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Colchicum autumnale Meadow Saffron Malarial Lily

Colchicum autumnale
Meadow Saffron
Lily family, Malarial Miasm
“No other pains is more severe than this,
not iron screws, nor cords, not the wound of
a dagger, not burning fire”
(this really intense pain)

Rheum, Arthritis
Nausea, Diarrhea
Worse Autumn

Lily family (holding in, letting out )

Think cold chicken
Standing their crossing legs, distention,
gas, diarrhea

Something becomes encapsulated
Anything that is external – is pulled in and can’t release it
Extremely sensitive to ….
As tho comes in – light sound, odor and they can’t release them or let them out
I can’t love to the fullest ** (from case)
It’s deeper in
But not robust
Relationship thing…
Knocked down by the smells ***
Knocked down by external impressions
Thing with sweat
Colch is worse from suppression of sweat
Does she sweat generally?
If colchicum, problems from not sweating
“Funny thing is I don't really sweat”
(End JA)

(Passive Reaction)
To hold on tight

Ailments from Rudeness of others

Unprotected from all

Weak and restless
Swelling of joints
Symptoms move form one place to another
Cramping then to headache
Colchicum autumnale Meadow Saffron Malarial Lily

A lot of nausea
Sensitive to odors

(Notes from Massimo)

Strongest sense of
they tend to block, to
all possible emotions
Pathology is excuse to
these pathologies
become a social
excuse for patients
to allow them to escape from loop of hyper-activity

Joint and Skin, One part diseased, the rest of body is fine
common severe symptoms of joints combined with skin
arthritis combination with psoriasis
even severe rheumatic disease, the rest of the body seems to be okay
say certain forms of gout, severe in feet and ankles and rest of the joints are okay
they have something painful, awful impeding them form standing on the feet
the rest of their body is okay
with severe decomposition - the suffering will become more invading and express the
rest of the body
usually the lower limbs only the big joints, and usually only one of two joints
precocious allergic disease
skin - will affect the image, the hair, the face, hands
this will drive Cholch to have to stay on their own
for his to withdraw and not leave home
Suspicious of Food
like Sars, can be suspicious to food, to recognize what can make them sick
the clear strong sense of refusal for certain kinds of food
this food can be poisonous for them
severe aversion to protein food, anything that makes them stronger
maybe strong aversion to eggs, and cheese

much stronger, difficulty in getting in touch with their emotions

how difficult it is for Colch to get in touch with their suffering emotions
much more difficult for Colch

AFFINITY: Muscles, Renal, Digestive
Aggr from changes in weather
Great sensitivity to odors causing nausea, vomiting, faintness, etc.
Nephritis with great edema
Dark or “Ink like” urine, sediments
Colchicum autumnale Meadow Saffron Malarial Lily

Rheumatic complaints
GOUT, with great inflammation of joints, worse from least motion
Arthritis, wandering arthritis
Tremendous abdominal distension, trapped gas
Diarrhea in the Autumn, jelly-like, bloody
Horrible nausea from odors (eggs & fish)
Loathing food, smell of food (Ipc)
Nausea in pregnancy

13 y/o girl
I’m trying to keep friends, they are brats, they say I am lower class
One minute she’s my friend, but then she doesn't say anything to me

I was full of poop—gassy

Got picked on because of spiritual thing (clairvoyant0
Panic attacks, shakey, butterflies in stomach
Tighten, bones hurt, toes curl in
The cramping on side, pulling in, my muscles getting gorged in
Cramps can get severe
Feels I’m shooting out my temples
Like stabbing you with knife

All of sudden, weak, shakey, heart race, then all go away

Likes to draw, hanging out with people
I keep a strong bond between people
I can’t let lies linger
I kept her secret

A friend that left me, what did I say to make her mad, she’s like sister to me
How that makes her friends break up wit her (when mom takes phone)
I love walking into herd of horses
Like when feel sorry for self, feel choked
(end of case)