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El Cheikh Moulay Bencherif Middle School

Physique relizane
4AM English Exam www.physique48.org
Key Answers

The Text The Internet

In the past, when people needed in formation, they used to
look in books and magazines. Now, you can go onto internet, also
called World Wide Web (WWW).
The internet is a large international net work of computers. It
links web sites and provides information and entertainment. The
web was first used by scientists to share ideas. It was invented in
1990 by Tim Burner Lee. When it became public in 1993, it grew
very fast. Now, it’s used by millions of people around the world.
All you need to connect to internet is a computer and telephone
There are numerous reasons why people use the internet.
Besides surfing to get information, people can study and get
diplomas, send photographs or e- cards, download music, join a
chat room and of course send e-mails. No need to go to the post
office or go to the shop to buy things. You can do all that online.
Part One (14pts)
Section One: Reading Comprehension (7pts)

1-Complete this diagram from the text (1pt)

Sources of
In the past In the present
Books and magazines Internet

2- – Read the text carefully and answer the following questions

-What does the abbreviation WWW stand for?
-The abbreviation WWW stands for the World Wide Web.
3-Pick out from the text two (2) activities people can do on the
internet (0,5 pt)
1-people can download music / 2-people can study and get
2- Read the text and match each title to its corresponding
paragraph (3pts)

Titles Paragraphs
Uses of internet Paragraph one
Old and new sources of Paragraph two
information Paragraph three
Definition and history of

Lexis: Match each word to its definition

Words Definition
Computer To talk in an easy and relaxed way
Internet Programmable machine that stores
e-mail information
To chat Net work system that connects computers
around the world
An electronic letter from computer to
another computer

Section Two: Mastery of Language

1-Supply the right punctuation and capital letters (2pts)

The “e3” link is an international programme that links

Algerian students to American ones on internet.

2-Write the correct form of the verbs in ( ) (2pts)

A few years ago, people (to use to) believe that only
universities provide high studies and
used to
diplomas, but now you can (to study) through internet. This is
called online education or
e-learning. If you (to choose) this kind of education, you (to
receive) lessons and pass exams
choose will
by e-mails.
3-Rewrite the following sentence into the past simple
Physique (1pt)
-You can study online and have good grades.
-You could study online and had good grades.

4-Match each word in column A with its rhyming word in column

B; One word in column B has no rhyming word in column A (2pts)

Look Bold
Need Picks
Called Fast
Links Book

Part Two (6pts)

Situation of Integration

Suppose you have a computer. Write a short e-mail to a new

pen friend.

Tell him/ her: -about yourself (name / age / physical

description ……)

-about your family

-about your hobbies and interests.

Send New Message Archives Send invitation to gmail Chat Facebook

Delete From redouane goodboy@live.fr

To vicky222@gmail.com
Personal Subject Talking about myself

Dear Vicky,
Hello. How are you doing today new pal? I hope this e-mail will meet you in a good health.
I’m writing to tell you about myself, my family and my interests.

I’m Redouane from Sidi Ali, wilaya of Mostaganem in Northern Algeria. I’m fourteen years o
old and I’m in my last year middle school. I’m tall and slim. I have short dark hair and big brown
eyes and I wear funny glasses. I live with my family in a big house. My father is a dentist and
my mother is a teacher of French. I have one brother and two sisters. They are all married.

I enjoy playing football and watching thrill movies. I like learning English because it is the
most important language in the world and through it, I can communicate with other people
from all over the world. I usually ride to school on my bicycle but not when it rains. In summer,
I often run in the evening but I never do this in winter. As you can see, I’m sporty.

Thanks for reading my words

Yours, Redouane

Physique relizane