and  Karen  O’Conner     Silva  and  Boyd  Mar:n    
Karen   has   ridden   in   five   Olympic   Games,   three   World   Boyd   Mar:n   has   enjoyed   interna:onal   compe::ve   success,  
Equestrian   Games   and   two   Pan-­‐American   Games,   winning   represen:ng   the   United   States   at   the   2010   Alltech   Equestrian   Games  
mul:ple  medals,  including  a  team  silver  at  the  1996  Olympic   in   Lexington,   KY,   on   Neville   Bardos,   and   the   2012   Olympic   Games   in  
Games  and  a  team  bronze  at  the  2000  Olympic  Games   London,  riding  O:s  Barbo:ere  
David   competed   in   two   Olympic   Games,   winning   a   team   Silva   has   enjoyed   con:nuing   compe::ve   success   at   major   shows  
silver  at  the  1996  Summer  Olympics  and  an  individual  gold   including   Dressage   at   Devon,   the   CBLM   Championships,   regional  
and  team  bronze  at  the  2000  Summer  Olympics.     championships  and  on  the  Florida  circuit  

George  Morris  
George  H.  Morris  is  an  American  trainer  and  judge  of  horses  
and   riders   in   the   hunter   and   jumper   disciplines.   He   is  
considered   a   "founding   father"   of   Hunt   Seat   Equita:on.   He  
also   is   the   current   chef   d’equipe   for   the   United   States  
Equestrian  Federa:on,  USEF,  show  jumping  team.  

*  For  a  comprehensive  list,  please  request  for  our  execu:ve  porYolio  

Our Clients
Prominent Riders
A  small  sample  of  some  of  the  Equestrian  Clubs  we  have  worked  with…  

Morningside  Training  Center     October  Hill  

A"wood   Equestrian   Surfaces   constructed   a   Pinnacle   OHF  is  na:onally  recognized  jumper  barn  with  focus  on  the  sport  horse  
Jumping   arena   in   2011.   The   arena   is   used   for   high   athlete.   We   installed   our   Pinnacle   foo:ng   in   their   indoor   jumping  
performance   jumping,   hunter   and   dressage.   This   arena   is   arena  in  2006  and  it  has  proven  to  be  a  success  in  their  development  
highly   sought   aVer   for   training   and   is   under   constant   use   by   program  for  all  the  horses  that  ride  there.  
many  top  riders  from  the  USA  and  Europe.  

Bel-­‐Mont  Farm  
Bel   Mont   Farm   is   owned   by   Donna   Tainter,   a   jumper   who  
worked   for   three   top   Olympic   riders   Peter   Leone,     Daan  
Nanning   of   Holland,   and   then   with   Joe   Fargis.   Bel-­‐Mont  
Farm   focus   is   the   care   and   prepara:on   of   the   horse   for  

St  Bride’s  Farm  
St.   Bride’s   Farm   is   a   privately   owned   farm   located   in   the  
rolling  hills  of  Northern  Virginia,  specializing  in  the  breeding,  
training   &   showing   of   world   class   show   jumpers.   We  
installed  our  Pinnacle  foo:ng  in  their  indoor  arena  in  2011.  
This   facility   has   two   successful   riders,   Ramiero   Quintana,  
with   many   wins   on   Whitney,   and   Susie   Hutchison,   with  
many  awards  riding  on  Ziedento.  These  two  riders  compete  
na:onally  and  interna:onally.     *  For  a  comprehensive  list,  please  request  for  our  execu:ve  porYolio  
Our Clients
Clubs and Equestrian Centers

•  2  arenas  in  The  Plains,  Virginia  

•  Stable  View  –  Aiken,  California  
•  Toyon  Farm  –  Napa,  California  
•  Morningside  Training  Center  
•  Menlo  Park  
•  Morven  Park  –  Leesburg,  Virginia  

*  For  a  comprehensive  list,  please  request  for  our  execu:ve  porYolio  

Our  founder,  Nick  A"wood,  was  previously  an  R&D  Scien:st  for  En  Tout  Cas,  which  was  the  
first  synthe:c  surface  company  in  the  World.    
Over  the  years,  the  A"wood  Team  has  grown  to  include  a  number  of  high  level  Scien:sts,  all  
with   PhDs   in   related   disciplines,   responsible   for   much   of   the   R&D   that   goes   behind  
formula:ng  our  world-­‐class  foo:ngs.    
Our   R&D   teams   are   constantly   in   contact   with   the   FEI,   and   collaborate   with   leading  
academics  around  the  World.  We  also  have  a  strong  project  management  team  which  uses  
modern  project  management  techniques  to  ensure  our  installa:ons  proceed  to  plan.      
A   team   of   Business   Management   professionals   are   responsible   for   devising   effec:ve  
strategies  to  help  us  be"er  connect  with  current  and  poten:al  customers.    
To  ensure  that  we  fully  understand  the  needs  and  mo:va:ons  of  our  customers,  we  engage  
closely  with  the  equestrian  community,  and  regularly  par:cipate  in  shows  and  clinics  around  
the   World.   Our   team   is   extremely   global   in   nature,   comprising   of   people   from   the   USA,  
Europe   and   Asia,   helping   us   to   understand   and   adapt   to   the   culture   and   environment   of   each  
region  we  sell  our  products  in.    
Our Core Team
Nick  A"wood  
President  and  CEO  
Nick   founded   the   Company   in   1992,   having   worked   as   Research   Scien<st   for   En   Tout   Cas   on   synthe<c   surfaces,   aKer  
gradua<ng  in  Applied  Chemistry  

