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Full campaign for Warhammer,

first of a brave new series of
modules. Everything included
to play - cut out characters,
buildings, full colour maps,
games master and players
ready reference sheets plus
v "Y
much more! CALL OF CTHULHU
, Skull bursting value ................. ONLY f 5.95
Role-playing in the 1920's
world of H P Lovecraft's dark
fantasy novels. Includes:
card board characters, world
LEGACY OF EAGLES map; complete rules; dice; and
sourcebook for the 1920's.

This exciting Golden Heroes

scenario is specially prepared
for beginners and experienced 'Call of Cthulhu is an excellent game, well worth the
players alike. Includes Villain money' Different Worlds No 19.
Card File, full-colou r cardboard
cut-out figures and printed
play sheets.
Risk your sanity for .................. O N ~ Y f 9 . 9 5
Excellent value ........................ O ~ L Y f 4 . 9 5 AD&D
x I I L I I I

To order, simply cut out this coupon and fill out the details
below (or send all details on a piece of paper).
I I I I .

I Hundreds of counters, build-

I ings, roster sheets, and game
QTY ITEMS f P aids. Based on AD&D, now take
your characters to battle
royale! Very packed box,
lots of extras, easy to learn

A t a counter-punching .......... ONLY f 15.95
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Address ......................... . .
Send your orders to:
..........................................................................I Games Workshop Mail Order,
........................................................................................................................ 27/29 Sunbeam Road,
or ring Clive on 01-965 3713
................................................................................................................... I LONDON NWlO 6JP for Credit CardsIEnquiries
Make allchequespayableto Games Workshop Ltd


fi) mqzV;UuUa;3 Grenadier Models UI'Ltd.
25mm Gaming Miniatures
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109 Orcs 204 Master Criminals 2 14 Law Enforcers
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111 Monks
112 Elves barded horse
113 Specialists 127 Familiars and
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116 Golems Dragon

Axles Armies 1
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~ ~ T
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15mm FANTASY ARMIES Good and Evil

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St Pancras K~ngsCross

Euston Road

We stock an excellent range of wargames,
plus seige equipment role-playing games and figures.
Pax Britannica 20mm;
NOW AVAILABLE American Civil War 30mm;
Campaign Miniatures 7yrs War and 20mm Colonials.
and Renaissance Imperial T.S.R. Standard
Avalon Hill Dixons
Opening Hours: Citadel Games Workshop
Platoon 20 HeroicsIRos
Monday 1.00pm-7.00pm
Tues-Sat 10.00am-7.00pm MIKES MODELS (Renaissanceand 7yrs WAR)
Issue 68 ~ u g u s1985
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Ian Livingstone
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Ian Marsh The Artificer by David Marsh 8
CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Dave Lawford, Marc Constructive AD&D character class
Gascoigne, Simon Burley, Pete Haines, Joe Dever
ART EDITOR: Mary Common
PRODUCTION ARTIST: Brian Cumming Beneaththe Waves by Peter Blanchard 22
PASTE-UP ARTIST: Shelagh Dwyer Current problems for underwater adventurers
COVER: Brian Williams
ILLUSTRATION: Kevin Bulmer, Alan Hunter, Pete
Martin, Bill Houston, Mark Dunn Lone Dragon by Phil Masters 28
MAPS AND PLANS: Steve Luxton, Nic Weeks A gem of a Traveller scenario
ADVERTISING: Jon Sutherland Star of Darkness by David Marsh 38
PUBLISHER: Games Workshop Ltd
PUBLICATIONS MANAGER: Peter Darvill-Evans Pointed AD&D adventure
Printed in England
All correspondence should be addressed to
White Dwarf, 27129 Sunbeam Rd, London NWlO 6JP.

erve done what you DEPARTMENTS

wanted! It's almost a
year since we printed our
the have
naire, and we LostArkquestion-
just about :rF,"ing products examined by independent reviewers

The most popular features in

White Dwarfturned out to be : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~for' Cthulhoids
a v i o u r edited by Marc Gascoigne 18
Open Box, Thrud and
Gobbledigook. lrilian proved to Thrud the Barbarian by Carl Critchlow 19
be the most popular scenario, Fun with our regular hero
justifying our decision to reprint HeroesLVillains edited by Simon Burley and Pete Haines 25
the six-part series in its entirety Going solo.. .
in the new Best o f White Dwarf
Scenarios 111. The most The Travellers by Mark Harrison 34
requested new department was Flinn and W e n a get exposed
for Call o f Cthulhu - hence our
regular Crawling Chaos column. Readers' views, questions and comments
To end on a statistical note, an
average of 2.5 people (two Treasure Chest
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Level Of %Ability
Artificer DT FIRT OL SI KV I1
1 1 25 30 5 15 5
2 5 32.35 8 20 10
3 10 37 40 12 26 15
4 20 45 50 20 33 20
A ~ew-characterClass for AD&D 5 30 58 61 30 41 25
6 38 68 72 45 50 30
bv David Marsh 7 45 80 83 60 60 35
The Artificer 8 50 85 94 70 70 40
9 55* 90 99 80* 80" 45**
is featured *Plus 1% per level afterthe 9th
**Plus 2% per level after the 9th
in this
Racial Adjustments
issue's AD&D Race DT FIRT OL SI KV I1 LevelLimit
Gnome +3 +5 - - +5 -10 6
scenario, Star Elf - - - +5 - +5 9
Half-elf - +5 +5 - - -5 8
of Darkness.
Artificers also have limited spell-using capabilities, although no
Artificer will ever admit to using magic. In many cases, however, the
Artificer will look as if he is carrying out a normal task whilst the spell
is cast-verbal components can often be passed off as 'singing while
you work'.
Artificers will, at all times, tryto pass off every spell as if the task was
completed by non-magical means. The subtle workings of Artificer
magic results in it not registering under detect magic.
When a Master Artificer sends his apprentice off forthe firsttime, he
will give him all the level 1 spells. Each time the young Artificerwishes
The Artificer is the herald of the new technological age which is to progress a level, he must return fortraining for a period equal to his
destined neverto reach theAD&Dworld. His (or her) expertise is in the level, in months. The apprentice will be given all the level 2 spells on
field ofthings mechanical and the small scale creation: the Artificer is attaining 4th level if he hasshown sufficient promise. Oncethe charac-
an engineer in the widest possiblesense of theword. He is able toturn ter reaches7th level he must spend three months working on hisown,
his hand to making a lock, hinge, box, door or jewel, he can design in a suitable environment, to progress further. A master will not give
newweapons or even act asan architect. In short,theArtificerwill try him the level 3 spells - these must be found. Each time the Artificer
his hand at almost anything and will always attempt to further the achieves a new level (above 6th), he has a (level)%chance of find~ng
cause of technology whenever he has the opportunity. one of his choice. Spells are not written down, but are passed on by
The range of talents an Artificer will gain demands a high level of word of mouth or gained intuitively. When used, a spell is 'forgotten'
ability from the outset: Strength must be greaterthan 12 and Intelli- and must be regained by resting, as for other magic-using classes.
gence, Wisdom and Dexterity must all be 15 orgreater. No experience
point bonuses are available, nor may an Artificer be multi-classed, SPELLS USABLE PER DAY
however, any alignment is allowable, with the proviso that the Spell Artificer's Level
Artificer remembers the cause he fights for. Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Artificers may wear any armourexcept for plateor a large helm (un- 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7
less made by himself), but may only perform their specific thievish
abilities in leather armour or less. They may only use the following
weapons: dagger, shortsword, hammer, pick, hand axeand II bows.
Initial gold is the same as for a Cleric and the Artificer usedhe same SPELLS
proficiency and combat progression as this class. Because of their eye Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
for that sort of thing, in a situation where a weapon might normally Airglass Disassemble Detach
break, a weapon chosen or made by an Artificer is entitled to a saving Detect Mechanism Dispel Illusion Enhance Ill
throw: if the roll of a d20 is less than or equal to the Artificer's level Enhance 1 Enhance ll Know
then it is saved. These weapons cost no more than usual. Lubricate Operate Malleable
A human, dwarf, half-elf or gnome may be an Artificer; in this case Mend RestoreIReset Sabotage
a dwalf can usespells because of their pragmaticand partially clerical Muffle Rust
nature (note that NPCdwawen Clerics usespells). In fact, dwarfs usu- Reduction Rustproof
ally make the best Artificers. Seal
Level Experience Points Hit Dice (d6) Tile Level 1 Spells
1 0-2400 1 Apprentice Airglass (Conjuration, Alteration)
2 2401-4800 2 Journeyman Range: 1" Casting Time: 3 segments
3 4801-11000 3 Technician Components: V, S Areaof Effect: 1' diameter disc
4 11001-22000 4 Craftsman Duration: 1turnllevel Saving Throw: None
22001-45000 5 Artisan Causesa disc of airto form into a lens which magnifies objectsto a
45001-100000 6 Engineer power of 10xlevel of caster. Only thecaster may seethe lenswhich he
100001-150000 7 Craftsmaster may move as w~shed.There is no optical distortion through the lens.
150001-240000 8 Artificer
240001-400000 9 Master Artificer Detect Mechanism (Divination)
400001-750000 9+2 MasterArtificer Range: Caster Casting Time: 2 segments
(10th level) Components: V, S Area of Effect: 3" sphere
Duration: 1 turnllevel Saving Throw: None
400,000 experience points per level for each additional level beyond Makes the caster aware of the position, size and complexity of all
10th. mechanisms in range. (A mechanism is anything with 1 moving +
Artificers gain 2HP per level after the 9th. parts).
COMMON ABILITIES Enhance I(Chant, Alteration)
Artificers have the following talents arising from their training: Range: Touch Casting Time: Varies
' Detect TrapsIMechanisrns (DT). If alert and wary (+30% if concen- Cotnponents: V, S Area of Effect: 1 object
trating). Includes pits, shifting walls, spring-loaded traps, etc, gener- Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None i
ally non-magical. Normally anArtificercan combine materials and increasethevalue
FindIRernove Traps (FIRTI. As a Thief, DEX bonuses. of parts by 15%lIBvel. If hechantsthiswhilstworkingthen hedoesso
Open Locks (OL). As Thief, DEX bonuses. at 30%/level, or with a 23% saving throw if a working price has been
See Irregularity (SI). Noticing cracks, peepholes, secret doors. 20' fixed.
range, +lo% to chance if concentrating.
Know Value (KV). Knowledge of the actual market value of gems, Lubricate (Summoning)
jewellery, etc. Doesn't identify magical properties. Bonuses of +15% Range: Touch Castin Time: 9 segments
if in special area, +8% if part specialist. Components: V, S,M Area OB~ffect:6 sq"ilevel
Illusion Irnrnunity(l1). In addition to saving throws; Artificers have a Duration: 1 yearllevel Saving Throw: None
great dislike of illusions and Illusionists. Subtract the level of the illu- Needs a small blob of grease. Causes the area chosen to be covered
sion spell from the % chance to resist. in a thin film of high quality, non-flammable lubricant.

Mend (Alteration) low (Divination)

Range: Touch 'ime: 1 rou nge: 3" Casting Time: 1 round
Components: V, S, M ,,,,... d e c t : Iobj
Girl ~mponents:V, S Areaof Effect: 1 mechanism
Duration: Permanent SavingThrow: Nonle bration: Permanent SavingThrow: None
Repairsall tearslbreaks in one object, making it 'as nc:w'. Requir The caster becomes aware of exactly how a mechanism works,
'special' needle and thread or glue (as applicable). )at it does and how and why it is constructed.

Muffle (Alteration, Abjuration) mwmalleable(Alteration)

Range: 0 Casting Time: 4segments Range: Touch CastingTime: 1 round
Components: V, S, M Areaof Effect: 6" sphere Components: V, S Area of Effect: Special
Duration: 2 turnsllevel Saving Throw: None Duration: 1turnllevel Saving Throw: None
Muffles sound so that an Artificer's work cannot be heard outside Any non-magical metal that the caster touches becomes soft and
the sphere. The material component, a piece of cloth, is bound around pliable to his fingers. The area affected is as much as the caster can
the Artificer's implements. ~ch.

Reduction (Alteration) botage (Abjuration)

Range: 0 CastingTime: 1 segment nge: 6" Casting Time: 1 round
Components: V, S Area of Effect: I'object :omponents: V, S, M Area of Effect: 1 mechanism
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: None Iuration: Special SavingThrow: None
The inanimate, non-magical object affected by this spell can b~ Causesany mechanism notto function such that it needsa number
reduced in size to (11Artificer's leve1)th of its original size within 2 ~fcomplete overhauls equal to the level of the caster to work again.
number of turns equal to the caster's level. It cannot be used agalnsr .The material component is an iron spike.
an opposing force. The spell is used to get very fine detail into w
Seal (Alteration) Reversible ~eArtificer receives an education in numerous fields, butthere is still
Range: Touch CastingTime: 1 roundlyear o much for one person.to assimilate. Each Artificer starts with two
Components: V, S, M Area of Effect: 1 object ~ecialistareas of knowledge to which he can add one (either material
Duration: 1 yearllevel Saving Throw: None orskill) at each training period prior to advancing a level.
Hermetically seals existing joints and seams of a casing, makil
them stronger than the parent material. Molten wax is used as tt Specialist Materials Specialist Skills
material component. The reverse of the spell unseals joints, loo5 Rock (any 3) Weaponry (Bows, Swords, Axes)
nails, rivets etc, and requires no material component. CrystallGIass (any 2) Clubs, Polearmsor Artillery)
MetalsIAlloys (any 2) Jewellery
Level 2 Spells Elements Architecture (Strongholds,
Disassemble (Divination) Domestic or Mines)
Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 round Wood (Hard, Soft or Bone) Alchemy
Components: V, S Area of Effect: 1 object Cloth (Fur, Fabric or Leather) Cartography
Duration: 2 roundsllevel Saving Throw: None Paperllnk Transport
Makes the caster aware of how objects can be taken apart-each Armour
component to be removed will, in turn, be seen by the Artificer to Wards (Trapsor Locks)
glow. For example, cast on a box it would enable the Artificer to take
apart the pieces hiding a secret compartment, but the trap present For example, an Apprentice Artificer could start with Locks and
might need removal first. , /FTardwoods, and take Softwoods upon reaching second level.

Dispel Illusion: As the Illusionist spell, but consider the Artificer as The Know Value skill of an Artificer is linked in with these fields of
being an Illusionist of 2 levels higher than his actual level. knowledge: the +8% bonus applies if the object is partly made of a
material he specialises in; the +15% one if it is wholly constructed of
Enhance II:As enhance Ibut gives a 40% increase or a 29% saving. such a material. An Artificer with a particular class of skill could pass
himself off as the best of that profession. Each skill or material conveys
Operate (Evocation/Divination) special bonuses:
Range: 0 Casting Time: 2 segments
Components: V, S Area of Effect: 120"arc,6" radius Material Specialities
Duration:Variable Saving Throw: None Rock. lncludes masonry skills.
Detects stimuli required to activate any mechanism in range which Crystal/Glass. Superb gemcutter (DMG) in chosen materials, roll for
the caster is aware of, and provides a level ~ 1 0 %
chance of success skill in others.
(-30% if magical, eg magic mouth). Failure results in nothing - ~ e t a k ~ i oLight
~ s . metalworking skills in those chosen. Need
happening. STRIG+ for Smithy.
Elements. All substances not covered elsewhere.
RestoreIReset (Divination) Wood. lncludes general carpentry skills.
Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 round Cloth. lncludes tailoring skills.
Components: V, S Area of Effect: 1 object/mechanism Paper/lnk. Making scrolls, roll d6- if less than Artificer's level then
Duration: 2 rounds/level Saving Throw: None scroll is ideal for magic. Given 1 day, with Alchemy skill, can identify
Works as the rbverse of disassemble, but includes resetting traps. ink.
Incorporates mendif joints need to be fixed, but not new charges if any
havebeenexpended. Skill Specialities
Weaponry. Bows includes all flighted weapons, Clubs includes
Rust (Alteration) maces, hammers and picks. In the field, an Artisan can design +I, non-
Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 round enchanted weapons: a Master Artificer with this skill can design +2
Components: V, S, M Area of Effect: Special weapons. In both cases, materials must beof a specialist area and will
Duration: Permanent Saving Throw: Special take two months to make.
This enables the caster to make one attack (within a time equal to Jewellery. Working with specialist materials adds4%/level tovalue:
1 roundllevel) as a rust monster, with the same saving throws. The if part-specialist, then 2%. Add 15% to KVfor jewellery estimates.
material component is a rust monster's antenna carried in the hand. Architecture. With Stronghold and using specialist materials, the
Artificer adds 5%/level to the defensive points of structures (DMG).
Rustproof (AdjurationIChant) Choosing Mine gives dwawen detection abilities, + I % per level;
Range: Touch Casting Time: Special Domestic gives find secret door at at the FIRT chance (+15P/0 for.con-
Components: V, S Areaof Effect: 1 object/rnechanism cealed) and the ability to gauge distances up to 50'to w ~ t h ~ ann Inch.
Duration: Special Saving Throw: None Alchemy. Requires the Elements speciality. Given 1 hour, the
Proofs objectsagainst rust for 2 yearsllevel, or against one attack by Artificer has 5%/level chance of identifying a potion. The skill alsocon-
a rust monster per level. Caster must chantwhilst creating the object. veysa KV%chanceof knowing beforehand potion miscibility (DMG).
Cartography. The character can judge elevations accurately of 5"
Level 3 Spells and above this distance to within +2%. I1is increased by 15% against
Detach (Evocation) hallucinatory terrain. The skill also includes trlgonornetry functions.
Range: Touch Castin Time: 1 round Transport. lncludes design of cart-and shipwright skills. Freehand,
Components: V, S ~ r e oat ~ f f e c t 1
: blade the Artificercan drawa perfectcircleof upto 1 yard radius. With Rock
Duration: 2 roundsllevel Saving Throw: None skill, the Artificer can build roads.
This instills into a blade the power to part the nearest joint living or Armour. Working wholly in specialist materials and taking twicethe
dead) on the next thing it touches. Double ligatures are doubly normal time (DMG), an Artificer (with 16+STR) can create armour
severed. The object to be severed should be touched within the dura- which is +I (unenchanted) i f 5th level, or +2 if 8th level or above.
tion of the spell. Wards. Adds 10% to FIRT or OL chances depending on whether
Traps or Locks ischosen. If working wholly in specialist materials,the
Enhnca M: As enhar)& Ibut 50%/level or a 33% saving. Can be cast artificer can make traps or locks which are detectedlpicked at a 3%/
with rustproof, mingling the two chants. level penalty, except by higher level Artificers.

