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Department of Education

Division of Pasig City


Direction: MULTIPLE CHOICES. Choose theletter of the appropriate answer.

1 . The middle male voice type, usually plays the villain, evil prison or warden.

A. Baritone B. Bass C. Contralto D.

2 . These sing the highest notes, play heroines and sweet things.

A. Coloratura B. Contralto C. Dramatic D.

3 . The lowest female voice type portrays maid, mothers, grandmothers and some witches.

A. Coloratura B. Contralto C. Dramatic D.

4 . One or more singers performing without instrumental accompaniment.

A. Acapella B. Coda C. Dolce D.

5 . Rapidly repeated slight pitch variation during sustained note, to give a richer and more
varied sound.
A. Acapella B. Falsetto C. Rubato D.

6 . A weaker and airy voice usually in the higher pitch range.

A. Acapella B. Falsetto C. Rubato D.

7 . It is natural biological function but you can control in order to develop your best singing voice

A. Bel Canto B. Breathing C. Language D.

8 . Literally means beautiful singing, done singing by your mouthand throat wide open

A. Bel Canto B. Breathing C. Language D.

9 . The German composer who developed lieder.

A. Bizet B. Liszt C. Schubert D.

10 . The following Opera were written by Guiseppi Verdi EXCEPT for _____________.

A. Aida B. La Traviata C. Rigoletto D.

11 . A form of orchestral music that employs a solo instrumental accompanied by an orchestra.

A. Aria B. Leitimotifs C. Lieder D.

12 . French composer who became famous for his opera "Carmen"

A. Bizet B. Liszt C. Schubert D.

13 . He belonged to a group of composers who stressed realism therefore he draw material

from everyday life.

A Bizet B. Puccini C. Wagner D.

14 . An air or solo singing part sung by principal character.

A. Chant B. Hymns C. Sacred D.

15 . Declamatory singing used in the piose parts and dialogue of opera.

A. Aria B. Libretto C. Recitative D.


1 . He was known as the "Father of Theater Design" in the Philippines.

A. Dr. Ricardo G. Abad C. Salvador F. Bernal

B. Francisco Balagtas Y dela Cruz D. Severino R. Reyes

2 . The most famous tragedy and one of the world's most enduring love story by Shakespear.

A. Hamlet C. Merchant of Venice

B. King Lear D. Romeo and Juliet

3 . . How will you described Baroque Theater?

A. It had varied interesting art forms such as festival performances.

B. It began with festival honoring their many gods.
C. It is marked by the use of technology in current Broadways or commerical plays.
D. It was a movement where styles of Roman & Greek societies influence the theater arts.

4 . The following sentences describes

Venus oftheWillendorf
opera "Carmen" EXCEPT :

A. It's music was written by Georges Bizet.

B. It was based on a novel of the same title by Shakespear.
C. It was first performed at the Opera-Comique.
D. It is one of hte world most popular operas.

5 . The theater began around 700 BC with festivals of honoring their many gods.

A. Ancient Theater C. Greek Theater

B. European Theater D. Roman Theater

6 . It was a gold mask with exaggerated deep empty eyesockets.

A. Oedipus C. King Lauis
B. Creon D. Polybus
7 . One of the famous work of Severino R. Reyes was his play entitled "Walang Sugat" which was
about ______________.
A. the love story between twPigments
B. the story of the downfall of Don Jose.
C. the drama set against the historical events in Bulacan during Philippine Revolution.
D. the culture of the Philippines.

8. It was a play brought outside the church due to their portrayal of hte deveil and hell.

A. Shylock C. The Mystery of Adam

B. The Cult of Dionysus D. Tosca

9 . Which of hte following sentences describes Neo-classic Theater?

A. It was characterized by its grandiosity.

B. It is marked by the use o Mosaic
C. It was characterized by a return of Classical Greek and Roman arts and culture.
D. It began around 700 BC with festivals honoring many gods.

10 . He was a French composer and a pianist, his most popular work is the "Carmen".
A. Georges Bizet C.Victor Marie Hugo Dolmens
B. Sophocles D. William Shakespear

11 . A word which means "place of seeing".

A. Church B. Market C. Plaza D.

12 . The costumes worn for Romeo & Juliet stage play are style and design from _______.

A. Greek Period C. Plaza

B. Medieval Period D. Theater

13 . William Shakespear : A Midsummer Night's Dream ; __________ : Francisco Balagtas

A. Ibong Adarna C. Mga Kwento ni Lola Basyang

B. Florante at Laura D. Walang Sugat

14 . One of the first permanent theaters in Rome, somewhat similar to the Theatron of Athens.

