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Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 • Vol XI, Edition 66 www.smdailyjournal.com


Giants win the World Series,
at last
here is a new benchmark,
the beginning of a new
era in the San Francisco
Giants’ franchise history. No
more will 1954 be the last time
the Giants won a world champi-
onship. The World Series years of
1962, 1989 and 2002 now
become historic footnotes. The
year 2010
becomes the

bring title to San Francisco

By Ben Walker
new bench-
mark by
which all
future San
teams will
ARLINGTON, Texas — The be meas-
prize that eluded Willie and Barry at ured.
long last belongs to the San This is for
Francisco Giants, thanks to a band Willie
of self-described castoffs and mis- McCovey,
fits and their shaggy-haired ace. Dusty
Tim Lincecum, Edgar Renteria Baker, Candy Maldonado and
Salomon Torres.
Inside and the Giants
No longer will Giants fan ago-
won the World
Lincecum nize over Bobby Richardson
Series on Monday snaring McCovey’s line drive in
comes through night, beating the
See page 11 Texas Rangers 3-1 Game 7 of the 1962 World
Series. They won’t have to ques-
in a tense Game 5 tion why Baker lifted Russ Ortiz
and taking the trophy home to the with a 5-0 lead in Game 6 of the
city by the Bay for the first time. 2002 World Series. Maldonado
It was an overdue victory — the can finally be forgiven for losing
Giants last wore the crown in 1954, that fly ball in the lights against
four years before they moved West. the St. Louis Cardinals in the
So much for a franchise that never 1987 National League
quite got it done in October despite Championship Series, and Torres
the likes of baseball giants Willie can finally be recognized as a
Mays, Barry Bonds and Juan rookie pitching on the last day of
Marichal. It’s November, and now the 1993 season against the hated
new stars stand tall in San Dodgers.
Francisco. The San Francisco Giants have
“This buried a lot of bones — ’62, finally won the World Series.
’89, 2002,” Giants general manager This is for Willie Mays, Juan
Brian Sabean said, ticking off losing Marichal, Will Clark, Bobby and
Series appearances. “This group Barry Bonds, Bill Laskey, Jack
deserved it, faithful from the begin- Clark, Terry Whitfield, Johnnie
ning. We’re proud and humbled by LeMaster, Mike Ivie, Greg
the achievement.” Minton, Scott Garrelts and all
Lincecum outdueled Cliff Lee in other Giants who toiled through
an every-pitch-matters matchup that the lean years of the 1960s
was scoreless until Renteria earned through most of the ’80s.
the Series MVP award by hitting a Laskey, who is currently
stunning three-run homer with two Aragon’s softball coach, was on
outs in the seventh inning. Nelson the mound on the final day of the
Cruz homered in the bottom half, 1982 season when Joe Morgan’s
but Lincecum returned to his homer knocked the Dodgers out
wicked self and preserved the lead. of the playoffs. He is still heavily
Lincecum won this game of Texas involved with the team. Whitfield
Hold ’em, beating Lee for the sec- REUTERS runs a batting cage in
ond time in a week. The two-time Left:San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff,right,jumps into the arms of teammate Buster Posey after defeating the Burlingame, teaching the next
Texas Rangers in the World Series in Arlington, Texas. Top right: San Francisco closer Brian Wilson celebrates
with champagne.Bottom right: Giants manager Bruce Bochy celebrates his team’s victory. See CHAMPS, Page 19
See SERIES, Page 15

Quote of the Day Snapshot Inside

“This buried a lot of bones Marijuana
— ’62, ’89, 2002. ... This group Doctors
deserved it, faithful from the help make pot
available in state
beginning. We’re proud and See page 19
humbled by the achievement.”
— Brian Sabean,Giants general manager
“Finally!” see page 1

Local Weather Forecast

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. Highs in the 50s to Wall Street
upper 60s. Northeast winds around 5
mph...Becoming west in the afternoon. Stocks retreat
Tuesday night: Mostly clear. Lows around from early gains
50. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.
Wednesday: Sunny. Highs in the 60s. Light See page 10
Wednesday night: Clear. Lows in the lower 50s. Northwest
winds around 5 mph.
Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs in the 60s to lower 70s.
Thursday night: Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s.
The Helix Bridge is pictured with the Marina Bay Sands resort in the
Friday: Partly cloudy. A chance of rain. Highs around 60.
background in Singapore.
Friday night: Mostly cloudy. A chance of rain.

Lotto This Day in History Thought for the Day

Gen. George Washington issued his “The amount of sleep required
Oct. 30 Super Lotto Plus
9 25 30 31 46
Mega number
Daily Four
0 9 0 7 1783 Farewell Orders to the Armies of the
United States near Princeton, N.J.
by the average person is just five minutes more.”
— Anonymous

Oct. 29 Mega Millions Daily three midday

In 1795, the 11th president of the United States, James Knox
Polk, was born in Mecklenburg County, N.C. Birthdays
4 19 26 28 39 14 9 5 1 In 1865, the 29th president of the United States, Warren
Mega number Gamaliel Harding, was born near Marion, Ohio.
Daily three evening
Fantasy Five In 1889, North Dakota and South Dakota became the 39th and
6 7 4 40th states.
6 11 33 37 38 In 1917, British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour issued a dec-
laration expressing support for a “national home” for the Jews
The Daily Derby race winners are California Clas- in Palestine.
sic,No.5,in first place;Lucky Star,No.2,in second In 1920, radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh broadcast returns
place;and Gorgeous George,No.8,in third place. from the Harding-Cox presidential election.
The race time was clocked at 1:40.13. In 1930, Haile Selassie was crowned emperor of Ethiopia (his Singer-songwriter Actor David Rapper Nelly is 36.
reign lasted nearly 44 years). k.d.lang is 49. Schwimmer is 44.
State . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 In 1947, Howard Hughes piloted his huge wooden flying boat, Rhythm-and-blues singer Earl “Speedo” Carroll (The
Opinion. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 the Hughes H-4 Hercules (derisively dubbed the “Spruce Cadillacs; The Coasters) is 73. Singer Jay Black (Jay and the
Business . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Goose” by detractors), on its only flight, which lasted about a Americans) is 72. Political commentator Patrick Buchanan is
Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-15 minute over Long Beach Harbor in California. 72. Actress Stefanie Powers is 68. Author Shere (shehr) Hite is
Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-18 In 1948, President Harry S. Truman surprised the experts by 68. Rock musician Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake and
Datebook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 winning a narrow upset over Republican challenger Thomas E. Palmer) is 66. Country-rock singer-songwriter J.D. Souther is
Comics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Dewey.
Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21-27 65. Actress Kate Linder is 63. Rock musician Carter Beauford
In 1959, former game show contestant Charles Van Doren (The Dave Matthews Band) is 53. Rock musician Bobby Dall
Nation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,27 admitted to a House subcommittee that he’d been given ques-
World . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 (Poison) is 47. Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lynn
tions and answers in advance when he appeared on the NBC’s Nottage is 46. Actress Lauren Velez is 46. Christian/jazz singer
“Twenty-One.” Alvin Chea (Take 6) is 43. Rock musician Fieldy is 41. Rock
Publisher Editor in Chief
In 1979, black militant JoAnne Chesimard escaped from a singer-musician John Hampson (Nine Days) is 39. Rhythm-
Jerry Lee Jon Mays
New Jersey prison, where she’d been serving a life sentence for and-blues singer Timothy Christian Riley (Tony Toni Tone) is
jerry@smdailyjournal.com jon@smdailyjournal.com
the 1973 slaying of a New Jersey state trooper, Werner 36. Prodigy (Mobb Deep) is 36. Actor Danny Cooksey is 35.
Phone: . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290 Foerster. (Chesimard, who took the name Assata Shakur, is Rock musician Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) is 35.
To Advertise:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ads@smdailyjournal.com believed to be living in Cuba.) Country singer Erika Jo (“Nashville Star”) is 24.
Classifieds: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ads@smdailyjournal.com
Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . calendar@smdailyjournal.com
News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . news@smdailyjournal.com
Strange but True
Delivery: . . . . . . . . . . . . . circulation@smdailyjournal.com Drunken diaper-wearing huge malignant tumor. At 332 grams, the authorities to find him.
Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . info@smdailyjournal.com tumor weighed more than twice the nor- The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
800 S. Claremont St., Ste. 210, San Mateo, Ca. 94402 man seeking candy arrested mal weight of a kidney. says the 26-year-old robber brandished a
OCEAN CITY, Md. — Maryland The 31-year-old former prison guard handgun at Destin’s Union State Bank
State Police said a drunken 47-year-old said he’s pursuing the record to solidify on Thursday, ordering the employees to
by Mike Argirion and Jeff Knurek Florida man wearing a diaper was arrest- his victory over the cancer that nearly the floor. Deputies say he fled with
ed for shouting profanities while trick- killed him. $6,000.
Unscramble these four Jumbles,
one letter to each square, or-treating. Police said Joseph David While investigators searched the bank,
Zoo critters do some
NEW BIBLE Jumble Books Go To: http://www.tyndale.com/jumble/

to form four ordinary words.

