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LESSON PLAN Subject: Math

Trainee: Fatima Obaid Topic or Theme: Decimals

Class:4 Date & Duration: 19-March Lesson 6 (40 Min)

Trainee Personal Goals:

In this lesson plan I am working on my Assessment Strategies.

Lesson Focus:

Students will focus how to use place vale to subtract Decimals.

Lesson Outcomes:

Students will be able to subtract Decimals.

Links to Prior Learning:

Review how to add fractions and how to add mixd fractions.

21st Century Skill

Collaboration: students will collaborate to complete the activates.

Critical Thinking: Students try to add the Decimals.

Key vocabulary

• Decimals
• Tens
• Ones
• Tenths
• subtract

Possible problems for learners: Solutions to possible problems;

• Difficulties on understanding the • Modelling the activity in a student friendly

activities. language and do one example for them
• the language I’m using.
• behaviour issues. • Grouping the students and do competition,
• How to use place to subtract give points for group who listing and
Decimals Participates with me.

• Show them example

Resources/equipment needed

& Time
In the introduction teacher will review the place value chart with students.

5-10min In the modeling, teacher will say today we going to learn very easy lesson is about
how to add decimals.in 3 steps

Step 1: Line up decimal points.
Step 2 : subtracts the digits in the same Place-value positions.

Step3: Bring the decimal point straight down in the sum.

Teacher will model one example for them.

After that teacher will ask the students to check their basket, and take out the bag,
in the bag has a challenge questions they have to answer it in the pairs.

Than teacher will call one student to do it in the board, students have to check if
they answer right Then begin the actives.

Main activities
& Time

Activity 1: adding decimals

In this center there will be, activity card and numbers in the cup, students will
work in pairs. Teacher will do one example for them, first will take one paper
from the cup and see what number she gets, for example she gets number 2,
she will question 2 and write the answer down bottom of paper were say
number 2. Each two group will do same activity.

Activity 2: Bingo
In this center there will be, activity card and questions cards and counters.
students will work in pairs. Teacher will explain the activity, students one will
choose one questions card and answer it, then search for thee r answer in
activity card and put the counter on it. than students two will choose the card
and answer it.

Differentiation activities (Stretch)

All activities are differentiated.

& Time Plenary/Conclusion

Teacher will recap the outcome with the students and check for
understanding. Each student must complete an exit ticket to show their

Assessment Teacher will review exit ticket for understanding and assessment

√ Observation Student self-assessment √ Oral questioning ☐ Peer assessment

☐ Quiz ☐ Student presentation √ Written work and √ Verbal feedback