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BP-PRIA Form 1 (Pupil’s Copy)

Kindergarten – Pre-test

The Bikes of Ana and Tim

Tim has a red bike. Ana

has a red bike. They ride in
their red bikes. They wear
helmets to be safe.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Pupil’s Copy)
Grade 1 – Pre-test

Helpers of the Day

It was Friday afternoon.

The school bell rang.
“Let us begin cleaning the
room,” Leader Mina said.
Lulu swept the floor.
Pepe wiped the tables.
Miko dusted the windows.
They finished early
because everyone helped.
BP-PRIA Form 2 (Pupil’s Copy)
Grade 2 – Pre-test

Flying Kites
“Today is the best day to
fly kites!” said Rodgie. He,
Lilian, and Nora make
different kinds of kites.
They have green kites, yellow
kites, and pink kites.
The wind helps their kites
fly high up in the sky. “Wow!
Our kites look like birds up
in the sky!” said Lilian.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Pupil’s Copy)
Grade 3 – Pretest

Keeping Things in Order

“Our Tree Planting Activity will
start at seven o’clock in the
morning. Bring your whistle and
knife,” the scout leader said.
The next morning, Ariel woke up
early and wore his scout uniform.
He took his knife and noticed that
his whistle was missing.
“Mother, I can’t find my
whistle. Please help me find it.”
They looked here and there. It took
an hour before they found it.
After sometime, tears fell in
Ariel’s eyes.

BP-PRIA Form 1 (Pupil’s Copy)
Grade 4 – Pre-test

In the Garden

Jerick and Lester were in the

school garden. Mr. Diaz and the boys
were repairing the fence. When Lester
went near Mr. Diaz, he stepped on a

His foot was wounded. Mr. Diaz

asked Jerick to take Lester to the
school nurse. “Miss Sanchez, will you
please help Lester?” Jerick asked.

“Lester, what happened to your

right foot?” Miss Sanchez asked. “I
stepped on a nail, “Lester said. “Your
wound must be cleaned at once. Even a
small wound might do much harm,” Miss
Sanchez said.

Lester thanked Miss Sanchez for

treating his wound.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Pupil’s Copy)
Grade 5 – Pretest

A Letter from Anna

Hello! You might have seen me on the

television after the typhoon Yolanda hit
Tacloban. I was one of those who waited
along the road for rations. My parents
drowned after saving my younger sister. It
was the storm surge that killed my

We belittled Yolanda. The typhoon has

destroyed houses including ours and killed
thousands of people. My sister and I were
brought to the evacuation center occupied
by hundreds of families. Some people asked
for water, begged for clothes, while
others looted food; but I chose to pray,

Had we not underestimated the

typhoon, my parents might still be alive

Now, I am living the lesson I learned

four years ago.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Pupil’s Copy)
Grade 6 – Pre-test

Filipina Invented Lamp

A Filipina brilliant mind designed lamp

powered by salt and water appropriate to the
islanders with limited electrical power
supply. She is Aisa Mejino, an engineer who
introduced the new alternative solution to
power shortage and blackout.

She promised to give light to many

families as possible. Because of Mejino’s new
discovery, people living in isolated area will
no longer cut woods to have fire and walk for
kilometers to buy fuel to supply their lamps.
Now, they don’t need to buy for another
alternative light source that is so expensive
and many can’t afford.

Because this lamp powered by salt and

water is the solution to their problems. It is
safe, cost effective and nature friendly. This
lamp can produce 90 lumens, which are
equivalent to seven candles lit up. It also
has a USB slot, wherein you can charge your
phone. You can use this for charging or
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Student’s Copy)
Grade 7 – Pre test

Pala and Juana

(A Tale)

In the early years, there was a couple

in the island. Pala, the chieftain, was a
hard-working husband while Juana, his wife
did the cooking and other household chores.
After years of waiting, their bundle of
joy, who possessed an extraordinary power
was born. They named him Juan. The family
lived a happy and peaceful life together
with the other residents.