DiVanna of Sarasota, Fla., was arrested a witness found a wallet nearby.
HCEPA about 9:15 p.m. Sunday and charged Halloween pumpkin-smashing Investigators showed the ID photo to
with disorderly conduct. bank employees, who thought it might
ASHEBORO, N.C. — Even some of
©2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc. Police said witnesses reported the critters at the North Carolina Zoo be the robber.
All Rights Reserved.
DiVanna cursed at adults and children in can partake in a long-standing tradition Deputies searched the man’s house
HANEN the Fox Chapel neighborhood of West of Halloween mischief: pumpkin- and say they found cash and a gun that
Ocean City as he tried to get them to smashing. appeared to be the one used by the rob-
give him candy. The zoo is holding its annual ber.
VOUDER It was unclear if DiVanna has hired an “Pachyderm Pumpkin Pounding” on
attorney. Sunday, which is Halloween. Man in wheelchair goes
Man pursues world Elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees three miles to help sister
will all have a chance to pulverize and SWEET HOME, Ore. — A 73-year-
WEFTES record for kidney tumor partake of pumpkins in their exhibits.
Now arrange the circled letters old Oregon man traveled three miles in
to form the surprise answer, as
PIKEVILLE, N.C. — A North It’s all part of the zoo’s ongoing animal his wheelchair before hunters found him
suggested by the above cartoon.
enrichment program. and helped rescue his sister after their
“ ” Carolina man is celebrating successful
Print answer here: THE Zookeepers say the pumpkins provide
cancer surgery in an unusual way: by car got stuck for two nights in the snow.
both mental and physical stimulation for
(Answers tomorrow) seeking world record status for the Linn County sheriff’s deputies say
Jumbles: MINUS VERVE RADIUS PALATE the animals, allowing them to manipu-
Yesterday’s tumor doctors removed from his Howard Partridge, of Sweet Home, and
Answer: The prince became the ruler because he — late, taste and smell the giant vegetables.
“MEASURED” UP abdomen. The News & Observer of his 61-year-old sister, Janice Partridge,
Raleigh reported that Eugene Tyner of Oops: Accused bank had gone for a drive Wednesday on a
Pikeville has applied to the Guinness U.S. Forest Service road to view autumn
Book of World Records for the status of robber dropped wallet foliage when they got stuck.
heaviest cancerous kidney ever DESTIN, Fla. — Investigators knew a They stayed in their vehicle for shelter
removed. man accused of stealing $6,000 from a before Howard Partridge left to get help
In a four-hour surgery, doctors Florida Panhandle bank didn’t stuff the Friday. Deputies say the pair melted
removed the kidney, which had grown to cash in his wallet. That’s because he snow for water and ate snacks they had
the size of a cantaloupe because of a somehow left it there, making it easy for purchased before their trip.
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 3

Vacant lot eyed for new school site Police reports

Bad neighbor
District board to discuss San Mateo location to meet growing enrollment Someone reportedly punched their neigh-
bor on the 2700 block of Carolina Avenue
By Heather Murtagh district searching for a home for a yet-to-be-built Council Oct. 15, 2007. Plans were never sub- in Redwood City, at 6:37 p.m. Friday,
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF fourth Foster City elementary school. During the mitted to the city’s building department and Sept. 15.
process, portions of a 15-acre site in the heart of today the lot remains vacant.
A 2.8-acre vacant lot in San Mateo could be Foster City has topped the district’s list of ideal Population in Foster City is growing with a
home to a new elementary school after it locations. This summer, Foster City officials projected 2,303 students in the 2012-13 school
became clear public land within Foster City was made it clear the site would not house a school. year, according to a district staff report. About FOSTER CITY
off the table. District officials then turned their sites to private 385 additional students are expected to enroll Burglary. A television worth $2,200 and a
On Thursday, San Mateo-Foster City school property. Thursday’s conversation is the first by the 2013-14 school year. Enrollment has laptop worth $1,500 were stolen from a resi-
officials are scheduled to discuss 400 Mariners agendized conversation about such property. been managed by increasing class sizes, a move dence on Sea Spray Lane before 1:17 p.m.
This is not the first time the district has consid- temporarily allowed by the state through the Saturday, Oct. 30.
Island Blvd. in closed session. The site, located
ered land outside the Foster City limits, an 2011-12 school year. Burglary. An iPod and jewelry were stolen
steps away from Foster City limits, could be the
option last discussed publicly in October 2009. Purchasing land by January is the first step to from a residence on Regulus Street before
new home of a neighborhood school officials The lot, 400 Mariners Island Blvd., is located
say is needed to house growing enrollment. a new campus in the district’s most recent time 3:05 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30.
on a street which acts as the boundary between line. Ultimately, the new school is slated to be Burglary. A storage locker was broken into
While officials would not confirm the site is San Mateo and Foster City. It is valued at $2.2
being considered for that use, it would fit with- finished and ready for students in January 2014. but nothing was taken on Foster City
million, according to the San Mateo County Tax Boulevard before 8:07 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 28.
in search parameters previously publicly dis- Collector’s Office.
cussed by the district. The board meets 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 4 at Theft. A GPS unit was stolen on Carina Lane
Most recently, a condominium project at the the District Office, 1170 Chess Drive, Foster before 7:40 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27.
One thing is without question. site was going through the planning process. City. Petty theft. An individual used a woman’s
“We need a new school. Foster City, as a com- A three-story, 76-unit multi-family residential credit card fraudulently to make purchases
munity, has strongly supported neighborhood building, under the name Mariners Island over the Internet on Admiralty Lane before
schools,” said Trustee Lory Lorimer Lawson. Condominiums, was first submitted to the city Heather Murtagh can be reached by e-mail: 9:23 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22.
Increasing enrollment and the desire to offer of San Mateo Aug. 25, 2005, according to the heather@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: (650) Grand theft. The petty-cash box at the
neighborhood schools to families resulted in the city’s website. Plans were approved by the City 344-5200 ext. 105. Foster’s Landing Apartments was taken on
Bounty Drive before 9:31 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22.
Lawmaker takes aim at high-speed rail cost, conflicts BELMONT
Stolen vehicle. A vehicle was stolen on
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF REPORT have not always publicly need to be assured that their money is being
disclosed their relation- spent wisely,” Hill said in the statement. Continentals Way before 11:13 a.m. Sunday,
A local lawmaker is ready to close a loop- ships with these firms — Hill wants to make sure the integrity of the Oct. 31.
hole in state law that has led to conflicts of nor were they required to project “is beyond reproach.” Theft. Property left on the roof of a car was
interest among California High-Speed Rail do so. That’s because a The rail authority is planning a route with stolen on Alameda de las Pulgas before 5:57
Authority board members. state law enacted in 2002 to electrified bullet trains traveling from Los p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31.
Assemblyman Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, cit- make potential conflicts of Angeles to San Francisco at a cost of more Burglary. Items were taken from an apart-
ing a recent audit released last week by the interest more apparent to than $40 billion. It received a significant boost ment on Davey Glen Road before 3:04 p.m.
Office of the Inspector General that details the public did not include Friday, Oct. 29.
when voters approved Proposition 1A, a $9.95
millions being spent on consultants without the then-fledgling rail
proper documentation, wants to introduce leg- Jerry Hill billion bond in November 2008.
authority,” Hill said in a
islation in January to address cost controls at prepared statement.
the rail authority. Hill sits on the Assembly Select Committee
Two authority board members have also on High-Speed Rail.
allegedly received tens of thousands of dollars “Voters who approved this project, including
in consulting fees from firms with financial residents of the seven cities in the Peninsula
interests in the project, according to Hill. along the high-speed corridor that I represent,
“During board meetings, these members

