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ELEMENTARY UNIT 6 4 Read the profile below. Choose so or because.

because and so Mike Jenkins was born in
Hong Kong in 1983. His
WRITING TIP parents were British, but
We use because to explain why we do something. they lived in Hong Kong
because/so they worked
We drank a lot of water because it was hot.
for an Asian bank there.
She looked for a new job because she wasn’t happy in her In 1989, Mike’s dad got a
old job. new job, 2because/so they
We use so to describe what the result is. moved back to the UK. Mike started at my school when he
It was hot, so we drank a lot of water. was five and we became best friends 3because/so we both
She wasn’t happy in her job, so she looked for a new job. loved drawing and painting.
We use a comma before so but not before because. When we were seventeen, Mike’s mother died 4because/so
she was very ill. Mike and his father were very, very sad,
because/so Mike didn’t come to school for a few weeks.
1 Match the sentences halves. When he came back, he was still very sad, but he said he
1 I missed breakfast yesterday, … wanted to make his mother happy and help other ill people.
2 Ken studied very hard, … Mike studied art at university and he was the best student
3 I studied history at university … in his class. The local hospital asked him to paint some
pictures 6because/so they wanted to make the hospital
4 Jack is very fit … patients feel happy. The hospital wanted to pay him, but
5 It was raining yesterday, … he said he didn’t want any money. When people saw
6 Sarah’s really happy … his paintings in the hospital they wanted to buy them,
7 I love cooking, …
because/so Mike had an idea.
8 Sam was late to class … Mike helps a lot of ill people now 8because/so he gives all
the money he makes from his paintings to charity. I admire
a) because he goes to the gym every day. Mike 9because/so he uses his talent for painting to help
b) so I drove to work. people, and he loves his work, 10because/so he is always
c) because his alarm clock didn’t go off. happy too.
d) so I was hungry all morning.
e) so he passed all his exams. 5 Write a profile of somebody you admire. It can be a
f) so I’m now a chef. friend, someone you know or a famous person. Write
g) because she passed all her exams. about what they do/did and why you admire them.
h) because it was my favourite subject at school.

2 Complete the sentences with so or because. Add a

comma where needed.
1 Tom was fat he ate a lot.
2 We were happy she was so kind.
3 It was cold I wore a coat.
4 You’re late you need to run.
5 Tom takes the bus he can’t drive.
6 John was tired he went to bed early.

3 Join each pair of sentences with so or because.

1 At school I liked art. I had a very good teacher. Plan you writing
• Think about the person you admire.
2 I moved to Madrid. I got a job in Spain. • Who is he/she? What is he/she like?
• What happened in his/her early life?
3 It rained all weekend. I stayed inside. • What did he/she do?
• Why do you admire him/her?
4 Sandro didn’t go to the party. He was sick. Check your writing
• Did you use because and so to describe reason and
5 I broke my phone. I had to buy a new one. result?
• Did you check your grammar and spelling?
6 Kate wanted to help people. She became a doctor. • Did you find any mistakes?

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