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Kelsi Camp

Assignment 10
Doctors Without Borders
People do not know how to help. People struggle to connect with Doctors Without Borders
because they do not know exactly what it is, what they do, how they can help, or what their
donations are really going to. This is why I suggest created a simpler website layout, so the
viewer can stay interested. As well as to start sharing more powerful stories about what Doctors
Without Borders really does.


36-40 years old, who use social media platforms like Facebook on a daily basis. Who live in the
United States in an urban area. Who have a high school degree and college degree. Who make
over $75,000 a year.


Doctors Without Borders main website has a lot of information on it. For the reader, it can feel
overwhelming. Most people when viewing a website are lazy, and don’t want to have to click on
several different links in order to find out basic information. I suggest giving the website a tab
that just takes the viewer to a single page with no links anywhere else. The tab should be called
“About Us.” The top of the page can include a gallery style photo sections, where the viewer can
click through the photos. The photos should be of different missions and people their staff has
helped. The page should include a couple paragraphs including their mission statement, goals,
achievements, what they do and what they need.

This can be monitored by checking and see how long visitors of the website stayed on the page
before, and how long they stayed on the page after, and also if they donated or not. Visitors of
this page will be encouraged to donate on this page, at the “About Us” page. This will work for
Doctors Without Borders because people currently view Doctors Without Borders as an
organization that does a lot of things and it’s confusing. This is a way to create a more simple
idea in the viewers head of what Doctors Without Borders is.


The overall layout of Doctors Without Borders website is very overwhelming. Right at the top of
the website home page, where the “who we are,” “what we do,” “careers,” and etc are. There are
56 different options for different pages available under those tabs. The overall design needs to be
condensed, very few page viewers are going to go through all those links, and it might be
frustrating to someone who’s just trying to find one certain thing about Doctors Without Borders.
My suggestion is to first create a “Blog page” where all the recent and old blog style posts can
go. When you click on that tab it will take you to a list of different topics of blog. “History of
Doctors Without Borders,” “Medical Stories,” “About our Staff,” “Changing Lives.” And any
other that are relevant. The pages main tab should be “About Us” “What we do” “Careers”
“Support Us” “Take Action.”

This can be monitored by studying the analytics of the page, as well as seeing how long visitors
view the page, and if they donate after viewing or sign up to volunteer.


Start creating better content for Youtube. Most of the videos now, are only 2 minutes long. Start
creating videos that are 12 to 15 minutes long, that tell a story about Doctors Without Borders.
The videos should be about the staff, patients, volunteers, or interns and should have an inspiring
tone and story to them.The viewer should want to help make change after viewing the video.
Youtube viewers are looking for a personal connection to the channel in order to subscribe or
share the content. The 12 to 15 minute long videos can also be cut down and condensed to be
able to post a preview of them on the Doctors Without Borders Instagram and Facebook page.
The posts could include a link to the full video.

This can be monitors by viewing how many people click the links from the Instagram and
Facebook posts, and also by seeing how many views the new type of videos gets. People should
be persuaded to donate from the videos. This will work, because Doctors without Borders has the
opportunity to share so many inspiring stories that the world deserves to know. This is a topic
people are interested in, and they just don’t know how to help.

Doctors With Borders – Part Two

Lack of Medical Resources in DRC/ Democratic Republic of Congo

PLATFORM #1 (Instagram)

Messaging/Tactic A.

A short video about a child in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The child is lost and scared
hiding in the woods from the violence on the streets. Then a clip of a child from America,
playing basketball in the streets with a group of friends. Then a black screen that says “The
problem isn’t in our streets, but it is in theirs. #THEPROBLEMISREAL”
Using a video will help the viewer feel the emotion, and realize the problem is real.


Messaging/Tactic B

The caption to the post will be “The people of the Democratic Republic of Congo are in need of
help. With violence that causes the people to flee their homes with no supplies to hide in the
forest for shelter, and the largest recorded break out of Ebola in the country, the people need

To help: https://donate.doctorswithoutborders.org/onetime.cfm?utm_expid=.OZRYu6o-TOaN6-
For more information: https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/what-we-do/news-stories/media-
coverage/daily-struggle-survival-democratic-republic-congo” Posted from the Doctors Without
Borders Instagram page.

We will monitor this buy seeing how many people view the post and like it. By seeing how many
people visited the profile from the post to learn more. By seeing how many people clicked the
link to donate or go to the website. By seeing how many people repost the hashtag and are
talking about. These tactics will work because it has an emotional guilt factor. This will lead to
more donations because people will compare their own safety to those of others.

PLATFORM #2 (Twitter)

Messaging/Tactic A.

People are being forced through violence to leave their homes and flee to the forests of the
Democratic Republic of Congo. Medical resources are at an all-time low, and the people of the
DRC are still fighting Ebola.
To help: https://donate.doctorswithoutborders.org/onetime.cfm?utm_expid=.OZRYu6o-TOaN6-

Messaging/Tactic B.

Include the picture below in the post. (A photograph of a staff member helping out a patient.)


This can be monitored by the amounts of likes and retweets the post gets, as well as by viewing
how many people clicked on the link in the post. Also, by how many people use the hashtag in
their own tweets. This tactic will work, because it is a reminder to people that the Ebola outbreak
is still relevant and effecting people today, as well as informing them of the low medical
resources in DRC. This will lead to more donation, because people will want to help.


Vero is a new and upcoming platform, that is similar to Instagram. The app allows you to share
or upload, movies, shows, music, books, photos, and links. The thing that differs Vero from other
platforms is it allows you to upload content in collections. Meaning, you can organize posts into
different collections, based off your own preference. This could be a good place for Doctors
Without Borders to share their books, documentaries, films, or other content.


A documentary following the life of a Democratic Republic of Congo person, showing how
Doctors Without Borders has helped saved a life. The documentary should mention how there
are still thousands of people in the DRC that need help and resources. This can be posted on
Vero. The post should also provide a link to donate to the cause, and a link to sign up to

This will be monitored by, seeing how many people viewed the video, seeing how many people
click the links, and see how many people sign up to volunteer or donate. This tactic will work,
because it will share the story of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in an
emotional way. The audience should have a guilt factor reaction, causing them to donate.