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182019 ‘Agents Classified by the IARC Monographs, Volumes 1-123 —IARG Intemational Agency for Research on Cancer |ARC Monographs onthe denicaon of ‘World Health Carcinogenic Hazards to Humans os eal (Vindex.php) (http://www. ierc.fr/) You are here: Home (https://monegraphs.iarcfr)/ Classifications (https://monographs iar.tr/agents-classified- by-the-lare/) / List of Classifications (https://monographs. arc tr/agents-clasified-by-the-iarc/) / Volumes 1~123 CLASSIFICATIONS AGENTS CLASSIFIED BY THE IARC MONOGRAPHS, (HTTPS://MONOGRAPHS.IARC¥RIAGMES 1-123 CLASSIFIED-BY-THE- 12 rake) Gop Corcapen to hanes xe List of Classifiations Group 2A Probably carcinogenic to humans 82 (https://monographs.iarc. frfagentee oe ” 9s classified-by-the-iarc/) 2B P Possibly carcinogenic to humans 311 Volumes 1-123 Not classifable as to its carcinogenicity to (https://monographs.iercfr/agdQUP 3 pumone 500 Classiied-by-the- tered) For definiti of the I the Pr bk or definitions of these groups, please see the Preamble Alphabetical oder Gen ator (https://monographs.iarc.fr/preamble-to-the-iarc-monographs/). content/uploads/2018/07/Classiftdstimengpa®coamperided to consult the complete Monographs CASw Registry ‘on these agents, the publication date, and the list of studies Number order (wp- considered. Significant new information might support a content/uploads/2018/07/ClassfiEsiénbeese eat sar) For agents that have not been classified, no determination of Cancer site (/wp- content/uploads/2018/07/TableSQRAR MOgenICY OF overall safety should be inferred. © List of -—lassifications, Volumes. 1-123 (/ENG/Classification/latest_classif.php) (embedded spreadsheet) © List of classifications by cancer site (/wp- content/uploads/2018/07/Table4.pdf) (POF file) © French version (http://www.cancer-environnement.ft/325- Clessifications-par-localisations-cancereuses.ce.aspx) of the List of classifications by cancer site, as hosted by Centre Léon Bérard See Preventable Exposures Associated With Human Cancers (/ENG/Classification/Cogliano_2011_INCI_Preventable_Exposures.pdf) (Cogliano et a/., 2011) Although care was taken in preparing these lists, mistakes may be present. If you find an error, please notify us at imo@iarc.fr (mailto:imo@iare fr) Last update: 25 March 2019 hitps:monographs iar agents classifid-by-tnedarc! 42 182019 ‘Agents Classified by the IARC Monographs, Volumes 1-123 —IARG IARC, 150 Cours Albert Thomas, 69372 Lyon CEDEX 08, France - Tel: +33 (0)4 72 73 84 85 Privacy Policy (//wnwciare.trfen/privacy.php) © IARC 2018 - All Rights Reserved. (//www. are f/en/copyright. php) hitpssimenographs jae. sgonts- classi by-thedare! 22.