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16 Light Dangerous Endorsement sie Regarding “Surrendering to the Al- mighty” (Light #116) — admittedly an. important answer to “modern orthodoxy” — 1 was puzzled by the fact that it was published with the name of the author. How do you intro- duce into yeshiva and heimishe circles ‘a man who has been intentionally Kept (and has kept himself) outside of these. very circles for years be Cause of definite past and present dam age to the Torah cause, through his being’ the mentor of and pillar upoa whom rest “orthodox nationalists” (Mizrachi and. “orthodex. hskalists” (represented by Y.U. and its ideology of synthesis"), 1¢ would not. be in fecurate to call him the father, of “modern orthodoxy." ‘Their leaders are products of the “synthesis” ideal he Tepresents and consider them- selves his talmidim, his dismay over the extent of their defection not- withstanding. "There. are still talmidim of Lake- wood Yeshiva (i heard it, from 3 aidim) who remember how Rav Aba~ fon Kotler 2? once exclaimed “Halb tun'a in America shpart zich con oif em” (Half the tunva in Ameri- fe Teans on him) and then, after a moment: “Nain, gantz tum‘a” (No, all the. twm'a, ‘Yeats ago, when frum people still had hope for a certain Jewish weekly, Rav Aharon Kotler and Rav Avro. hom ‘Kalmanowitz z¢'T called down its editor to complain about a num ber of undesirable pieces, The editor retorted that the paper also contained many worthwhile articles. Rav Aharon 29 Taivaiss 5736 answered, “If a book of preserip- tions contained many important medi= ines, except that some of them were poisons and “they were unmarked, Mould you use that "book™ ight sure st didnt unit endorse’ such = book”? (Rabb) Yirechok Dershowitz Lakewood, NJ. ‘The Editor Replies Dear Rabbi Dershowitz, The great danger of Dr. Rackman's pscudo-lomduss in his articles on Har focha over the past 30 years lies ‘not in any direct’ confrontation with poskim or even with bnay-Torah. He has ‘carefully avoided. that. Yeshiva University and Rabbinical Couneil of Ametican publications — and Rack- man's own’ books — have given his ideas a very widespread base. Manip- lating Halocha rather than reject. ing it-is very popular, and so “mod- en orthodoxy" "has" grown into large: movement, ‘The Jewish Observer has valiantly gone out to do. battle with “modern Gnihodox" Teaders. “The. most com Drchonsive effort was a very lucid and gadlussdig article by Rav Cha'yim Dov Keller in the Sivon 5730 Jewish Obser- ver (Vol, 6 No. 8). But what has been missing is a Bitu! gomur, a convincing dismissal by a godo! b'Visro'el of the entire “modern orthodox" position as non-fewish — a8 Kira. But no godol b’Yisto'el rose up to” do that So Ribono-shelolom Himself had to have rachamonuss on His con- fused kinderlach, He wrought the eir- cumstances under which Rackman at last openly spoke out and challenged Chazal, And He opened: the eyes of the “father of modern orthodoxy” to see how far things had gone and to feel compelled to stand up and say, oma ron ar mr Kt seems to us that by publishing Rabbi Dr." Soloveitchik’s personal statement of surrender to the Al- mighty we did not endorse any un- ‘marked poisons. If we did cause any confusion, we hope this exchange will clarify matters, Cab Number 59 Continued from page 10 large square where the many cabs stood awaiting the day's passengers. ‘The drivers called back and forth to one another as they waited, trading bits of news and friendly insults, Suddenly one of them sang out, ‘Hey fellows. Look, The Rab- bi’s man is coming.” Others took up the cry as Reb Elya Cha’yim’s short red- headed shamosh entered the square. The drivers, most of whom had had Rav Elya Cha’yim as a pas- senger at one time or another, began to tease the shamosh good- naturedly. “Take my cab for your Rabbi. I want to go to Heaven,” called out one. “He ‘wants a good tip, he means,” joked another. “YL take the Rabbi free of charge,” yelled a third. “I want to get my name in the papers.” Loud guffaws greeted this last sally. Rav Elya Cha’yim’s numer- out exploits were well known. But the shamosh was in no hurry. He strode leisurely be- tween the rows of wagons, noting the number of each wagon as he went by. ‘The drivers sat silently and watched. Despite the teasing, there was not one among them who wasn’t anxious to have the Rov of Lodz’s patronage. They all liked and respected the Rov and enjoyed talking to him. Bc he was a generous tipper Suddenly, the shamosh what he was looking for stopped beside cab numb and addressed himself tc driver. “Rabbi Meisel has to g of the city today. Could you his house at noon?” Stefan touched his cap pc “Yes sir,” he beamed ha “TM be there at noon, sir.” * Tt was exactly five min twelve when Stefan’s cab | up at the front door “Hello, hello,” the Rov s from the door. “I thought wwe could leave imnediately