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Manual for Railway Engineering

Volume 1


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Roadway and Ballast

(Chapters 3 and 10 were combined in 2000 to form Chapter 30)

Chapter 4 Rail

Chapter 5 Track

Chapter 30 Ties

General Subject Index

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The AREMA Manual for Railway Engineering contains principles, data, specifications, plans and economics
pertaining to the engineering, design and construction of the fixed plant of railways (except signals and
communications), and allied services and facilities. This material is developed by AREMA technical committees,
is published on the AREMA web site for comments and then is approved for publication in the Manual by the
Association’s Board of Directors.

Designated as Recommended Practice1, the contents of the Manual are published as a guide to railways in
establishing their individual policies and practices relative to the subjects, activities and facilities covered in the
Manual, with the aim of assisting them to engineer and construct a railway plant which will have inherent
qualities of safe and economical operation as well as low maintenance cost.

The AREMA Manual is not a maintenance manual per se since the development of standards or criteria for the
maintenance of railway roadway, track and structures has always been considered to be the prerogative of the
individual railways based on the nature and characteristics of their plant and operations and the specific
characteristics of the geographical region or regions through which they operate.

The above statements also apply to the AREMA Portfolio of Trackwork Plans, which is a companion volume to
the AREMA Manual. The plans in the Portfolio relate to the design, details, materials and workmanship for
frogs, switches, crossings and other special trackwork and are prepared and maintained by Committee 5 –
Track, in addition to its Manual Chapter.

RECOMMENDED PRACTICE – A material, device, design, plan, specification, principle or practice recommended to the railways for use
as required, either exactly as presented or with such modifications as may be necessary or desirable to meet the needs of individual
railways, but in either event, with a view to promoting efficiency and economy in the location, construction, operation or maintenance of
railways. It is not intended to imply that other practices may not be equally acceptable.

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