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In today’s world, my fellow friends, in our everyday lives, the word stress is commonly used and
felt. However, we must not allow stress to take over our lives. We must focus more on a balanced
life filled with love, compassion and lots of smiles. So before I begin my speech, I beseech all of
you to smile. PLEASE smile widely during my speech.

So, let us begin. A very good morning to honourable judges, accurate time keeper, and of course,
my wonderful audience. On this pleasant day, I would like to enlighten everyone here about
LOVE. We are currently living in a modern era of human civilisation, a really outstanding
achievement for us humans really, BUT, behind this 'amazing' achievement of ours, DO WE
REALISE, that the world community, YES the world community, that includes all of you and
myself, are brought face to face with intense anxiety in our lives? Regardless of who they are -
are seeking help.

HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER WONDERED WHY?? HOW could this be happening?

WHY more and more people are seeking help when we are living a very contented life?! This is
a question that may be answered accurately with just one single word. LOVE.

LOVE is a word that expresses our feelings of affection towards somebody. The synonym for this
‘cliché' word is, like, be fond of, adore and be devoted to. Without love, ladies and gentlemen,
tragedies would befall us. Therefore, love is proven to be important. Love is something that could
not be forced into. Love, in my opinion, is a great gift from God. I strongly believe love is

Dear audience,

The saying 'love makes the world go round' is accurate, in a metaphorical sense. The most
important reason why love could help the hunger problem around the world is the fact that love
ties people together in a way to help each other. First of all, feelings such as, caring about others
and helping each other is also one way to express your love. Secondly, the spirit of sharing is
not very common in today’s world. In fact, people tend to be more selfish about others.
However, love flourishes that feeling and people would be more likely to share what they have.
For instance, sharing the half bread with someone who do not have one or even giving a piece
of fruit are attitudes that people, moved by love, often practice. Therefore, love does contribute
in solving social problems, like hunger, and poverty even when we don’t realise it.

Another important social matter that love could help to solve is violence. I strongly believe love
is associated with peace. First, this fantastic feeling attach people around with a peaceful
sentiment. For example, starting a fight or thinking of taking someone’s life are thoughts that do
not exist when one's in love. It is very heartbreaking to read or watch news about war or
murder. We must focus more on LOVE.

To sum up everything, love is the answer for most of the world’s questions. Love holds people
together in way to help and care about each other! Therefore, positive thinking, patience and an
open mind are crucial to ensure a strong bond between individuals. Love to God, family, friends
and human mankind will ensure a harmonious environment for all of us to live in.

I would like to urge everyone to love and care for each other more so that happiness will always
be with us. As Michael Jackson said, “heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me,
and the entire human race.”

Thank you very much.