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4 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 5
Former San Carlos officers join Sheriff’s Office Harry Everett Heselton Jr.
Entire department sworn in; city hopes to claim savings Harry Everett Heselton Jr., late of San
Mateo and resident of San Mateo County for
By Michelle Durand 55 years, died in Daly City on October 30,
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF 2010. Husband of Lillian Heselton for 62
years and father of Stephen Heselton (his wife
The entire San Carlos Police Department Karen) and Patricia O’Brien (her husband
was sworn in en masse to the Sheriff’s Office Kevin). Also survived by his grandchildren
yesterday, culminating approximately a year of Brendan, Timothy and Catherine.
debate and decisions in the city’s innovative A native of West Plains, Mo., age 87 years.
decision to outsource public safety for a $2 mil- A longtime employee of GTE Lenkurt and a
lion annual savings. member of the Bay Area Garden Railway
The five-year contract with the Sheriff’s Society.
Office actually took effect Oct. 31 but a cere- Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Thursday,
monial swearing outside the historic court- Nov. 4 at the Chapel of the Highlands, El
house in Redwood City yesterday signaled for Camino Real at 194 Millwood Drive in
many the actual end of the 85-year-old city Millbrae. Interment will be at Holy Cross
department. Catholic Cemetery in Colma. Family and
Sheriff Greg Munks, former San Carlos friends may visit on Wednesday after 6 p.m.
Police Chief Greg Rothaus — now a sheriff’s until 8 p.m. at the Chapel of the Highlands.
captain heading up the San Carlos bureau — His family appreciates donations to the
and city officials supporting outsourcing have Alzheimer’s Association.
told residents they shouldn’t expect much
change short of a different badge and some Alberto Galassi
shift of administrative duties to the Sheriff’s Alberto Galassi, of Millbrae, died Oct. 31,
Office in Redwood City. 2010 in Burlingame. He is survived by his
Detractors, including San Carlos residents loving wife of 58 years Isolina, his daughter
who tried unsuccessfully to block the move MICHAEL COSTA/DAILY JOURNAL Marisa Koenig (her husband Dennis), son Rob
with a measure that never made it to the ballot, San Carlos police Sgt. Ron Albertson, left, stands outside of the San Mateo County History Galassi (his wife Denene) and three grand-
have warned the city is risking public safety Museum in Redwood City Monday morning. children Michael Koenig, Lisa Koenig and
and possible financial footing if it ever wishes Kayla Galassi.
to re-establish its own department. ly sworn in. Some struggled through the stiff Office had roughly two dozen vacancies and He was a native of Marche, Italy and retired
But Monday morning, with rows of uniform- uniform cloth. Others pushed through with the county agreed to add the handful of others. from Sunset Scavenger.
clad officers and employees swearing to uphold ease. The flash of cameras competed with the The contract also transfers equipment and Family and friends may visit from 4 p.m. to
the law as sheriff’s deputies, the talk was flash of grins as hugs, high-fives and even a either resurrects or enhances programs like 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3 and attend the 7
instead of pride, camaraderie and the future. two-thumbs up finished up the ceremony. DARE and traffic enforcement. p.m. vigil service at the Chapel of the
“We welcome them with open arms and will “This was just beautiful. I was impressed,” To end a $3.5 million budget deficit and a Highlands, 194 Millwood Drive at El Camino
take very good care of them,” said Sheriff Greg said Suzie McCarty, who pinned her husband, decade of cuts, San Carlos has also already out- Real in Millbrae. The funeral mass will be cel-
Munks. Craig McCarty, along with their 2-and-a-half- sourced its parks maintenance and human ebrated 10 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 4 at St.
Although Munks mentioned the economic year-old daughter, Alice. resources payroll. Officials are now awaiting Dunstan Catholic Church, 1133 Broadway in
struggles that led to the city’s decision to out- McCarty, who was with the San Carlos proposals for fire service, with Cal Fire, Millbrae. Committal will follow the services
source, he focused primarily on greeting his Police Department for two years before the Redwood City, San Mateo and Menlo Park at Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery in Los
newest employees and their loved ones. transition, was really looking forward to the expected to be in the mix. Bids are due in early Altos.
“We are a family here at the Sheriff’s Office handoff, his wife said. December and a new provider could be in place As a public service, the Daily Journal prints
and you are now part of that family,” Munks The Sheriff’s Office beat out Redwood City by next October when the city’s joint powers obituaries of approximately 250 words or less
said. for the San Carlos police contract in large part agreement with the city of Belmont dissolves, with a photo one time on the date of the fami-
Those bonds were evident as wives, children, because it guaranteed jobs for every member of ending the Belmont-San Carlos Fire ly’s choosing.
parents and others pinned badges on the recent- the 39-member department. The Sheriff’s Department.
6 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Day of the Dead party Local briefs

raises funds for students al grant program administered by the
Parents at Sunnybrae Elementary School in Association of Bay Area Governments have
San Mateo held a Day of the Dead festival on partnered to equip Foster City police patrol
campus last night to help raise money for field vehicles with a dozen automated external
trips for fifth graders and to celebrate diversi- defibrillators, life-saving automatic devices
ty. that are credited with saving the lives of sud-
Organizers, a group of five mothers, hope it den cardiac arrest victims.
will turn into an annual event. The approximate $19,200 cost of the equip-
Sunnybrae has three fifth-grade classes and ment is split evenly between the health care
students incur a lot of expense going on field district and ABAG at no cost to the city.
trips or paying for graduation, for instance, The Foster City Council approved purchase
said Alicia Petrakis, one of the event’s organ- of six of the units, for which it will be reim-
izers. bursed by the ABAG grant, at its Oct. 18
“Many of the kids are not able to go on field meeting.
trips,” Petrakis said.
Sunnybrae has a growing Hispanic popula- PG&E finishes San
tion, Petrakis said, and the event was meant to
bring the entire community together. Carlos gas line review
Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is Pacific Gas and Electric has completed its
a holiday in Mexico that focuses on gather- investigation of the 105-foot segment of a
ings of family and friends to pray for and high-pressure gas transmission line on Brittan
remember those who have died. It is celebrat- Avenue in San Carlos.
ed Nov. 2. PG&E announced Tuesday, Oct. 26 it was
The event featured a mariachi band, authen- finished and had no further concerns about the
tic food and a raffle. line which sits in the vicinity of El Camino
The San Mateo County Hispanic Chamber Real. The segment had been ranked on the
of Commerce provided seed money for the Rita Gleason,principal of Notre Dame High School,Belmont,announced Sept.15 that senior
utility’s top 100 highest risk pipelines because
celebration and La Morenita market provided Chantal Guegler earned semifinalist status in the 56th Annual National Merit Scholarship
of concerns about the materials used for con- Program.Guegler is one of 16,000 students nationally who have the opportunity to continue
food. struction. The list was assembled after the
Students pre-sold nearly 300 tickets for the in the competition for 8,400 National Merit Scholarships, worth more than $36 million, that
deadly Sept. 9 explosion and fire that ripped will be offered next spring.To be considered for a Merit Scholarship award,semifinalists must
event. through a San Bruno neighborhood, leaving fulfill several requirements to attain finalist standing.
eight dead and dozens displaced.
City to send holiday
The San Carlos Public Works Department is ecome a Healthy Cities volunteer
greetings to troops now organizing a joint community meeting tutor. Last year volunteer tutors
The city of San Mateo is preparing to send with PG&E for sometime in mid-November worked with over 200 students at six
cards and care packages to troops serving to address resident questions and concerns. San Carlos schools and gave them the impor-
overseas and is asking the public’s help. tant one-on-one
San Mateo’s Adopted Sons of Alpha Meeting set for trails plan update help that can make
Company, 1/327 Infantry Regiment, 101st The San Mateo County Department of such a difference to
Airborne Division will be away from their Parks is holding the first of several public a child’s success in
families during the holiday season as the com- meetings to share information and gather school.
pany was deployed to Afghanistan earlier this input on a preliminary San Bruno Mountain Orientations will
year. This is the company’s fourth tour of duty area map of the San Mateo County Trails be held 8:30 a.m. to
in the Middle East. Master Plan update. 10:15 a.m. and 6:30
The city is asking for residents to send cards The map is one of six for the county which p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
and care packages to soldiers in the company highlights a proposed trail between Oyster Nov. 3 at the White
to help make the holidays special. Point Marina and Fort Funston. One of the Oaks School multi-
If you drop off your gift and/or greeting at most significant changes proposed is the use room, 1901 White Oak Way, San Carlos.
the city clerk’s office in City Hall, located at inclusion of regional trails in an east to west No RSVP is required.
330 W. 20th Ave., we will pack and mail the direction from San Francisco Bay to the Tutors meet with their student once a week,
items to Afghanistan. The deadline for deliv- Pacific Ocean. The trails will link those north for approximately one hour and provide one-
ery by Christmas Day is Nov. 13. to south from San Francisco to Santa Cruz and on-one support. Tutoring times are flexible.
If you want to personalize your items with a Santa Clara counties. Each is intended to trav- There are always more students than tutors, so
card or greeting, the names of the members of el through public parks as much as possible your help is greatly needed. On Sept. 27, Assemblyman Jerry Hill, D-San
Alpha Company are available at the City and use existing trails, bike routes and paths. For more information call Donna Becht, Mateo, presented to El Granada Elementary
Clerk’s Office in City Hall. To get the name of Future public meetings will focus on the coordinator of communitypartnerships for the School Principal Carrie Betti a $5,000 Barona
a soldier, please stop by the city clerk’s office, other five draft trail alignments. San Carlos School District at, 508-7333 ext. Grant toward the school’s science lab. The
call 522-7040 or request a name via e-mail at The first meeting is 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 955 or e-mail dbecht@sancarlos.k12.ca.us. funding will help support the lab including
ngomez@cityofsanmateo.org. Monday, Nov. 15 at the South San Francisco microscope purchases. When Hill toured El
Municipal Services Building, 33 Arroyo Granada Elementary last spring, he was
Foster City police Drive, South San Francisco. Class notes is a twice weekly column dedicated to impressed by the school’s science lab. So
school news. It is compiled by education reporter
vehicles get defibrillators Further information, including the map, is Heather Murtagh. You can contact her at (650) much so that he submitted El Granada
Sequoia Healthcare District’s HeartSafe available at 344-5200, ext. 105 or at heather@smdailyjour- Elementary’s science program as his
www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/portal/site/parks/. nal.com. nomination for the Barona Grant.
program, the city of Foster City and a region-
Brown,Whitman deliver final pitches Republican pictures with vol-
• Members of the public who would like to help
shape Foster City’s future are encouraged to come
By Juliet Williams and Judy Lin
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Meg Whitman, u n t e e r s , to a community focus group 10 a.m. Saturday,
who has made a Whitman sat Nov. 6 in the Spray Room of the Foster City
LOS ANGELES — Democrat similar pledge to down with four Recreation Center. Participation is free but inter-
Jerry Brown spent the final day of his bring lawmakers women in a cubi- ested parties are asked to RSVP.
campaign for California governor together, spent cle and made five Foster City is in the process of updating its
Monday promising voters he would her day rallying phone calls ask- General Plan. The General Plan outlines how the citizens of Foster City
work with lawmakers to solve the campaign volun- ing for support. view their community, how they want it to be in the future and how they
state’s financial problems and bring teers working to She rang a cow intend to deal with planning and development issues facing the commu-
inclusion and transparency to the boost voter bell after hang- nity.
office. Jerry Brown turnout. Meg Whitman ing up one call,
This is one of a series of focus groups that are being conducted with a
Brown and other Democrats seek- In Woodland signaling one range of community groups so the city can develop the General Plan
ing statewide office rallied outside Hills, Whitman said the momentum more vote.
was with her and the GOP, which is The former CEO was also meeting encompassing a wide range of stakeholders’ views of near- and long-term
the downtown Los Angeles library
hoping to make gains nationwide. with volunteers in Costa Mesa, San Foster City planning issues.
after he appeared in San Diego.
“Living within our means is not “You can feel the energy and Diego and Temecula. For additional information, or to sign up to participate, visit www.fos-
going to be that easy, but I’ve enthusiasm,” she said. “I can’t tell In San Diego, hundreds of support- tercityfocus.org or call Kevin Gardiner at Metropolitan Planning
pledged to work with everybody.” you how many people have come up ers packed an outdoor Mexican Group at 938-1111.
Brown said in Los Angeles. “When I to me and said, ’I’m a lifelong restaurant in a historic area of the city
Democrat. I’ve never voted for a for a morning rally for Brown, who Woman convicted in
start this job — if I’m elected — I’m
not going to wait for a couple of Republican. I’m voting for you.”’ watched tortillas being made as
Around the nation
months. I’m going to go to work.” After shaking hands and taking music played across the street. deadly collar bomb robbery California Rep. Gary Condit told
ERIE, Pa. — A 61-year-old jurors Monday that he didn’t murder

