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Indo Global College of Engineering

Sessional – 1st

Advanced Bridge Engineering

Duration: 90 min Maximum Marks: 30

Note: All Questions are Compulsory, Carrying One Marks Each

1. Generally a culvert has a span less than
a) 3m b) 6m c) 9m d) 12m

2. While designing road bridges and culvert, which of the following load is not considered?
a) Dead Load b) Live Load c) Machine Load d) Snow Load

3. From consideration of safety and effective utilization of carriageway, it is desirable to provide

footpath of atleast
a) 1.5m b) 2.0m c) 2.5m d) 3.0m

4.The Howrah bridge at Calcutta is a splendid example of:

a) Concrete Construction b) Steel Construction
c) Wooden Construction d) None of the Above

5. Girder Bridges are adopted for simply supported spans:

a) less than 10m b) lessthan20m c) less than 50 m d) all the above

6. Steel bridges could be a preferred option in Build Operate Transfer projects, where;
a) speed is crucial b) economy is crucial c) quality is crucial d) none of the above

7. Steel bridges have been adopted in the past for major bridges on the;
a) Highways b) Railways c) Both (a) and (b) d) None of the above

8. Truss bridges are suitable for the span range of :

a) 40 to 375 m b) 30to250m c) 20to300m d) Any ofthe above

9. For Long Spans such as above 800 m, which type of bridge is provided?
a) Beam Bridges b) Cantilever Bridges c) Truss Bridges d) Suspension Bridges

10. Orthotropic Plate Deck was originally developed in;

a) America b) Germany c) Australia d) England

11. The depth of superstructure can be shallower using which type of bridge?
a) Box Girder Bridge b) Beam Bridges c) Truss Bridges d) Arch Bridges

12. Orthotropic Plate Decks are used for:

a) Plate Girder Bridges b) Box Girder Bridges c) Movable Bridges d) All the above
13. Which type of bridge is easily adaptable to composite construction?
a) Box Girder Bridge b) Beam Bridges c) Truss Bridges d) Arch Bridges

14. The portion of the bridge structure below the level of the bearing and above the foundation
is referred as:
a) Super-Structure b) Sub-Structure c) Both (a) and (b) d) None of the above

15. The block resting over the top of the pier or the abutment is:
a) Pier cap b) Abutment cap c) Bridge seat d) Any of the above

16. The concrete used for Pier Cap should be:

a) M15 b) M20 c) M25 d) M30

17. For longer spans, the minimum thickness of cap should be:
a) 225mm b) 250mm c) 300mm d) 350mm

18. Piers and abutments are constructed with:

a) Masonry b) Mass Concrete c) Reinforced Concrete d) Any of the above

19. The general shape and features of a pier depend to a large extent on:
a) Type of superstructure b) Size of superstructure c) Dimensions d) All the above

20. Which type of pier is commonly used in urban elevated highway application?
a) Single column b) cellular type c) trestle type d) All the above

21. Which type of Pier permits the saving in the quantity of concrete?
a) Single column b) cellular type c) trestle type d) All the above

22. What are the components of Abutments from the following options?
a) Breast Wall b) Wing Wall c) Back Wall d) All the Above

23. What are the various forces considered for the design of abutment?
a) Longitudinal Forces. b) Thrust on the abutment
c) Live load on the structure d) All the above

24. The component of bridge provided to transmit the load from the superstructure to the
substructure is:
a) Foundation b) Pier Cap c) Bearing d) All the above
25. A Fixed bearing at one end and an expansion bearing at the other is provided in case of:
a) Simply supported beams b) Continuous beams
c) Overhanging beams d) None of the above
26. The bearing which allow rotation but restrict translation is:
a) Expansion bearing b) Fixed bearing c) Both (a) and (b) d) None of the above
27. Which of the following is the type of expansion bearing?
a) Steel hinge b) Rocker bearing c) Sliding plate bearing d) All the above

28. Which of the following is the type of fixed bearing?

a) Sliding plate bearing b) Elastomeric bearing
c) R.C. rocker fixed bearing d) All the above.

29. Metallic bearings is to be provided for skew bridges with skew angle;
a) Less than 20 degrees b) More than 20 degrees
c) More than 30 degrees d) None of the above

30. Which type of bearing is provided for girder bridges of spans upto span of 15 m?
a) Rocker bearing b) Sliding plate bearing
c) Sliding cum rocker bearing d) All the above