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My Philosophy of Teaching

I believe all students are capable of learning, but they do not all learn the same way. It is
important for me to have a connection with my students and know why strategy works for which
students. I also believe that a connection helps build trust and respect between me and the
students. When a student respects the teacher, they do not want to disappoint them, so they strive
to do better.
I believe students should be educated in a safe, secure, and welcoming environment.
Students don’t learn through lecture, they through interaction. As an educator, I will assist them
in finding the information needed, instead of giving it to them. I will create lessons that are hands
on and involve peer collaboration. I feel students learn best from each other. It is important for
students to feel comfortable expressing and sharing information with each other in a respectful
and accepting way. This will teach them how to respect and care for others outside of the
classroom as well.
As an educator it is important to show that I believe in each and every student. If they
don’t see that I believe in them they will not believe in themselves. I will hold my students to
high expectations and goals to promote growth. I will have class expectation that we review
regularly, as well as provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I will do my best as their teacher to
always be warm and welcoming. I want my students to want to be in my class and comfortable
talking to me.
As a teacher I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement. Students need to be
acknowledged for doing well, not just when they do something wrong. I like to set up reward
systems for my students to work towards goal and receive something when they achieve them. I
will make sure they understand that making mistakes are not bad, they are a part of learning. If
they are making mistakes, I know they are trying.
To ensure progress in my classroom I will keep data on the students and have them write
trimester goals. I will communicate those goals and their progress with their parents. I also plan
to monitor their grades and testing scores so I am aware of any areas in the lesson or curriculum
that may need adjustment as well as a student who may need a little extra help somewhere.
I may be the teacher, but I too am a lifelong learner. I will always be open to feedback
from my colleagues and supervisors. My role as an educator is to provide each student with the
best education as well as assist them on the right track to being successful and respectful adults
someday. I promise to do everything in my power to achieve that with every student that walks
through my door.