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illustrated 48-page Gamesmaster's Guide with co

Jeux Actuels, BP534,27005

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... Redex

L'Oeuf Cube, 24 Rue iinne,

Libraire des Tanneurs, 26

De Spelciaalzaak, Kerh-
Road, Rornford, Essex straat 186, 1017 G T

BV, Zandeveg 69c 3454,

Isenbergstr. 31,4300 Essenl JW de Meern

Send SAE for complete list of-games inscase

T.M. GAMES (Formerly Avalon Hill Games)
of difficulty in obtaining any game. We can
650 High Road,
supply direct.
North Finchley, N 12 ONL
UK P&P charges f 1.75 for one game; f3.00
Tel: 01-445 3044
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Allow up to 28 days for delivery
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Trade and overseas enquiries welcome

In Open Box, science fiction and fantasy games and rulebooks acquire any one level in the hierarchy.
currently in the shops are reviewed by independent authorities. General knowledae of a field must be
gained before a siecialisation is
obtained. While it is mostly used to deal
with 'knowledge' proper, it is an elegant

OPEN BOX way of handling skills, and it is a pity it is

combined with such a ludicrous method
of advancement.
Maglc uses a standard spell-points
system based on endurance. There
aren't very many spells listed, but new
BLOOD BATH AT ORCS DRIF~ DRAGONROAR oneswill begiven in future supplements
Wargame Scenario Role-Playing Game (a frequently encountered feature of the
Ciiadel Miniatures £5.95 Standard Games £ 12.95 rules-and one which will instantly alert
experienced garners' suspicions). Simi-
When you couple a company with the Is the market ready for yet another fan- larly only a handful of magic items are
courage of their own convictions to pro- tasy role-playing game? Standard given.
duce a fantasy mass battle system with Games obviously think it is, and have The dozen monsters given vary from
three die-hard wargamers, the result of produced Dragonroar, the first major the hackneyed goblins, trolls and so on,
thiscollaboration issomething like Orcs British fantasy role-playing game. Inside to the wacky originality of the war
Drift, in a word - perfect. the lurid box you will find a single hedgehogs and killer penguins, none
The set consists,of a GM's book- rulebook, a set of good quality dice,floor described in any depth.
including mapsand illustrations by Gary plans, coloured cardboard counters, a The game rounds off with 'The Kalonth
Chalk, Command Sheets giving stats reasonable quantity of playsheets and Dive', a sample party adventure. This is
and details of each command, a full col- character sheets, and.. .the much trum- sketchy, to say the least, and displays no
our map of the land of Ramalia, two peted introductory cassette. imagination whatsoever. It consists of a
sheets of full colour cardboard armies, The cassette is a prime opportunity to small complex with a handful of diffe-
sixsheets of full colourcardboard build- explain exactly h o w rolegames areson- rent monsters, who must befought. This
ingsforconstruction (like the ones in the ducted, so it is rather mystifying to dis- demonstrates the designer's apparent
CitadelJournal) and a badge bearing the cover that Standard Games'offering attitude to rolegaming - namely as a
legend 'I bathed in blood at Orcs Drift'. In doesn't really make much of an effort to cute variation on wargaming.
short, everything you need to play the do so. The explanation which opens the As a beginner's game, Dragonroar is
whole campaign, except the Warham- first side is sketchy and affairs are not clear and simple, but narrow in scope
mer Battle Rules. helped by the dull run-through of the and restricting to those who want more
The pack contains four separate history of Home (the Dragonroar cam- out of game than combat: experienced
scenarios - Karchas Pass, Ashak Rise, paign world). The rest of the first side role-players will find it about five years
Linden Way and the major scenario, consists of a set of facile instructions on out of date. It may bethe first Britishfan-
Orcs Drift. Each scenario is a game in its where certain items can be found in the tasy rolegame, but it isn't anything to be
own right, forming a series of prelimi- rulebook. Deft touches such as the clear proud of.
nary actions which lead up to the major explanation of how to use dice are Complexity: 3 Ease of Use: 9
battle. They may be played in any order, swamped in the general mediocrity. Production: 8 Value: 6
leaving some out or even just playing The second side is almost as bad. Hav- Overall: 5 Paul Mason
Orcs Drift itself. ing been given a character at the end of
The pack is very 'user friendly' with the first side, you are invited to partici-
everything being provided, from tables pate in a solwadventure. This mainly
to show you howto splitthe commands consists of a series of combats - useful CHAOS
between the 2-7 players to printing all to get used to the rules but not particu- Computer Game (48K Spectrum)
the information in the right place. larly exciting. The main redeeming fea- Games Workshop f7.95
Anyone who has seen the film Zulu ture isthat it includes short speeches by
will know of Rourkes Drift: BloodBath at non-player characters, possibly Chaos is fun. The game represents a
Orcs Drift contains events and charac- encouraging characterisation and role- duel between two to eight wizards, all of
ters liberally lifted from this battle. As is playing. whom may be controlled either by a
the nature of all Warhammer produc- The rulebook is impeccably pre- human player or by the computer. Each
tions, things are amplified and made sented, and generally well written. It wizard starts with a number of randomly
larger than life. inchdes an attractive map of 'Home' in chosen spellswhich, in general, they can
The referee's job is really made quite its centre, which would be worth remov- use only once. The game consists of the
simple. All the relevant information is ingand using in play were it not for the wizards taking turns to cast spells, then .
included within each scenario, with fact that it has parts of the rules printed to move or engage in physical combat.
loose command sheets for the players, on its reverse. The winner is quite simply the last one
and the buildings in each scenario can A character in Dragonroar has five left alive.
be used to represent the different struc- characteristics: Strength, Speed, The vast majority of spells are ones t o
tures on the maps. Willpower, Knowledge and Endurance, create monsters, ranging from giant rats
I will not spoil the scenario by telling and must be either a Warrior or a Wizard. to golden dragons. Successful casting is
you anything about the plot. Suffice it to Characters improve by acquiring hon- not automatic, and the chance depends
say, a certain orc king F'yar, is at the our points, which are used to advance in on the strength of the creature. Further
centre of the action and is determined to 'Life Level'. 'The chief purpose of players more, all spells are either Lawful, Chaotic
revenge himself on those who defeated is to gain honour' the rules say, swiftly or Neutral. As the game progresses, the
and humiliated him -all events that fol- making it clear that if you want to get balance of the universe changes and
low are his doing. anywhere in Dragonroar, you have to some spells become easier to cast, -
If you like Warhammer, you'll love play by the rules. others more difficult.
Blood Bath at Orcs Drift- it's not often One system that does stand out is the If you think the chance of casting a
that something likethis isattempted and skillssystem. This IS organised in a set of creature spell is too low, you may pro-
never has it been done so well. The years hierarchies becoming more specialised duce it as an illusion. Illusory creatures
of wargaming experience behind it as you move down the hierarchy. For are cast automatically and have all the
really show through. Unreservedly example, the field of knowledgeof Com- abilities of all the real thing. However, all
recommended, it's a must for all bat is divided intotwo specialisms: 'Indi- mages have use of a 'Disbelieve'spell
Wqrhammer addicts. vidual' and 'Groupf- each of which is in which they can cast as often as they
Production: 8 Usefulness: 10 turn divided into a number of 'Areas of wish. If this is targetted at an illusory
Easeof Use: 10 b l u e : 8 Expertise'. The knowledge characteristic creature, that creature is dispelled. This
Overall: 9 Jon Sutherland determines the number of areas of allows for an element of bluff. Do you
knowledge that may be learned per risk the chance of your spell failing in
level, and one of these must be used to order to make it invulnerable to Dis-
m h d e r s of ~~~
eoMetiPls a few ckack-kl,

is extr

or role-playing, a m 6 a r ~~F~
su~erheroscerrerihs. Mv othkrtmin

belief?Doyou pmdbky waslsavol~~a.bie

turn bv cxWimGWkf on thatmkden
Ai well as h a Spells, there are a
varktv of s m x k r i m . These include

Simon Burlawf's Legmy of E@$es is the

fi~st&nWe for G d & m & r m ,
G a m e 9 : m Z sS w RE%. Twilight aOOO is a role-pbying game set
in Eurotoe duri-na a smsmadic war, two
creatures &re~cqw~mt6.d
by mkn%Md Maporn. Th9 g l w r &ara&ws are
mites, a&&thesR;bmatim is not Amarkan W e r s ar their dties.
well designed wd presengsd: two rule
books, a s k t &charts forplayers,
an 8-page-t of &smf6rtharekme, an

the g m g ws&s.of c o d - swf-

c s s t i w fwcwemt round@).G+en
tb-t- srme on the M e t

€3- dms rmt M e rapid as&-

, p p h i a are fair but
S y h ~ A a nits
wlewcitinqjand \4 is eertaidy W tkb

two of each of Character, Artifact and

Scroll in any one combat, so there is an
element of skill in choosing which cards
to deploy, since if you win your first
combat of a turn, you are permitted a
second attack if you choose. The attack-
ing player chooses cards from his hand,
while the defender must use the cards
previously assigned to that world as a
defence strategy. There are no dice
used, but each player may call for allies
in an attempt to improve his force (and
this allows an extra one of each of the
three kinds of card to be used). It is here
thatthe majorflaw in the game becomes
obvious. Although the playing time is
listed as 30 minutes, any halfway com-
petent group of players will not allow
anyoneto win-allying in unison against
anyone who gets dangerously close to
the crucial eightworlds.Agood strategy
(of matching up Character cards with
their corresponding World-Tiles, thus
roll hit location, roll damage system, say anything about the possibility of doubling the value of the card) can
with penetration rules for armour. The rebuilding settlements, negotiating alleviate this to a certain extent, but in
system works reasonably well, provided local peace treaties, or doing anything practice the game will stretch on for a
all skills are calculated before they are else to start civilisation working again. couple of hours, well beyond its capacity
used, but is hampered by the use of The box blurb says 'They were sent to to sustain interest.
abbreviations instead of names- CRM save Europe. . . Now they're fighting to While the basic game is intended for
is Combat Rifleman, PST is pistol, etc. save themselves', and it's evident that 2 to 6 players, rules are also includedfor
This makes the rules shorter and more this game has been written by and for a solitaire game in which the object isto
concise, but slows down play until the Americans, with little or no understand- reach your 'Home World' by working
system is learned. ing of European attitudes or desires. your way through a succession of com-
While the system is playable, the Production: 8 Easeof Use: 6 bats against randomly dealt defences
moral stance and attitudes it exemplifies Complexity: 8 Value: 5 with a small band of characters. If you
are fairly loathsome. The rules favour Overall: 5 Marcus L Rowland like solitaire games with virtually no
the style of behaviour found in 'fun' war skill, that are simply a succession of
films; player characters will occasion- counting exercises, then you might find
ally get killed (but notterribly often), and this one exciting, otherwise don't
wounds are either Serious (get better in THE WORLDS OF BORIS VALLEJO bother.
a week or two), Critical (die or get better Boardgame In conclusion, this is a highly deriva-
in a weekortwo), or Slight (get better in Mayfair Games f23.95 tive game- its systems all originated in
a day or two). There are rules for infec- other games, and work better in those
tion and radiation poisoning, but they BorisVaIlejo is probably the most popu- games than here. The game strikes me
aren't nearly harsh enough. The setting, larfantasy poster artist, yet it still seems as a cynical attempt to cash in on the
two years after the last nuclear weapon rather strange that Mayfair Games populdity of Boris Vallejo's artwork,
was used, has evidently been designed should have chosen to base a game on which displays a very low opinion of its
to avoid showing the worst effects of the his creations. A cursory glance at the intended market.
bomb; the random encounters don't game reveals that his art is completely Complexity: 5 Value: 3
include civilians suffering from third- incidental to the mechanics ofthe game. Playability: 6 Production: 8
degree radiation burns, blind children, The physical components of the game Overall: 3 Paul Mason
and the hideously dead and dying vic- arevariable - the cardboard 'World
tims of blast and heat. Starvation and Tiles', which form the basis of a flexible
plague are occasionally mentioned, with game board, carry immaculately printed
the implication that characters can Boris pictures in glorious colour. The OPEN BOX RATINGS
always use their weapons to get food cards which essentially comprise the Products reviewed in Open Boxare
and medicines. game system are competently pro- rated on a 1 (poor)to 10 (excellent)scale
The war described is the favourite duced, with most having miniature Boris according to the following headings
American scenario, slow escalation with pictures in black and white (although (when appropriate):
most of the damage confined to Europe, one has its pictures printed upside-
Russia, China, and the Middle and Far down!). The counters, however, are the Complexity: General level of com-
East. Britain appears to have been worst kind of plastic rubbish. plexity indicated in playing or running
destroyed,America is in the sort of anar- The game is an abstract strategy game the game. A rating of 1 indicates a sim-
chic state loved by survivalists. The with elements familiar to players of ple game, one of 10 a complex game.
environment left after this holocaust Cosmic Encounter, Risk and Talisman. Ease of Use: How easy it is to pick up
doesn't seem much harsher than Viet- The winner of the game is the player and learn thegame. Clarityof rules both
nam or the Congo. The 'Nuclear Winter' who successfully captures three worlds in definitions and ease of location.
predicted by many scientists either in addition to the five hestarts with. Cap- Production: Physical quality of the
didn't occur, or just made the normal ture is achieved by moving a pawn on game and its components.
winterslightly harsherthan usual. In the the game board to an opponent's World Value: Value for money.
year 2000, Europe is split into tiny caton- Tile, and then playing cards to try and Usefulness: Indicates how much a
ments ruled by rival warlords, some defeat the opponent's defence force. supplement adds to its parent game.
Russian and some American. No cen- The cards played are of three kinds - Playability: A measure of how play-
tralised goverments remain. Character,Artifact and Scroll, though all able a boardgame is.
Against this background, the players have a numerical strength value which Skill: For scenarios, this indicates the
are supposed to choose goals; survival determines their worth in combats. level of skill needed by players to cope
'is theobvious priority, but further objec- Characters are of five types: Warrior, with the adventure. For boardgames, it
tives are left to the discretion of the Wizard, Guardian, Priest and Death, indicates the amount of skill required as
referee and players. The suggested each with their particular abilities- opposed to luck of the dice.
theme (which beautifully explains the mostly to do with the useof scroll cards, Overall: The reviewer's general opin-
attitude of this game) isto 'return home' which represent Wizard Spells, and ion of a game: it is not an average of the
to America: Europe evidently isn't worth Priest'schants. A player can only deploy other marks.

Critical Mass is a regular fantasy and science f ;iction bc ;ew column, written by Dave Langford.

Last time Itried it I had a nosebleed; this

DAF DOOM von Daniken) got started. In practice,
time, five days of raging toothache humanity seem unpatronized, and
(really). A hernia is the usual symptom everyone rushesto investigate thesolar
of trying to lift it. I allude, of course, to chromosphere in a whirl of intrigue
that suppurating pustule,that boil on the (human and alien), murder, physics,
buttock of literature, Battlefield Earth - detection and discovery which admit-
about whose paperback edition I'm pre- tedly keeps you turning those pages.
serving a dignified silence. Isn't that nice Certain characters' weird actions are
of me? performed solely to help Brin's plot: but
Ian Watson's The Book of Being [Gol- this is a first novel. His second won the
lancz 184pp f8.951 concludes an ambiti- Hugo.
ous, inventive and daft trilogy. Not con- Fond of King-style horror, chainsaw
tent with previous deaths, reincarna- massacres, maggoty putrescent hands
tions and cosmic insights suffered in clawing up from your breakfast
Book of the River and Book of the Stars, cornflakes?Thenyou (unlike me) will be
heroine Yaleen tops the lot by dying less keen on Robert Aickman's fine,
more revoltingly than every before, eerie collection Night Voices [Gollancz
going mad, watching the universe freak 815pp £8.951 . . .six tales not so much of
out, and doing a rewrite job on reality. which form the bulk of a book wickedly terror as of unease. Shadows fall
The marathon effort of trilogy-writing is mistitled Nric at the End of Time obliquely; something is half-seen at the
showing: for ages Watson's intellectual [Granada 208pp f 1.951. The amusing corner of the eye; the telling is quiet and
gearshift stays in neutral, but crashes semi-spoof titlestory; one early, inferior understated, but shivers lurk in the
into overdrive forthe forty pagesof Part Elric tale; nonfictional bits; Moorcock's implications. Nothing is ever explained.
Three (containing most of the plot). hilarious (but very short) self-parody Those who only giggle at H P Lovecraft
Strangely paced stuff from one of the 'The Stone Thing'; and that's your lot. . . will find Aickman expert at raising small,
few SF authors with a truly strange Gene Wolfe's fine The Devil in a Forest persistent goose-pimples.
mind. [Granada 208pp f 1.951 is billed as I like Arthur C Clarke's nonfiction, and
Robert L Forward, conversely, is over- 'haunting fantasy' but is more a poetic the 31 pieces in 1984: Spring [Granada
straightforward and relates strafige historical novel in Wolfe's unclassifiable 268pp £2.501 include some nifty items.
physics in a flat, unevocative way. The manner: good vs evil, rationalism vs Whilst most American hard-SF writers are
Flight of the Dragonfly [NEL 319pp superstition, and the outcome deeply leaping on Reagan's 'star wars' defence
£2.251 is packed with 'hard' SF notions, ambiguous. Read this. bandwagon'(l'l1 spare you my analysis
Forward being a Top Physicist whose Octagon [Penguin 272pp f 2.501 is of why this project is Silly), Clarke puts
presence makes lesser gravitational more lightweight hard-SFfun,from Fred the boot into it all - as a result of which
astronomers grovel. There's this double 'Berserker' Saberhagen. Dating from it's rumoured that'an outraged Heinlein
planet, whose twin egg-shaped 'lobes' 1980, it has the musty flavour of an had to be restrained from biffing him.
share an atmosphere, and orbit mere up-to-the-minute book whose minute Plenty of good things here: too many,
kilometres apart, one lobe being land has passed: in five short years we've got really, as Clarke reprints several
and the other (for excellent reasons) sea, too sophisticated about computers to speecheswhich make points in the same
and in the sea are blobby aliens with believe naive visions of kids who gain words. Where was his editor?
funny symbols in their names, who Total Power by effortlessly guessing More reissues! One minor classic,
divide their time between mathematics Master Passwords (two, in fact, which by George R Stewart's Earth Abides [Black
and surfing, until Earth's expedition sheer chance happen to be the same). Swan 364pp £3.951 in a well-deserved
arrives to entangle itself in the tidal and That apart, it's a pleasant thrillerwith the 'respectable'edition: the post-holocaust
gravitational oddities. . . It's a shame computer-moderated RPG Starweb get- novel by which others are judged.
that with all this seething behind his ting uncomfortable as players are elimi- Reviewed here in hardback: Geoff
marble brow, Forward never put across nated not by strategy but by assassina- Ryman's excellent Warrior Who Carried
the drama and visual excitement of the tion. I recommend this technique to Dip- Life [Unicorn 173pp f2.951, compulsory
events he's calculated to the eleventh lomacy addicts. The villain's identity is reading; Walter Tevis's Steps of thesun
decimal place. As in much SF by scien- obvious long before the story reveals it, [Corgi 253pp £2.951, well-written and
tists, the most interesting characters are but it's all quite tense nevertheless. entertaining despite silly science and a
the computers. Reissued: Saberhagen's famed self-pitying hero; Robert Silverberg's
His Dragon's Egg [NEL 309pp £2.251 Berserker killing-machine stories [Pen- Valentine Pontifex [Pan 367pp f 2.501- if
has the same weaknesses but a far more guin 224pp f 1.951, with a new, sleazy you liked the science-fantasy of Lord
successfuI and audacious notion: cover. Roaming in space, the Berserkers Valentine's Castle you'll like this paler
collapsed-matter lifeand intelligence on had only one idea in mind. .. to destroy! but literate sequel, but not as much.
the surface of a neutron star, evolving a Makes them sound like White Dwarf Also: Jack Vance's skinny but triffic The
million times faster than plodding old subeditors Dragon Masters [Granada 123pp f 1.951
us, and irresistible if you like your SF to Another fun blurb adorns David Brin's and two inferior Heinleins - the racist
have Technical Appendices. Sundiver [Bantam340pp f 1.951: 'A jour- Day After Tomorrow [NEL 141pp f I .95],
Not every book is labelled in a legal, ney into the fires ofthe sun.. . in search the icky Podkayne of Mars [NEL 157pp
decent, honest and truthful fashion. of those who made us human.' The £1.951.
John Brunner's Interstellar Empire Advertising Standards Authority might Unreadables: The Sable Moon by
[Hamlyn 256pp f 1.951 is the fourth Ven- have preferred 'Several journeys into Nancy Springer [Corgi 263pp f 1.951,
ture SF action-adventure for the young the fires of the sun . . . in search of evi- concluding a trilogy whose first vol-
in brain: as such, it's good, rousing, dence as to whether the already- ume's prose style made my gonads
unsophisticated stuff ('A slave with the discovered inhabitants are or aren't atrophy, and V: The Pursuit of Diana by
hot brown skin of a Marzon and the those who made us human.' (I admit it Allen Wold [NEL 186pp f 1.951, about
twitching eyes of a man born under a hasn't the same snap.) In Sundiver, which the less said the better. (Go on,
variable star. . . ') - but the 1976 galactic status is acquired by being a reviewit! Ed.)Very well, Iwill speakout,
copyright date is naughty, these being Patron and boosting some inferior pillaging the uttermost depths of my
the journeyman space-operas of Brun- species, possibly L Ron Hubbard fans, to thesaurus and - (On second thoughts,
ner in the 1950s. Infinitely more grotty civilized intelligence. Theoretically, this don't bother- Ed.) Let's just say I had
are the 'Sojan' (ersatz Conan) stories is the way everyone (except the mysteri- more fun in my long afternoon at the
Michael Moorcock started when 15, and ous Original Progenitors - take a bow, dentist's.
TSR's new easy-twlearn rok-play@ g m ~
giws you the chance to adventure with Canan,
fantasy's Greatest hero! From the bkak wastes af
A s g d to the jungkr d Kush, d m g ~ is ewr-pwm
- but so are f ~ u h rreasurcs!
s T& GOHAM36 r&-
playiw ganme contains dl yw need to dvenmre in
Hybork three ruk-bsoks and refcrcnce guides, player
sheets, dice and a c a d o u ~ ~ ~d, h~apr ap ' 5 world.
., d , 1,
.: :-- '

wp p a y brotldfsW&#,
Swhariam - and FIGHT!
F m l m ~ ~ ~ f O m ~ ,
~ ~ , o c ~ ~ D ~ ~ # ~


