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Jaime Alicea, Superintendent of Schools

–Bellevue Elementary Sarah Cupelli, Principal

Afterschool PD

Room 208
Meeting called by Katie Smith
Attendees: February/March Coaching Cohort


Bellevue Vision Statement

Innovatively empowering students to achieve academic and personal excellence

Topics: Standards Alignment, Planning for Facilitator: Katie S.

Intervention, Wilson Reading, EngageNY Math
Other Role(s):

Meeting Objectives:

- Teachers will understand how to use alignment of standards to plan for instructional
modifications and independent work
- Teachers will develop purposeful lesson plans for the intervention block
- Teachers will collaborate to develop supplemental aids for Wilson Reading and
EngageNY Math Modules

To prepare for this meeting, please:

- Be prepared to share a full lesson plan you have developed for either Wilson or EngageNY Math
Modules (see your group below), this can be a written or annotated lesson
Materials we will use at the meeting:

 Computers
 Intervention Lesson Plans, Playlists, or Small Group Lesson Plans (for ELA or Math)
 Wilson Group – Teacher Manual, current level Student Reader, Dictation Book
 EngageNY Group – Current Math Module
 http://www.portaportal.com/interventionspd

1607 South Geddes Street, Syracuse, NY 13207 | T (315) 435-4520 | F (315) 435-6207 | syracusecityschools.com

Time Minutes Activity/Notes

Standards Alignment:

- Review of standards alignment chart for K-6 (teachers should be

able to identify what students should know coming to them and
what they should be prepared to know in future grades)
- Ms. Smith will provide digital and printed resources during this
time (10 min)

Split into Collaborative Groups:

Group 1 – Mazzoli-Strange (K/1), Scheutzow (1), Corby (3-5)

Group 2 – Deutcher/Smith (3), Bell (4/5), Gerritse (4), Davis (5)

4:30 – 5:10 40 min In your groups:

- Choose 1 ELA and 1 Math standard that your students are

struggling with, then locate those standards on the alignment chart
(5 min)
- Using the standards alignment chart, consider how you would
develop modifications to whole group instruction for students that
do not meet grade level standards. Also consider how you can
better plan for independent work in PL rotations with standards
alignment in mind – ask yourself, what gap do they need to fill to
meet the CURRENT standard we are working on? Use this
information to input modifications into a whole group lesson plan
or research 2-3 independent work activities that address the
standards you have chosen. (25 min)

Planning for Intervention:

- **Can be used as some overlap time if group needs more

time for Standards Alignment. **
- Remaining time will be used to explore Intervention
PortaPortal and plan for intervention groups or small group
5:10 – 5:50 40 min instruction (guided reading, math centers, playlists, etc.)
- Teachers may take a 5 minute break during this time.

1607 South Geddes Street, Syracuse, NY 13207 | T (315) 435-4520 | F (315) 435-6207 | syracusecityschools.com
Split into Collaborative Groups:

Wilson – Gerritse, Corby, Davis

EngageNY Math Modules – Mazzoli-Strange, Bell, Deutcher,


In your groups:

- Share out 1-2 things that are going well during your
instruction of Wilson or EngageNY Math. (3 min)
- Share out 1-2 things that you feel could be going better, and
what you think you need to get there. (3 min)
- Share out what current level(s) you are teaching and discuss
5:50 – 6:30 40 min the skills you are teaching to your groups. (3 min)
- Share out the lesson plan you brought, and how you modify
or supplement the “script” to meet the needs of students. (6
- Work on existing lesson plans or develop new plans that
incorporate your own strategies and resources to address the
needs within your Wilson or Math group (Ask yourselves -
How do you deviate from the script to be more effective in
your practice?). Please utilize your group members for ideas
for planning and instructional presentation. I will be working
briefly with each individual during this time. You will be
submitting this plan to me as your “Week of March 11th”
lesson plan. (25 min)

1607 South Geddes Street, Syracuse, NY 13207 | T (315) 435-4520 | F (315) 435-6207 | syracusecityschools.com