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M. Tech. (Second Semester) Examination,

April-May 2018

(Old Scheme)

(Elect. & Elex. Engg. Branch)

(Specialization: Electrical Devices

& Power System Engg.)


Time Allowed: Three hours

Maximum Marks : 100

Minimum Pass Marks: 40

Note Attempt any two parts from each unit. All questions
carry equal marks.


1. (a) Explain thc requirement of mcasuring instrumcnts

used for measuring voltage dips, swell and transient
.conditions. 10

. 570231 (25)
12 I
(b) Describe measures taken to counter balance voltage
sag and swell. 10

(c) Explain various indices to classify voltage sag. 10

. . .
2. (a) Explain linear s~ries and shunt-voltage regulator and
l,' ,; -t'
its applications. . 10

(b) Describe the importance of high power factor

electronic ballast in conditioning power supply along
with its applications. 10

(c) Write short notes on/on-line UPS system and olT-line

UPS system. 10


3. (a) Ilow control of Tower Converter is achieved using

state space average models. 10

(b) Discuss the fuzzy logic control of power converters. I~I

(c) Derive the mathamatiealmodel of the interconnected

ASVC in power system network with control
strategy. 10

570231 (25)
[3 )


4. (a) Explain how active filters can be used in three.wire

AC system for hannonicelimination? 10

(b) Discuss in brief the methods of compensation of arc

furnace and fraction load. 10

(c) Explain how passive filters u 'cd for reactive power

compensation in two wire system. 10


5. (a) Explain DSP control technique in power system. 10

(b) Describe how active power filters ovcrcorne the

problems associated with passive filters. 10

(c) State why shunt filters are preferred over scrics filters
with neat digram explain the different types of passive
filters used to reduce harmonics. 10

401 570231(25)