.:,& .
+scz:*.;-, /..I 3
lmost completely unchecked f o r

t o capture and destroy them, the Mother

rought t o b a t t l e the outcome invariably f

least one mountain Giant. A n extract f r o m the Orcish 'Volees Adgitz' translates as follows.

'We goes miles this day. Last dark we k i l l s many wittering souls, poking and cutting them - b u t not having times t o make i t slow
and get them good and screechy.. We gets on the Great Crossing and suddenly a l l around there's Stunty ILong Beards (Dwarfs) -
trapping us boys and making pain threats. Then they goes a l l grinning silent, and crashing through the crowd comes a Great One,
a l l drunk up, w i t h great iron boots sparking as i t steps, and long spikes and jags hanging off them, a l l dressed up for Orc
stomping. It comes roaring and swaying towards us, swinging i t s club and making us boys windy and tearful. And the stunties are
laughing, saying a t last they'll have our p r e t t y fangs t o make their stunty women grin and dance. And us bold boys we bunch up -
close, but cannot help a l i t t l e wimpering. But Eeza Ugezod's got no wimper. He waves his axe and swears he's going t b c u t
Great One's feet o f f and pop them i n i t s face. With this he goes o f f fast forward and sharp hacks the Great One. I t s knees goes
one way, i t s great screaming whiskers goes another. The stunties has one look and go a l l quiet and shuffly. Then Guted our -
champion he gives an honest war shout and we goes o f f a t them cutting up their l i t t l e bodies, this way and that, and we collects
much headskin w i t h hair on it and ties i t t o our belts. We paints their juices a l l over the Great Crossing and we calls it the Red
Span. We push a l l the stunties o f f it, but keeping a few f o r screamings later and food f o i the march. We leaves not too many
boys deadstiff and continues our way to make our dearest war and raidings.'

N o one is quite sure what happened t o Eeza Ugezod - he certainly wasn't amongst the hundreds of Black Orc dead after their
supernatural defeat a t the hands of the Necromantic Chaos L o r d Edis Edis......


M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int C1 WP
4 6 6 5 5 3 6 3 9 7
- M

9 1
RS S T W I A Ld Int C1 WP

BLACK ORC WARRIOR 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 7 5 7 7

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Int C1 WP

4 3 3 4 4 1 3 1 7 5 7 7

REGIMNTS OF RENOWN boxed sets include eight trooper models, plus either
one officer model, one champion model, one musician model, or one standard
bearer model. Sets are priced at £4.50 each set.
The complete Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers 0 2 Orcs plus, chieftain, champion,
standard bearer, and musician ) for only £16.00 post free.

If you have trouble obtaining Citadel products i n your area, then why OVERSEAS:- Please add 33% P A P (minimum £2). Payment
not t r y our speedy and e f f i c i e n t m a i l order service. should be by cheque or money order made payable i n Sterling.

MAIL ORDER CHARGES U.S. Customers:- D o you know t h a t it is possible t o order direct
by phone using your MASTERCARD o r VISA number
W, BFPO, and, EIRE:- Please add 65p PAP. Orders over

£10 post free.


Post to: Citadel-Miniatures, Chewton Street, Eastwood, UK =LA
-c~m.lt. VQZO05 MOTKR CRUJl€RS
L 16.M

m-m or telephone (0773)769522

(Trade Enquiries 0773 769731)
1 4.30
iI . M

Name ............................................... RR7

1 a.10

Address ..............*............................a.
RR15 WOOBLM 14.10
............................................. RRl6
............................................. RRl8

Cltadal Journ.1 Ipml free) 1 1.10
2nd Cltadcl Covcndlum I1.21

- Postage and packing

Total enclosed

Crawling Chaos is our regular which is improvable in the normal way. Hypnosis can be used to make a sub-
column for players of Ca ll of In order to perform an exorcism, the ject recall information or events with
Cth ulh u, edited by Marc traditional materials of bell, book and moreclaritythan is normally possible in
candle are required, and a small amount a conscious state, and in some cases it
Gascoigne. of preparation is necessary; obviously a has been claimed that a subject may be
ghost which realises that an exorcism is hypnotically regressed beyond birth, to
about to be performed (at the Keeper's recall the events of previous incarna-
discretion, an INTx5 roll may be used t o tions. Information can also be absorbed

FREE determine this) will use every means at

its disposal t o prevent the ceremony
going ahead.
On a successful Exorcism roll, the
very efficiently under hypnosis, by a pro-
cess essentially similar to sleep-learning.
When combined with Psychoanalysis
to speed recovery from insanity and to

exorcist is permitted to engage the cure phobias and similar afflictions, if a
ghost in a POW vs POW confrontation, psychoanalyst makes both Psycho-
against the ghost's original POW. analysis and Hypnotism rolls while
If the exorcist is successful, the ghost treating an entranced patient, one 1-4
isdestroyed and the exorcist loses POW hour session of hypnotherapy will have

SPIRIT equal to (ghost's original POW - exor-

cist's original POW). Where the ghost
has a lower POW, the exorcist loses one
point. This lost POW may be regained in
the normal way. If the exorcism is unsuc-
the same effect as one week of conven-
tional treatment (see pp 25-27 in the Call
o f Cthulhu rulebook).
A post-hypnotic suggestion may be
placed on an entranced subject if the
This month we present a pair o f useful cessful, the exorcist loses double this hypnotist makes two successful Hyp-
additions to the Call of Cthul hu rules amount, and must make a SAN roll or notism rolls. A post-hypnotic sugges-
from the busy pen o f Graeme Davis. The lose SAN as from a Major Attack (WD67). tion is a command which takes effect
first item is by way o f a follow-on from More than one character may contri- when the subject is out of trance, and is
last month's article on ghosts and bute POW to an exorcism by adding subjected to a certain stimulus or set of
spirits, Haunters of the Dark, and con- their prayers to those of the exorcist. stimuli. This can range from a command
cerns itself with. . . Those without Exorcism skill may contri-
bute up to 10% of their original POW,
THE CLERGYMAN while exorcists may contribute up to
Skills: Readwrite Other Languages*; 50% all fractions being rounded off to
Credit Rating; History; Library Use; the nearest whole number. All POW con-
Occult; Oratory; Psychology; Psycho- tributed to an exorcism is regained
analyse; Exorcism (see below). normally.
"Greekand Latin, plus commonly.one or
more of Hebrew, Aramaic, Svriac and Other: A Clergyman also has the ability
to set up a circle of holy water or crushed
communion wafer in order to keep a
ghost at bay; the chance of success is
POWx5 for a Clergyman, while other
characters may,attempt to do so using
half an Occult roll. The protection of the
circle will last until the holy water dries
or the host is scattered, and the ghost
will normally attemptto disrupt it by any
means at its disposal. It cannot cross the
circle or attack those within it, but may
use its abilities to lure people out or
otherwise disrupt the circle. If any living
thing crosses the circle once it has been
set up, it will be disrupted.

HYPNOTISM to feel revulsion every timethatthe urge

Hypnotism is probably best treated as a for a cigarette strikes to an order to set
Communication skill with a basic score the timer on a bomb concealed beneath
of 00%. It might be available to para- Scotland Yard on receipt of the news
psychologistsas a professional skill, but that the hypnotist has been arrested,
Keepers may wish to restrict its availa- although the Keeper should modify the
bility by stipulating that instruction is chances of success according to the
difficult to obtain, or by requiring an INT complexity of the command and the
or POW roll from any character wishing danger involved forthe subject. Thesub-
to learn it. ject will not be aware of the implanted
Salary: $1000xld6+1, as a Any willing subject may be hypnotised suggestion while he or she isout of their
Professional. on a successful Hypnotism roll; an trance, and when the suggestion is
Notes: A Clergyman may not use unwilling subject will be more difficult, 'triggered' must match INT against one-
Mythos spells, and may attempt to pre- requiring the hypnotist to match one- fifth of the Hypnotism score of the hyp-
vent others from doing so. This profes- fifth of his or her skill score against the notist who implanted the command. If
sion will need very careful role-playing, subiect's INT before a Hypnotism roll successfuI, the subject will resist the
perhaps more so than any other. It might can be made. command, being aware of an irrational
be used purely as an NPC profession, Once the Hypnotism roll has been urge but unable to explain it, but if
interfering with the players' investiga- made successfully, the subject is in a unsuccessful he or she will relapse into
tionsforthe sakeoftheirsouls and gen- trance. An entranced subject will obey trance and carry out the command,
erally causing difficulties. simplecommands in a zombie-likefash- regaining consciousness on completion
ion, but may be permitted a POWx5 roll of the task and with no recollection of
Exorcism: Exorcism is available as an to resist any command which is homici- having performed it.
initial skill to Clergymen only, at a basic dal, reckless or strongly out of character. Hypnotism may also be put to other
score of 20%. Others may learn to per- Successfully resisting a command will uses, such as self-hypnosis to resist pain
form exorcisms under the instruction of break the trance, as will the hypnotist's or fear, or the placing of a subject in
a Clergyman by making a successful command to awaken, and the subject trance to act as a medium, but these are
Occult roll (or EDUx3 if the Keeper pref- will have no recollection of his or her left to the discretion of the individual
ers); this will gain an initial score of 05%, actions while in trance. Keeper.
E7 95 -0peratlon Peregrine
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E l 7 75 Vlllains And Vigilantes
E6 95 V8V Rules E5 45 Adventures 1 2 3 4
'25 75 Crisis FORCE Death Duel each '24 45 Privateers and Gentlemen
C5 45 Island Of Dr Apocalypse f 4 45 Hearl Of Oak each C4 95
each E4 45 -Opponents Unlim~ted C4 45 King Over The Water
E l 7 75 Dawn Of DNA E4 45 Dec~sionAt Djerba
E4 45 Other Suns
E4 45 Alderson Yards
E4 45 Merc

E3 55 Into The Rums E5 45 AD 8 D Players Handbook £10 95

AD 8 D Monster Manual E l 0 95
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AD 8 D Fiend Fol~o £10 95
AD & D Legends And Lore E l 0 95
E l 3 95 AD & D Character Records £4 50
each E7 50 D"s Screen E4 95
each £5 95 Dragonlance sourcebook IDL5) E4 95
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Thieves Gulld 7 ~5 95 -A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 CBl CB2 each £4 95

i: !z
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y Haven (boxed) EX1 EX2 GI-3 L1 L2 MV1 each £4 95
Secrets of the Labyrinth
City of the Sacred Flame
F::f 6 99;50 11 12 13 14 N1 0 1 S1
.I5 l6
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Role Alds (Adventures)
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Lees Guide Volume 1
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Ascent To Anekthor
Desert Environment
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~ t 75
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Spice Harvest
The Duel
' 00
Starship Captain
Speed And Steel
~ 1 952
f g 00
Best of Imagine (scenarios)
back lssues available for both
E l 95

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' ~ a ~1st
a i' a r e n b 1 1 a w e u 3' Z ~ C 'peotl ello13lA '581
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'puaqlnw 'eas-uo-q61ai 6PLZL9 ZSLO
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'laropuv IW 1se3
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I Aquatic Adventures in AD&D
I/ b y Peter Blanchard
This series of articles will deal with the problems of adventur-
ing in a marine environment. It is intended for DMs and
it is used beyond its operating depth. Quality of materials and
construction will be deciding factors in this matter. Added to
players alike since it provides background information and a this there are the necessaryoperating requirements such as a
common ground for understanding. Since there are more stable platform with adequate winching gear; the ship would
aquatic lifeforms to be found in the oceans than in inland have to be quite sturdy. Bad weather and strong currents
waterways, the freshwater environment will be ignored, further limit the bell's usage in that they endanger the ropes
although many of the principles remain the same. Most life is supporting the bell with the resultthat it might overturn or sink
to be found the upper reaches of the ocean since there are to the bottom. Conditions inside the bell are far from pleasant
numerous problems (which will become apparent) associated -cramped, either very cold or very hot (depending on local
with living at greater depths which prevent sea-creaturesfrom conditions), and the usual side-effects of being stuck inside a
venturing there, and it is these more suitable depths that will small space for anv length oftime. (Divers have been know to
be covered here. The general view-point of the surface- go mad after spending-more than a few days in a diving bell).
dweller is taken to make things easier for all! The ~ h v s i c alimitations
l on breathina underwater are rather
depressing, therefore. One common golution which is
The First Plunge favoured 6 an ingested substance which allows whoever
Underwater adventuring poses a number of problems to the takes it to breathe auite h a ~ p i l underwater
v (and ~ e r h a even
land-dweller wishing to explore beneath the surface of the talk!). Older readeis may well'remember the a d u l cahoon
sea. Many of these problems defy solution, except by the use 'Marine Boy'and the wondrous'Oxygum' . . . In fantasy, how-
of magic (or high-technology) and the role of magic will be ever, unless thissubstance is magical there isn't any real alter-
examined closely in the second part of this series. native. Any animal or plant which provided a non-magical
The most obvious problem is ensuring you can breathe equivalentwould be highly in demand (and probably extinct!),
underwater, or more generally, how to keep the tissues or at least, the product derived from it would be very expen-
supplied with oxygen. Holding your breath is a short-term sive. Similarly, with magical substances, they are of sufficient
answer - about five minutes is the best a highly-trained and rarity to be equally unobtainable (caches of Potions of Water
super-fit human could manage. Hyperventilating with pure Breathing are an all too convenient cop-out in many games).
oxygen isn't particularly recommended in addition to this
since it causes hallucinations and possibly brain damage. Getting About
Otherwise, for the average adventurer, the practical limit is The next pressing problem isthat of movement: water, being
about two minutes. Other humanoids will have much the denserthan air, requires a greater amount of force to move an
same limit to their underwater endurance. objectthrough it. Therefore, prolonged activity in this medium
Nearthe surface the snorkel is a useful tool -any deeper and will be very tiring except for those inured to it, or those
the user must return to the surface at frequent intervals. Long designed for it. To get about underwater without the m o f
snorkels offer very little in the way of a solution - water pres- magic requires some ability to swim - given the typical
sure acting against the user's lungs to force the air back out populace of a pseudo-mediaeval West European setting, there
again: this would occur with a snorkel about two feet under- will bevery few able to do so. Society atthe time was generally
water. The effect is similar to that obtained by filling a petrol hydrophobic (or rather afraid of cleanliness!) and the only
can up with steam, sealing it, and allowing it to cool - the times they really succumbed to water were if it rained or when
external pressure causes it to collapse. Imagine the rib-cage in they were baptised. Curiously enough, the majority of
place of the can and you can see how unpleasant the effects mediaeval sailors couldn't swim, which probably accountsfor
would be. For the same reason, deep-sea divers of the past the very high mortality rate. However, all humans have the
had air pumped down to them under pressure. potential ability to swim: whether or not they are able to will
By bringing air down in containers, however, you provide an depend on their social conditions.
airsupply at the correct pressure. This idea developed into the Whether or not other races can swim is a far simpler prob-
form of the diving bell, a device that allows divers to stay lem. The various literary and game sources give them a far
underwater for as long as a week, but not one without its own more uniform culture than humans. Elves, being generally a
problems. clean and healthy lot, presumably splash around in watera bit
Assuming that technology is still primitive, it would be to keep clean; the fact that they have given rise to an aquatic
unable to produce a pump capable of feeding air to a bell at race tends to reinforce this belief. The same can probably
depth due to the pressure. In this case, the bell must be raised apply to halt-elves depending on whether or nbt the ability to
periodically to replenish the airsupply-something of a disad- swim is a aenetic or cultural trait. Dwarfs. on the other hand.
vantage. Diving bells do also have limitations as to the depth would be rncapable of swimming, especially g i v e the usuai
thev can be used at - external pressure can fracture the bell if background of being made from the earth itself - thev would
Part I:
Hazards of the Environment
therefore sink like a stone in water. Gnomes are subject to the category.) Besides problems with sound, vision also can be
same disadvantage. Halflings, of course, are well documented difficult since seawater cuts out the red end of the spectrum -
in this regard, having a known fear of boats, although there are the part human eyes are most sensitive to. At great depths this
the notable exceptions in the racial stock. If half-orcs inherit has most effect - besides all the suspensions, seaweed and
traits from their orcish parent, they probably can swim - orcs the like which also get in the way.
being perverted elves after all. Their style, however, would be
more animalistic in nature - no doubt they would adopt a Final Points
doggy-paddle as the best way to get around. It would, how- The density of water has an effect on the development of the
ever, take something drastic to force an obnoxious snaga into creatures that live in it. Aquatic denizens are, to a greater or
thewaterand lose hisfilth collection that has taken him a good lesser extent, streamlined: slow moving and sessile
seven years to build up. organisms have little need of it, but any fast-moving creature
Magic items can, of course, be used to assist those who can't has need of it. The fastest aquaticcreature, incidentally, is the
swim, although will do little to reassure their lack of confidence. Sailfish which is capable of reaching 50mph -something to
However, they will tend to tire quickly dueto the new physical bear in mind regarding relative speeds. Interestingly, these
demands placed on them. Three-dimensional movement fast-swimming fishes are only really found in tropical and sub-
becomes easier, requiring far less energy than it does on land tropical seas, although there are two really fast sharks, the
except at great depths when pressure gets too much for Mako (which has been known to chew people) and theTope (a
muscles designed to work at around one atmosphere pres- mere tiddler at a hundred and a bit pounds)to be found off the
sure; activity at such depths will fatigue anyone much faster. British coastline.
The density of water has a great slowing effect on many The density of water also acts as a support: a whale out of
objects- including weapons. Swinging weapons aren't overly water, for instance,will die very quickly since its rib-cage can-
effective since drag prevents any great force being behind a not bear the entire weight of the whale and will thus collapse,
blow: minimal damage would be caused by even the sharpest causing the whale to die from suffocation.
weapons. Missile weapons such as thecrossbow are suited to Organisms adapted to living at certain depths in the ocean
the environment, however, although their range is reduced are incapable of living outside that range; their physiology
due to the density of the water (damage at greater ranges will preventsthem from surviving for very long elsewhere. At shal-
also be reduced). Nets, much lauded as underwaterweapons, low depths, for instance, deep sea fish are rather fragile, and
suffer due to the fact that if they are thrown by hand they are their muscles tend to tear easily. Some creatures such as the
slow - preventing them from capturing fast opponents, Sperm Whale and sahuagin seem perfectly happy at most sea
althouah the newcomer to the underwater world may well be depths, however. Any intelligent race could find a solution
at a se;ere disadvantage. Thrusting and prodding weapons to the problem of moving between zones of different
such as shortswords, tridents and spears are most suitable for pressures.