Senate campaigns enter sprint to finish job getting sup- fighting for
woman was convicted of participat-
ing in a bizarre plot in which a pizza
delivery driver was forced to rob a
bank wearing a metal bomb collar
Chandra Levy and insisted he coop-
erated fully with police when they
investigated the Washington intern’s
By Kevin Freking disappearance nearly a decade ago.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS porters to cast Californians.” that later exploded, killing him.
ballots. Fiorina’s cam- The jury deliberated about 12 hours NASA: Space shuttle
LOS ANGELES — Creating an “When you paign was hop- Friday and Monday before convicting
aura of victory was the strategy look at all the ing undecided Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, of Erie, Discovery ‘go’ for launch
Monday for Democratic Sen. Barbara polls, we’re voters would on charges of armed bank robbery, CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. —
Boxer and Republican challenger doing well. flock to her side conspiracy and using a destructive NASA has cleared space shuttle
Carly Fiorina, as the two sought to Some we’re win- Tuesday. She device in a crime of violence for her Discovery for its final flight.
energize their campaigns for one last ning by a little. appealed to those role in the bank robbery that killed Mission managers gathered at
day before voters go to the polls. Barbara Boxer Some we’re win- Carly Fiorina upset with the 46-year-old Brian Wells. Kennedy Space Center on Monday
With Fiorina trying to pull off one ning by a lot,” direction of the
morning for the traditional flight
of the biggest upsets in the country, Boxer said outside a diner near state and nation, Ex-Rep. Condit: No review. They voted unanimously to
both candidates are treating the race Hollywood. “The truth is, the people saying Boxer had her chance to fix
as close. They said the outcome could have to vote. If we have a decent things, and it was time to put some- involvement in Levy killing press toward a Wednesday afternoon
depend on which side does the best turnout, I’ll be back in the Senate one else in charge. WASHINGTON — Former liftoff.
8 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

More San Bruno More calls to rein in Cow Palace By Michelle Durand themed party Yee called the

