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Imperative: You MUST do all of these by the end of week 4

10pts per assignment––Total of 30pts

1. Survey: For this assignment, you are required to make a survey consisting of 5
questions in regard to The Great Gatsby. I would like you to have at least 10
people complete this survey (does not matter who). Make your survey here:
2. Reading Responses: For the next 4 weeks, I would like one 200-word
explanation of the reading from that week. So, by the end of the 4 weeks you
should turn in a total of 4 reading responses.
• This should be your own response to the work, do not summarize the work.
• Answer these questions: Did you like it? Why or why not? Was there
anything interesting you found? and where in book can we find that?
3. Recreate a Scene: Choose one part of the novel in which you can recreate into
something different. This is a chance to be creative with your words.
• Must be 1-page single spaced
• Have some dialogue throughout
• Relate back to the text previous to this moment and have it flow well with
the rest of the text that comes after (has to be logical!)
• Put original scene of novel on the bottom of page.
Negotiable: CHOOSE TWO from this list to complete by week 2
5pts each— total of 10 pts
1. Timeline: Create a timeline for Chapter 5 or 6.
Complete timeline here: ReadWriteThink
• Organize by EVENT
• Must have 4 points of chapter
• Include at least two images
• Once finished press SAVE- then SEND
to msoreilly@school.edu
2. Draw a scene: No matter the artistic capability, you can try this. I need to see
effort put into this, so no pencil and stick figures
• From Chapter 5 or 6
• There must be dialogue
• Color is a must
• Include characters names below
Include 200 words on how you believe the author imagined it and in what ways did the
author describe this scene. Use quotes if needed, make sure to cite correctly.
3. Vocabulary Hunt: Chapter 5 or 6. You will need to find 5 words in which you
are unfamiliar with. –This one you can work with a partner, just let me know.
• Put definition of word from the Oxford English Dictionary
• Use word in your own sentence (If working with partner, create one
sentence per student—so, 2 sentences per word)
• Examine sentence which the word originated from, what is the significance
of this specific word.
4. Diagram: Create your own diagram from this site- Canva (you have to sign up- if
you want to do this one you have to get your parent’s permission).
• Choose two aspects of the novel which you believe
hold contrasts to one another. Include 5 points for each
• Each bullet point must be about 3 sentences. Include
quotes if necessary
Optional: You can do one of these if you would like.
Due week — 5pts max
Questions: With a partner, you are going to choose two major aspects of the novel.
Example: The massive party that Gatsby throws vs. The small get together at Nicks
Answer these questions:
1. Why are these significant to one another?
2. Are there any similarities between the two?
3. Do these develop over the course of the novel? How?
Must be compromised in a paragraph of 150 words, then a 3-min presentation to the
teacher only.
Make a Diary: Create a diary in the shoes of one character. - Create diary on Microsoft
Word- make it look exciting (different fonts, add photos)
• Can include: what the character ate that day, who they thought of, what they did,
what they thought of the day. Make it seem very personal, something that only
the character would know. Be creative, but it must relate to the book— don’t
make something up that doesn’t seem like it would happen.
• Must be at least 300 words.