underwater use. Water conducts both heat and sound extremelvwell. Warm-
-t,%>'t ' '

' '>&+ -'. +-
' ?$
2. < +- VA-:? .q&->e'. , .-. blooded creatures will get cold very quickly unless they are
Common Senses- dLJ:';<'.,- +.$,
%-> well-insulated 0 1 kept warm Fur and feathers are good
Communication underwater has an obvious hazard - open insulators, using a layer of trapped air close to the skin to keep
your mouth and you allow large quantities of water in, causing heat in, butwork less well at increased depth (the air barrier is
severe damage and possibly death. Assuming, therefore,that decreased): both are also dependent on waterproof proper-
submarine adventurers prevent this by a magical (or what- ties. Fat, whilst not being as good as feathers and fur, doesn't
ever) device, there isstill the problem of getting thevibrations suffer from the same disadvantages. As far as sound is con-
from the local chords being transmitted through the water; cerned, be careful of noisy machines (if you can get them to
forcing water out through thevocal chords will not result in the work!) -whales, such as the Humpback, can communicate
production of sound. The average adventurer is going, there- over thousands of miles and this carrying power should be
fore,to be reduced to using sign language; if possible by using borne in mind.
both light,and touch since visual sign language is only effec- Generally, however, the aquatic environment is more stable
tive w h d e there is light. Divers refer to the sea as 'The Silent than the terrestial one: the only real variation in conditions
World' - outside pressure on the ear-drum preventing it from occurs atthesurface wheretemperature and salinity w ~ lvary l
vibrating. Anyone wearing an air-filled helmet should, how- depending on the seasons. Once you've overcome the major
ever, be able to communicate with someone similarly clad by problemsinthe water, therearen't going to be the same prob-
having good contact between the helmets. The general level lems regarding extremesas there are on the surface world.
of sound audible to land-dwellers is of a low pitch - heard by
Egyptian Sarcophagus. This p i e c e has a
removable l i d i n s i d e a f r e e s t a n d i n g
25mm Mummy. Also i n t h e base are two
concealed drawers i n s i d e which are s i x
small t a b l e t s .
PD2 Giant Dungeon Borrower depicted b u r s t i n g
through dungeon f l o o r , 40mm
PD3 The Creature from t h e Dungeon's Well ADS6 Dwarf Vampire
Giant scaled monster emerging from a ADS7 Duergar w i t h sword
ADS8 E v i l Tree

h o r r i f i c hunch-back armed w i t h a stone

axe 40mm h i g h
PD6 'Gark' t h e Devourer o f Dwarf's. Giant
armoured monster w i t h l a r g e sharp claws
AD39 Dwarf Archer R i d e r

AD41 Goblin
urers, 32mm h i g h A042 Dwarf Marching
PD8 ' H a n g i s t ' t h e enchanted winged dragon

A046 Leprechaun
A047 Goblin Youth
PD37 Gallows Set complete w i t h gallows, base
hangman and v i c t i m ( S e t )
PD38 Set o f two l a r g e Urns w i t h removable l i d s

SS2 White Magician SO. 30p 5555 Druid

SS5 Troll $0. 30p 5556 Priest o f Matri
557 Northman Archer 50. 30p SS57 Follower o f Set
SS8 Northman w i t h spear SO. 30p SSM58 Mounted Barbarian ( r e a r i n g horse) 1

5512 Demon SO. 75p SS64 Dancing G i r l

55155 Hawkman $0. 75p SS69S Enchantress r i d i n g t i g e r
SS19 Aqui 1and Archer fO. 30p SS70S Tree Demon
5520 Aqui 1and P i keman fO. 30p SSMS88 Man Goblin on L i z a r d Beast
5521 Aquiland Spearman $0. 30p 5586 Man Goblin w i t h sword and s h i e l d
SS22 Aquiland Standard SO. 30p 5587 Man Goblin w i t h bow and spear
SS23 Aquiland Dark Legion SO. 30p SSMS92 Wraith r i d i n g Winged R e p t i l e
SSM24 Aquiland Mounted Knight $0. 60p SS99S Wolfman
. SSM25 Aquiland Mounted Guard SO. 60p SSlOO Winged Demon w i t h sword o f f i r e
SS27 Niminian Archer f0. 30p 55105 Mountain Dwarf w i t h hammer
5528 Niminian Spearman 50. 30p SS106 Mountain Dwarf sword and s h i e l d
5529 Niminian Guard fO. 30p SS107 Mountain Dwarf axe and s h i e l d
Heroes &Villains is a bi-monthly team is split; they each face an indi- an elegant solution in that it allows the
column about Superhero gaming, vidual opponent who defeatsthem; they referee to concentrate on the game
are captured; they escape and, as a rather than the action of individual
edited by Simon Burley and team, they are far more effective than characters. However, player-supervillains
Peter Haines. the villains; the villains are defeated. tend to be far nastierthan those run by a
3. A chance t o shine: Many 'mini- beleaguered referee, so this option
ser~es'are now appearing which spot- should not be used unless the supervil-
light one or more minor superheroes. lains being run are pretty obviously out-

SOLO Apart from the desire to make a quick

buck, these comics are also produced to
allow under-used characters to show
their full potential. The same idea can be
classed. Also, it will require careful role-
playing from the players to keep the
supervillains within the referee's con-
cept of the character. (It must be said,

SERIES used in a game situation. Suppose the

team energy-zapper were put out on his
own without his screen of Superstrong
though, that it is an interesting experi-
ence as a referee to watch others run
characters you have created and see
brawlers. Would he still be able to exactly what sort of impression they
manage or would his lack of hand-to- have made on the players.)
hand and defensive abilities be his C. The 'spare' players can run NPCs.
Individual Adventures for downfall? By playing them without This is similar to the above except that,
Superheroes back-up, players should be able to in thiscase, the characters being run will
develop those facets of character be subsidiary ones and may help the
by Simon Burley personality and style which can be hero or be neutral to them. In this case,
stifled in a team situation. the players would need to be very care-
fully briefed on their NPC and the referee
should try to ensure that they don't go
around saving the hero's bacon! Also,
Role-playing games, being a social since running subsidiary characters can
pastimetexperience, are necessarily pall after a while, care should be taken
based around the group situation. In fan- that everyone gets a turn to run the
tasy role-playing this can lead to prob- Superhero.
lems with player characters being A useful variation on this them is to
organised in 'parties' when few such have a team wherein each player runs
arrangements appear in fantasy novels. two heroes - their main player character
With the exception of groups such as the and a minor NPC team-member who
Fellowship of the Ring, fantasy books could be a trainee or a back up character
tend to be based around the exploits of or a supervillain who has been con-
solo heroes such as Conan, John Carter verted to the cause of good and is on
and the like. probation with the team. If the secon-
Fortunately, in Superhero RPGs, a dary character is different from the main
comicbook set-up does exist which is PC, then every player should have some-
analogous to the player character thing to do when the team is split since
grouping, that of the Superhero team their main character would be in one
such as the X-Men or Teen Titans. Con- group whilst the NPC for which they are
sequently, almost all Superhero role- responsible would be in the other.
playing is based around a team of player D. A neat and workable solution to
Superheroes, and I still recommend that solo battles isto run them all simultane-
referees organise their Superheroes into ously. This might sound difficult, with
a coherent team at the earliest possible the referee running four or five different
opportunity because of the benefits this battles at once, but it is really no diffe-
renders to campaign organisation. rent from running a normal multi-sided
However, by far the majority of battle. There are no more combatants on
Superhero comics are based around either side to deal with. The only differ-
solo heroes such as Superman or ence between five simultaneous battles
Spiderman. This is because such stories and a battle featuring a team of five
are easier to write. Writing, illustrating heroes is that the heroes cannot help
and choreographing a team-fight in a each other. Apart from that, treat it as
Superhero comic is one of the most dif- one big battle, rolling the same initiative
ficult tasks authors and artists face. A for every hero, and you'd be surprised
battle featuring one hero is so much 4. Bring on the wimps: Against a how easy it is.
easier to handle. In the world of Su~erheroteam, the referee must Better still is to work out some links
Superhero RPGs, however, the multi- always use high-powered opposition, between the battles. Imagine the scene:
sided battle is handled for you by the either a supervillain team or a Solaris is battling Jet in the power sta-
combat system of'your chosen game, megavillain. Solo heroes, on the other tion, whilst Dreadnought is duking it out
and thus, the need for solo handling of hand, could be challenged with far with Powerhouse and a bunch of robots
heroes is greatly reduced. weaker opposition. A dozen thugs might at the rocket base. Solaris smashes Jet
Despite this, there are still situations be a challenge for some characters. By into the device the villain had rigged to
where a referee will need to handle solo splitting the team, the referee gains the the reactor, destroying it. Halfway
heroes in hidher game. For example: option of using some of the lesser- across the city, the robots suddenly stop
1. The multiple threat: A standard powered bad-guys in hislher repertoire. moving leaving Powerhouse to fight on
plot element is to have two or more plots So it is useful to have one or more alone.
reaching a climax simultaneously so methodsof handling solo heroes during Finally, if you decide that you really
that the Superhero team needs to be play. Here are a few suggestion with their would like to run your heroes as solo
split into two or more groups. advantages and disadvantages noted: characters, rather than in a team, with
2. Divided w e fall: Together a team A. The referee could fight the solo occasional team-ups and crossovers,
may be invincible but separately, battles out on a one-to-one basis with then theonly way to handle it is postally.
against opponents who they are each player in turn. Whilst this will be Solo fights should be handled on paper
unsuited to fight, they could be more essential in some situations, it is with team-ups being settled as face-to-
easily captured or defeated. This is a generally not an acceptable solution face meetings. If you don't want to run
method often utilised by comic-authors since it leaves the other players with the game postally then you must
which referees can use to effect, when nothing to do. organise the heroes in a team with only
they need to defeat and/or capture a par- B. The 'spare' players could be the occasional solo adventure to spice
ticular hero or group of heroes. The allowed to run the supervillains. This is things up.

IMITA TED, BUT NE VER EQUALLED Are y o u changing address? .......................

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Dwarf" embossed o n t h e splne, and holds 1 2 issues.
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%d bllo
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Alca Module 3: Vaqr
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Sl T m b a l HMon C4 95 IndianlJMar R E - 5.95

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'Referees running thi
Starter Traveller and

The referee shoul

him or her self thoro

on surprise rolls; attacks if gains surprise,

Jallion has been a reasonably honest patron,
but he has not mentioned everything. To
begin with, the full standard library entry on
h ~ home
s world runs as follows:

level of technologic
believedto be quite
tocrats are in limite
culture, and are kno

ightly greater degree

ng ers have +2 on all savesagainst malfunction.

The heavy hull armour of the Dragonguard
craft gives opposing laser fire a -2 hit DM,
and reduces the number of hits inflicted by
opposing missiles by one.
Note. From the Koan viewpoint, nothing in
this incident is likely to justify activating their

0 1000 2000 3000 4000 ,

I' I . I







A Central Meeting Hall
B Sports and Recreation
Halls, etc ...
C ComputerIClerical Centre
D Palace of the Council
E Ornamental Parks
F Fusion Power Plant
(Behind Earth Bank)
G Hospital Complex
I Mansions
J Heaven Warrior Barracks
K Spaceport/Airfield
L Secondary Power Plant -
Solar Panel Complex
M Greenhouses


round the capital. These are designed to pre- manding th ,will be held in a spartan gaol in the
vent major assaults on surface installations, ing the battl Hr warrior barracks (Map 3, K).
and include batteries of short-range missile The K +sleds must be 'desi!
launchers and fusion guns. tech-Y .-.-;with weapons to mi
Any land-based battlesoccuring in thecours
a Trd
lhtly armoureel (value 6
and have na avioni.3
TIC reasons. They carry a 11
has a population of about
00 God Guards, 2,000
Varriors,E O specialists (mechanics,
of this adventure can be resolved using A ,I A t h no weapons potential 1 Ins, etc), arlu 2,000 menial servants.

Book ?/Mercenary rules and a little r e 3 i s both for target designation , al hierarchy i
initiative. The following notes applr- I ~ I Zcommunication. The tac m i r -ransport aro
A. Koan forces are armed as f o a lave warheads equal to 15cm HI 3t monorail c or by lightweight
Nobles: Mesh + Reflec (cf Jalli-U l l l , S l I U rounds, and a m a x i ~ l l m ~ u g g y(carrying
' y p t o four people),
range comm, IR goggles, fc 3ser rifle lf the open space
neuronic whip.
iort-range cc A
Heaven Warriors: Mes The first attack WI
IR goggles, ornate stav :reat as cudg on thethird morn tion
f o u r tech1 planet. ~ h r e ge r a y rd off-world party rep ~ntsa prob-
grenades, iron ratio for one week. low to use the co le Lords,given theco~ 3x political
comm, IR gogg
Cr260), laser cl
Nobles' skill:
riors have SM1
Guards ha
Whip-2, D i
UPP value
A8A728 1
leflec, short-ray
jewelled dagger (val
re, neuronic whip.
noted later; Heaven
Cudgel-1, while God
aser Carbine-2, Neuronic
!r-1. The former have ave
~ n A7951
d 5, the latter arc
'commarrd sled'
will be involved
I'Kath (UPP 6886
Leader-1, C,
Medic-1), u
ship as
1 The aristocrats the0
~ n ins council, but in prac
nts are rare; for convenie
!cisions are taken by a tw
~ncil',which actually wie
: Iwer; it is this group which h:
~ l l make

. iighly authoritarian, and w h i ~

ecision to attack Jallion. Opinion:
..,. matters vary widely within the n

B. KI organisation is loose. Each as rut the present inner council is compc

will be,,. by a grav-sled carrying the n~
five J G )d Guards as his personal bodygt
en hard-line traditionalists- includinb
hairman-and two 'moderates',who belie
and (Heaven Warriors, while the othe~, , n flexible response to circumstances. The
ca welve Heaven Warriors each. Heaven Palace' as a whole contains perhaps sixty
w< hrs have +2 to morale while the noble ~eventyhardliners, two hundred and eight
es, +4 if he is nearby, but -4 if he is moderates, thirty or forty 'progressivists',
.acracitated or killed. Vehicle crews halve UL who seek better relations with the lmperiu
sse benefits but have the same penalty; for various reasons, and about a hundred I
)d Guards never need check morale. All iilitary forces are generally 'hardline';
~n-nobleshave limited initiative. of the yacht pilots are 'progressive'.
C. The grav-sled gunner may fire Therc?areperhapssixty or seventy more ari
?aponper round at a +1 skill DM, t
all three at -3. If the co-pilot
Rtude tocra ts away from the 'Palace', hunting, ru
ning private estates, or commanding garri
ted, the pilot may fire one we sons, but if these had strong political view
und at -1. The pilots have skill I and threaten- points, t ey would be at the Palace.
ey are incapacitated, the co-pilc threat is The n ables will consider various solutio~
lumpy but safe landing on a rol Iter, a pair of to the prl )blain posed by the party, rar
I for every thousand feet of all ; ;a&; ; ;= from the hardliners' favourite - immec
3 f t have gunsequal to gauss rifles executioj1 -to straightforward release
to fire with effectively unlimited i es at any moderat rs, who are currently backing
In, and missiles equal to a RAM-C capture or hardline1s against the 'dangerously in
ing the HEAP factnr~but with the 1 -diately; they ous' pro urse
Image from HE R ds rule appl! & over the
D. Attacks on air- ;and grav-sl Faill need at least
ect various con nts; roll I d : l , pointfora jump).
)dules, 3 - cretN (sele,. b--t*arhicbrrn class yacht, will be amnes tate of
4 - passenger, E one w qoon.
.~tof control f.or 1 round;
! of the God-Lords !,the
Crijsh). Weapon s capable of three :ation,
mi3ke multiple. -It; on this L ~ V I I on- '
g riav-sleds hav : null-g mod1 de. -
than le standi
ts are ar! k y will
>em !a mber of ~ossibili.
Fogressivist sympath~
mi ht offer aid in re1
open here. A
I r help in freeing
~alyion - actually a p ssivist extremist -
gunner intc

really dc
anything about 1
.om captivity in on
v t such generous
Ii its to their resc
Ithe Lords' mansions,
racters should have
3s. Heaven Warriors
The only we: IS likely to affectthe ' ' n
(ofher than the S m s ' armamen ion c
m~sslles.q e s e treat the vepsel party's r .act. He did p
armoured, y l y h~ expect tc ~ n thesub-
d r~
of 8+. --,uent nerl. -. -2 him to I
become highly inuG,.-. . -. , lt: will convince
u- himself rathmr 0;lsily that the first attack will Escape into the Koan wilderness could be
It essential, not be follov up, and he will tell the pa dangerous. Animal encountertables should
tl .,J Striker little withna~' ng pressured. However I be prepared by the referee if the party tries
S \up of will becc ily subjectto the dem this, but the real danger comes from Lords -
.g agency a forcef~ --~ber. who know the terrain -and from peasants,
for and for who will take the party for demons, and attack
nother playe may act C?-'-try? ~fthey survive a morale check. Nonetheless,
ns &;;rm? p v e m
ok2con- I' the option is open, and might enter into an
extended version of this scenario.
1ilities;ihe fa special r
ply. I' ? no1 Off Koa
A party that escapes this world is probably
..,. J cre.., safe, but the referee is uite free to consider
sed as Long ) and, soon after- the possibility that the l o a n Lords could hire
R o w initiative. Non- wards, from thet to the capital of Koa, The forces to neutralise or recapture the party;
ifier of +2 if a m
fer a permanen
ditional morale mod-
iswithin 7cm, but suf-
a f i e r if their com-
Palace of tlie God- ords (3). This has the
appearance of a we lthy non-industrial town
on a high plateau in mountain region, but
equally, the Imperial Secret Service is proba-
bly interestedin any stories aboutthisannoy-
ing world.