fire lawsuits filed

By Michelle Durand

The calls for greater regulation of

events at the Cow Palace in Daly City
are getting louder in the wake of 15

open to those 16
radio station Live
105 which was

and older. Fifteen

Cow Place board
of directors “rep-
rehensible” for
allowing raves
and similar
events without
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF Spookfest partygoers being hospital- people were hos-
ized, following on the heels of two pitalized with stepping up secu-
deaths at a May rave. apparent drug rity.
A pile of new lawsuits against and alcohol C o u n t y
PG&E over its role in the deadly State Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Leland Yee
Francisco/San Mateo, said if the Cow overdoses. Two Adrienne Supervisor
San Bruno fire were filed Monday, were critical and Tissier Adrienne Tissier,
Palace doesn’t act immediately to bet-
claiming the utility is responsible ter protect the community, he will remain in the intensive care unit. whose district
for the massive blaze that left sever- introduce legislation requiring it to In March, nine people fell ill at the includes the Cow Palace, echoed the
al dead, dozens displaced and hun- provide medical and police personnel etd. Pop 2010 electronic music festi- need for action and pointed at the state
dreds wondering how to pick up the in advance of hosting raves. val and two eventually died. for failing to make serious changes.
pieces. lost the sense of safety and comfort
“Once and for all, we can finally Authorities initially thought tainted “Enough is enough is enough ... If
The suits, filed by attorneys Jerry that everyone should have when drugs were behind the incidents but the Cow Palace was under the control
they enter their own home,” Riddle end such tragedies at this troubled
Nastari and Amanda Riddle, are on venue,” Yee said. eventually ruled them Ecstasy over- of Daly City or San Mateo County,
behalf of 52 victims and 18 families. said. doses. these issues would’ve been properly
Closer to home, Daly City
The group includes both those The claims were made on behalf Councilman David Canepa isn’t wait- After that tragedy, local and state addressed years ago,” Tissier said.
burned in the disaster and others of Yick Au, Yim Ching, Julia Au, ing for the Cow Palace to take its own leaders called for action but stronger In June, Tissier successfully asked
whose homes were destroyed in the Norma Au, John Boosten, Dennis steps. On Monday, Canepa said he regulation fell on deaf ears. Yee com- the Board of Supervisors to pass a res-
Sept. 9 gas explosion and blaze. Costanzo, Janel Costanzo, Vincent will ask the City Council to pass an pared the push to his efforts to double olution asking state legislators to limit
“Our clients suffered so much ordinance requiring the police chief to fines on 19th Avenue in San Francisco raves. Tissier, who sat on the Daly
more than property damage. They See FIRE, Page 19 approve promoters. Like Yee’s pro- where speeding and deaths were City Council when two people died at
posal, Canepa’s suggestion would prominent. a New Year’s Eve rave, said the city
additionally require promoters pay a The problem, according to Yee, is asked the Cow Palace to stop then to
Fire scam suspects in court public safety fee for added law
enforcement and absorb any other
costs for police and fire if another
that money trumps safety.
“Sadly, the Cow Palace and these
rave promoters care more about mak-
no avail.
Tissier has no new plans for local
ordinances or restrictions but is ready
incident ends poorly. ing a quick buck than the safety of our to assist Yee with his efforts, said leg-
Canepa also wants to put an age kids and young people,” Yee said. islative aide Bill Chiang.
Two women separately charged limit of 18 on these types of events. Last year, the Subsonic Halloween With the Legislature on a break, the
with trying to scam aid money and “I don’t have a problem with events 2010 Spookfest was held without Cow Palace has until January to get its
goods by posing as victims of the at the Cow Palace and I want it to incident, Cow Palace CEO Joe act together, said Yee spokesman
San Bruno fire appeared in court thrive. However, I have a problem Barkett said in a statement. Adam Keigwin.
yesterday, one to plead not guilty with these events causing a safety haz- This year, there were 12,670 atten- “If this wasn’t the first time, we
and another to seek bail. ard to my community and to the dees and the radio station, Live Nation might give them more time. But now
Monday’s appearance was the patrons of these events,” Canepa said. and Cow Palace provided for 21 Daly there have been several episodes,”
first for Angela Marie Wise, 46, who The palace sits in Daly City but is City police officers, according to Keigwin said.
Niesha Taylor,Angela Wise Barkett. By then, too, the state will have a
was arrested in September but operated by the California
almost immediately made bail. She jury. She remains free on $100,000 Department of Food and Agriculture’s There were also approximately 88 new governor who Yee hopes will be
asked for a court-appointed attorney bail and returns to court Jan. 12 for Division of Fairs and Expositions. security personnel and 39 medical helpful in getting a new set of board
and pleaded not guilty to several The latest incident happened Friday personnel on hand, he said. directors amenable to added protec-
felonies, including fraud and per- See SCAM, Page 19 at Subsonic Spookfest, a Halloween- Yet more is necessary, Yee said. tions, he said.
THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 9
Well? Done Contact Us
t’s almost done. The commer-
cials, the e-mails, the robo- ‘Those who abstain today better hold their tongues if
calls, the mailboxes filled
with fliers and brochures from asked to pay parcel taxes, if the county supervisors
groups most have never heard of appoint replacements for mid-term vacancies or if
about candidates and measures they the state puts greenhouse gas rules on pause.’
wish they never had.
By the end of today, though, the Daily Journal e-mail:
you’re reading this, the end is a about a primary anyway? — decid- letters@smdailyjournal.com
nonsense will all be done. half-day away or maybe just a few ed to show up. Maybe this time
The commercials tearing oppo- Tel: 344-5200
hours. If you’re one of those organ- they’ll realize the stakes are higher. Fax: 344-5298
nents apart, parading out children ized people who requests an absen- Maybe this time we’ll care more.
and firefighters, claiming public Mail: 800 S. Claremont St., #210
tee ballot and actually mails it in Or, maybe this time the exact is more than a necessary evil; it is a San Mateo 94402
safety risks, essentially begging for time — rather than scrambling opposite is true. Election Season
support from everyone who hasn’t right and one that voters needs to
around this morning to figure out feels like it lasted a good six cen- reclaim as more meaningful than a Newsroom
yet mailed in a ballot — come the nearest polling place to drop turies; maybe if we don’t vote, the E-mail: news@smdailyjournal.com
Wednesday they will be replaced breather from negativity. Voters
the ballot — kudos and feel free to politicians will get the message to need to remember that what they Fax: 344-5298
with articles trumpeting winners, sit back and wait. It’s almost over play nice the next time around.
analysis forecasting the future, dis- do today stays with the county, the
and you don’t have any of the last- Maybe, but doubtful. Not partici- state, the country and themselves Letters to the Editor
gruntled comments by Election minute panic. Consider yourself pating isn’t going to speed up or
Day losers. far after Tuesday. should be no longer than 250 words.
lucky but also realize the polls soften the cycle but it will certainly Election Day is almost done. But
The polls close at 8 p.m. and, don’t close any sooner. Like the slow down democracy. Those who
depending upon the quickness of the rest of the political future? Perspective Columns
rest of us lazy procrastinators, the don’t vote earn nothing but the That’s just beginning. should be no longer than 600 words.
workers and the smoothness of answers come at the same time. right not to complain about who
computer programs, California res- And so we wait, for the answers wins and what they do while in • Illegibly handwritten letters and
idents should have a pretty clear and for the end to another election office. Those who abstain today anonymous letters will not be accepted.
idea by day’s end who will settle cycle in which there was too much better hold their tongues if asked to Michelle Durand’s column “Off the
into the governor’s seat for the next mudslinging and too few definitive pay parcel taxes, if the county Beat” runs every Tuesday and • Please include a city of residence and
four years, who will claim a county phone number where we can reach you.
answers and plans. Is it any wonder supervisors appoint replacements Thursday. She can be reached by e-
supervisor seat, which district gets nobody will be sad to see it go? for mid-term vacancies or if the mail: michelle@smdailyjournal.com • E-mailed documents are preferred. No
a tax, whether the next state budget Plus, didn’t we just have an elec- state puts greenhouse gas rules on or by phone: (650) 344-5200 ext. attachments please.
process will be hamstrung by the tion? Weren’t we casting ballots for pause.
two-thirds majority, if congression- many of the same candidates only a Few, short of some overzealous 102. What do you think of this col-
• Letter writers are limited to two
al control gets upset. stone’s throw back in June? poll workers, are frankly thrilled umn? Send a letter to the editor: let- submissions a month.
Almost done. Maybe this time the folks who anymore with Election Day short ters@smdailyjournal.com.
Depending on what time of day stayed home in June — who cares of it pulling to a close. But voting Opinions expressed in letters, columns and
perspectives are those of the individual
writer and do not necessarily represent the
views of the Daily Journal staff.

Recommendations for the November general election Editorials represent the viewpoint
of the Daily Journal editorial board

