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nd Beginner Teacher’s Book Premium Pack er tenn Dee ER re aa Rea core Chenin’ @ Presentation Kit: an interactive version of the Students Book © Teacher's Resource Centre with extra audio, video, worksheets ee 1 eae 4. Go tothe website warw.macmillanopenmind.com @ your code (see below) 2. Glick ‘Activate your code! @ your email @ a password 3. Type inthe code, 4. Enter your emall address and password. Make a note of your password 1 ach teacher has one code: do not share your code. You can access your resources from any Intemet-enabled device by using your username and password Your cocle wil last 48 months from the date you activate It you need help, gt in touch at help.nacmilan.com omT8s977091493427 Op PA MACMILLAN enMind Beginner Teacher’s Book Premium Pack Tim Bowen Yvonne Maruniak Concept development: Mariela Gil Vierma