T ~ m e100 years after The Plague Take a lourney through the turbulent
Place The B r ~ t ~ sIsles
h reb~rthof tnterrteller c1v1l1sat8on
Ypudeslgn the skills and character
A un~quelyreal~st~r s~mulattonof Itfe tralts of 3 tnd,vaduals on one of the
the harsh envtronment of a post strange worlds of Orton's Ftnger, and
&saner world. Our own greener (but manoeuvre them ~na quest for fame,
not so pleasant1 land IS the stage fortune and personal power
YOU make the decrstons for your
people an a tlme where most struggle
only t o survlwe W 0 V 15 GM moderated
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8- -

FLINN, Horatio TERRAN 8A5998 Age 32

Marines 3 terms Captain
Shrapnel in leg (1- Dex), Brawling-2, Gun Combatd, Tactics-3,
Preferred weapons: Maus-R Auto Pistol, Shmeiss-R SMG,
Kauff Throwing Knives.
Responsible owner of the Osprey II acquired from rich gas giant
businessman Shiek Rattolunrowl while gambling.
After fighting as a mercenary in the Motara Civil War he became a
Merchant Navy Member, scraping a meagre living as a Vacc-suit
salesman. But the current rate of the Cred against the Altarian Dollar
has meant less than legal dealings in the space lanes which have
brought him to the attention of Law Enforcement Agencies.
An understood relationship with Syrena: 'So long as it doesn't
interfere with the running of the ship'. Flinn takes tranquilizers on a
regular basis.
Flinn's hobbies include collecting antique Space Shuttle modules,
attractive girls and a secret subscription to the Inter-system Fantasy
Role-Playing game; 'Real life: 20th Century '85' held every Friday
night by Laser Link-up, in which adventurers take on the roles of the
Heroic Unemployed, orthe Evil Trade Union Leaders, orthe Mystical
Politicians, doing such great deeds as walking the dog or putting on
the telly or saying 'No' to a Watchtower Guardian, all with the roll of
a computer-generated dice.
Likeness: Gene (Blazing Saddles) Wilder.

MEDUSSA, Syrena EPICUREAN 6A7767 Age 25

Medical 4 terms Nurse
Blade Combat-I, Gambling-1, Forgery-3,
Preferred Weapons: Hunts Blade, Lug-R Artillery,
Parabellum Auto Pistol.
Acollege romance with Flinn was soon broken up when Syrena went
on to study medicine and Flinn finished cleanin-g the windows. Earn-
ing her living as a trained nurse, Syrena moonlighted as an exotic
dancer in order to live. It was in one of these Seedy Space Rangers
bars she re-encountered a battle-seasoned Flinn whom she
immediately accosted and thoroughly embarrassed. Flinn of course,
im'mediately fell in love with her personality. A torrid relationship
with Flinn followed, free from the barries of inhibition or practicality.
Hobbies include poetry, making daisy chains, saying nice things
and being a member of many political pressure groups such as CDSD
(Campaign for Death Star Disarmament) and 'Save the Wampa' (Anti-
Wampa culling by shifty Atari Land Trawlers). This makes her a
dangerous subversive element that must be kept under constant sur-
veillance. Better still; locked up and the key thrown awayldisinteg-
rated. Favourite Pop-groups: Frankie GoesToTatooine, Big Universe
and Barbarella Barbarella.
Favourite Color/ColourlKulah: Green
Likeness: Kate (Indiana Jones) Capshaw
,,. h f e tn fi
Dear WD, what a 'hit dice' was. more than 'a handful of people'.
I was very pleased and refreshed to I recently played an AD&D adventure With the change in WD subject bias,
read Mike Lewis' article (Balancing Act) in which the dice were rolled only four some reduction in single-system con-
in WD65. I have been arguing along times and in which the PCs only directly tent is necessary. This probably means
similar lines for some time. I have been killed two people. There was a heavy that either adventures and large articles
associated with various clubs and infor- accent on interacting with (and double- are replaced by cameos and thumbnail-
ma1 groups, but in the last five years crossing) various organisations and sketch notes, orthat the articles become
have recoiled from them because of the NPCs. It was immense fun and the thrill moregenerally applicable. I suspectthat
sanctity placed on rules and the way of the 'old galmes' was back. players of RQ would really appreciate
they are wielded by some as though Yours, Fiend Factory stats, and monsters cou'ld
they were the sword of righteousness. Mike F Williatl~a,I I I Hague.
~ be presented also with Traveller, Cthulhu
An experienced DM rarely needs to and Golden Het-oes statistics. A three-
look at tables, rules and the like. He can Deal' WD, page creature column of use to virtually
make decisionson a hit on the roll of the l a m a'your t y ~pl ~ a y ~ r ' ( 1who
4 ) is sick every reader is far betterthan two pages
.:-. - , - -
dice, the effect of a spell, or a given of being wagged off as an 'Irving' and I of use purely to the monster-saturated
course of action for a character from would like to show another side of the AD&D players.
dungeoning experience and real life. argument that has cropped up recently Yours,
As for the dice rolling itself, I find that over new players. Paul Harcourt, Harlow.
letting the players do as much rolling I started off at the beginning of '84,
themselves and encouraging their foi- when I was 13, and thankfully I had dis- Dear WD,
bles in this respect (ie two-handed covered FRP ratherthan had it forced on Please, please, please expand your
standing shakes, chanting a mantra me through bendy figures and cretinous Letters page - it's far too short. Such an
such as 'double damage, double dam- cartoons. This in my opinion is the best opportunity to discuss a wide range of
age') lightens the role-playing and and only wayto become involved,since topics on role-playing games shouldn't
encourages even the quietest players to any other way cuts down on the thrill of be restricted to just one page.
get involved. when you first begin. Can't people see Yours,
What the group I play in call 'arbitrary thattheapproach of most newcomersto P B Mason, Sutton Coldfield.
decisions' by the DM are accepted 95% RPGs is 'hack and slash' not because
of the timewithout question. Rule books they are young and inexperienced but
are only consulted for guidance. Heresy!
Yours faithfully,
D A Ramsbottom, Hayling Island.
Dear WD,
I disagree with Mike Lewis' article in
WD65. The element of role-playing
gameswhich distinguishes them from a
childish game of 'let's pretend' is inter-
nal consistency. This is why we have
rules. Players must believe that the sec-
ondary world in which their characters
live works on some level, however
simplistic. A dead orc remains a dead
orc-and if it does spring backto life it is
as a result of necromantic magic, not the
caprice of the controlling player. Rules
are a necessary foundation for suspen-
sion of disbelief in the game world.
This parallels the same requirement of
literary fantasy worlds, in which incon-
sistencies are rarely tolerable (see Dave
Langford's diatribe againstA E van Vogt Judging from the large number of letters
in WD64). On the other hand, the comic received this month, it looks like more
strips on which Superhero RPGs are because of the way in which RPGs have spaceisneeded-apologiestoeveryone
based are aimed at children and do not been presented to them. It was a great not featured this issue. Look out fora
need to be totally consistent. A fantasy advance last year to extend RPGs to a larger Letters page round about WD71
or SF RPG is a different matter. It would much wider public, buttheway in which or 72. -Ed.
not be permissible for a GM to 'cheat' they were presented was totally patron-
when designing NPCs. Playersarequick ising,especially in the field of beginners' Dear WD,
to spot when a GM oversteps the rules games and solos. The more mature Ifeel verystrongly of the need to com-
and once they realise this it undermines issues of WDsuch as46would be much plain about the views of David Eagles,
their belief in the game. better to introduce a beginner to RPGs expressed in his letter (WD65). Things
Yours faithfully, than ones that contained Name of the have come a long way in the world of
Martyn Plummer, Cam bridge. Game and Castle of Lost Souls. role-playing over the last couple of
Give newcomers a chance. Only by years. The days when there were merely
Dear WD, treating them maturely will they be a handful of games to choose from are
I would like to congratulate Mike mature in their playing. long dead, the number of games availa-
Lewis on finally realising the essential Yours in anguish, ble today is enormous. (I can think of
nature of RPGs. It is just unfortunatethat Tom Conway, Musselburgh. over twenty different titles with very little
it took so long for him to do so. Balanc- effort.) If a magazine can adapt to suit
ing Act must have been a real eye- Dear WD, the needs of a new market, so much the
opener for some beginning referees, but I felt I had to reply to theviews expres- better for it. If Mr Eagles cares so much
sadly it was old hat for any experienced sed in WD65 by John Grandidge. The for his beloved D&D, I would suggest
role-players with even a modicum of editorial staff of WD must feel really got that he reads a certain other magazine
intelligence. Reading it made me r call at. When I first started buying WD back (mentioning no names of course!)
my early days in the hobby, w h e d v e r y in the early days, the Letters page was My own opinionis that Mr Eagles' letter
adventure was cluttered with orcs, full of lettersdemanding morediversity. demonstrates the kind of 'role-playing
chestsof gold and theoccasional trapor Now we get people wanting a return to snobbery' which I find so annoying. 'It's
trick. I must confessthat I enjoyed those the previous all AD&D1mix'. Calling our hobby, we did it first, so we're more
days, when I had no idea about how Traveller, RQ and Cthulhu minority sys- important than you!'
many hit dice the ogres advancing tems has to be ludicrous. I would say Yours nit-pickingly,
towards me had, or, for that matter, that players of these games represent James Broughton, Lincoln.
J ! B ~q)le)( :reBouryy ueslo Aq)out!l :~eBoueyy
S 3 I W 0 3 NV31U3WV qrrd Irnoaruorrou :eqnrIreroeN
clJJoWullog :reBouoW wdor.4- wo0&*6.srnql
0 3 1 U O d W l S X 3 0 1 S MON
A J J *led
~ ~ :roUsusW u~do&-cj
- uJeoE.6 aes - uopj uado w ~ o & ' sWWOE'
* 6 Its- UOw u0d0
wdgtp W V ~ ~ ~ I W ~
(POLS89 :PI) urdocp we0&-6jes uow u a d ~
- (SLES:tall (SWE LPL :lol)
eJrue3 ys~surpsolg'yls~psorgrlP (PI LOSL :la11JooWall1S6 a)e6we~pooggz 9M'I/UwrJ@ww@H 'P@otJf i u l l l ~1 ~
This scenario makes use of the Artificer Marhurl is covered with fields (mainly bare,
character class and DMs should be aware of since it is autumn) and lined with
the special abilities of this class before run- hedgerows. Higher up the Tissel, and along
ning the adventure. the banks of the Fsereh, the land is mainly
used as pasture for sheep and goats.
PLAYERS' INTRODUCTION The forest itself is mainly deciduous, the
With evening fast approaching, you have main trees being beech, ash and oak. The
reached the edge of the Great Forest. The undergrowth is patchy, although thickens
sun has set far enough to cast its light under around the streams and the Window.
the storm clouds which have been gathering
all day and the valley of the River Tissel lies Random Encounters
below, bathed in a ruddy orange glow. DMs should use the Temperate Wilderness
table in the DMG (p184) with any resulting
DM'S INTRODUCTION 'character' encounter being one of the
Some thirty years ago Kaebel, a young NPCs detailed in the text.
dwarven artificer, persuaded the village
elders of Faefehel to allow him to build a River Crossings
water-powered wool-processing mill - a The Fehel may be forded throughout its
complete innovation of his own devising. length. The Tissel may be forded upstream
Working on the project, he became friendly of its junction with the Fehel, but from there
with Agath, a sage from the village of on down a crossing is very risky until Cesille,
Tisselles. where wading becomes possible (4' deep).
Agath brought Kaebel's attention to the Wading across the Fsereh is always very
Window of Peace, a curious artifact in the risky downstream of the Whispering Pool.
Forest of Hahfor which defends the forest
against harm. Agreeing that the device hin- MAP ONE
dered progress within the valley, the pair
have resolved to do something about it.
With Kaebel's skills and Agath's occult
knowledge, they managed to devise a great
warped pentagram of evil that would cor-
rupt the Window. Kaebel sought an artifact
to power the pentagram, and returned,
21 years later, with the Black Pin, also bring-
ing his pet dragon, Bachgast, and two
apprentices, with whom he took up resi-
dence in caves just north of Marhurl. Whilst
the pentagram was being established, he
has worked on his masterpiece - a great
labow saving invention, the 'steam harness'.
The Pentagram
A normal pentagram has powers of protec-
tion from evil, but if one vertex is correctly
positioned outside the circle, its powers are
The Tissel pentagram obtains its powers
from the Black Pin, passing between the
vertices along the straight lines of construc-
tion. To cut the 'supply' to Neslahm, the
vertices at Cesille and Sarl Timhel must be
destroyed. To save Faefehel, the players
need only visit three of the vertices.
When the players arrive, the vertice at nec &fore falling 50' or so & the low& valley
Dragons Back is still two nights away from floor. The forest borders the lake to its east
completion. If all goes according to plan, on and the whispering of the leaves in the trees
that evening, a night on which there is no and the rushing of the water in the gulley are
moon, a rite will be celebrated by the dwarfs the only sounds to be heard. It is almost as
with the villagers of Marhurl to fully acti- if they are having a whispered conversation.
vate the pentagram. In a cave on the eastern shore of the lake
Within the circle of the figure, evil clerics lives Sepes, a female druid devoted to pro-
have their powers increased: duration, tecting the last remaining giant otter of the
range and area of effect of spells by 50% area who she has befriended. Preferring not
and saving throws against them are at - 1. to fight, she may dive into the water and
After the rite, duration, range and area of swim away, or call to the otter for help.
effect are increased by 100% and saving
throws against these spells at -2. Align- Sepes: AC5, HP15, LVLA, Druid, N,
ment spells will reveal the general area Human (female), STR:14, INT:16,
within the pentagram to be evil: paladins WIS:16, DEX:8; CON:10, CHA:17.
will feel distinctly nauseous yithin it. Bracers of Defence AC5, + I Scimitar,
Gauntlets of Swimming. Spells: 6 x lst,
The Valley 4 x2nd, 2 x 3rd.
The valley of the River Tissel is for the most Giant otter: [MM]AC5, HP29, HD5,
part fully cultivated; where once the Forest Move: 9"/18", Att 3-18.
of Hahfor stretched almost as far as the
Great River, Tisselles is now as far west as Sepes has a stone scrying pool by means of
it reaches. Thus nearly all the land north which she observes the valley: whilst she
and west of Sarl Timhel, Tisselles and does not want to see the pentagram com-
pleted, its complete destruction would huecuvas and will polymorph themselves The body within the pentagram is that of
allow the Window to distort the forest's into rat form to gain an advanta e over the necromancer whose residence this is. To
growth; she would rather some tasks were intruders if they have time ([FF~,AC3, lift the curse on Faefehel his body must be
left to druids rather than artifacts of dubious MV9", HD2, Att 1-6, hit causes disease, blessed, but to penetrate the pentagram, the
origin. The cave contains supplies of ber- silver or magic wea ons to hit). Body type 2 glass must be broken, a feat which requires
ries, roots, blankets and clothes. In a large are coffer corpses fiFF], AC8, MV8", 50 STRpoints. If the glass is broken but the
fire-trapped chest is a scroll (speak with ani- 'HD2, Att 1-6, magic weapons to hit, rising necromancer is not blessed, he will rise as ,a
mals, cure light wounds, heat metal, call causes fear). wraith within ld4+2 rounds. The chamber
lightning), a Potion of Water Breathing, two 5. A non-too-clean latrine. also conceals three shadows ([MM], AC7,
l00gp gems and 150sp. 6. The floor of this room is inlaid with MV12", HD3+3, HP19,8,14, Att 2-5 +
silver in the form of a thaumaturgic triangle, STR drain). The statuettes are worth
B. Window of Peace .In the centre of a within which is drawn a skull with jewels for 1000gp each and weigh 501b.
clearing stands a wall about 50' in length eyes. Any non-evil creature entering the
(E-W) and curved to a height of about 30'. circle must save vs spells or be unable to get D. Faefehel. On approaching this village,
Set into the wall is a large window upon out. For each complete turn trapped in the the characters will sense that something is
which there is a picture of a rotting corpse circle he will age 1year and lose 1point amiss: as they approach, the wind carries
lying in a grassy meadow, with a thin- from a random attribute. Many spells will towards them a monotonous incantation,
stemmed, dark blue tulip growing out of free a trapped character including: protec- and a strange queue of figures wends its way.
one eye and ivy climbing over its legs and tion from evil, light, remove curse or to and from the tower (C). All the villagers
arms. The clearing is full of light, the col- sanctuary. A vial of Holy Water poured on appear to be in a trance: they look very &red
ours seeming to flow out from the picture. the silver will also suffice. and chant incomvrehensible words (corn-
On approaching the clearing, the under- prebend languag& will reveal them as 'May
growth will seem to get thicker and higher, you forever visit the Tower of the Black
and the party will be split up. Characters of Spear'). This is a result of the dying curse of
a non-good alignment will simply pass the the necromancer (CS), made powerful by
clearing by without noticing it, other the Black Pin. Until the necromancer is
characters not LG have a 50% chance of so blessed, ld10 of the 41 surviving villagers
doing. Those who reach the clearing will be will die each day.
unable to see anyone else who has done so. One boy, Alnets, is still free of the curse:
In the clearing, a great feeling of power he was away from the village and returned
will be noticed; characters may leave the to find the villagers in their current state.
clearing if they so wish. If a character prays He will beg adventurers to help set his
or kneels in front of the Window then it will parents free. Of Neslahm, he knows only
grant visions (eg cryptic hints on how to that it is the resting place of old kings- kings
destroy the pentagram), or it may heal that sleep but never die (myth).
wounds, cure disease, or act as a commune
spell as the DM wishes. Attempts to destroy E. A scree slope gives access to an enclosed
or defile it will result in an aleax being sum- area from which a number of caves stem, all
moned to defend it. of which are hidden from the valley. These
Should the pentagram be completed, the are home to a group of CN bandits whose
powers of the Window will wane: the under- interests lie in keeping the upper reaches of
growth will become normal in four weeks the valley uninhabited- they are unlikely to
and the glass will shatter after three months. be concerned with events at Faefehel. Their
leader, Raebollal, has posted guards on the
C. Neslahm (Map 2). On top of the hill is a approaches to the complex and thus they
40' high tower constructed of rough-hewn will seldom be surprised; they will prefer to
stone blocks. It is supported by four 7' thick parley rather than fight, however.
pillars at its base, each of which is about 12'
high. In one pillar there is a concealed door Raebollal: AC1, HP36, LVL6, Fighter,
(detect magic or true sight to spot) beyond CN, Human, STR:19 (+3,+7), INT:14;
which is a spiral stairway leading down to 1. WIS:8, DEX:17, CON:13, CHA:18. Girdle
1. Upon each of the five ivory stakes in of Giant Strength, two-handed sword.
this room is impaled a human corpse: these 15 Fighters: AC4, l H D , LVL1, Fighter,
gruesome figures will slowly turn towards CN. Bastard swords, x 3 heavy crossbows,
anyone entering the room, iheir arms grop- x 5 longbows, x 2 shortbows.
ing towards the intruders. These figures sur-
r o h d a low wooden plinth upon 6hich sits F. This lake is the lair of 6 lacedons
a jewelled skull: they may be rendered inac- (amphibious ghouls [MM], AC6,
tive for a turn by Holy Water or a D result 7. A bedroom containing wooden bed, MV9"/12", 2HD, HP15,5,6,9,10,10,
on the turning table. The skull contains two chests, wardrobe, bookcase, desk, Att 1-311-311-6, paralysis), which roam the
7 amethysts (100gp each). Anyone touching chair and papers littered everywhere. Both valley at night looking for corpses. In a cave
one of the corpses will suffer 1-4HP cold chest are locked and are two big to move: beneath the lake, their daytime home, is a
damage and age 1-4 years. one contains 1000gp,the other a bone scroll collection of 13rings (10-60gp each), a Ring
2. Lined along this corridor are suits of case with a scroll in (protection from good, of Weakness, a Ring of Free Action, 2700cp,
plate mail, nine on each side. In each there snake charm, feign death), and a pouch of 700ep and 15pp.
is an invisible zombie which will attack once five 100gp gems. A false bottom in one
it has been passed. ([MM], AC3, MV6", reveals a bolt which, when drawn back, G. Located in a small, sheltered rocky val-
HD2. Att 1-8). reveals a trapdoor to 8. ley stands a large stone hut by the side of a
3. his roc& is filled with a terrible 8. A low chamber with a vaulted ceiling small brook. Within are two hill giants,
stench: the floor is covered in dried blood and two rows of pillars; it is lit by an altar at Hochra and Ehach (AC4, MV12", 8HD,
and dirt, and along each wall hang seven the far end. In front of the altar, inside an HP38,26, Att 2-16 (hurl rocks), CE). Hid-
corpses (inanimate). It appears that two of oddly drawn pentagram, lies a body. On the den under one stone of the floor (STR19+
them could touch anyone passing through altar is a large triangle of glowing glass and to lift) are 1200gp, 100ep, 2 gems (200gp
the SW door. two large golden stat.uettes. Drawn on it is a and 150gp), Hochra's bag (100' rope, 20sp,
4. On 17 of the 24 slabs here lies a corpse. single vertical black line, thicker at the top 2 caltrops, haunch of meat) and Ehach's bag
Rats scuttle around the floor of the chamber. and pointed at the bottom. The pentagram (40gp, bone comb, 2 small boulders, full
Most of the corpses are humans (3), except is drawn with one point reaching up to the wineskin).
forthose marked 1and 2. Body type 1are glass. The two giants have been receiving visits
S * T * A * R O * F D * A * R - * K * N * E * S * S
from a talking goat (Gek from Cesille), 1. An overgrown courtyard of which the running the village, however, he has a very
which has more than once led them to SW area is badly damaged. Parties approach- narrow view of what his duties include and
meals, so they now listen to its suggestions ing the building are 98% likely to have been he will therefore refuse to act beyond the
with respect. They are Trosham's trump spotted by the monks and they will have boundaries of the village: his force is too
card, which she will attempt to play in cases prepared an ambush for them. With two of small to go chasing all over the countryside
of extreme need. the LVL3 monks covering any magic-using and still protect the village. He likes to think
classes with heavy crossbows, another 3rd of himself as being military governor, but
H. Sarl Timhel (Map 3'). This apparently level monk will approach the party, at the has backed out of his only confrontation
abandoned and overgrown fort is now the top of the main steps, and speak pleasantly with the councilso far. If asked, Prebeh will
home and training ground of ten L E monks, to them. He will request that the party complain that Sehesseh takes an unnatural
although the only signs of life within are a states its business and will apologise that he interest in politics for a man of the cloth (an
few birds. is unable to help, since his order frowns opinion based on fact).
Kaebel, in his wandering days, was a reg- upon communication with material society (b). Communal livestock pens. Animals
ular visitor to a monastery hidden in the (a half-truth). Even if the party leave, the may be stationed here at the cost of lspper
mountains, the order of monks there being monks will remain alert, using their thieving night to non-residents. The guards are
devoted to the supremacy of man over skills to sneak up on the party if necessary. empowered to confiscate any loose animals
magic. On learning that the monastery was 2. A dark, pillared area designed to sup- within the village.
overcrowded, he suggested that the monks port the Great Hall: it is very dark, dirty and (c). Village well. Water is charged for at
use Sarl Timhel as aq annexe. With some smelly - an ideal spot for an ambush! lcp per fill.
3. A latrine.
4. A cell littered with chains, bones and . .'
filth, whose native lifeforms include fleas ... . . . . . .
and rats: proportions at the DM'S discretion. . .
':.r .....:... . .. .
5. A scrupulously clean, pillared room. ,.::?. .
...... ..:...r.....
. . a , . .
( . c. ..... .,.:....... . ... .. .. . . . . . ' . . . .
;:.,:. ...
At the north end is an altar upon which is a .':.:'?:::::;:.. .. .:*.--,..,....,.
......... . ,. ..;..:...t ...... ........ . .:<:....s.;..,., . . . . ... .. .
candlestick. In the top of the candlestick is
a black gem - one of the vertices of the
. . .
. .
: -..
.. .. .<:-*.:: . .; ,\-.. -:.::.: :.-:.::>+., ,-+.
............................ ....
, c.A:..:..:s-:
. .... . . ... .
. . .. . .. . .... .... . . :.c.:;~' . . . . u ,
pentagram. The altar is surrounded by a 12' . .: . . . . .....
. .
diameter circle. Anyone venturing into the
circle must save vs magic or be stunned for
ld6 rounds. The jewel is worth 1000gp, but
touching it will change the holder to LE
alignment unless a save vs wands can be +.;. -- -- .- .-

