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Name: Helen Remo Cagasan

My 21st Century Classroom Facilitating Skills

Aspects Observations Strengths Areas for Action Points
Facilitation Style The teacher Manifestation of Some pupils Problem-based
engages learners collaborative manifest lack of learning method
into a Problem- effort among mind allows learners
based learning learners preparedness to to discover new
strategy where effectively knowledge at
pupils actively cooperate in their own pace
construct group work and
knowledge not fulfilling
expectations and
distract others
Accommodation of Pupils work in Sharing of ideas Encourage pupils The strategy
students’ learning teams to and personal to show interest address real-life
style experience and experiences is to cooperate issues that
explore real world evident requires real-life
problem, solutions
questions, issues
and challenges
then create
presentations to
show what they
have learned
Provision of Teacher provides Inquiry approach Pupils’ mind set The provision of
Learning basic information elicits critical and preparedness learning allows
Environment that is to begin pupils’ thinking and learners to think
conducive for:
inquiry. problem solving out of the box
skills among
 Active Learning Using their prior Pupils ability to Differentiated
knowledge, pupils Higher Order think reflectively learning caters to
construct a Thinking Skills is diverse learning
concept map to developed. styles.
help organize
their research Continuous
and fill in any engagement
gaps in their prior
knowledge. Formulating HOTS Time
Pupils research questions call for Management
guiding questions critical thinking
about acid rain.
 Higher Order Armed with Hone pupils Long term
Thinking researched ability to ask and knowledge
knowledge, the Independent answer critical retention
learners create learning is questions
the procedures developed
for their
experiment, and
run the
 Contextual Pupils analyze Calls for reflective Ability to think
Learning their data and and critical critically
make conclusions thinking skills
Questioning and Teacher ask Engages thought - Teacher makes
Reacting Skills guiding questions provoking use of open-
to help learners questions to elicit ended questions
reflect and reflective thinking
examine their