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Terminal markings - 9 lead delta

Step L, L, l) Tie Togethet' Step L, L, L, Tie :r ogether .

, T, T .•T2 T, T.•T8 I TSTg I T&l,

2 TI Tf! T .•T2 TgT) T.•T, I Tsle 1 T61,

Fig. 3-120a. Two methods of connecting a nine-lead delta part-winding motor.

Fig. 3-IISb. A four-pole concentric winding that is consequent pole. This winding
also has six coil groups, like the two-pole winding.

(a) Terminal markings 9 lead star (b)

Step L, L2 L3
Step L, L2 L3 Tie Together Ts Tg r.,
1 T, T7 T'2 T2 T4 TlO
1 T, T2 T3 T.TsTs
2 T, T7 T'2 Ts T2T4TlOTa Ts Tg Tll T3
2 T,T7 T2Ta T3T9 T.TsTs

Connector Table Fig. 3-120b. A l2-lead, delta motor connection for a'A part-winding start. The out-
side arrows indicate the windings energized in the first step, and the inside arrows are the
Fig. 3-119a andb. Nine-lead wye connected part-winding motor. This connection can windings energized on the second step.
be used on any nine-lead dual-voltage motor.

Figures 3-120a; 3-120b

J;'ianrpl;: 'l_ll~h: 3-119