Water to
made. Thenullify
be washed in Holy
(50% chance per - , ,. ts-
d( .--. -,- ~
vial). ?:*.. A
- -,L
6. A kitchen, fairly clean with signs of use. , ., 3
. .. . . . .
- '
7. The Great Hall, now a pale shade of its . . . . . . .
former glory. Faded and dirty tapestries still
hang from the walls, the images showing
examples of the former fine life in the castle.
8. A clean room with blanket rolls
stacked neatly to one side. There is a chancel
that one of the monks is still sleeping here if
they have not been alerted.
9. Two chests in one of the old towers.
One is locked and used for training, the sec-
ond is used for the the same purpose but
contains a needle trap (1-2HP damage, save
vs poison or paralysed for ld6 hours).
I. Tisselles (Map 4). This small, walled vil-
lage is dominated by a watch-tower and the
dome of a temple. Originally intended to be
a major staging-post at the junction of two
imperial roads it was fortified, but after-
wards, the druids of the area objected to the
roads and these were built more to the
south. Tisselles remains to protect the
bridge and provides a stop-over for mer-
chants at least, as well as housing those who
work in the fields.
(a). The watch-tower overshadows the
main gate, being some four stories high. At
the gate stand three guards armed with
longswords who check all those entering the
village. Nominally part of the army, after
reluctance the leader of the monks, Mellas, the withdrawal from both Sarl Timhel and (d). The Council House. A single-storied
has been helping Kaebel to use the magic of Cesille, the guard only have minimal con- building raised on pillars with stairs leading
the pentagram against the greater magic of tact with their overlord. The guards now act up to the centre. Every person aged 16 or
the Window. Mellas' loyalty to Kaebel is, as apolice force for the area, answerable to over is entitled to sit on the council if they
however, sorely strained by Trosham's blat- the village council. are recorded as being born in the village.
ant reliance on magic. The monks will deny, The council has great powers within the vil-
and attempt to avoid, any contact with the Prebeh: ACO, HP15, LVL3, Fighter, LN, lage although its local rulings would not be
outside world, using force only if necessary. Huma, STR:16, INT:14, WIS:12, DEX:15, approved by higher authorities. The villa-
CON: 10, CHA: 16. +I Large Shield, gers are very proud of their democracy.
Mellas: AC5, HP20, LVL7, Monk, LE, longsword. (e). A twelve-sided, domed temple built
Human, STR:15, INT:16, WIS:17, DEX:18, 10X 1st Level Fighters: AC6, of glass and stone. Inside, seats are arranged
CON:12, CHA:17. +2 Staff. HP5,8,8,4,4,3,1,7,6,2. Longswords, 6 x in a circle around a richly carved wooden
Isimpir: AC7, HP20, LVLS, Monk, LE. heavy crossbow. altar. The priest of Tissel is Sehesseh.
Heavy crossbow, dart, staff.
4 X 3rd Level Monks: AC8, HP9,7,11,9. At any one time, three guards are on duty Sehesseh: AC5, HP8, LVL312, ClericIMU,
Staff, 2 x javelin. at the gate, one at the rear gate, four on the LN, Half-elf, STR:12, INT:16, WIS:16,
4 X 3rd Level Monks: AC8, HP9,7,11,9. wall and two will be resting. Strangers to the DEX:10, CON:11, CHA:15. + I Mace.
Staff, 2 x heavy crossbow, 2 x javelin. area will be ushered into Prebeh's office to Spells: Push, protection vs evil, detect
4 X 1st LevelMonks: AC10, HP3,6,6,5.2x complete a few formalities. magic, sleep.
javelin, 2 x staff. Prebeh is a strict disciplinarian and enjoys
S * T * A * R O + F D * A * R * K * N * E * S * S
Tissel is a minor LN god (maximum cleric leatherworker, and 'procurer and disposal K. Cesille (Map 6). Protruding from dense
level 4), whose doctrines advocate great engineer' (funerals a speciality). The latter woodland is the tower of Cesille, a squat,
loyalty to the family and to the extended is the cover of Morhal, who st0cks.a number bluish structure sited on a low hill in the
family (ie the village). The temple contains of interesting items (even some hidden lower reaches of Tissel. It is currently the
cloth and gold to the value of 300gp. armour, weapons and poisons). home of Trosham and her familiar, Gek,
Whatever Prebeh may think, Sehesseh is who are hiding here out of necessity.
the real power in the village, exercising Morhal: AC4, HP18, L W , Assassin, Trosham is on the run from an assortment
strict control over spiritual and temporal Human, STR:15, INT:15, WIS:8, DEX:18, of enemies and was befriended by Agath,
matters. He is fiercely evangelical and will CON:9, CHA:9. Dagger of Venom: who suggested that she might find Cesille
always try to convert people whenever pos- was a good place to hide out. (Although she
sible. He is deeply suspicious of Morhal, Morhal is on a long-term contract from a didn't mention the pentagram in the attic).
who seems to have more money than cus- secret organisation, the Herrem, to locate Trosham's first reactions to intruders t i l l be
tomers, but can think of no good reason to and eliminate a dwarf (Kaebel) whose pen- that they have been sent to assassinate her:
indict the assassin. Sehesseh is concerned at chant for machinery is seen as a threat to the together with Gek she will harry the party,
the way Lemsool controls large votes on the status quo. Morhal is careless with his using the chimneys (A, B, C and D) as secret
council, by spreading her favours around. cover, knowing that Prebeh is the local rep- passages (Trosham has lengths of rope
(f). This group includes a bakery, bowyerl resentative of the Herrem, although Prebeh down them). (There is a 25% chance that
fletcher and a cloth merchant. The bowyer does not know of Morhal. To all intents and Gek will be on an errand.)
is Lemsool, an artificer who simply enjoys purposes Morhal is a jack-of-all-trades. She is beginning to have her suspicions
Morhal will claim that the innkeeper, I 1
Olmehir, is out to get him, ever since Morhal
realised that he has Sehesseh and Prebeh I KEY
FEET lpO under a charm and is controlling the village
(a lie).
(h). Home of Agath the sage - a room
I Trees Trapdoor

that is piled high with books, scrolls and

dust. Agath will happily tell the party about
the 'abomination in the forest', giving the
II h
- Boulders

Door a

impression that the Window is evil and that
it is growing in strength. She will hazard a
guess, if pressed, that it is establishing a
pentagram to enhance its power or that it
rrnm Tapestry I
could be the front for an evil sorceror. stairs . .
2 . Rubble
Agath: AC10, HP8, LE, Age:60.
Specialities: heraldry, signs and sigils, I @
~II. .I1.

.,,,, Grassland
dweomercraft, le cnds and folklorc. Spells
(as 10th level MU!: comprehend languages, I s Secret ~ o -.
o r I

read magic, legend lore, unseen servant.
(i). The Griffin. This inn has two single
rooms, four doubles plus plenty of room in
the common room for visitors. Olmehir, the _
innkeeper, was a captain in the guard . l . i .

,.. -1,; . FEET

before retiring and is disgusted with the way I ?I ;:. . :..
Prebeh is now doing the job. Firne, his
young wife, is involved in an affair with Pre-
beh, although it would be a foolish man who
told Olmehir since he has a quick temper.
At the inn, characters may pick up sev-
eral rumours: one of a water-demon living
up the Fsereh (Sepes); of an evil sorceror
living in the forest just north of the village,
with a veil of trees about his house (Agath's
story retold); of Firne's affair (variously
with Morhal and/or Sehesseh as well as Pre-
beh) and of the weird monks' strange
activities at Sarl Timhel (no details known).
Olmehir: AC7, HP32, LVL4, Fighter,
Human, LN, STR:17, INT:14, WIS:10,
DEX:14, CON:16, CHA:15. +I Longsword.
J. Marhurl (Map 5). Marhurl is a small vil-
lage of about 40 houses arrayed around a
- . . . . :. -. .
' . . ..
central green. The villagers, who are mainly ,.. . > . ..

farmers, are in league with Kaebel. The _about the events' around Tisselles
making bows for a rich and privileged clien- new and totally other-worldly village cleric, and she has G e n t l y discovered the exis-
tele. Although she left the bustle of the Toms, has failed to realise this, and con- tence of Kaebel, to whom she took an
town to set up here, demand for her wares tinues to adore the artifact in the sunken instant dislike. If she didn't believe that
has not lessened, but at least here she can temple (A), a huge iron rod which sticks Morhal had a contract to kill her, she'd
choose the materials she needs from the vertically out of the ground: it is said to be probably get on quite well with him. Were
forest. one of the pins holding the Earth in place, she to learn of the pentagram she wouldn't
but looks misleadingly like the painting of be concerned andwould probably approve.
Lemsool: AC5, HP19, LVL5, Artificer, the pin at Neslahm.
LN, Elf (female), STR:16, INT:15, The villagers will try and reach the adven- Trosham: AC4, HP21, LVL516, MUIThief,
WIS:16, DEX:17, CON:13, CHA:10. turers first, however, to convince them that Elf (female), LE, STR:7, INT:17, WIS:14,
Composite bow. it is the cleric that is evil: they don't agree DEX:16, CON:10, CHA:9. Gauntlets of
with his new rituals - 'It'll be human sac- Dexterity, +2 Leather, dag er, Spells: (1st)
Lemsool will not work on crossbows, rifice next'- sodnding as if Toms is going to Read magic, charm person ?X 2) ,find famil-
although she will +ark to order, creating introduce it (although it will be they who iar, erase, magic missile ( X 2), jump, write ;
bows especially for others (artificer qual- initiate such a happening!). North of the vil- (2nd) Continual light, stinking cloud, ray of
ity). She only really cares about creating her lage is a well-worn trail leading to M. enfeeblement, levitate; (3rd) Dispel magic,
great bows, for which she needs special Notable buildings are: A,- Temple, flame arrow.
woods from the forest: anything that B - Communal Barn, C - InnNillage Hall, Gek: AC2, HP10, HD2+2, imp, MV6"/
threatens this also endangers her livelihood. D - Timchir's house (the headman and chief 12", Att 1-4, Magic Resistance 25%.
(g). A group of shops including a grocer, troublemaker). Polymorph to goatlraven, detect good,
K * N * E * S * S
.. ..-


1 L11b

room, seven times per day.

the vertex has to be to1 F iltnva holy
a t ed,
symbol to destroy it.
7. Workface Raxes used by the
..-rkers can m-..---SI. weapons.
M. Pit of the Black Pin. The path from
Marhurl leads across the fields and into th

ridge is the secret entrance to forest where, after a mile, it sto sat a hu e
boulder about 10' in diameter. h e boulje
is held from beneath but if freed will pivot
smoothly and easily (althou h doing so
rings rings a warning bell in tfe workshop)
Stone shape could move enough to crawl
through and free it, otherwise knock,
50 strength points or Bend Bars (at - 15%)
at the but such an event r a n ' far off. Stel is are re uired to break the restraining bolt.
aren't dedicated to the icR S t r 0 y i n gthe b i n - ~ a e t e l ' motives
s have already been
dow. Luckily, he n t yet met Trosharn; exposed. Now that the vertices arearranged
l silks during a previous encounter she ransacked he leaves the pit only rarely, busying him-
000gp. a stronghold he was su osed to be guard- self with work on his 'steam Barnes
in. spilled twelve oP&s men. should things go wrong he # i .,.-
10. Bathroom. ~fronta-
-4: 1121, HP30, LVL314, FighterICleric,
- ..-.-
[alf-ore. LE.
- STR:17. INTtl3.
- - - - .- - WIS:14-
-.-- -

UEX:14, CON:18, ~ ~ ~ : 1 2 ( 1 7- )~. & t
(artificer). +I Lonnsward lartific d agers of Marhurl are sworn to secrecy.
level: 2 The characters will probably only find out
A v Q T 1 Y about the +t h-r b u lu' ~ ~ -the
e villaeers and it
-. w i l l take a great deal to make them over-
4 resting unlessbtherwise warned. come their fear of Kaebel.
If the party won't forgive Kaebel or per-
1. Day room. 2 guards here, one by the mit him to carry on with his 'socially valu-
indow (20% chance of not looking out). able' work, he will fight until or unless the
2. Eight beds p_er room, 4d6 x 10sp. odds are against him and then flee via the
3. Brig. One orc is locked up in here. escape route, desertinghis loyal side-kicks.
o chests have obviously been used 4. Stelp's Bedroom. Contains a locked 1. Stairs. These lead from the boulder
S * T ' * A * R r K * N * E * S * St-;.,

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Treasure Chest is a regular department for readers'ideas on AD&D. The door should be treated as a
This issue, more from White Dwarf's spell book. wizard-locked door and may be forced
open by a knockspell. Dispel magic will

I WORDS OF WONDER permanently remove the safe and its

contents to another dimension.

