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Smart markets S.A.S.
Service: we transform the world with tools of real and acceptable

Improvement and attitude of performance: We change the attitude and

the presentation in something that will go through paradigms

Guarantees our service does not take you to the goals is because the
product does not exist

Quality: companies and clients more than the commercial world,

developers of comfort and better attitude and human acceptability
Optimización; si transformamos algo es porque obtendremos metas deseadas

Development, we not only look for projections, we want results and we

promote it to be ideal.

Reliable friend, we are more than family, friends, and human

relationships a team that promotes being better.

Within the multiple existing approaches for its application to the

Administration in the scope of the organizations, the management based
on the processes is presented as an adequate tool, which can be
considered as fundamental to guide an organization towards the
achievement of its objectives.
Its application generates a detailed analysis of the processes in
organizations of all types, including those providing services, which
can model their operation, allowing to improve the management of each
process and the set of processes, to optimize the benefits to
customers. internal and external.
The proposed scheme also allows adopting a Quality Management system,
based on the requirements of ISO 9000 or similar standards, which
facilitates carrying out the deployment of the policies that in this
sense, the organization considers, by means of the identification
within of the established process structure, of those key processes
that are essential to achieve the objectives.
It has been proven in application experiences that the proposed
methodology is really an adequate tool for the improvement of the
processes, which is evidenced in the improvement thereof, also
motivating a high commitment of the participating human resources
regardless of their hierarchical level, thus demonstrating its
usefulness as a tool for efficient management.