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FIRST FLOOR SECOND FLOOR Se el ere ae ere eee Comets ponents ene mean oer ma cae eco aay Cae poe ees CS Pee ea eee oer Closed on January 1st & 6th, December 24th, 25th & 31s. SERVICES & ACTIVITIES eee eens rent, temporary activities, children's workshop, conferences, courses, seminars, awards & research gan publications and guided tous. rer} reer erry EE EL eo einer CASA DE COLON PES ieee Cl) Uh 17, at Rj, conquer of he slr, founded he Fo Las Palas cal de les Palas) nether words this came the ys st foundations hin ths re iy wal, bldngs presen the diferent autores emerge arty of roti that of the Governor's House as i is highly pr Chrstophe Columbus stopped by bare 1452 and on wo mor journeys enroute to Ameria, Nowadays, the Goveno"’s Nouse forms part of the architectural comple! a ata Con The museum cons of thiteen permanent exhibition cos ard lage patos hepato wi ur att cente ithe mos a gotticwel ant due tthe sis igh valued Renaissance atches that surround it FIRST FLOOR CCOLUMAUS AND His VOYAGES In this arid the techclopal advances andthe new mentality conte tothe sec fo raw ous which rae both the lap ovr the Alte a the dscovery othe New Worl pose. The dfn rooms afer this information to the visor ina didactic way hough he use of scale made, paral objects which ae representative of a paiclarhistore moment, pennants, natal maps, aigtional instruments, carves, routes and a reconstuction of the Admirals room THE CANARY ISLANDS: STRATEGIC ENCLAVE AND EXPERIMENTATION BASE FOR THE NEW WORLD Coluibus’s passing th 2 postion that facies ni seams; hence why al epe cugh te Canaries was not by hare. The uchipelago occupies gation towards the west duet its Trade Wins ard 8 tons woul ave hereto stck up an Supls before ‘rosng the Atte. Org ths pet, a teal soda, etual and econonic ‘exchange rm and tothe Archie whl Iinks ust rena tas plc The sands would rot bea mere op envout theres at aia tang market and 3 fountainheed for emigration. Canarian fais will sane theselesn the New Wor earring the Archipelago the te of “Nation Maker" To date. he Canary Islngs and America matin ths relatonsip. THE CRYPT AMERICA BEFORE THE DISCOVERY te the cpt we informatie pal about the setting of Americ, cultal zones a of pe-Colombian America plus contemporary ethnographic tail resresened nal thee of te cllectins menone bea The Encl and lta Cult 2 diverse cllection af eriginal ceemic made p of oamarphic and antrope Fguines seals and oj The Mexican Cultures: there ate reproductans of obec fom the Ae, Mayan, Zapotec, Oaracen ecules The Amazorian ules the bade hp belonging te the Amazonian peopl ofthe 20t cena parcullynotenorty snd a SECOND FLOOR GRAN CANARIA AND THE CITY OF LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, The oom gedcate 1o Gran Cari aii 2 scale model fthe sar eccomparied 2 catoyaphical history af he Archipelago thus allowing the tor to place the cy ints geographical surroundings The oom dicated to the cy of Las Palas de Gran Canaria races she maton ar evoltion othe apt om dhe TS othe 12th cetuy sng tet maps, scale maces nd raphic documentation Fighting Pieter van der Does attack on he iy. PAINTINGS FROM THE 16th ‘TOTHE 20th CENTURY Wty of ot are the fur emis parls fon the 1th erty whose eign ening us ofthe flourishing sug the Archipe matained with lade’ dung Ws period tary erie we cn appeecate the Mexican painting by lst de Pex whose theme the “The Coronation ofthe gin as wells the“ Jesus of Nave rom te From 1am Cure eho From she archives in the Prado Museum we Pigg te panting “Saint Anew” by ost eRe, "Tan an he Ping’ by Guero and "Say Oring Verus a Glas onal Caace The enon ends wit ass rom th en ofthe 19 century ne” by antngs by Cartan she sng of the 20h centr.