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It was a initiated a new phase in the world history. The advent of satellite
communication make a break with the past.
Can you imagine life without computers? Wheather in the office,school or at home
computers have become an indispensable part of our everyday existence. Yet,have the
changes they brought about really been for better?
On the hand the benefits of computers cannot be denaied. In addiction they save
valuable time and space. Time-consuming tasks such as checking bank accounts,can
now be done in a matter of minutes and large amounts of information are
economically stored an tiny disks.As a result,with immediate access to the
Internet,they allow us to explore the world from the confort of our homes. Finally we
can always keep up-to-date with global and current issues.
Much more computers provide entertainment for instance in the form of amusing
On the other hand there are also disadvantages with the computer age.Computer
tehnology way progress rapidly,but machines still make mistakes. It is not
uncommonfor computers to suddently crash,deleting whole files of essential
Another negative effect of computers is that people easily become dependent on
them. How often do we hear of youngsters spending all their free time in front of the
computer insolating themselves from other people their age?
All things considered it seems to me that computers are admirable tools that
improve the quality of life,but only wneh used sensibly.No matter how advanced a
machine is it can never replace a human being.
It latest mobile phones will allow children to access cartoons and exchange
videos with friends. It could be used digital cameras and videos recorders for the
local history projects.

There is a lot of evidence that TV influences behaviour in a manner of life-

styles,images,popularity of fashion. But if it is a deep influence on behaviour it is
questionable. Tv could be seen as a force for good,but also a force for evil.Tv has
endless images of good,of beauty,of charity,of heroism,of love-a real world.
Also TV has images of violence,of evil,of cruelty,but me find these in society,too.
There are documentaries on the subject of violence on television because there are
too many programmes showing death,brutality,violence,but it is a fictional-violence
on TV and many viwers can understand the difference between fantasy and reality.
After so many years of television it might see to obvious to conclude that Tv is
dangerous for education. Indeed many children imitate what they see. It seems that
some programmes teach them how to shoot,role and kill.
Of course,I could criticize many programmes because of lake of culture,lake of
imagination. This doesn't mean that I don't find educational programmes,debates
about right and wrong because for me Tv is a source of information,entertainment
and learning. This means that we must know to select the programmes.Millions of
people watch Tv violent films,but they don't become murderers,so we can't blame Tv
for everything that's wrong with society.
It is also said that people would be reading more it they weren't watching
television.It's not true again.There are lots of good programmes.Only we must be
subiective and with a little judgement because it's a lot of educational staff broadcast
and we can learn for it.
On the other hand TV is a source of news of fast and accurate information and
used wisely and with parental guidance. Tv can realy change our life for better.
Instead of keeping a hidden diary.I use blog so I can join a pen friend organization
writing pages of fascinating details about my friends,my pets, about personalites
more interesting than my own life.
I can be in touch with so many smart people-being liked to other bloggers.It's
amazing and I fell free and even if. I might make mistakes. I learn from experience.
We must have skills in computers to send a message via E-mail being less expensive
than a local telephone call and also quicker than other means of communication.
Relating games on Internet.I need ability and it's a mental activity a physical
exercise which can contribute to a better sophisticated mind-choose a greater variety
of games.
Mobile phones- We love so much with that some of us sheep with them under the
pillow. I use them to can wey our most intimate secrets.We rily on them more than on
the Internet so to cope with modern life.
M Ph. Is the most practical communication tool a kind of lackbone of modern
social life-from love,affairs to friendship,to work. We teenagers regard our mobile
phones as an expression of our identity and byond the parents,control.
Messaging is a way of overcoming shyness.Sometimes we are too much absorbed
in some games instead of doing our homework.But,in life other hand spending time
in front of a computer screen does not necessarily affect our performance at school.

Mobile phones

Mobile Phones help me to be in touch with the rest of the world

It becames a phone addiction but there are places where we mustn't use them for
example in class,at church,at meetings.
Our-using the mobile phone in such cases shows lack of respect-disturbing people
around.In these cases we must turn off or keep it in silent mood.
But it's difficult to choose between mobile phone and computer. Both of them
imply communication.
-provide access to a vast range of information
-make easier communication among people
-we can access the rematest parts of the world
-the latestphone models can function as small computers-able to store information-
keeping us in touch with people all over the world.
-taking pictures-making recordings
-giving us the opportunity of listening to our favorite music
-we can write short messages
-transfer information to another call phone
A good mobile phone can succesfully replace a computer so I would choose it.