(Alteration) Reversible
by Jason Revell
Usable by: Magic-User
Level: 3
Range: 3"
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: see below
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 round
Saving Throw: see below
This spell can be used to fuse two inani-
mate touching objects. Thereafter they
are treated asa single object and cannot
be separated. The objects to be joined
need not be of the same material and
they gain a save vs disintegration (use
the lowest value of the two materials). If
the two objects are made of the same
'material then they save at -1, otherwise
they save normally. A magical object
joined by a fusion spell conveys a vari-
able bonus to the saving throw at the
DM'S discretion.
The spell could be used to fuse two
gems together (although their value
would be the same) or to fuse a door to
a waII,thereby trapping the occupants of
the room. The obiects to be ioined must
be in contact forthe duration'of thecast-
ing time. Two immiscible liquids could
KNOW VALUE sile weapons also suffer a penalty of -2. be forced to mix using this spell,
(Divination) Reversible Creatures attacking with natural although they would still react if possi-
by John Rudd and Steven Cairns weaponry only suffer a -2 on the first ble. Only matter in the same state can be
Usable by: Magic-User, Cleric, Druid round and .-I on subsequent rounds fused.
Level: 2 due to their greater control. The reverse of this spell, separate, can
Range: 1" be used to split apart a fused substance
Duration: 1 turn INVISIBLE SAFE or otherwise mixed or combined
Area of Effect: One object or group of (Alteration) materials or objects.
alike objectslround by Arthur Woodworth
Components: V, S Usable by: Magic-User, Illusionist WINGED MESSENGER
Casting Time: 1 round Level: 3, 5 (Conjuration, Summoning)
Saving Throw: None Range: 0 by Paul Richards
Duration: Permanent until 'opened' Usable by: Magic-User
By means of this spell the caster can dis- Area of Effect: 3' cube Level: 4
cover the exact value of a single object Components: V, S, M Range: Infinite
or group of alike objects, eg a pile of Casting Time: 1 turn Duration: Special
coins. The reverse of this spell, hide Saving Throw: None Area of Effect: Special
value, will affect the nature of the object, Components: V, S, M
making it appear to be anything up to An invisible safe may be used as a tem- Casting Time: 1 round
50% different from its true value. Thus a porary store for looted treasure or as a Saving Throw: None
ile of 100gp could be made to seem to more permanent hiding place in a strong-
Ee worth 50gp or 150gp (even counting
will beaffected in this way. A knowvalue
hold. The spell opens a 3' by 3' door in
any solid object which is larger than
The effect of this spell is similar to an
unseen servant except that it produces a
spell is cancelled by a hide value spell. 1 cubic yard, eg a dungeon wall, pillar or glowing, vaguely bird-like, shape. A
large tree. The material component, a
WIND SHIELD Bag of Holding, determines how much
(Evocation,Alteration) the safe will hold -the Bag is absorbed
by Robert Hextall into the opening when the spell is cast.
Usable by: Magic-User, Druid On speaking theclosing words, no trace
Level: 2 of the position of the door will bevisible,
Range: Touch even to elves, although detect magic or
Duration: 2 rounds +Illeve1 detect invisible will show the outline of
Area of Effect: 5' radius the door.
Components: V, S The safe will continue to hold its con-
Casting Time: 3 segments tents until the opening wordsare spoken
Saving Throw: None by someone touching the door. (Any
sequenceof words or digits may be cho-
On casting thisspell the affected person sen by the spell-caster.) Since the open-
is surrounded by buffeting winds which ing words are the reverse of the closing
reduce attacking creatures' control over words, the MU should be careful not to
weapons. Attacks for the first round are be overheard whilst casting the spell.
at -4, but any attacks thereafter are at The Bag of Holding is not destroyed in
-2 since opponents will have become the casting and may be reused once the
used tothe winds. Hand-hurled and mis- spell has been broken.
message of up to ten words (on a parch- MAGIC NOOSE
ment) may be tied to the bird's leg, and (Conjuration, Summoning)
the bird may then be sent to deliver the by Simon Watkins
messageto the subject regardless of dis- Usable by: Magic-User
tance, but not onto another plane of Level: 4
-- Range: 6"
The material components are the Duration: 1 round/level
parchment to be sent (inscribed with a Area of Effect: See below
write spell), and a likeness of the subject Components: V, S, M
manufactured in advance (this need not Casting Time: 4 segments
be accurate or expensive). Saving Throw: See below
On delivering the message, the bird
simply vanishes and no reply can be When this spell is cast, the MU causes a
given. The original spell-caster has no magic noose to appear round an oppo-
means of determining whether or not nent's neck. As soon as this occurs, the
the message issafely delivered (eg ifthe affected creature must roll its DEX or
subject is dead or on another plane). less on a d20 to grasp the noose before
The bird travels about 100 miles a day, it tightens. If this succeeds, there is a 5%
tirelessly, until its mission has been chance per point of STR to pull the noose
fulfilled. free. Failureon eithercountwill result in
death from strangulation in two rounds. the warriorturns on the caster, although
PHANTASMAL MIRROR The noose, being enchanted, is free he will be visible and the MU will suffer
(Conjuration) from the effect of blades. no penalties to hit. The warrior dies
by Martin Currie Alternatively, the noose may be cast when the duration of the spell is past.
Usable by: Magic-User soasto bind a limbof lessthan l'diame- The material component for this spell
Level: 4 ter. Used on a weapon arm it can make is a small paper-knife.
Range: 1" an opponent drop their weapon, or it
Duration: 10 rounds could be used on his feet in order to trip MINDMERGE
Area of Effect: Special him up. The saving throw against DEX is (Alteration)
Components: V, S allowed in either case. by Simon Kind
Casting Time: 1 round The material components of this spell Usable by: Magic-User
Saving Throw: None are a short rope and a lock of hair from a Level: 9
Range: Touch
This spell is used to halt and confuse a Duration: 1 turnllevel
charging opponent and so deny them Area of Effect: 2 people touched
the advantages conveyed by impetus Components: V, S, M
and to give the adventurers battle initia- Casting Time: l round
tive. Saving Throw: None
It creates a phantom two-way mirror
10' in front of the magic-user: it will be Mindmerge unites the best factors of
50' long by 20' high if cast outdoors, but two characters and combines their skills
if cast in a dungeon will fill the available temporarily into one extra-powerful per-
space to create a new 'wall'. The oncom- son. The two characters can be any class
ing enemy will thus be confronted by a as long as the two do not conflict (ie
charging image of themselves with the paladin and assassin). In all cases the
object of their attack having suddenly best ability score out of the two people
disappeared. Creatures will be hesitant merged is kept for each ability of the
about walking through the mirror, but merged character. If two characters of
will incur no damage nor meet any resis- the same class are merged then their
tance should they do so. The INT of the level is the sum of the two levels they
victim affects their reaction to the spell. have as separate people, eg 5th level
thief 6th level thief = Il t h level thief.
Intelligence X Chanceof Length of Merged spell casters have the spells of
Level Hesitation Hesitation INVISIBLE WARRIOR each merged person. Hit points are
Animal 95% 1d6 rounds (Conjuration, Summoning) those of the new characters with the
Low 75% I d 6 rounds by Kieran MacDonald highest amount plus a possible bonus
Normal 50% Id4 rounds Usable by: Magic-User from .a new constitution score. Height,
High 20% I d 2 rounds Level: 8 weight etc. of the merged character are
Range: 0 the averages of the two merged
Any creature struck by a weapon, etc, Duration: 1 turnllevel characters.
comes out of its hesitant state Area of Effect: 60' If merged characters are of different
immediately. Components: V, S, M classes then the merged character is a
Casting Time: 2 rounds multi-classed character (even if human)
Saving Throw: None with the same restrictions asapply in the
Players Handbook.
On casting this spell, the magic-user Different races andlor sexes cannot be
calls into existence an invisible warrior merged.
to aid him or her in battle. The warrior There is a 2-5(d4+1 )%chanceeach turn
will always obey the caster, whether or (or round when in combat or under stress)
not the caster is concentrating or not. that the merged characterwill develop a
Thewarrior appears next to thecasterto 'split personality' and have no powersor
start with. abilities until the spell wears off.
Fighting as a sixth level fighter, the The spell may be removed by a dispel
invisible warrior is armed with a huge magic spell. If either of the merged per-
sword (+2 to hit, 2-16 damage) and has sons are against this they are entitled to
6 hit dice and ACO. Those unable to see a saving throw (perhaps with bonuses
invisible creatures suffer the usual -4 for highest wisdom score).
penalty in addition to this. The material components of this spell
Shauld the warrior leavethe 60' radius are powdered diamond and sapphire
ofthe spelI,the caster must make a save mixed together and sprinkled over the
vs spells. If he makes the save, the war- characters to be merged. The cost of the
riordies instantly. If he fails, however, gems must exceed 5000gp each.

same way as in the previous 'open' set

ture covering figures, painting up. The box acts as a diffuser and scat-
and modelling tips b y Joe Dever. tersthe Iightfrom itssource, in thiscase
a simple camera flash. You will need to
invest in an extension lead and (possi-
bly) a hot shoe adaptor, but these are
both relatively inexpensive items. Ask a
friend to hold the flash in position, just
above and to one side, avoiding the
framework of the box for best effect.
Lastly, when calculating the f-stop,
rememberto measure the distance from
the flash to the subject and not from the
camera to the subject. Although this
technique is very basic and simple, you
wiII find that it producesvery fair results.
Have you taken any photographs of
your figures of which you are pleased or
This month Ishall be detailing two basic used as a reflector and positioned particularly proud of? If so, why not let
techniques for photographing minia- approximately 90" to the frontal light us all enjoy them. If you would liketo see
tures. The first will make use of the source, will bounce wasted light back your prized photograph featured on the
equipment listed in last month'sfeature, onto your subject without harshness or Tabletop Heroes photopage, send a col-
and the second is intended for those of creating secondary shadows. our enprint (glossy or lustrefinish but no
you who want to take reasonable photos The simplest way of showcasing your large than 6"x4") to me, Joe Dever, c/o
of your models with the very minimum models is to set them up against a plain White Dwarf Magazine, together with
of equipment and expense. background,such as a sheet of coloured your name and address and some brief
When your camera is positioned to paper. This paper must be large enough details about your subject. If the
within a foot of your subject, you will so that the background edges are not response and the standard of prints sub-
find that the standard 50mm lens will not seen running out behind the figures. mitted is reasonably high, I shall feature
focus down to this distance unaided. When using a landscape photograph as the best in a regular section -the Tabletop
You will need to add an extension tube your background ensure that it is held Heroes Reader's Picture of the Month!
(ortubes)between the lens and the body flat and at 90" to the lens, and that your
until your subject is framed in focus. overhead lamp is not positioned in such This Month's Photographs
When a lens is focused on a point a cer- a way that unwanted glare or 'back- Fig 1 shows the basic set-up for model
tain distance away, there will be a zone ground sheen' is reflected directly into photography as outlined in the first part
in front of and behind this point that also the lens. When arranging your figures of this month's text. The lamps used
appears sharp on the film: this zone is against a scenic background, it is invari- here can be diffused by covering their
called depth of field. Depth of field can ably best to begin with the most domin- shades with greaseproofed paper. As
be controlled because it is affected by ant one (whether it is the strongest due long asthe maximum safe bulbwattage
changes in aperture size: an f-stop of f16 to its size, shape or colour), placing it is not exceeded, there is no risk of over-
or f22 maximises the depth of field. One first into your photographic diorama. heating the diffusers.
general photographic principle is that Other figures and props can be added, In Fig2, we see that heroic young hob-
the greater the distance between lens arranged and rearranged until they are bit Frodo and his pony (Citadel ME13)
and subject the greater the depth of in their most advantageous relationship. relaxing by the banks of the River Brandy-
field; thus shallow depth of field Never hesitateto change your mind and wine. This model was painted by the
becomes a big problem when photo- experiment with different positions, award-winning figure painter, Lindsey le
graphing miniatures at very close dis- both with the figures and the camera. Doux Paton.
tances. However, thesize of your subject During the arranging process it is also Speeding on his way to Barrakeesh
matter is not without its advantages for important to be constantly aware of the with his familiar in tow, we see one of
it enables you to set up on a tabletop juxtaposition of tones and colours, Citadel's latest additions to their C02
indoors and use inexpensive lighting to details and mass, highlights and range of Wizards (Fig 3). The flying car-
good effect. shadows. The fine detail of chainmail, pet comes complete with a clear plast~c
Lighting the subject with one single for example, may be lost or at best con stand, and there is also a standing ver-
light source wiII result in heavy shadows fused if placed in front of a landscape sion ofthe wizard for use when the flight
.with little detail and a second light with a detailed texture of its own. is over.
source must be introduced to fill-in this Having set up your subject, you can Fig4features another of Citadel'snew
shadow. Lighting must be directed so now return your attention to the camera wizards, this one having been prepared,
that it accentuates the best aspects of once more. A light reading should now painted and based by Bill Sprint. A wide
your model. the set-up illustrated in Fig I be taken through the lens, and because range of wooden bases of all shapes and
shows the effective use of two angle- your lens aperture is at its smallest a sizes are available by mail order from
poise lamps with one set at approxi- very slow shutter speed will result. The Eagle Studios, 4 Moorland Road, Box-
mately 45" to the subject, and the other first problem you now face is that when moor, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Prices
directly above. The front lamp is being the shutter release button is pressed; start at around 70p and engraved
used to fill-in d e w shadow cast by the camera shake will most likely occur and nameplates can also be supplied to
overhead lamp, which, in its turn, is blurthe photograph. To avoid this, use a order.
accentuating the painted highlights of cable release to activate the shutter; if ...
' and it says here, whatever you do
the figures. ypur camera has a mirror lock feature, don't look into its eyes!' In Fig 5, we see
You will find thatthe lamps need to be be sure to lock the mirror up before tak- an intrepid bunch of Citadeladventurers
positioned relatively closeto your sub- ing a picture to prevent additional petrified by the sight of a C22 Basilisk.
ject. This often causes annoying reflec- vibration while the photograph is being The stony cleric with a mace is a com-
tions, but this problem can be overcome taken. panion of the crusading cleric featured
by diffusing the lightthrough a screen of For those of you who wish to try your in Fig 7. Both are new additions to the
greaseproofed paper positioned in frant hand at model photography but are C03range, and were painted and photo-
of the lamps. Diffused lighting is recom- limited by a tight budget, I would recom- graphed by Phil Lewis.
mended for model photography because mend the following cheap and simple Fig 6features a terrible trio of Citadel
it eliminates the 'shadow-line' that set up. It consists of a lightweight frame C28 Giants. A wide selection of assorted
is often cast across scentc backgrounds made from dowel or split bamboo sticks heads and weapons are available that
or backing papers, which can make overwhich is stretched and taped a 'tent' enable you to customize each model to
model photographs look very artificial. of greaseproof paper. A hole is cut in the your own design. The towering delin-
Additional fill-in lighting can be pro- front large enough to accommodate quents shown here in pursuit of an
vided by making use of light that is your choice. Coloured papers can be unwary peasant, were customized,
wasted. A piece of white card (A4 size) used asa backing to the frame, much the based and painted by Andy Faulkner.


STARTER PACK ............ n.95(inc p&p)

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FBFighterinChainmail Naga ....................
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building to an entire fantasy world, a lone i, Supplements 1-10, Journals 6-21, Best o f London. Gamers (16+) wanted forAD&D in
starshipto avastspacestation. For full details urnal 1. Hiah Passaae 3. NSS Shio Files. Woodford area of London. Michael Poulain,
write InoSAE required)to: Ralph Harrington, The land of Maign is expanding! COI,W~,. 61 PulteneyRd, South Woodford, London E l 8
15 Epsom Court, Coley Avenue, Reading, tribefromachoiceofover20 intheongoing Azhanti High Lightning, 52 figures. Wo?h 1PR. B 101) 989 7951.
Berks RG1 6LW. battle for supreme rule. If you have a thirst over €170, offers around f80.Will cons~der
for power join Dra on Strike - the fantasy rare RO or Gloranthan stuff in part exchange. Help! Will anyone swap my RQ and Cults of
For Sale. White Dwarfs 11, 13-19,21,23-29, ~ ~ ~ g a ~orfurtferdetails,sendan
m b . SAE % (01) 540 1985 and askfor Jon. Praxfor CoC? C?3 07935 33010.
31-33,66 at 85p each. Imagine 1-19,22 at to: Scott Jones, 64 Hoole Lane, Chester,
E1.05 each. All in excellent condition. Free Fwum P a i d with every 10 unboxed Helpl Twofsirly experienced,fanatically keen
Thomas Bancroft. t(0276) 64059. Weekdays figures that are ordered from Armabb Paint- players seek D&Dclub in Burton.Lichfield
after 5pm. G a m r Event. September 21st. Tyler Hill ing Company, tLetchworth 76823. area. Adrian Hailwood, t Burton-on-Trent
(near Canterbury). 10.00am to 6.00pm. Par- 790188.
Sanio,The h wPBM. This game has now ticipation RPGs and demonstrations. Entry BBC MiaoIEkctron Ownm:Monster and
been running successfully for over seven €1.00. Jane, 8 (0227)471252. character oenerators for AD&D. RO 12 & 31. Helpl D&D, T& T, FF player desperate for
months and IS busy tryin to find new v&v-ind %vklie, ktereskd?SAE or phone some action. Will learn other RPGs. Contact:
.members to do battle wit1 its hundred or so For Sale. 109 Citadel fighters, chaos knights, for details. Anna Prince, 81 George Tilbury Simon, 81 Stubbins Lane, Ramsbottom, Via
creatures. It has a full continental map and paladins, including few dwarfs and elves. House, Chadwell-St-Mary. RM16 4TF. S Til- Bury, Lancs BLO OPR.
lots of towns, ruins and encounter areas. If Also 21 mounted knights includin some bury 4881 (evenings).
vou sav that vou first saw this ad in White Essex medieval. t(0272) 317517aafter Wanted.
..-....-. ADO
- - Vol 1. 14. Vo12.1. and Daaon
harf.'vou w'ill receive the rulebook. set-uo 5.30pm). Foot - 20p, mounted - 30p. Haggle For S.k. White Dwarf 1,7, 14-60. t (0223) 1-5.Also swap ~ a n ' ~ b u s t eand
r s Travellir
and flrsitwo returns free Apply to for total lot. 65970. box sets for CoCscenarios. Gaz, 93 Beaumont
Lorewarden Games, 23 Breckhlll Road, Road. Loughborough. Leiw.
Woodthorpe, Nonlngham I am also looklng For S.k. Citadeldwarf army. Over 180
for wrlters for a new PBMIRPG zlne figures, all in regiments. Make very powerful HELP1 Helpl RPGer needs PBMto playinl Put me out
Warhammer army. All expertly painted. of my misery. Send info to: Craig Lemon, 78
C..tk PIam For S.k. Excellent detail; send Quick sale € 120 ono. t 10234161937 Clubs. contacts and events can be advertised Mountbatten Road, Braintree, Essex CM7
E l and a large SAE to: Sean Cleworth, o G a t n o charge u p t o a maximum of 25 6TP.
,Marland House, Cornwall, England EX23 For S.*.TraveNer De-LuxeEdition, also supple words. Further msertlons at the rate of 15p
9EL. ments, adventures, etc. tBolton (02041 per word lincl VA TI. Desperately Wantd WD22, will pay any
50379 (after 7pm). reasonable prlce. Pleae contact: Hugh Glb-
Fantasy Figum Painting. All figures painted Drenedon.Orcbreath, be advised not to travel son, 283 Down Road. Portishead, Bristol Bs20
by shopdisplay figure painter. tBromsgrove StarTrdt RPG. Unopened. f8 + P+P.Tristan, aloneafterdark. But if you'reso eagertodieit 8HZ. B (0272)848013.
(0527) 77324. Zt (0803)865381. can be arranged. Taymon.
I KJC Games, Britain. leading Play By Mail company, introduces to you our new Play By Mail
game of Xenophobia, Conquest, and Space Warfare called ...
//I I

I /
CAPITOL Features -
- A strategic space warfare game, completely computer moderated. 1 6 r bD r T n , tsn+ hr
ayers per game.

