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RECORD/DOCUMENT TRACKING FORM (RDTF) Effectivity Date: August 16, 2018

NHA-QP-001-F01 Form Revision No. 02

Record/Document Control No. : REG – 11 – DISTRICT 2 – 2019 –

Record/Document Type : AS-BUILT PLAN

Originating Unit : TECHNICAL UNIT

Subject : Review and Comments of As-Built Plans for Community Facility Projects

I hereby certify that all the documentary requirements have been subjected to the principle of “complete staff work” and have been
evaluated with diligence and found in order in accordance with prescribed policies, guidelines and procedures.

Head – Technical Unit
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For/To From
Date Name/Position/ Remarks/Instructions
Name/Position/ Unit
Forwarding herewith for your
review and comments the As-Built
Plans of the following Projects:
ROLANDO I. TEVES, JR. SONIA J. BULSECO 1. Construction of 2-Storey 8-
Regional Manager, RO XI OIC, District 2- R XI Classroom School Building at
Kinablangan Village, Brgy.
Kinablangan, Baganga, Davao
2. Construction of 2- Storey 8-
Classroom School Building at
Baculin Housing Project, Brgy.
Baculin, Baganga, Davao
3. Construction of 2- Storey 8-
Classroom School Building at
Olive Heights Subdivision,
Brgy. Poblacion, Monkayo,
Compostela Valley Province
4. Construction of 3- Storey 15-
Classroom School Building at
MHP3, Brgy. Union, Monkayo,
Compostela Valley Province
5. Construction of Multi-Purpose
Center at San Antonio Village,
Brgy. Maparat, Compostela,
Compostela Valley Province

Thank you.

IMPORTANT: Pursuant to Section 8.B of RA 9485, response/action “shall not be longer than five (5) working days in the
case of simple transactions, and ten (10) working days in the case of complex transactions from the date the request or
application was received.”