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The objective of Business Dynamics is to have functions integrated across the business which
will help them sustain and achieve their aim and maintain their competitive advantage of
customer loyalty and value creation. The main focus of the company is to become the largest
sole distributor of d2w additive across the country. Secondly, they want to become extremely
environmentally responsible and innovative organization. They have a human resource which is
highly responsible and they keep creating new ideas to the business in order to be more
innovative. Third strategy that is of safety, environmentally and socially responsible.


In order to avoid delays all the departments should complete their assigned tasks within the
given schedule. Employees should be kept accountable and they should take responsibility of
their activities. Their goals should be in line with the company objectives to attain beneficial
results. There needs to be interdependence among different functions of the business, which
means that each department should support one another and communicate to one another
efficiently. This is also an important aspect of workforce requirement.


The HR needs to design and implement programs that enable them to set goals for growth in
order to guarantee great standard of performance in management and safety functions by
ensuring that the administration and strategy side is correctly in line with the vision of the
Business Dynamics pursues maintaining a solid and long-term focus in the dynamic environment
and fulfilling to the goal of being the most effective and safest d2w supplier. Business dynamics
should try to encourage functions through constant research which shall deliver the firm with
strategic vision related to the practices and processes and only the most efficient process will be
filtered out of all the outcomes and then they can be enhanced more with input for development
in order to keep creating them improved.
The performance of employees is measured, appraised and reported so that the employees stay
motivated and sustain their hard work and keep their own goals in line with the company
objectives. Thus, the performance management system should be rewarding and adequate.

 Absenteeism
This indicator measures the absences of employees due to delays, sick leave or excused
or unexcused absences. This indicator can help predict the numbers you could be
expecting. Based on the average value of the hour worked the impact of absenteeism in
the company’s costs can be quantified.
 Average time to achieve goals
This KPI is going to measure the efficiency of your workforce to see how long it takes for
them to accomplish certain tasks and goals that have been set for their position in the
 Duration in the position
Many employees losses are closely related to the time that they keep in the same
position. If they feel they won’t be promoted, many employees tend to look for new
opportunities outside of the company. You can calculate the average time it takes for an
employee to ascend by counting the number of months it takes each employee with the
same charge and dividing the result by the total number of employees in the company.