as it tums out, 1 happen ight in the middle of a important maiter. Suppose come in and have some 1 and in the meantime PU up what I’m doing.” Stefan readily agreed. He in and sat down to cat, $ grossed was he in the food he didn’t pay any attentic the unusual events trans outside The little shamosh, casting tive glances around’ him a while, led the horse and cat a small shed in the Rov’s « yard. Horse and cab safely i the shamosh locked the wooden door from the ot and scurried away, the clutched tightly in his han Stefan smacked his lips 1 Number 119 29 Taivaiss 5736 TA ANT NRA In vy_ inn | LI | 10 Light U7 Kislev 5736 follow one at a time. “Cloud One is passing over a large sheep farm. See, it’s begin- ning to rain. The Torah rain wil give life and support to the sheep So that the herd will increase and yield lots of wool and mutton. Cloud Three is passing over a comnfield. The Torah rain it re- Teases will give the farmer a bumper harvest this year. What happened to Cloud Two? Look at that little cloud — it’s going off on its own! Good, the camera is following it “The cloud is now over Mel- bourne and heading toward the residential area. Now it has stop- ped over a house and it has be- gun to rain. Let us see what is inside the house. There is an 18- year-old boy asleep in his bed. He is very restiess, tossing and turn- ing, Is he very ill, and the Torah rain is going to help bring him back to health? Not quite. In the next room his parents are dis- cussing something. They look very worried! His father is holding something in his hand — an ap- plication form for a university. And what is that on the floor? — ‘An application form for a yer shiva. Look, the cloud is raining its ‘Torah rain on the parents, “Let us listen in upon their conversation! “But Ted, he wants to go to yeshiva so’ much! Look” how he’s getting pale and. thin with worry! Let him have his way for f year and then he can carry on to college. “Waste a year! What about his livelihood! “What if the college won't keep his place for him he'll be finished. After he’s got a degree and settled into a nice job he can start thinking about these hobbies and side-things. Like T always say — first things first” “Well, he won't do any good in college moping around with a long face like he’s been these past few months. He'll spend all his time on his leaming gmora_and all that, anyway. Besides, perhaps he'll become a Rabbi — our rabbi eams more than you do, doesn’t he?” T suppose you're right, dear. Nowadays these children do what they like anyway. Huh — at least he won't become a hippie and get high on drugs in a yeshi Imagine if he turned out like the Brownleys’ boy!” “The father is picking up the form on the floor. Wow! Is it raining hard! Look, the father is signing the form for the yeshiva! “This is another effect of Torah rain.” A. vwice piped up from the middle of the class, “Does that mean that the Torah we learn can help someone at the other end of the world?” “Oh yes, indeed — it might keep him alive both physically and spiritually. Furthermore the effects of the Torah rain will come back to you. The boy will go to yeshiva, learn, and his Torah continued on page 18 ‘ 4 { oa Rabbi Dr. Joseph B. Soloveitchil u When “modern orthodoxy” seeks to nullify kidushin, abrogate _gittin, and cireumyent momzairus by reinterpreting the chazokos of Chazal in the light of modern knowledge, this is the antithesis of Surrendering I HAVE To discharge a duty. Be- lieve me, I do it with sadness in imy heart. You know me, I never criticize anybody; T've never at- tacked anybody. [ have never set myself up as a judge or arbiter who approves or disapproves of statements made by people. But today,PS77A 79.9.1 feel it is my duty to make the following state- ment. Chazal have emphasized many times the importance of humility, that a proud person can never be a great scholar, because study- ing the Torah means meeting the Almighty. When finite being meets the Infinite, the Maker of the world, this meeting must pre- cipitate a mood of humility. Humility results in_ surrender. What do we surrender to the Almighty? First we surrender to to the Almighty the Almighty the everyday logic, what T call the logic of the businessman, or the logic of the Rabbi Dr. J.B. Soloveitchik, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva University, is grandson of Rav Cha'yim Solovei- {ehik of Brisk, This statement, from fan’ address ata Rabbinical Council fof America Convention, was made in Fespae to Smodem orthodox” pro- posals by Dz. Emanuel” Rackman, Fabbi of New York City’s prestigious Fifth Avenue Synagogue, and. assisi- Ant ta the president of Yeshiva Unic versity. Rackman proposed that con- temporary rabbis be granted the right to nullify kidushin, thus. abrogating the the issue of mor basis of a psychological and socio- logical reinterpretation of the chazo. kos used by Chazal,