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My family immigrated from Guadalajara, Jalisco about ten years ago, to a country in

which I was born, but did not have any knowledge of. My siblings and I, began school two days

after our arrival, which led to the learning of a new language. I was labeled an English Language

Learner (ELL), throughout Elementary and Middle School, but that label was removed once I

reached High School. I pursued a career in Spanish to show individuals the importance that a

language can have in a person, since it connects them to a culture, traditions and most

importantly their family. I was once a student with a label that others looked down on, but I was

also an ELL student who overcame a language barrier by receiving support from my teachers.

Creating an accessible environment to encourage student learning is one of my priorities

as a teacher. I believe as a teacher that the quality of the lesson is what matters and not the

quantity. An effective teacher is a person who is well organized and prepared. This means having

the lesson planned days before to adapt it to the different needs of individuals, whether that

means adding captions to videos or including more visuals for students. To make a class

accessible, the course material- such as books, worksheets or any classwork- should be

transformed to different formats to meet student’s needs. I believe that every student deserves the

right to learn the complexity and beauty of the Spanish language, which is a reason that I believe

in modifying a lesson to provide everyone with the same knowledge

I believe that the as the teacher one should establish an environment that is safe and

judgement free in which the students feel welcomed and safe speaking in the target language

despite their proficiency in the language. I believe that a teacher need to considered the different

learning styles of students when designing a lesson to have a meaningful impact in their

learning. The different formats of instruction will allow students to work towards the same goal
in various ways. Furthermore, I will create activities in which all the students can interact with

one another to promote social interaction in the classroom.

The success of the student is a priority, which is a reason to consider the different needs

of the students. As a general education teacher, I will have access to important tools that will

provide me with tools to create an accessible environment for students with disabilities.

Considering IEP is an important resource, since it provides the specific accommodations and

goals that should be considered to promote students learning. Aside from the IEP, I will work

with Special Education teachers as well as other professionals to discuss the best methods to

allow the student to obtain the tools to be successful in the class. Also, I will encourage parent

involvement in the classroom to provide their child with the best quality of education. Most

importantly, I will educate myself on the specific need that the student might have to provide to

accommodate and modify the learning material being taught.

The classroom should be design in a way that allows students to view the front of the

class, but with enough space to move around. One in which there are areas design to

accommodate the different needs of the students. A classroom in which we embrace technology

as a tool to guide and support individuals in their learning. My ideal classroom is one in which

the students can communicate one-on-one with the teacher if they require assistance, but most

importantly one in which there is positive and uplifting attitude. As the teacher, I want to provide

my students with a safe environment in which everyone is treated equal. I want to provide an

environment in which every small milestone that is met by a student is celebrated, to continue to

motivate them to work towards their individual goal.

As a teacher, my goal is to become an effective teacher that not only promotes learning,

but equality in the classroom. My goal is for students to communicate in the target language
while in my classroom to expand their vocabulary. My responsibility as a teacher is to evaluate

students to see their progress in the classroom and provide them with the tools that will ensure

their success. Most importantly, my responsibility is to accommodate and modify the curriculum

that is being taught in the classroom to assure the success of the students in the classroom.