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Adrian Music Booster

March 11th 2019
Springbrook Middle School Band Room

Meeting attended by: Scott Greggory, Susan Darr, Ryan Darr, Lisa Gillin, Aaron Mykeloff,, Beth Wood,
Lorri Wittenkeller, Steve Antalek, Kurt Kominek, Sherri Powers, and Kristen Howard.

Meeting called to order by Scott Greggory at 7:05pm.

Secretary’s Report: No minutes from February 2019 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: No report from February 2019.

Director’s Report:
Lorri Wittenkeller report:
 7th and 8th grade orchestras each received straight 1s at Festival. High school orchestra
received a 1 overall.
 High School orchestra will tour the elementary school on 3-14-19.
 All City Orchestra will take place 5-13-19.
 Blue Lakes scholarships (Jones family) will pay up to ½ of cost for up to 3 students.
Applications must be postmarked by March 22nd 2019.

Aaron Mykeloff report:

 Symphony band received a 2 at Festival.
 5 students are going to solo and ensemble on April 13th 2019.
 Band-O-Rama will take place 5-14-19.
 Jazz Fest will take place on 5-1-19 during the school day.
 A Disney World trip is being planned for tentatively March 2021.
 A trip for all music students 7-12 to Cedar Point is being discussed. Students will not perform,
this will be strictly a fun/team bonding event. Students cannot use student account money
for this trip.
 Band Camp payments will be split into 4 payments this year, instead of the normal 3
 Fine Arts Day at Siena Heights will take place 5-8-19.

Steve Antalek report:

 Concert Choir and Freshman Choir each received 2s at Festival. Lady Blues received a 1.
BelConto performed but due to limited numbers of students were not eligible for a score.
 Approx. 220-230 were in attendance for the Balladier Showcase.
 19 new dressed were purchased so all choirs will have dresses for performances.
Sherri Powers report:
 7th grade band received a 2 at Festival, 8th grade band received a 1.
 7th grade band will perform at the Capital Building on May 30th.
 March 26th-27th will be the elementary tour to talk to current 5th graders about music programs.
 Open Houses will take place on April 16th (incoming 6th graders only) and August 28th (full school).
The Music Boosters are welcome to set up a table in the hall, similar to Boys and Girls Club, in an
effort to reach income music families. Discussion held regarding purchasing a banner that could
be displayed at events like this that could also be carried in parades, used at homecoming etc.
 Band Camp will take place July 28th –August 3rd. Cost will remain $265 per student.

Committees Reports:

Concession Stand Update: Possible addition to concession stand for fall 2019 would be selling refillable
thermos bottles. Free coffee or hot chocolate refills for the season. Would have a Music Booster logo
on it.

Pie Sale Update: Final numbers are in and we hope to have the final report next month.

Mattress Sale Update: The annual Mattress Sale will take place on Saturday, April 27th. A parent
meeting is planned for March 28th 2019 7pm in the AHS Band Room.

Old Business:
 Music Boosters is still in need of an official treasurer. We all appreciate Annette continuing to fill
this role. The positions of President and Secretary are also up for election this year.

New Business:
 Aubree’s Dine to Donate ended with a $63.15 donation, which Aubree’s rounded up to $70.
 Discussion held regarding moving the Music Boosters meetings as to not interfere with Board
meetings, and possibly bring higher attendance.
 A new camp scholarship form was handed out.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Mehan-Wood
Adrian Music Boosters