One day, a group of strangers disturbed

the serenity of the whole island. They
robbed the properties of the people. Pala
and Juana tried to help their neighbors.
Juana hid and left her child in one of
their kind neighbors. The couple fled to
mislead the enemies to save their son and
the villagers.

Days, weeks, and months had passed. The

couple did not return. The neighbors traced
the possible way the couple had trod. On
their way, one of the neighbors noticed an
unfamiliar plant which grew healthy along
the road. They named the plant Palaua after
the couple’s names Pala and Juana. Later
on, the people named the island “Palawan”-
a place where people keep on coming back.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Student’s Copy)
Grade 8 – Pretest

Success is for Everyone

Jerika was living in a slum in West Africa.

She was with her parents who were hard up to
meet both ends. She had a desire to improve
their lifestyle but unfortunately, she acquired
an affliction she endured since she was a child
and caused her disappointment. Polio made her
paralyzed and could not stand without the help
of others.

However, her incapability did not hinder

her dedication and determination to help her
parents uplift their poor situation.

By the help of her loving mother, she was

able to reach school and began to take
challenges in life. She constantly experienced
teasing of classmates even discrimination which
affected her mentally and emotionally. With
these, she started to develop inner strength
thinking that this is just a part of life’s
battle needed to be survived. Patience, self-
control and faith were some of her weapons.

By God’s providence, she finished college

education and immediately landed a job. She
eventually had her transfer of residence to
live contentedly and peacefully.

She obtained success despite of being

differently abled because she never thought of
the word “surrender, failure and that success
is only for the physically capable”. She truly
realized that nothing is impossible with God.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Student’s Copy)
Grade 9 – Pre test

Fillennials: Who are They and How to Deal

with Them?

Fillennials are composed of people who

are born from 1980 to 2000. In the
Philippines, they are called “Fillennials”
because they’re social media-dependents
spending much time online, watching you tube
videos, and posting activities, selfies or
groupies on facebook.
According to an article in Time Magazine,
being active online makes the most
Fillennials spend for luxury goods for
themselves which often leave their bank
accounts shaken. This is one of the reasons
why they are described as Narcissists or the
“Me, Me, Me Generation.” They’re also known
to be career-shifters because they seek to
find better ways of doing things.
However, they are politically and
socially engaged compared to other
generations. Most are business-minded, aware
of big issues, educated and independent
thinkers. Diversity is what makes the
Fillennials different and unique in their own
way that’s why dealing with them may not be
Thus, here are the ways how to deal with
them successfully: they should be heard out;
they should be treated with respect; they
should be praised for their achievements; and
they should be loved. It is also important to
know that they appreciate dialogue,
transparency, and collaboration and to know
their personalities. There are the fashion
bloggers, think-piece eaters, collectivists,
hipsters, busy bees, and others. Knowing and
understanding them result to a better
relationship with them.
In general, we can easily distinguish who
these people are. However, we should also
remember that they vary across regions; what
is true to them may not be true to other
millennials around the globe.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Student’s Copy)
Grade 10 – Pretest

THINK, , , What’s On Your Mind?

Social media is defined as any website that allows

interaction. It has undeniably evolved into a powerful
tool and venue by which people all over the world share
and exchange views about innumerable topics. It has
transformed us into a borderless society where
connections and communications have become instant,
simultaneous, and accessible to all.

Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have

become household words and part of our routine.
However, one inappropriate post can bring a range of
legal liabilities and unforeseen consequences for their
users. These include a damaged reputation, negative
publicity, wasted time, broken relationships, and even
untimely death caused by suicide.

While the benefits outweigh the demerits, still we

have to be cautious and responsible in anything that we
post, share, and propagate. Unconsciously, we might be
spreading fake news and promoting cyber bullying.
Posting and commenting on social media will only be
useful if we do them constructively. Moreover, we
should also refrain from disclosing our personal
details such as cellphone numbers, addresses, and
passwords on line. Likewise, we need to make it a habit
to log out properly. Use sound judgment in posting,
sharing, and liking content on social media.

