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s the the mest velkknown Japanese mecha franchise ever made, and has a long and rch history behind i. However, because ofthis, it can be viewers new tothe franchise to get into ®. recy this problem by helping to answer questions rom people who are new tothe Gundam universe.and give them a simplified overview ofthe ne significantly dering opinions regarding some entries inthe franchise, you wil 9 times out of 10, disagree with something that you see here, on with a grain of sat. However, this guide is 100% comprehensive and wil cover all ofthe main entries inthe franchise (this means that omitted), and al ef the important OVAS. I wil aso be continuously updated with never erties in the franchise as they come, y intended to clear up confusion, you should not lett influence which shows you want to watch. Watch each ofthe shows yourself and form your J may end upiking some shows that many users on im dislike, oF vice versa ichise consists of 16 complete series, 4 movies, OVAs, and 3 web shots, with three angoing productions (Mobile Sut Gundam: The Origin, m Thunderbot and Mobile Sult Gundam Twilight As). There are also compilation movies for many ofthe seties and OVA, though these should unless stated otherwise, ‘ieag aan acne en Norsemen tran duaorecntemoned | ino Scotsman oanaroeneren_| Ach act waist aah soon ‘Sang ats ew onan ow ao get hte Ear UC? Ss Seyi erg ete pn Sa tn ns Fertsrmmasesaoon cmantrorinmon | Siimamnaricon wotmtcunarontrmet | wanna hdr ert camer on comer lores sertaes mmionurecrnainonye | fectnton atu hate asleshe ston al cee Stern sp 0 an os ar iro eth tn ey nn Schoieemmatsmamamie |p ccetmuc cca tecpmer Se cay beer ‘ae ova ese Soe wore Sa saa ‘egeltoaigiaane tomnaecnne "| vet escent Tire treet as Rees, Sst ant ante noes we moves oot ccgeramgetmemmetramees | ezsignetemtmonansespemanemton | fegiemamwcemyntenmacenenm | pesanewrergencens = Meso yer ina ame one ‘nga rename un hl ae What about A New Translation? tn nin ep Spa Tadeo ogy oe or epee at Serentanimetstnwactninomns | pit saytnaes nthe Jenolan ne ees Coonan ose! atacand "Heo wos ter ae "ea nga es ome ‘army ces ag pe 22 et