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TOPexidine liquid chlorhexidine

Product's name ETHYGEL antiseptic SkinSpray antiseptic CleanECO Spray

Liquid hand/ skin disinfectant with broad-

ETHYGEL is a hydroalcoholic non greasy
SkinSpray is a powerful, ready-to-use skin spectrum bactericidal, fungicidal and CleanECO is a professional ready-to-use
gel, with a pleaseant blue color, without
Description disinfectant. Effective against a broad virucidal action. Contains CHG which spray package for use in ultrasonic
parfum which disinfects hands without
spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses. provides residual antimicrobial protection transducers and probes,
irritating them.
to hands and skin.

Antiseptic gel: bactericidal, fungicidal e Specially designed to be used in asepsis It can be used as an alternative means of
Cleaning solution for ultrasonic
virucidal. Clean and disinfect the hands and skin preparation in medical-surgical rapid hand disinfection whenever routine
transducers and probes such as cleaning
Indications without water. and diagnostic procedures, when skin hand washing is not practical.
between procedures or as a cleaning step
invasion is expected: blood collection, (For use only where there is no gross
before sterilization
injections, punctures, biopsies, etc. soiling of the hands).

It has excellent compatibility with the skin, Does not contain phenol or
It has a anti-dryness complex that Ready to use. No stickiness – no glove
drying quickly. It can be used as a quick gluteraldehyde. Evaporates quickly. It
Main features protects hands and prevents dryness, tears. An emollient leaves the hands/skin
means of disinfecting hands whenever does not cause a change in the
allowing frequent use. smooth and soft, without irritation.
frequent washing is not possible. transducer membrane.
Commercial 100ml, 300ml w/ dispenser, 500ml w/ 100ml, 250ml w/ spray, 300ml w/
250ml spray 250ml w/ spray, 1lt w/ dispenser refill
presentation dispenser, 5 lt dispenser, 1lt w/ dispenser, 5lt

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