The effects of social media depend on how we use

them. Our motives and purposes must be inclined towards
responsible and proper usage. Otherwise, we contribute
to the world of unscrupulous users whose intention is
to create confusion, conflict and division instead of
unifying the world through harmonious and friendly

So the next time we see the message, “What’s on

your mind?” THINK first if your response is True,
Helpful, Important, Necessary, and Kind.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Student’s Copy)
Grade 11 – Pretest

Once in a Blue Moon

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “once in

a blue moon?” People use this expression to describe
something that they do not do very often. For example,
someone might say that he tries to avoid eating sweets
because they are unhealthy but will eat chocolate “once
in a blue moon.” Or someone who does not usually like
to go to the beach might say “I visit the shore once in
a blue moon.” While many people use this phrase, not
everyone knows the meaning behind it.

The first thing to know is that the moon itself is

never actually blue. This is just an expression. The
phrase “blue moon” actually has to do with the shape of
the moon, not the color.

As the moon travels around the earth, it appears to

change shape. We associate certain names with certain
shapes of the moon. For example, when we can see a
small part of the moon, it is called a crescent moon. A
crescent is a shape that looks like the tip of a
fingernail. When we cannot see the moon at all, it is
called a new moon. When we can see the entire moon, it
is called a full moon. Usually, there is only one full
moon every month. Sometimes, however, there will be two
full moons in one month. When this happens, the second
full moon is called a “blue moon.”

Over the next 20 years, there will only be 15 blue

moons. As you can see, a blue moon is a very rare
event. This fact has led people to use the expression
“once in blue moon” to describe other very rare events
in their lives.
BP-PRIA Form 1 (Student’s Copy)
Grade 12 – Post test
Depression: A Threatening Problem

Tell someone you have episodes of “depression” and they’ll

probably get awfully quiet awfully fast. The term has different
connotations to different people. To some, it’s a mental illness
or mood disorder seen as a medical condition. Others may see it
as weakness resulting from a person’s mental instability.

In any case, depression is described as severe despondency

and dejection, and it’s typically experienced over a period of
time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.
Its medical definition describes depression as a mental
disturbance characterized by a state of melancholy to a greater
degree than seems necessary or warranted by the external
circumstances, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in
maintaining concentration or interest in life; this is often
called “Clinical Depression.”

Millions of people all over the world struggle with some

kind of depression or another, whether it’s Seasonal Affective
Disorder (SAD), Bipolar Disorder, or just general Depression.
But some countries are more understanding and accepting
depression than others.

Depression affects just about every aspect of a person’s

living experience, from their personal life to their career
life. It can make getting up in the morning and out of bed a
seemingly insurmountable challenge. Depression affects one’s
bodily functions, often making them feel weak, lethargic and
agitated. It can cause a definite disruption in a person’s life,
making it hard for them to function like a normal, happy
productive human being.

Some may see depression as a curse – especially if it never

ceases to exist and casts a dark cloud over one’s life. But it
can, for some individuals, be considered a gift. It’s hard to
explain it to someone who has never experienced the dark depths
of depression, but it can be best understood as something that
happens for a reason.

It is a bit like the heroes that writer Joseph Campbell

wrote about in many of his best-selling books. He notes that the
myths of antiquity usually revolve around a protagonist who
lives a quiet and unfulfilled life. Something happens and they
get the call to leave for an adventure with a specific goal or
quest in where they endure some sort of ordeal, then find
triumph and knowledge that they then can bring back home with
them. And maybe this sort of experience, the evolution of a
hero, can stem from their initial Depression – which may have
prompted this character evolution in the first place.

(Source: https://www.essaymasters.co.uk/essay-about-depression)