an Mateo County voters will new regulations.Such a responsibility has *** definition of taxes to include many
already proven to be burdensome Proposition 23-NO and not any one individual.
head to the polls Nov. 2 for payments currently considered to be fees
for medicinal marijuana,which Proposition 23 would suspend or charges.It would require state and local OUR MISSION
the general election. The has a true benefit for those who legislation passed in 2006 that It is the mission of the Daily
Daily Journal is making the follow- require it for physical ailments. aimed to reduce greenhouse proposals to increase revenue to be
approved by two-thirds of the state Journal to be the most
ing recommendations for federal, *** gas emissions until accurate, fair and relevant
Proposition 20-YES, unemployment drops Assembly and Senate or local voters.
state and local candidates, proposi- Proposition 27-NO below 5.5 percent for four local news source for those
tions and measures. who live, work or play on
California’s legislative districts
have been drawn by those in
consecutive quarters.
Arguments for or against
San Mateo County offices the MidPeninsula.
Federal offices power to ensure “safe”districts climate change aside,AB 32
takes solid steps to reducing
San Mateo County treasurer-tax collector: By combining local news and sports
coverage, analysis and insight with the latest
U.S.Senate:No recommendation for their colleagues.In doing so, Sandie Arnott
they have created a system in emissions and ensuring clean air business, lifestyle, state, national and world news,
District 12 U.S.representative: Jackie Speier and water for our state.It is a quest Supervisor-District Three:Don Horsley
which there is little competition for some San Mateo County Harbor Commission: we seek to provide our readers with the highest
District 14 U.S.representative: Anna Eshoo that should not be way-laid by our current
members of the state Assembly and Senate economic cycle. Sabrina Brennan,James Tucker quality information resource in San Mateo County.
and little incentive for those on either side Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we
State offices of the aisle to work with members of the Proposition 24-NO
*** Sequoia Healthcare District:Alpio Barbara,
choose to reflect the diverse character of this
Governor:Jerry Brown Art Faro,Jerry Shefren
opposing party since they are virtually A law signed by the governor in 2009 as part dynamic and ever-changing community.
Lieutenant governor:Gavin Newsom assured of re-election. of the budget deal allowed multistate Publisher
Attorney general:Steve Cooley Proposition 20 would expand the role of businesses a new way to determine how San Mateo County measures Jerry Lee
Insurance commissioner:Dave Jones the commission to include congressional much of their income that California taxes. Editor in Chief
Secretary of state:Debra Bowen Measures I,N-Belmont-Redwood Shores
districts and would eliminate any Under the law,businesses can shift operating Jon Mays
Controller:John Chiang temptation to draw districts for political losses to prior and future tax years,share tax Elementary School District bonds,$25
Treasurer:Bill Lockyer million and $35 million-YES Sports Editor
gain.Proposition 27 would eliminate the credits with affiliated corporations and use a Nathan Mollat
Superintendent of public instruction:Larry commission before it has a chance to sales-based income calculation. Measure J-South San Francisco Unified
Aceves Copy Editor/Page Designer
reform a sorely broken system. *** High School District $162 million bond-YES Erik Oeverndiek
District 8 Senate:Leland Yee Proposition 25-NO
District 12 Assembly:Fiona Ma *** Measures K,S-Half Moon Bay sales tax Production Manager
Proposition 21-NO Proponents claim this proposal would end increase to 10.25 percent,consolidation of Nicola Zeuzem
District 19 Assembly:Jerry Hill the annual gridlock in Sacramento when it
District 21 Assembly:Rich Gordon Would establish an $18 surcharge on every local elections-YES
vehicle owner’s Department of Motor comes to passing the state budget.In Production Assistant
theory,it would.However,the current two- Measure M-$10 vehicle license fee for local Julio Lara
Vehicle annual bill in exchange for free
State propositions access to state parks.It’s a way for the state thirds majority is an important safeguard transportation improvements-NO Marketing & Events
to raise the car tax under the auspices of a against a legislative majority freely Measure O-San Mateo Union High School Kerry McArdle
Proposition 19-NO
Allows people 21 years and older to benefit to the parks system when it would increasing new taxes and state worker pay District $186 million bond-NO Senior Reporter
possess,cultivate or transport marijuana for actually funnel money it collects into the and pensions.Reducing the threshold for a Measure U-County charter change to Michelle Durand
personal use and proponents say it could general fund. state budget passage should not be modify how Board of Supervisors replaces Reporters
generate $1.4 billion in revenue for the *** enacted until redistricting reform is under Emanuel Lee, Heather Murtagh, Bill Silverfarb
way so more moderate legislators on both elected officials-YES
state.If you believe marijuana should be Proposition 22-YES
legalized,this proposition is the wrong way Proposition 22 will prohibit the state,even sides of the aisle have a chance to work Senior Correspondent: Events
to do it.Local governments could still during a period of severe financial hardship, with each other. To find your polling location or read other Susan E. Cohn
prohibit recreational marijuana,creating a from delaying the distribution of tax *** nonpartisan election information prepared by
Proposition 26-NO Business Staff
burden on city officials and police who revenue for transportation,redevelopment the League of Women Voters visit Charlotte Andersen Mark Aspillera
would be tasked with the responsibility of or local government projects and services. This proposition would broaden the http://www.smartvoter.org/. Jennifer Bishop Gloria Brickman
Gale Green Robert O’Leary
Jeff Palter Shirley Marshall
Kris Skarston

Letters to the editor Interns • Correspondents • Contractors

Michael Almonte
Diana Clock
Jenna Chambers
Michael Costa
Philip Dimaano Darold Fredricks
trains use diesel, and can’t run in new “Central Freeways” through Miles Freeborn Brian Grabianowski
Stand up to high-speed rail underground tunnels. However,
Preventing high-speed rail William Jeske Cheri Lucas
all Peninsula towns? How is this Nick Rose Theresa Seiger
Editor, freight haulers on Friday called Editor, Andrew Scheiner Alex Shamis
fair? And, if this is all about I see the old RINO split tongue Eliot Storch Jeremy Venook
The uprising has begun. Nov. 7 this “straw man argument” a com- HSRA saving money by building
at 11 a.m. at Burlingame Caltrain Schwarzenkennedy and his cronies
plete fabrication, because diesel on the cheap, at the expense of have again said we can’t under-
station is the first of many large Correction Policy
trains run in tunnels throughout poor families living next to ground the HSR. If it’s money The Daily Journal corrects its errors.
anti-high-speed rail rallies. Attend the world. The lies are just too involved there’s not much you can If you question the accuracy of any article in
Caltrain tracks who will be evict-
with signs and bring neighbors if stupid to ignore anymore. Why do against the baron robbers of the Daily Journal, please contact the editor at
you are worried about the perma- ed through eminent domain, then news@smdailyjournal.com
does San Francisco get tunnels, so why shouldn’t HSRA “hit the today. They have the federal crooks or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107
nent scar HSRA will rip across San Francisco residents don’t pushing the agenda also. It’s no
the face of all Peninsula cities reset button” and budget for a doubt in my mind that there is
“hear, see or feel” HSR trains, but
from their cheapness and political HSRA states Peninsula cities proper HSR system design, not much graft involved. I feel bad that SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM
games. HSRA CEO Roelof van must tax themselves billions for one that evicts families and cre- it seems no way to stop them from
Ark confirmed to Burlingame/San ates brand new “Central ruining the Peninsula views and Follow us on Twitter and Facebook:
similar tunnels? How can San
Mateo/Millbrae recently that Freeways?” eminent domain. I will do what I facebook.com/smdailyjournal
Francisco tear down their “Central can to prevent it
Peninsula cities only get elevated Freeway,” and thereby create twitter.com/smdailyjournal
50-feet high, 100-feet wide, free- vibrant walking communities Mike Brown John Parry
way-type structures through their afterwards, while HSRA wants to Visit our community forum at:
cities, allegedly because freight construct on the cheap and create Burlingame San Mateo www.smdailyjournal.com/forum
10 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 BUSINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Dow 11,124.62
Nasdaq 2,504.84
S&P 500 1,184.38 +1.12
10-Yr Bond 2.6280% +0.0160
Oil (per barrel) 82.94
Gold 1,350.20
Stocks end mixed
By David K. Randali
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wall Street last few days has the market rally trailed
off amid questions about exactly how
much the Fed will spend to buy bonds.
NEW YORK — Stocks closed mixed rally gave it a modest advance. The Dow rose 3.1 percent in October,
Monday as traders waited for this week’s The Dow rose 6.13, or 0.1 percent, to including a 0.1 percent drop last week.
election results and more details about finish at 11,124.62 Lower interest rates weaken returns on
the Federal Reserve’s plan to stimulate The broad Standard & Poor’s 500 debt, which would make stocks and
the economy. index rose 1.12, or 0.1 percent, to commodities more attractive invest-
Stocks rose early in the day following 1,184.38, while the technology-focused ments since their potential return would
Nasdaq composite index fell 2.57, or 0.1 be significantly higher.
reports of unexpected growth in the
percent, to 2,504.84. Bond prices fell following the strong
manufacturing industry in both the U.S.
In one sign of the mixed day in the manufacturing report. The yield on the
and China last month. Manufacturing stock market, half the industries that benchmark 10-year Treasury note,
expanded at its fastest pace in five make up the Standard and Poor’s 500 which moves opposite its price, rose to
months, according to the Institute for index fell, while the other half rose. Intel 2.63 percent from 2.60 percent late
Supply Management. The group said Corp. rose 2.5 percent to lead the 30 Friday.
that its industry index rose to 56.9 in companies in the Dow, while Kraft The dollar rose 0.28 percent against a
October from 54.4 in September. Any Foods Inc. was the index’s laggard with broad basket of currencies. The Euro
number above 50 indicates growth. a 1.5 percent decline. Stoxx 50, which tracks the performance
The Dow Jones industrial average rose Investors have been assuming the Fed of blue chip stocks in Europe, fell 1
125 points, led by manufacturers will launch a new program of buying point to 2,541.77. China’s Shanghai
Caterpillar Inc., United Technologies Treasury bonds to help stimulate the Composite Index rose 2.5 percent, or
Corp. and General Electric Co. economy. Stocks rose for much of 75.1, to 3,054.02.
But stocks were unable to hold on to October because investors expect the The number of falling and rising
their gains ahead of the election and the Fed will announce as early as shares were about even on the New York
two-day Fed meeting that starts Tuesday. Wednesday that it plans to buy govern- Stock Exchange, where consolidated
The Dow fell steadily throughout the ment debt in an effort to spark consumer trading volume came to a light 3.9 bil-
day, briefly turning lower before a late spending and bank lending. Only in the lion shares.