- r ~ a y r r sU + ~ ~ I ~uIl Ir l r own race's characteristics and description.
- Design your own starships and build them at your star bases.
- Expand your empire and conquer other races.
standard against which
warfare games are comparea
- With each rulebook you jace
iet of
- An 'advanced stage' of the game introduces new technologies of overlays to use in map lame
stargates and improved ship movement capabilities. and moving ships.
- CAPITOL'S simplified order formats are easy to remember. No coding - Mapping CAPITOL is extremely
your orders onto computer cards or other gimmicks. interesting, using the computer
- CAPITOL has an easy to understand rulebook, complete with printed maps you receive with your

- numerous examples.
CAPITOL was subjected to the largest playtest of ANY commerctal
PBM game. Over 100 players played over 1500 turns of CAPITOL prior
turn results.
No due dates.CAPITOL allows you

- Runs on an IBM PI
s nas Deen running Play By Mail games tor aDour 5 years now ana our
for giving good, exciting games and a first class service is second to
term of professional Gamesmasters will usually reply to your turn with
Barbarian warrior

N o w The Borborianspresentsthem at their finest. Action

packed descriptions of the great battles, details of weapons,
wars and ways, histories and legends of Attila, Alaric and the
Vikings pack this full-blooded book. But it is the excitement
of the superb action paintings of barbarian battles and scenes
that will rivet your attention and stretch your imagination.
There are 160 pages with 16 thrilling full colour paintings as
well as 70 other illustrations for f 10.95.
Blandford Press
Available from all booksellersor direct from Mallard Book
Services for f I 1.95 includingpost and packing. Write o r ring


ng systelms with a full supporting cast of scenarios

c-up mat

We stock almost every conf ardgame currently available in the UK.

Our 2nd hand gam :ion offers out of print games.
C . . . .
We offer an extensive choice or nistoricd and fantasy figures by:


SKYTREX 11300 MC ROS an1d HEROICS 1/300.figures.

All this with a full logistic support of acrylic and enamel paints, 50 plus different rules sets,
25 plus different magazine titles, dice, Gallia buildings, Prince August cast your own,
Integral Terrain, Torchlight, Dungeons and ..............

Bayswater Road, Notting Hill Gate, London W2.

Telephcme: 01-727 9275
3pen 11.00-5.30. Late Night Thu
Saturc Closed S
30p minimum, 10% over f3.00, post free over
MINIATURES unless stated. Overseas 60% air mail, 15% NOW FROM HEROES
7, Waverley P l a c e surf ace. TWO MORE FIGURE RANGES
W o r k s o p , Notts.
Tel: (0909) 476128 FOR YOUR RPGs
NEW. The mercenary (A6) is now availble
THE NIGHTMARE WORLD OF riding our war Mammoth. Code AM1
FIGURES. 45p each unless stated. GH29 Tenticled Terror. £3.00
GH30 The Transformation. 50p THE NINJA
GHI Adventurer with holster GH31 Scientist 25mm Figures 45p each
GH2 Adventurer in hat & lea e t GH32 Female Adv., in Coat
GH3 Adventurer in suit GH33 Female Adv., in Evening Dress
GH4 Professor GH34 Priest NJ1 Ninja Attacking sword/dagger
GH5 Female Adventurer GH35 Male Adv., in Jumper NJ2 Ninja Attacking Two Swords
GHG Henchman GH36 Female Adv., in Long Dress NJ3 Ninja Attacking short swordldagger
GH7 German stormtrooper GH37 Man Made Monster. 50p NJ4 Ninja Defending sword
GH8 Animated Corpse GH38 Masked Henchman Firing Pistol NJ5 Ninja Stabbing swordldagger
GH9 Cloaked Figure GH39 Masked Henchman with Rifle
GHIO Nude Female GH40 Heroic Aviator All weapons cast on figures
GHll Masked Martial Arts Warrlor GH41 Evil Master
GH13 Vampire GH43 High Priest 25mm Figures 45p each
GH14 Female Vampire GH44 Female Follower Dancing
GH15 Wolfman GH45 Follower
GH16 Werewolf GH46 Sacrificial Slab SH1 Hero loose hair
GH47 Victim SH2 Female loose hair
GH48 Alien Take-over SH3 Armoured Hero
GH19 Deamon GH49 Female Alien Vampire SH4 Masked Hero
GH50 The Ultimate Horror. £4.00 SH5 Mighty Hero
GH21 Insection. 60 SH6 Hero one-piece costume
GH22 Skylord. 90p SH7 Female Cloak
GH23 Sea Devil. 70p SH8 Male Cloak
GH24 Snake Lord. 80p
GH25 Lizard Lord (Wlsword) £ 3.00
GH26 Amorphic Horror. 70p
GH27 Snake man (Wispear) 60p



TOWER HAMLETS INDOOR MARKET Simple to build, detailed
structure to use in model
DOVER, KENT. 20 ST. PETERS STREET setting or game playing
TEL: 0304-203372 CANTERBU RY scenario. Base area incl.
Mon-Fri: 9-5.30 TEL: 0227-68844 entranceway 12fx 5 $ t ~ e m ~ l e
Sat: 9-5 Mon-Fri: 10-5 5fiigh.Features removable
oof 6 Goddess statue.EZ9.95
Sat: 9.30-5.30

countries add 50%. Access/Visa.

Catalogue £1.20 UK,£1.50 Europe,
Stockists o f most Roleplaying, Wargame, £1.80 others. Send to:-
Fantasy and Sci-Fi Games.
Also Fantasy and Sci-Fi posters in stock.

V&&&an 88 Abbey Street,

&,wwj /u./ p J
Tel: (0254) 37160

Fantasy Figures by
Citadel & Essex
Wargaming Figures by
Essex, Minifigs, Pax Britannica
Models by
Clydecast, Sovereign, Almond, Tomka (Men of War)
Mil-Art, Barton, Tradition, Post Militaire
Books by
Osprey, WRS, Funken
Paints, Brushes ect by
Humbrol, Rose, Gallia & Hovels
b 4
4 b

Dwarf Army 60 figures

f12.95 NEW
Gnome Army 60 figures ............f12.95 KNIGHTS OF EVIL RAIDING PARTY
Goblin Army 60 figures .............f14.95 CONTAINS

Great Scaley Orc Army .............f27.95 MOUNTED BARON

ONLY f10.95

MONSTER PACK .................. £3.45

ADVENTURER PACK ..............f3.45

TELEPHONE SALES: 0268 682309


L ,r


CLEVELAND. Tel: (0642) 247553
Mail Order accepted
Open Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm

yohq 6% Julie
201 Milton Road (opposite Renault Garage), Southsea,
Hampshire. Tel: 0705 755459

We stock:-


Early Closing WEDNESDAY Ipm
Discounts on Group Purchases.
Send address and 17p stamp for information pack to:
Roger Waring R.W. Graphics 31 Ballynahinch Road,
Carryduff, Belfast B T 8EN
~ N. Ireland
Cheques/PO's payable t o Orion. Prices inc. P&P for UK & BFPO Germany. 11Conifer Gdns., V i g e Rd, Middx., EN1 2EU.
BLISTER PACKS Panzerkrieg......
25mm Figures - 32.25 per pack ........
Basic S e t . £9.95 Air War
Expert S e t .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
$9.95 Numbers m brackets shows Struggle of Nations. .
Mail Order Only.
Companion Set

Dungeon Masters Guide . £1 1.95

hiuantity per pack
Afientures (i)
102 E emales (3)
103 Frost Giant (1)
104 Clerics ( 3 )
Samurai Blades
War at Sea
. . . . . . ...
Power & Resolution
Storm Over Arnhem
Plavcrs Handbook ....
Battlecars ..........$7.95 ~ohst'er~anual . . . . . E10.95 105 Were Creatures ( 3 Victor o n the Pacific
Battlebikes .........
E4.95 Monster Manual I1 . . . . $10.95
106 Skeleton Cavalry 13) Third f;eich
Gamma World
Fiend Folio . . . . . .. .. .. £10.95
Deities & Demigods $10.95
108 Goblins
109 Orcs (3)
107 Halflings 4) 1809
Vietnam ........
Judge Dredd ........
E7.95 Legends & Lore . . . . . . E10.95 1 10 Dwarves (4) BOOKS '
Star Trek ..........29.95 Fantasy Wargaming
Ringworld .........229.95 ADVANCED D&D MODUI . . . . . . . $7.95
. . . .. ..
B. Gallowav
Rin world Companion $10.95 .. L1 Secret of Bone Hill Badges &Jnsi'nia of
~ l p g ra awn .........
29.95 L2 Assassins Knot the Thud f e i c h (208pp
Knighthawks ........
$9.95 C1 Hidden Shrine of
...... 6 4 colour plates) . . . $10.95
. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Indiana Jones £9.95 Tamoachan Astrolo & 2he
Talisman. $8.95 C2 Ghost Tower of
........ ~hirfkeich . . . . . . . E5.95
Bug-Eyed Monsters. 212.95 ... Inverness The Knights . . . . . . . . . $6.95
James Bond 007 I1 Dwellers of the
.... The Invaders . . . . . . . . E6.95
Boxed Set .......
Warhammer (revised rules) $9.95
Forbidden City.
I2 Tomb of the Lizard King
Hollow Earth
Runes & Magical
. . . . . . . . $4.50
Bushido ...........$7.95 I3 Pharoah ......... Alphabets . . . . . . . . $3.95
Traveller Starter Set
Traveller Book (Vol 1)
. .. .. . I4 Oasis of the White Palm
I5 Lost Tomb of Martck . Vampire in Europe (Illus.) $6.95
Subterranean Kingdoms
I6 Ravenloft ........ (Illus.) . . . . . . . . . . $4.95
UKl Be ond the
tile Kystal cave .... Lost Atlantis . . . . . . . . $3.45
Call of Cthulhu UK3 Thc Gauntlet. . . .. .. Fire Movement
Boxed Set . . . . . . . . $9.95 UK4 Whrn a Star Falls
. Issues 10 20,21,22,23 each $1.50
Cthulhu Companion . . . . $8.95 UK5 E e of the Serpent
... 202 Hoodlums' The Dra )on
Horrible Secret of UK6 A< That Glitters 203 Adventurers Issues 8f.88.89 each ....$2.00
Monhegan Island . . . . $4.95 U1 Sinistrr Secret of
. . . . . .. .. 204 Master Criminals
Yog-Sothoth . . . . . . . $10.95 Saltmarsh E4.95 205 Investieators Issue 32 Lutzen) . . . . . . $4.95
Death inDunwich
The Asylum
. . . . . $7.95
. . . . . . . . $10.95
U2 Dan er at Dunwatcr
113, 'I'he%"inal Enemy ... .E4.95
206 cops -
207 Ghost and Horrible

Issue 3 3 [Holy Roman

Emuire) . . . . . . . . . . E6.95
Glozcl est Authentique . . E7.95 WL5 Mordrnkanens
. . . . . ._. Companions Strate- & Tactics
Fungi from Yuggoth
Whispers from the
. . . 610.95 _ Advvnturc.
EX1 Duneonland .....
208 Undead
209 Ghouls
Issue 87 (Trail of thc Fox) $3.50
The Grenadier
Abyss . . . . . . . . . .. E10.95
Curse of the Cthonians $10.95
EX2 Land Beyond
' the Magic Mirror ...
210 Mi-God and the Serpentmen
21 1 Sand Dwellers
Issue 22 ........... $2.00
Pursuit of Kadath .. .. .. .. . $9.95 MV1 Midnight in
Dagger Alley...... E4.95
212 Deep Ones OTHER ITEMS
Trail of Tsathagoa $10.95 Golden Dawn Tarot
CB 1 Conan Unchained .. E4.95 WARGAMES Rider Waite Tarot .....
OTHER GAMES CB2 Conan Against Ambush . . . . . . . . . . $24.95 Tarot of the Witches ....
Worlds of Boris Vallcjo . Darkness ........ £4.95 Battle Over Britain . . . . E24.95 I Ching Cards ........
Mandala .......... Normandy Campaign . . $14.95 Dungeon Accessory Pack 1
Civilization ........ ROLE AIDS AD&D SCENARIOS Civil War. . . . . . . . . . $20.95 Dungeon Accessor Pack 2
Source of the Nile.... Final Challenee . . . . . . . E5.95 Dluid . . . . . . . . . . . $16.95 Poly Set ( 6 cols) d r k e d .
.. .. ..
World Class Football Throne of E d ..... Cold War . . . . . . . . . E24.95 Soviet Red Army
Escape from Cold~tz Shipwrecker ....... Panzer Command. . . . . $20.95
. . . . . . . . . . . 216.95 Ca Star Badge .....
Gunslinger ......... Dragons of Wen T Seng NATO
. . . . . . E24.95 SS officer's Rune Ripg
Samurai .......... Clockwork Mage .... Pax Britannica
. . . . . . $12.95 (Black enamel & sllver
Machiavelli ........ AD&D Play Aid World Battle Stations
. . . . . . . $15.95 colour) ..........
Tunta ............ of Grevhawk ..... Cazala.1942. SAS Metal Stickuin....

A -
Come to Esdekium Games and see the best
display of games in the OF CHESTER
0 p k 6 &w r weak (closedall
Fatest talaphon mail ordo; service. THE LAND OF FANTASY
Some of our special lines .......
RAGNAROK ENTERPRISES. As their UK agents we now stock all
their products ....The new RPG system, justly praised for emphasis
on role-playing development and realistic world design. For more
ex erienced garners .... Dungeons & Dragons, RuneQuest and
Y ~ G A R T HRULE SYSTEM: Set of 6 books: Fantasv character. most RPGs plus aids and supplements
Battlecraft, Arts Arcane, Holy Orders, Fantasy World, Last Song of
Hergest (Adv.): . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C10.95 Avalon Hill-Citadel-Grenadier
SUPPLEMENTS: Wine of the Moon, Creatures Fair & Fell, Expand-
ing Worlds The Ancient Powers . . . . £2.50 each or £8.95 the set.
Prince August-Paints and magazines.
YRS RECORD SHEETS: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9511
MINI-SYSTEMS: Ideal for an FRP system.
1 : WERES: 990 2: ~ h a r a c t e r h .~ . . . .El50 Mail Order accepted
HAGNAROK have produced three's&~es'df aaventures/scenar~os Upper Level, 16 mercia Square,
suitable for YRS or D&D. All self-contained at budget prices. off Frodsham Street, Chester.
YSGARTH ADVENTURES: on the low-entropy world of Ysgarth
4: Cynfein & 5: Ptloemeias
JAHANNAMMfYRDWORLD: Set in a medium entropy world
parallel in background to the Middle-East of the Middle Ages
each f1.70
n Tel: Chester 28802 -
1 tog. ............................. eachf1.70
UTTGART: Set on this high entro y world 3 titles . . . each £1.70
ABYSS: i s one of the leading s r n a l r ~ zines.
Issues 15-28 . each £1.20/29-30 . . . . . . . each £1.70
EIGHT ADVENTURES FROM THE ABYSS. . . . . . . . . £2.95
TO CHALLENGE TOMORROW. Multi ~ackground,simple, SFIHls-
Quest Books
torical RPG . . . . . . . . £6.95
TRIAD (ex 1) . oN N ~ G
~ ? ~ : ~ ~ : L o . N DBY i ~. . £5.95
(e&I -2) Specialists in Fantasy Fiction, British Folklore
THE DRACPON TREE (inc. Arthurian Legend, Celtic Myths, Wizards, Witches,
Esoeciallv for all DMs who want to make their adventures interestina - Dragons & Fairies), Ancient Monuments and Ruins
and inteliigent.
HANDBOOK OF TRAPS & TRICKS: Over 100 ready-to-play tra s (inc. Castles,.Churches & Abbeys), and Earth Mysteries
&tricks of a wide variety and type of complexity . . . . . . . £7.f5
DRAGON TREE SPELL BOOK: Some 225 spells, zero to 10th (inc. Ley Lines, Dowsing & Ghosts).
levels wide in range and use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £5.95 For free book list send SAE to:
BOOK OF ARTIFACTS: 200+ treasurelartifacts with users. use.
misuse, prices powers and occurence ...
; . . . . . . . . . . .h.95
MONSTER FILE Vol 1: Let your players see the best £4.95 .... QUEST BOOKS (WD)
scenarios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . each £5.95
- --

I These are just some of our games. Our ESDEVIUM GAMES IW81 KT16 8DG
catalogue contains details of virtually a l l 185 Victoria Road. Aldenhot,
games awilable in the UK. Send 20 in Hantr G u l l 1JU
stamps & 180 SAE (owsear 4 I R c P ~ O ~a Tel: Aldershot 31 1443
copy (free with orden over El.
Teleohone Order with Aceerr/Vira
(Shop Hours)
Farnham 722269 (other timer1
I in f sterling pleave. No postage on many games for
regular customen.
Come and see our vast range o f ROLE PLAY



147 Kings Road, Brentwood, Essex.

Open MON-SAT 9.00am-6.30pm
Telephone: 0277 227043


Games Centre

OPEN 9.30am-5.30pm
Entrance from Smith Street 21 HALES STREET,
\or Public car park at rear. COVENTRY

100 Queensmere
Slough, Berks.
Tel: SLOUGH 30678
Open Mon-Sat 9.00-5.30
Large selection of D&D, RuneQuest,
Tunnels & Trolls, Traveller, Citadel
Miniatures, Boxed Fantasy &
Science Fiction Games

Stockists of Stock~stsof
Most RPGs and Supplements Most RPGs and Supplements
* Wargames * Fantasy Games
* Science Fiction Games * --
* Wargames * Fantasy Games
ience Fiction Games *


Tabletop 15mm SF & Fantasy - . Tor chlight Fantasy & SF
.. .
Davco Microtanks, Ships, Planes Paints * Dice * Brushes * Magazines
Platoon 20 * Gallia Buildings
Torchlight Fantasy & SF Chess * Backgammon * Mah Jong
Rulebooks * Integral Terrain anda selection o f other traditional
Paints * Dice * Brushes * Magazines and Family Games

818 London Road, Leigh-on Sea

Tel: Southend 73308 Southend 615988
Mon-Sat 9.30-5.30
W O ~ ~311~1a
J do UOHS mv3
(10031 1 V MlOBd MON 370V11VAV
.,., , I
All you need is a
Marshal's baton.. ..

, 'a

1 C ' --

. . I .and the armies are

yours to command!

The ADVANCEDDUNGEONS & Available NOW from better games shops or, in case of
DRAGON= BATTLESYSTEMTM difficulty, write to:
Fantasy Combat Supplement Is a TSR UK Ltd,
mass combat game, fully corn- The Mill,
patible with both A D & W and Rathmore Road,
D m *rules. CAMBRIDGE CB14AD en-- -w-

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