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Melting 100,000 Tons of Steel

The mythos presented to us ten years ago was that jetliners crashed into the two
Twin Towers in New York and the heat produced by the burning jet fuel caused the
buildings to “collapse.” Let us examine this hypothesis simply, by determining if
the amount of energy contained in the fuel so delivered could do the work required
to cause this catastrophe.

A Boeing 767 holds approx. 23,980 gallons of aviation fuel (kerosene) when full.(1)

The energy content of this amount of kerosene is 3,409,956 MegaJoules or 818,389

MegaCalories (8.2 x 1011 Calories).(2)

There were approximately 105,600 tons of steel used to construct each of the
World Trade Towers. That is equal to 96,000,000 kg or 9.6 x 1010 grams of steel.(3)

For the sake of convenience, let us substitute water as the material we are going to
heat rather than construction steel. We do this knowing that to melt steel requires
over eight (8) times the energy needed to boil the same weight of water. To raise
the temperature of one (1) gram of water 1◦ C requires one (1) calorie of heat. To
boil one (1) gram of water requires 100 calories.

Taking the amount of heat energy contained in the 23,980 gallons of jet fuel
divided by an amount of water equal in weight to the steel used in constructing a
tower we have:

8.2 x 1011 calories (heat)/9.6 x 1010 grams (water) = 8.5 calories (heat)/gram

In other words, if all the steel in one of the towers were replaced by its
equivalent weight in water and heated by the jet fuel (767, full tank) with
100% efficiency, it would raise the temperature of that amount of water by
just 8.5◦ centigrade. This is less than 1/10th the energy required to boil the
water and approximately 1/80th the energy required to melt the amount of
steel used in the building’s construction.

It should be obvious by this simple analysis that jets crashing into the buildings
didn’t destroy them. Note, also, we have not said anything about the other
materials comprising the building, notably concrete, sheetrock, plumbing, wiring,
glass, etc., which adds another 5.8 x 1010 grams to each building. To turn that
material into powder, which is precisely what happened, required much more
energy than what was available from the quantity of fuel cited above.

This analysis does not address the actual amount of energy required to cause the
destruction of the towers. Neither does it address the modality of destruction. It is
quite probable that a destructive technology not in the public domain was the
instrument of this cataclysm. What this analysis does establish is that the story told
by the authorities is patently absurd; no more plausible than someone claiming to
have roasted a turkey using a single match as the heat source.

I urge the reader to research the physics of the destruction of the towers. Whatever
information you gather, please make sure to visit the website of Dr. Judy Wood
(http://drjudywood.com/). Prepare to have your mind blown.

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