Gridlock in Congress could threaten economy

By Paul Wiseman create paralyzing uncertainty for investors should sit on its hands,” Yale University
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and businesses by fighting over taxes, political scientist Jacob Hacker says. “But
deficits, health care and financial regula- right now we’re facing a period of drift.”
WASHINGTON — Political gridlock is tion.“We expect massive gridlock and lit- In its Pledge to America, the GOP has
supposed to be good for business. If bick- tle cooperation,” writes Brian Gardner, vowed to oppose additional spending to
ering lawmakers can’t agree on anything, Washington analyst for the financial firm stimulate the economy. Obama’s plan to
the thinking goes, they can’t pass laws and Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. spend $50 billion on roads, railways and
regulations that make the economy worse. If times were good, gridlock wouldn’t airports, for instance, is probably dead.
So will the midterm elections, which matter so much. A Republican Congress And the new Congress may resist contin-
are expected to leave Congress at least and Democratic White House butted uing to extend benefits to the 6.1 million
partially controlled by Republicans and heads in the mid- and late ’90s, after all, long-term unemployed, at least without
squaring off against a Democratic White and their sparring did nothing to derail a cutting the budget elsewhere.
House, be a help to the economy? strong economy. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben
Don’t count on it. But now, nearly a year and a half after Bernanke has said lawmakers need to do
A standoff between the Obama admin- the official end of the Great Recession, the more to jump-start the economy.
istration and emboldened Republicans economy still isn’t growing fast enough to Otherwise, more pressure will fall on the
will probably block any new help for an bring down unemployment, which is Fed to find a way to help, Gardner writes.
economy squeezed by slow growth and stuck at 9.6 percent. But the Fed has already pushed short-term
high unemployment. Congress might also “Very few believe the government interest rates to zero.
Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010

<< Raiders on a roll, page 12

Lincecum comes through in World Series

By Janie McCauley bolizing the greatest team Lincecum struck out 10 and walked two in Lincecum was a young boy outside Seattle, is
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS accomplishment to go eight dominant innings, a spectacular 101- a shining example it’s not all about how
alongside all the individ- pitch performance that gives him his own imposing one looks on the mound.
ARLINGTON, Texas — Shaggy hair. ual accolades. place in history. He needed all of 19 pitches to At 5-foot-11 and a generously listed 170
Funky delivery. World Series star. This tops it all. With a get through two innings, tossing six pitches in pounds, Lincecum used to be mistaken for a
Tim Lincecum took the ball for his biggest title in hand, he will have a 1-2-3 second. bat boy when entering the ballpark after he
outing yet and showed he’s still every bit the to be considered among Lincecum did what generations of Giants was first called up in May 2007 — less than a
ace who won the last two NL Cy Young the best pitchers of his era. greats and Hall of Famers couldn’t. And in a year removed from the University of
Awards. Lincecum — call him the Freak or If he wasn’t already. hostile environment to boot. Washington.
Franchise — pitched the Giants to their first Tim Lincecum Few will remember that Bonds and the 2002 team were within six In the dugout between innings, he hides his
World Series championship since moving career-worst, five-start outs of winning it all against the wild-card head under a towel. On nights he’s not pitch-
West to San Francisco in 1958 in a 3-1 victo- losing streak in August — because only four Angels. Hall of Famers Willie Mays, Willie ing, his face can barely be seen inside an over-
ry over the Texas Rangers on Monday night. months after his 26th birthday he ruled the McCovey and Orlando Cepeda are still haunt- sized hooded sweatshirt.
Make it two World Series wins for the Rangers in the Giants’ first chance to close ed by their near-miss in 1962. The 1989 It’s those quirks — and others such as not
slightly built right-hander: the opener and the this out. No sending this series back to AT&T Giants were swept by the cross-bay rival icing his arm and eating ice cream cones
clincher. While he was just good enough to Park with title-starved Giants fans fearing Oakland Athletics in an earthquake-interrupt- before starts — that make the Lincecum who
beat Cliff Lee in Game 1, Lincecum had another collapse. ed World Series. he is.
everything working in this one. It’s fitting San Francisco won the World Who would have thought it would be Maybe his latest thrill will help him come
The face of these Giants since the departure Series playing the kind of game it had all year: Lincecum and crew to finally do it? out of that shell. Though, why change what
of home run king Barry Bonds in 2007, a close one dependent on the pitcher being The pitcher with the awkward-looking certainly works just fine? He is the Freak,
Lincecum now has a World Series ring sym- almost perfect. throwing motion taught by his father when after all.

Bears back in CCS
By Nathan Mollat
cuts Moss
By Dave Campbell

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — Just four weeks

For the fourth straight year, the Menlo- ago, Randy Moss gushed about returning to
Atherton girls’ tennis team qualified for the Minnesota. He felt fortunate to return to his
Central Coast Section tournament. first team and was looking forward to seeing
Unlike the two previous seasons, however, those purple No. 84 jerseys again.
the Bears had to go through the Peninsula One day after Moss’ rant following a loss at
Athletic League team tournament to get there. New England, the happy reunion was over.
The PAL Bay Division regular-season cham- Vikings players confirmed Monday that
pion gets an automatic berth into CCS, with coach Brad Childress informed them during a
the winner of the tournament getting the team meeting that the wide receiver had been
league’s other bid. The last two years, the released.
Bears went undefeated in league play and “This decision was made based on what we
earned the automatic bid. thought was in the best interests of the
This year, Burlingame went undefeated to Minnesota Vikings, both
get the PAL’s first CCS spot, leaving M-A in the short and long
having to win two matches to reach CCS term,” Childress said
again. The Bears dispatched Ocean Division Monday night in a team-
champion Woodside 6-1 in the semifinals and issued statement. “We
then beat Carlmont for the third time this sea- wish Randy the best as he
son, 5-2, in the tournament finals in Atherton moves forward in his
Monday. career.”
For a quartet of M-A players, it will be their The NFL Network first
fourth appearance in the CCS tournament. reported the struggling
Randy Moss Vikings (2-5) had waived
Pagie Keating, Julia Sommer, Vivian Jones
and Jordyn Fantuzzi are all four-year varsity the six-time Pro Bowler less than a month
players and nothing less than one more shot at after acquiring him from the Patriots for a
CCS would suffice. third-round draft pick. Moss returned to New
“We’re a team of potential,” Keating said. England on Sunday and was wistful about his
“We have a shot to beat anybody. As a team, days with the AFC East leaders following
we want to make it (to CCS). It gives our team Minnesota’s 28-18 loss and critical of the
a chance to play [the top teams in CCS]. We Vikings for not taking his game-planning
think it’s fun to play teams with dominant advice.
players.” Moss, who was fined $25,000 last week for
Monday, it was the M-A players who were failing to cooperate with the media and make
dominant. Keating, at No. 1 singles, and Erin himself regularly available for interviews,
LaPorte playing at No. 3 singles, made short stepped to the podium after Sunday’s game
work of their opponents, losing a combined but announced he wouldn’t take any ques-
NATHAN MOLLAT / DAILY JOURNAL tions. He repeatedly expressed admiration for
Menlo-Atherton’s Paige Keating lines up a return during her straight-set win in the PAL team
See TENNIS, Page 14 tournament.The Bears beat Carlmont to qualify for CCS for the fourth straight year. See MOSS, Page 14

Hillsdale’s Rudberg steps up play

By Nathan Mollat Athlete of the Week light of my high-school career, finishing by where to channel it.
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF winning four games,” Rudberg said. “It put a “I thought I had a very active guy. A guy
That best describes Hillsdale hole set Jason nice finishing touch on my four years at who wanted to go 100 miles a minute without
Everyone’s goal in sports is to win a cham- Rudberg. A four-year varsity player, Rudberg Hillsdale.” knowing where he was going,” said Renato
pionship. The Hillsdale boys’ water polo team The hole set position is similar to a power Hodzic, Hillsdale’s coach. “He just needed
led the Knights in scoring this season and was some direction. … I was very pleased he was
was no different. A slow start, however, put a forward or center in basketball. It takes a
integral in their four-game game winning strong, big, athletic player to fill the position. able to use some of that effort and use it in the
damper on title talk, but a four-game winning
streak to end the season took some of the sting streak. Last week in matches against San Rudberg was not the biggest 2-meter player. right places.”
out of not winning an Ocean Division cham- Mateo and Mills, Rudberg scored a combined In fact, you might say he’s among the small- As important as physical attributes are for
pionship. 14 goals, earning him Daily Journal Athlete of est at 5-foot-10, 165 pounds, but not many the hole set, so is the mindset. Rudberg
But if a team can’t win titles, it can be sat- the Week honors. players could match his heart and desire.
isfied with improvement throughout the year. “As a graduating senior, that was the high- Even if he didn’t always know how or See AOTW, Page 14
12 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Raiders are rolling after two blowout wins

