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Diplomatic League Global Summit 2019

Embassy, Mission and Consulate Booth Guidelines

1. The Diplomatic Ball and Fair will take place at the Bulwagang Apolinario Mabini,
Department of Foreign Affairs, on 31 May 2019, from 1700H to 2100H.
2. The organizers will provide a booth area of 6 feet by 4 feet, which will include one IBM
table (6 feet long) and three (3) chairs.
3. Participating Missions are requested to provide their own booth decorations, such as table
covers, a backdrop, and others. Backdrops may not be mounted on the wall using nails,
screws, or thumb tacks.
4. Missions will need to bring their own electrical extension wires if needed.
5. Pyrotechnic materials are not allowed in any of the booths.
6. The organizers will assign the location of the embassy booths in alphabetical order,
counter clockwise with the main stage as the reference point.
7. Participating Mssions are particulary encouraged to share information materials on
scholarship opportunities offered by their respective governments, as these will be of
great interest to the student participants.
8. Embassy personnel who are assigned to man the embassy booths may come in semi-
formal attire or their country’s traditional attire.
9. Participating embassies must furnish the organizers a list of personnel who will man their
respective booths, and the equipment and materials to be brought in, no later than Friday,
17 May 2019. The list may be submitted to Mr. John Paul Mondejar through
10. Ingress will take place from 1500H – 1645H and egress will be at 2115H – onwards, both
through the Department of Foreign Affairs Gate 02.
11. Participating embassies are requested to confirm their participation no later than Friday,
17 May 2019 through Mr. John Paul Mondejar at johnpaul.mondejar@protonmail.ch .

Your interest and support is greatly appreciated.

Maraming Salamat po!