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Prophet Mohammad(SM) and his life in Mecca

The people at that time in the desert land in the dark Arabia had kept faith
upon him in order to lead the youth in a peaceful manner. The object of such promise
was to help mankind by way of religion and leading them to control. The social
people loved him and got acquaintance of ‘Al-Amin’ which means trustworthy. That
is to say, the people of Mecca at that time had scarcity of faith among themselves, so
they had developed faith with Mohammad having seen the activities of Mohammad
based on spiritualistic behaviour linked with Allah directly, specifically when they
kept their goods preserved to Mohammad, took it under his control and returned it at
the response of them. Thus, the people of Mecca used to get acquaintance of great
heart and thus a faith among them had been developed by degrees. At that time, the
people of Mecca were filled with distrust, ignorance and they were involved in
various prejudices and believed in a variety of gods and goddess, meaning that they
used to worship idols. In the year 595, he took part in trading with Khadija and within
a short span of time, she earned lots of profit in her business, she got the identity of a
true heart like Mohammad(SM). She was a wealthy lady at that time and by way of
achieving the identity of a great personality like Mohammad (SM), she proposed to
him for marriage. He told her that he would marry her under one condition- she had to
bestow her wealth and fortune for the sake of Islam on the promise to live like the
poor, the way he himself lives . Khadeja, having heard such proposal agreed to such
condition and they got married. At that time, his age was 25, and she was 40.

After their marriage, an epidemic was taken place in the country that time.
Mohammad(SM) had distributed all the resources he had possessed from Khadeja in
order to remove the adversity of the people. At that time, the thought of sacrifice for
the good of the people were intensified and he was influenced for devotion towards
almighty Allah day by day. Apart from Mecca three miles away, in the cave of Hera,
he was absorbed in deep meditation of almighty Allah. Such process of supplication
continued for forty years. One day, during his meditation, the angel Jibrail (AM) came
unto him and said,” Oh! Mohammad, you are the rusul of Allah, you have been sent
by Allah”. And thereafter, a message of Allah came, “Read in the name of your lord,
from this day onward, in the cave of Here, Mohammad (SM) used to receive
messages from Allah through massager, Jibrail (AM), he got accurately and complete
message of the holy Quran, with his unquestionable, the ultimate and the complete
code of life. In order to convey the message of peace and solidarity, he had struggled
through out his life. The non-Muslim troubled in many ways, they threw stones at
him, spat at him, beat him and cursed him. He was tormented in various ways, he
would tolerate all the misdeeds of the people, his sole message was,” Those people
who have unknowingly behaved with me in such a manner, I pray for them to Allah
for salvation and forgiveness. The holy Quran has come down to this world with full
codes, ethics and directions of Allah. Muhammad (SM) had achieved such messages
from Allah directly and it is a recognizing phenomenon that the holy Quaran is
completely bedded on super human creation.