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National Learning Service SENA

Center for Financial Services, Regional Capital District
Training program: Analysis and Development of Information Systems
Bogota Colombia

The execution and implementation of this project called “SYSTEM OF INFORMATION

FOR THE CONTROL OF BODEGAS INVENTORIES", is determined under the premise
of developing a company dedicated to the development of specialized software, which
has required quality standards and current regulations, at the same time, its star product
and pioneer is the development of a control and registration software that can be
marketed in companies of different sectors, called "SICIB", to contribute to the
strengthening of employment and the quality of life of the project operators.


A more effective system will be carried out that will help to take better control of inventory
and costs, through an information system that will be implemented in the company's
warehouse, from there any employee will be able to handle it and only the head of this
The company may make changes in its due process.


General Purpose

Develop an intangible product of control software type, which allows small, medium and
large companies in different sectors to have an instrument to record and manage the
inventories of their resources, which facilitates adequate control and management of

Specific Objectives

• Support small, medium or large companies to carry out an adequate management

of information and records, to serve as a tool for decision making.
• Design and present a proposal for the IT solution with reference to the specific
needs of each client.

Scopes of the Project

This information system will carry out the general control of the inventory of the company's
warehouse, registering each existing product in a database, which will manage all this
information in an organized, correct and reliable way. This will help make it much easier
to control all the data handled in the warehouse processes and significantly improve the
control of merchandise entry and exit. The management of the inventory will be improved,
thanks to a graphic interface that will be intuitive and easy for the user to interact with,
thus obtaining greater productivity and a reduction in the execution times, which will
contribute to the company's growth in the field of the technology.


Technological Benefits

The company that needs our services will benefit more quickly in process control than it
does today. The design of a customized information system will allow adapting the system
from design and development to your needs, where the system adapts to the company
and not the company to the system. The implementation of software processes that in
Colombia are still made manual in the vast majority of companies, which allows to offer
products and / or services of average quality to the clients.

Economic Benefits

The benefits for companies are enormous because their costs will be reduced since the
file is managed from a terminal and reports can be prepared with which they will have
better support to analyze, for example, the data of best-selling products, the current stock,
etc. What the company requires at the moment.


1. Innovation of new products in software.
2. Ease in software development.
3. Knowledge in design.
4. Staff with an entrepreneur attitude.
5. Constant software update.

1. Not having financing
2. Lack of advertising training
3. A lot of competition in the market
4. Lack of analytical staff

1. Partnerships with companies
2. Opportunity in the national market
3. Trend to the growth of applications
4. Teamwork with the skills of the company
5. Innovative and excellent quality software

1. Increase in competitors.
2. Theft of company information.
3. Lost in investment.
4. Competitions of companies with lower prices.
5. Software piracy.


SICIB is a web platform that allows you to manage your inventory in real time from the
comfort of a device with a browser; manages the inventory, the output of products and
shows you in real time the status of your warehouse. This application is a fundamental
tool for the management of related business product management. In SICIB you can:

 Add clients by entering their personal data quickly.

 Modify data to update the database.
 Management of profiles in the application: Administrator, Employees and clients.
 Enter and update the product inventory.
 Control the output of the products.
 Visualize reports that can be used for decision making.

The end user will have access to the SICIB system through a server provided by the
company and configurator by software developers. In which you can access through the
web browser to manage the information system of the company.

The system can be executed in any of the following operating systems:

 Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bits
 Windows 8 - 32 or 64 bits
 Windows 10 -32 or 64 bits
 Linux
 Android, Windows Phone.


 Laptop or desktop computer with its respective Ethernet port or WiFi antenna in
correct operation.
 The laptop or desktop will have at least 2Gb of RAM, Intel or AMD processor, with
a minimum of 25 Gb of hard disk space.
 Internet connection by modem or router. Minimum connection speed of 10MB.
 Laser printer or ink for printing reports.


Control Panel Module, in which the general information of the system is displayed, as it
is: Number of Users, Number of Categories, Quantity of Products, Number of Dispatches,
Most Dispatched Products, Last Dispatches, Recently Added Products.

Access Module, in which you can manage users and user groups. You can add, edit or
delete users.

Products Module (Inventory), you can see the products of the stock, indicating the
name of the product how many are in existence, the category and when it was added.
They can also be managed by adding, editing or deleting.

Product Output Module, is the list of the products that are requested and sent to the
customers, showing the list with the details of the total amount and date. We can also
manage adding by editing or deleting.

Module reports, you can view the outputs by month, by day or by date range and
showing a format with the report and can be printed.