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Week 2 Assignment: Looking Forward

Nadia Nehme

National University

TED 690-Capstone

Professor Hart


The following essay details my professional goals for the next five years. Learning is a lifelong

process and it is important for teachers to keep up with the latest teaching methods and

strategies, as well as develop new skills while improving old ones. The more professional

development and education courses taken, the more effective of a teacher I will become, which is

my ultimate goal. I will go into further detail about my professional development plan.

Having a professional development plan is important because “it demonstrates the teacher’s

commitment to continued professional growth in the beginning stages of his/her career”

(Costantino and De Lorenzo 90). We must be willing to further our own education and skills in

order to meet the continuous changing needs of our students. By having a clearly defined set of

goals with a timeline for each, we are setting ourselves up for success of achieving those stated

goals. As Domain F, Developing as a Professional Educator, in the California Teaching

Performance Expectations states, “candidates use reflection and feedback to formulate and

prioritize goals for increasing their subject matter knowledge and teaching effectiveness”

(California Teaching Performance Expectations). Below, you will find a timeline of my

professional development plan.

Goal 1

I want to take continuing education courses to become a more effective teacher. I have wanted to

take an art course because it is something that I am not very skilled at. I tend to shy away from

art in my classroom because of that reason. I know that art is very important to develop amongst

children, as it allows them to be creative and also helps with fine motor skills. Art can also be

used as a tool for instruction and something that is therapeutic for children. Therefore, I have

decided to enroll in Fresno Pacific’s course, Art 903 Building Self-Esteem Through Elementary

Art. I will earn three units from this course, in addition to learning how art can encourage

students as well as build confidence.

Goal 2

Attend teacher conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., to further my professional development.

It is important for me to attend teacher conferences as much as possible. The school I currently

work for pays for local conferences and seminars, so there is no reason why I should not take full

advantage of these opportunities. That is why I plan on attending The Emotional, Social Brain:

Developmental Neuroscience and the New Science of Education workshop in Santa Barbara. I

will be able to earn 20 hours of professional development credit. With this workshop I will:

 Understand the brain basis for integrated social, emotional, and academic development

and what the science and best schools reveal about how people actually learn

 Learn about major networks of the brain, and the integrated nature of emotion and

cognitive brain changes associated with adolescence, and examine fMRI data, videos, and

examples from children and adolescents

 Recognize how adversity, bullying, and loneliness impact brain development and mental


 Learn how social experience and culture shape brain development, thinking, and learning

across the lifespan

 Discuss the effectiveness of various teaching practices, curricula, and policies, and what

it means to support the whole child -- body, brain, and mind -- in school

Goal 3

Improve classroom management and build content expertise. In order to achieve this goal, I will

attend Fresno Unified’s New Teacher workshop. This workshop will provide me with classroom

management strategies to implement in my class.

Goal 4

I want to complete the teacher induction program at Fresno Unified, BTSA, in order to receive

my clear credential. It is important for me to complete BTSA because it is the only way I can

clear my preliminary multiple subject credential. BTSA will provide me with new teacher

support and guidance so that I can be an effective teacher. BTSA will give me training and

assistance so that I can develop my teaching skills.

Goal 5

Volunteer and take on more responsibility and a leadership role by joining the school PBIS

(Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) team. I will take an online PBIS course at

Fresno Pacific in order to prepare me for such a role. This course will give me the necessary

skills to help develop behavioral intervention plans within our school for students who display

behavior problems.

I am confident that creating a five year professional development plan will me stay on course and

achieve my personal goals.


Five Year Professional Development Plan

Professional Goal Implementation Timeline

Take continuing Enroll in Fresno 2019
education courses to Pacific’s Art 903
become a more course, Building Self-
effective teacher. Esteem Through
Elementary Art
Attend teacher Attend available 2019
conferences, workshops, such as
seminars, workshops, the one taking place in
etc., to further my Santa Barbara this
professional summer- “The
development. Emotional, Social
Brain: Developmental
Neuroscience and the
New Science of
Improve classroom Sign up for Fresno 2020
management and Unified’s New
build content Teacher workshop
Finish BTSA in order Begin Fresno 2019-2021
to receive my clear Unified’s two-year
credential. teacher induction
program, BTSA, in
the 2019-2020 school
Volunteer and take on Enroll in Fresno 2022
more responsibility Pacific’s online
and a leadership role. course, PBIS: Positive
Join the school PBIS Behavioral
(Positive Behavioral Interventions and
Interventions and Supports.
Supports) team.


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Portfolio: a Guide for Educators. Office of Laboratory Experiences, College of Education,

University of Maryland, College Park, 1998.

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