A. Epidarius B. Quadriporticus C. Scaenae D.

15 . William Shakespear: Romeo & Juliet ; _______________ : Oedipus the King

A. Claudio Montoverdi C. Sophocles

B. George Bizet D. Victor Marie Hugo


1. It is a voluntary participation in an activity during free and unobligated time that gives enjoyment.

A. Exercise B. Mounting Climbing C. Recreation D.

2. When trying to plan for your recreational activity, which should be the best thing to keep in mind?

A. The activity should be of your interest

B. The activity should be away from home
C. The activity will give you the chance to earn money
D. The activity is held within your community zone

3 . Badminton is believed to have originated from the game _________________

A. court game B. Poona C. shuttle game D.

4 . In performing a successful smash, a player needs :

A. agility B. balance C. power D.

5 . Badminton players execute lunges for a quicker return of the shuttle. To perform lunge to its
fullest, you need to have

A. agility B. flexibility C. speed D.

6 . Jade computed her BMI and came up with the score of 21.8. this means that,

A. Jade is underweightB. Jade is overweight C. Jade is normal D.

7 . Lara is a junior high school student who loves to eat more than what she needs. What is the
consequence of this kind of practice in her weight?

A. She’ll gain weight C. She'll maintain her weight

B she’ll loose weight D. She'll live healthy for a lifetime

8 . Which of the following is the benefits of Zumba?

A. It improves cardiovascular health and tones the abdominal

B. It helps in losing weight
C It relieves stress and improves mood
D All of the above
The way we live our life reflects our lifestyle. Which of the following is a healthy lifestyle that can
9 . maintain your desirable weight?

A. Exercise once a week C. Attending to gyms and taking diet fads

B. Proper diet and exercise D. Enjoying a balance routine in life
Mr. Gonzales found out that the most of his students are overweight and close to being obese.
10 . What can he do to help them?

A. Organize a fitness program 3x a week

B. Consult a nutritionist for the proper food intake
C. Make them active in the class every meeting
D. Encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle change

11 . When less calories are consumed and more calories are expended, a student will have

A. Weight loss B. Weight gain C. Sustain Weight D.

Jeonn takes the lead in her team in planning the strategies to take in their final game in
12 . volleyball. She thinks of possible ways on how to earn points and win the game. This show that,

A. sports develop physical dimension C. sports develop intellectual dimension

B. sports develop emotional dimension D. sports develop social dimension

13 . Why is footwork important in playing Badminton?

A. It brings you to action C. It makes game exciting

B. It helps burn fats easily D. It helps in speed movement

14 . Christian, the libero of the team, is very good in her defensive skill. In what fitness component
can we attribute her skill in quick receive?
Christian, the libero of the team, is very good in her defensive skill. In what fitness component
can we attribute her skill in quick receive?
A. agility B. coordination C. power D.
Jem would like to be an ambassador of healthy lifestyle in their community. How can she give
15 . justice to this?

A. Practice healthy lifestyle C. Write about healthy lifestyle

B. Talk about healthy lifestyle D. Disseminate healthy lifestyle


1 . What kind of injury is a result of self inflicted, assault and sexual victimization?

A. aquatic injury C. sports injury

B. intentional injury D. unintentional injury

2 . What is the term used when a person harm himself on purpose?

A. assault C. self-inflicted
B. parasuicide D. suicide

3 . What kind of suicide attempt in which a person does not intend to die?

A. assault C. self-inflicted
B. parasuicide D. suicide

4 . Which of the following situation is NOT considered as an assault?

A. Carl kidnapped by his nanny

B. Apple bullied her classmate
C. Jessie hurt herself because of depression
D. Sean force his schoolmate to hand over his money

5 . Knowing your schedule, showing up a places you go to, texting or calling repeatedly
are behaviors involve in what?

A. bullying C. Stalking
B. kidnapping D. Terrorism

6 . Which of the following is NOT a verbal abuse?

A. Words that are manipulative and controlling.

B. Words that are used to explain to a child his/her mistakes.
C. Words that can cause a gradual diminishing of self-confidence.
D. Words that are hurtful and usually attack the nature and abilities of the person.
7 . Which is a risk factor for suicide attempt?

A. Good problem-solving skills

B. History of trauma and abuse
C. Strong connections to family and community support
D. Effective clinical care for mental, physical and substance use disorders

8 . You noticed that you are always being followed by someone whom you don't know.
What will you do?

A. Nothing. S/he is just a harmless admirer.

B. Run away and hide from the person who is always following you.
C. Tell your parents or other authorities that you can trust about your stalker.
D. Make a scene to catch the attention of the public, then confront the person
following you

9 . Why does domestic violence happen?

A. The abuser is in a stressful relationship

B. The abuser is trying to control the victim
C. The couple don't have much money and this causes stress in the relationship
D. All of the above

10 . Which sexual act will NOT be considered as rape?

A. Perform oral sex to minors

B. Both of them agree to take part
C. Took advantage a mentally disabled person to have sex
D. Force and threaten an individual to have sexual intercourse

11 . What Republic Act known as the "Anti-Hazing Law" that regulated in the fraternities,
sororities and organization?

A. Republic Act No. 7610 C. Republic Act No. 9165

B. Republic Act No. 8049 D. Republic Act No. 10627

12 . How will you develop your self-esteem in order to avoid personal assault?

