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Smart Transformer Station

Datasheet of Transformer

Issue Version 1.0

Date 2018-09-10


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Datasheet of Transformer

Transformer Datasheet of STS-6000K

Technical description
Standards IEC 60076, EN 50588-1
Type of transformer Oil-immersed Type
Rated power kVA 6,000
Type of cooling ONAN
Insulation liquid Mineral Oil
High voltage kV 30
High voltage insulation level kV LI170/AC70
High voltage tappings (DETC) ±2 x 2.5%
Low voltage kV 0.8
Low voltage insulation level kV LI-/AC5
Winding material LV / HV Al/Al
Rated frequency Hz 50
No. of phases 3
Vector group Dyn11-yn11
Impedance voltage % 6.5 (0~+10%)
Load loss kW 46
No-load loss kW 4.8
PEI % 99.504
Oil Level Indicator, Oil Temperature
Protection Indicator, Oil Pressure Relief Relay,
Buchholz Relay
Ambient temperature ℃ 40
max./monthly/annual average ℃ 40/30/20
Max. average temperature rise (Oil/Winding) K 60/65
Altitude (a.s.l.) m 2000
Painting color RAL9003
Painting corrosivity category C4
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 2990 x 2310 x 2530 (+0%)
Weight kg 15000 (+0%)

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