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Action Plan In Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao

KRA ISSUES CONCERN Objectives Strategies and PERSONS Time BUDGET Expected
Activities INVOLVED Frame Output
A. Learners SPG Promote leadership to the SPG involvement in teachers Feb-March LGU’s Group involvement
Development young mind leaders. Brigada Bayanihan Pupils 2019 MOOE were done prop
Implement the Principal
School Rules and
Regulation The training was
Encourage the children to Strictly implemented Pupils Whole year conducted
follow the good rule in their Teachers round accordingly.
Conducting School discipline and safety principal
Leadership on Teachers I pupils
Behavioral Training Develop potential leaders initiative Teachers LGU’s
SPG officers September PTA
B.Teachers Attending Seminars To upgrade learnings and Teachers Involvement for Oct. 2018 Individual Permitted and
Development in Edukasyon sa professionals growth the good implementation. Teachers Inset Expense Complied

To uplift and update to the Teachers are needed to Individual Teachers Attended
new trends of learning upgrade in learnings. Expense Seminars

C.Curriculum Enhancing the Enhance the curriculum Monitor and upgrade the Teachers MOOE The curriculum guide
Development curriculum Guide in Guide used in K to 12 and curriculum in Edukasyon Whole year Individual was be made
K to 12 and BEC BEC task card sa Pagpapakatao round Expense specific and
D.Physical Classroom Conducive to learning aside Upgrade the learning of Teachers ICT June- MOOE Well Equipped on the
Facilities Instructuring the child through using coordinator pupils March Stakeholders new trend materials .
multimedia facilities with
Using Multimedia Use/implement the new values integration. Teachers
Projector and other trend materials in teaching
New Trends learning process approach Interation of core values
. Materials in different learning
. areas. . .
. .

. .


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