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GUYANA NATIONAL GRADE SIX ASSESSMENT ANSWER BOOKLET GUYANA NATIONAL GRADE SIX ASSESSMENT ANSWER BOOKLET FILL IN ALL THE INFORMATION THAT IS REQUIRED CLEARLY AND LEGIBLY IN CAPITAL LETTERS. TESTCODE |0 | 9/6 |4|/3]0/2]0 TESTCODE]0}9|/6]4/3/0]2/0 SUBJECT _SOCIAL STUDIES — Paper 02 SUBJECT _ SOCIAL STUDIES ~ Paper 02 WRITE YOUR CANDIDATE NUMBER HERE. WRITE YOUR CANDIDATE NUMBER HERE. For CXC" Use only WRITE THE NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL BELOW. Question Econ Number [x | ¢ | A Total | initials 1 2 WRITE YOUR FULL NAME BELOW. Total DATE OF BIRTH Day Month Year MALE SEX FEMALE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE. FOLDER NUMBER DO NOT WRITE IN THIS SPACE. FOLDER NUMBER Test cope 09643020 FORM TP 2018341 GUYANA MINISTRY OF EDUCATION NATIONAL GRADE SIX ASSESSMENT SOCIAL STUDIES PAPER 02 29 MARCH 2018 (p.m.) Reading Time: 10 minutes Writing Time: 45 minutes Read these instructions carefully before you attempt to answer the questions. 1. Write your candidate number clearly on each page. 2. This paper has six questions. You are required to answer Question 1 and three others. Each question is worth 5 marks. Note: You must answer only four questions. Be sure to answer all parts of the four questions fully. 3. Write on the lines provided in this booklet. Use a pencil and write neatly and legibly. 4. If you have to erase an answer, do so completely and write your new answer clearly. 5. _ If you complete your work before the scheduled time, spend the remaining time looking over your work. 6. Do not take away any part of this booklet. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. 09643020/NGSA 2018 Candidate number: ... Instruction: Question 1 is COMPULSORY. You MUST answer i Question 1 Study the picture below which shows a young gi! helping her grandmother and then answer the questions that follow. (a) State one quality the young girl in the picture is showing. (1 mark) GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 09643020/NGSA 2018