Anil  TalaA  
Chief  Project  Manager  
Anil  has  been  installing  riding  arenas  for  A/wood  for  over  20  years.  Originally  Anil  trained  as  an  Engineer  and  worked  in  
the  Aerospace  industry  for  12  years  

Dr  Steve  Law  
Technical  Manager  
Steve  has  worked  in  materials  R&D  for  over  30  years,  and  has  been  with  A/wood  for  3  years.  He  holds  a  PhD  and  has  8  
patents  to  his  name.  He  has  won  pres<gious  awards  for  his  research  into  fibers  

Edwin  Barron  
Vice  President  –  Sales  
Edwin   has   extensive   experience   in   Interna<onal   sales.   Prior   to   A/wood,   he   worked   with   a   leading   manufacture   of  
mountain  bicycles.  He  has  been  with  A/wood  for  over  10  years.  

Abhinav  Srivastava  
Manager  –  Strategy  and  Business  Development  
Abhinav  has  worked  in  Consul<ng  for  over  6  years,  and  has  been  with  A/wood  for  1  year.  He  holds  an  MBA  degree,  and  
is  responsible  for  exploring  opportuni<es  for  growth  in  new  markets  
“For  dressage  horses  this  foo:ng  has  the  right  amount  of  give  while  maintaining  stability.  When  you  pick  it  up  in  your  
hands  it  feels  like  you're  squeezing  co"on  candy  and  when  you  relax  your  hold  it  bounces  back  in  a  three  dimensional  
manner,   giving   you   the   impression   that   it   is   alive.   It   reacts   the   same   way   when   you   watch   a   hoof   land   on   it.   A   slight  
depression  is  made  which  then  rebounds  back  to  its  original  form.  The  end  result  is  surprisingly  consistent  foo:ng.  What  
amazed  me  the  most  was  that  at  the  end  of  each  day  my  boots  were  just  as  clean  and  shiny  as  they  were  early  in  the  
morning  right   aVer  being  polished.  It  was  so   nice   not   to   have   the   usual   dust   and   sand   that   seems   to   s:ck   to   your   boots  
like  glue.  “  
-­‐  George  Williams  
Prominent  Dressage  Rider,  President  -­‐    USDF,  Chair  -­‐    USEF  High  Performance  Eligible  Athlete  Commi"ee    

"...the  lovely  indoor  arena,  with  its  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  foo:ng  that  I  believe  consisted  of  shredded  bouncy  balls  and  recycled  
angel  wings…”  
-­‐  Lauren  Sprieser  
Prominent  Dressage  Rider,  USDF  Gold  Medallist,  NAYRC  Gold  Medallist,  USEF  Developing  Listed  rider  

“TerraNova  has  this  incredible  cushiony  feel  to  it.  The  horses  just  love  it.  I  really  feel  that  this  foo:ng  is  enhancing  the  
well  being  of  my  horses.  I  find  it  very  easy  to  take  care  of  and  most  importantly  it  stays  so  consistent.  And  as  for  the  cold  
Pennsylvania  winters,  the  ring  really  never  freezes.  A  plus  for  us  who  don’t  go  south.”  
-­‐  Kate  Hicks  
Prominent  Eventer,  Graduate  A  Pony  Clubber,    2006  CCI**  Champion  
George   Morris   is   the   current   chef  
d’equipe   for   the   United   States  
Equestrian   Federa:on   show   jumping  
team.   Every   year   George   teaches  
clinics  in  A"wood  installed  arenas  and  
has   praised   the   consistency   of   our  
foo:ng  products.  
George   Morris   had   not   endorsed   any  
products   in   over   20   years.   He   has  
become   a   huge   supporter   of   A"wood  
surfaces   and   freely   endorses   our  
foo:ng  and  is  happy  to  speak  about  it.  
Below   is   one   of   several   magazine  
adver:sements   with   George   Morris  
endorsements   and   no   compensa:on  
was   provided   to   him   by   A"wood  
Equestrian  Surfaces.  
Corporate  Office  and  Americas  
7  West  Washington  Street,  Suite  I  &  J  
P.O.  Box  1612  
Middleburg,  VA  20118-­‐1612,  USA  
Phone:  +1  888  461  7788  
Fax:  +1  540  301  1030  
Email:  info@equestriansurfaces.com    
Website:  www.equestriansurfaces.com  
Asia-­‐Pacific  and  the  Middle  East   UK  and  Europe  
2nd  floor  -­‐  First  India  Place,     The  Old  School  House  
Shushant  Lok  -­‐  I,  Phase  1,   2  Barrowfield  Lane  
Block-­‐  B,  MG  Road,     Kenilworth  
Gurgaon  122  002,  INDIA   Warks  CV8  1EP,  UNITED  KINGDOM  
Phone:    +91  81  3010  5975,    +91  124  4028982   Phone:  +44  (0)  1926  356322  
Email:        info@a/wood.in   Email:  enquiries@aesurfaces.co.uk  
Website:  www.a/wood.in     Website:  www.aesurfaces.co.uk