A. Fake your emotions C. Entertain negative thought

B. Blame your self unfairly D. Focus on your positive traits

13 . Self defense is one of the best way to prevent intentional injuries. Which of the following
best describes it?
A. Emotional preparedness and having self-confidence
B. Physical strategies, such as learning self-defense skills
C. Mental preparedness in order to be alert for the possibilities of danger
D. All of the above

14 . Why do some victims of sexual abuse remain quiet and don't report the incident?

A. The victim might not know that help is available

B. The victim might be told that what is happening is normal
C. The victim might be afraid of what will happen to her if she tells someone, especially if the
D. abuser has
All of the threatened her

15 . How are you going to solve your problem if you are being bullied in school?

A. Confront the bully

B. Report him to the school authorities
C. Get him by asking friends vengeance
D. Do not do anything, he will eventually stop when he finds someone else to bully



s and some witches.



e a richer and more



p your best singing voice


roat wide open



Tristan Isolde

panied by an orchestra.



re he draw material




e story by Shakespear.
mmerical plays.
uence the theater arts.

any gods.

"Walang Sugat" which was

lippine Revolution.

e deveil and hell.

rts and culture.

the "Carmen".

sign from _______.

Francisco Balagtas

Lola Basyang

he Theatron of Athens.

Triumvir Pompey

ed time that gives enjoyment.


he best thing to keep in mind?





e. To perform lunge to its

eans that,

Jade is obese

t she needs. What is the

n her weight
lthy for a lifetime

is a healthy lifestyle that can

gyms and taking diet fads

lance routine in life
t and close to being obese.

, a student will have

Live healthy
n their final game in
in the game. This show that,

p intellectual dimension
p social dimension

eed movement

In what fitness component

mmunity. How can she give

ealthy lifestyle
healthy lifestyle



alling repeatedly

s of the person.

you don't know.

ur stalker.
the person

e relationship

n the fraternities,

No. 9165
No. 10627


Entertain negative thought

Focus on your positive traits

Which of the following

the incident?

someone, especially if the


one else to bully

Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
National Capital Region
Division of Pasig City
Caruncho Avenue, San Nicolas, Pasig City

MAPEH 9- 4th Quarter


1. narrates the plot, musical and theatrical elements of an opera after video and 2 2
2. listens perceptively to selected art songs and excerpts of opera ; 2 4
3. sings themes or melodic fragments of given selected songs; 2 5
4. explores other arts and media that portray Romantic period elements; 2 4
TOTAL 8 15


1. Identify the selected theatrical forms from different art periods. 1 3

2. Research on the history of the theatrical froms and their evolution. 2 5
3. Identify the elements and principles of arts as manifested in Western Classical play
and opera. 1 2

4. Design the visual elements and components of the selected Western Classical
Theater play and opera through costumes, props, etc,. 1 2

5. Show the influences of the selected Western Classical play or opera on Philippine
theatrical performance in terms of form and content of story. 1 3

6 15

No. of DaysNo. of test
Learning Competemcies based on CG items
1. Discusses the nature and background of indoor and outdoor recreational
activities 2 7
2. Advocates community efforts to increase participation in physical activities
and improve nutrition practices 2 5
3. Practices environmental ethics (e.g Leave No Trace) during participation in
recreational activities of the community 4 3
TOTAL 8 15

No. of No. of
Learning Competencies
Days Items

1. diffentiates intential injuries from unintentional injuries 1 2

2. describes the types of intentional injuries 3 5
3. analyze and identifies risk and protective factors related 1 3
to intentional injuries
4. demonstrates ways to prevent and control intentional 1 5
TOTAL 6 15

asig City


50% 30% 20%

13.33% 3, 13,
26.67% 1,4,5,12
33.33% 6,8,9 7,11
26.67% 2 10 14,15
100% 8 4 3

K (50%) P (30%) U (20%)
18% 20 18,24

35% 25,26,29 23,30

12% 17 19

15% 21,27

20% 16 28 22

100% 8 4 3


of items K 50% P 30% U 20 %

47% 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

33% 8,9,10,11,12

20% 13,14,15
Item Replacement

13.33 1 30% 4
33.33 2, 3, 5 6, 9

20 11 10 7

33.33 8, 12, 13 14, 15

100 5 4 6
1 A 31 C
2 A 32 A
3 B 33 B
4 A 34 D
5 D 35 B
6 B 36 C
7 B 37 A
8 A 38 D
9 C 39 B
10 D 40 D
11 D 41 A
12 A 42 C
13 A 43 D
14 A 44 A
15 C 45 A


16 C 46 B
17 D 47 C
18 C 48 B
19 B 49 C
20 C 50 C
21 A 51 B
22 C 52 B
23 C 53 C
24 A 54 D
25 A 55 B
26 D 56 A
27 D 57 D
28 B 58 D
29 D 59 D
30 C 60 A