By Josh Dubow to do some good stuff this year.” “This is 27 of 47 passes for 514 yards, four last two weeks. You got to take your
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Gallery joined the Raiders in 2004 touchdowns and no interceptions for a hat off to Jason. It’s a nice job on his
for the second year of a dismal run of what it’s 123.9 passer rating. part, as well as the rest of the offensive
ALAMEDA — Back-to-back seven seasons with at least 11 losses. supposed That’s the kind of performance the players. But, we know who our quar-
blowouts have put the Oakland But with the two convincing victories to be like. Raiders were hoping to get when they terback is.”
Raiders in a very unusual position: the past two weeks, Oakland (4-4) acquired Campbell from Washington The news is not all good for the
preparing for a meaningful November heads into November without a losing It’s in a draft-day trade. Owner Al Davis Raiders. Pro Bowl cornerback
game. record for the first time since the 2002 supposed was so excited about Campbell that he Nnamdi Asomugha left Sunday’s
After outscoring Denver and Seattle Super Bowl season. to be fun.” compared him to two-time Super game with a sprained right ankle.
92-17 in the most lopsided two-game The past two weeks have been one Robert Gallery Bowl winner Jim Plunkett in presea- Cable said the team is running tests to
stretch for the franchise in 43 years, of the best back-to-back performances son. determine the severity of the sprain
ning back Darren McFadden said.
the Raiders are getting ready to play ever for the team. The Raiders have But despite the strong play from and would have a better idea about
“That’s something we’ve been talking
the Kansas City Chiefs in a matchup gained at least 500 yards in consecu- about doing, just going out there and Campbell, coach Tom Cable main- Asomugha’s status for this week on
of the top two teams in the AFC West. tive games for the first time in fran- putting games together back-to-back, tains that Gradkowski will once again Wednesday.
“It’s been a lot of fun,” offensive chise history. and we’ve been able to do it. Now we start as soon as he is healthy. Leading receiver Zach Miller
lineman Robert Gallery said Monday. The defense has also been nearly as want to just keep going week after Gradkowski threw in warmups played sparingly Sunday because of
“We haven’t experienced this a whole dominant with eight sacks against the week.” Sunday and told coaches it was the an injured right foot and was on
lot in the past six, seven years around Seahawks. Oakland held Seattle to Quarterback Jason Campbell, who best he had felt since leaving the game crutches Monday as a precaution. He
here. This is what it’s supposed to be 162 yards, including 47 on the ground, was benched earlier in the season, has against San Diego on Oct. 10 with a is expected to play this week. The
like. It’s supposed to be fun. We’re and has held consecutive opponents played well the past two weeks in separated right shoulder. Raiders also played Sunday without
supposed to be in games like this. We under 100 yards rushing for the first place of the injured Bruce “It’s clear cut,” Cable said. “There’s starting wide receiver Louis Murphy,
got to keep doing what we’ve done the time in four years. Gradkowski. Campbell has completed no issue there in my mind. What who will likely miss one more game
past couple weeks and we have a shot “It’s a big confidence boost,” run- we’ve done is some nice things in the with a bruised contusion near his lung.

Doctors raise concussion alarm for kids’ sports

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS would be a dramatic change for youth neurology section. He said that if a cer- should be evaluated by a specialist sage “to the athletes, their parents and
sports programs, most of which don’t tified athletic trainer is not available to a before returning to sports. their coaches that a concussion is not
NEW YORK — The risk of concus- have certified trainers. school, perhaps contact sports should The new position statement follows just a ding, or getting your bell rung,
sions from football and some other The doctors group recognizes it isn’t be avoided. rules already adopted in college sports but it is an injury to the brain,” said Dr.
sports is so serious that a qualified ath- necessarily feasible. One official called The recommendation was part of and pro football aimed at preventing Mark Halstead of Washington
letic trainer should always be on the it a gold standard to strive for. broader guidance from the academy on and better treating blows to the head. University, who co-authored an earlier
field — at adult and children’s games, “We understand completely that is sports concussions. The group also said Research involving NFL players sug- concussion report for the American
and even at practice, a major doctors undoable in today’s environment, but no athlete with concussion symptoms gests repeated concussions may have Academy of Pediatrics.
group said Monday. we think that is a correct way to organ- should be allowed to take part in sports, long-term consequences such as Concussions “need to be treated as if
Following that advice from the ize our priorities,” said Dr. Jeffrey and that athletes of all ages who are dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. they are a big deal. The brain is pretty
American Academy of Neurology Kutcher, chair of the academy’s sports suspected of suffering concussions Medical groups want to get the mes- important.”
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 13
“Earlier today, in the course of
Sports Digest praising the extraordinary support NBA STANDINGS NHL STANDINGS NFL STANDINGS
and enthusiasm of Texas Rangers
Colts beat Texans 30-17, fans, I unfairly and inaccurately dis- EASTERN CONFERENCE EASTERN CONFERENCE AMERICAN CONFERENCE
take AFC South lead paraged fans of the New York Atlantic Division Atlantic Division East
Yankees. Those remarks were inap- W L Pct GB W L OT Pts GF GA
INDIANAPOLIS — Peyton New England 6 1 0 .857 205 154
propriate. Yankees fans are among Boston 2 1 .667 — Philadelphia 7 4 1 15 37 29 N.Y.Jets 5 2 0 .714 159 110
Manning threw for two touchdowns New Jersey 2 1 .667 —
the most passionate and supportive N.Y.Rangers 6 4 1 13 34 32 Miami 4 3 0 .571 133 149
and Mike Hart ran for a career-high 84 Toronto 1 1 .500 1/2 Buffalo 0 7 0 .000 131 211
in all of baseball. I have spoken Pittsburgh 6 5 1 13 35 28
yards as the Colts held on for a 30-17 New York 1 2 .333 1
directly to Hal Steinbrenner and Philadelphia 0 3 .000 2 N.Y.Islanders 4 5 2 10 31 37 South
victory over Houston.
Randy Levine to apologize for my Southeast Division New Jersey 3 8 1 7 20 39 W L T Pct PF PA
Indianapolis has won three straight Indianapolis 5 2 0 .714 193 142
intemperate comments. I would like W L Pct GB Northeast Division
and the defending AFC champs have Atlanta 3 0 1.000 — W L OT Pts GF GA
Tennessee 5 3 0 .625 224 150
to express again how proud we are Houston 4 3 0 .571 170 197
sole possession of the AFC South lead Miami 3 1 .750 1/2 Montreal 7 3 1 15 29 25 Jacksonville 4 4 0 .500 165 226
of our fans and how remarkably
for the first time this season. The Colts Orlando 1 1 .500 1 1/2 Boston 6 2 0 12 24 11
they have supported the Rangers Washington 0 2 .000 2 1/2 North
also evened the season series with Toronto 5 4 1 11 23 23
throughout lean times and now dur- Charlotte 0 3 .000 3 W L T Pct PF PA
Houston (4-3) despite playing with a Ottawa 4 6 1 9 26 35 Baltimore 5 2 0 .714 149 129
ing this magical season.” Central Division
makeshift offense that was without W L Pct GB Buffalo 3 7 2 8 30 38 Pittsburgh 5 2 0 .714 147 102
Cleveland 2 5 0 .286 118 142
All-Pro tight end Dallas Clark, receiv- Chicago 2 1 .667 — Southeast Division
er Austin Collie and running back
Surging Blame hoping Indiana 2 1 .667 — W L OT Pts GF GA
Cincinnati 2 5 0 .286 146 163

Joseph Addai. to snap Zenyatta’s streak Cleveland

Tampa Bay
2 1 15
4 0 14
Manning was 26 of 45 for 268 LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Get ready, Detroit 0 3 .000 2 Kansas City 5 2 0 .714 163 122
Atlanta 5 4 2 12 36 40
yards. Zenyatta. The Breeders’ Cup Classic Carolina 5 6 0 10 27 33
Oakland 4 4 0 .500 212 168
San Diego 3 5 0 .375 210 174
Matt Schaub struggled early, finish- has another impressive prima donna. WESTERN CONFERENCE Florida 4 5 0 8 24 21 Denver 2 6 0 .250 154 223
ing 22 of 38 for 201 yards with one
Jockey Garrett Gomez says blos- Southwest Division
TD and one interception for Houston.
soming 4-year-old Blame is in prime W L Pct GB WESTERN CONFERENCE NATIONAL CONFERENCE
The Colts built a 17-3 halftime lead New Orleans 3 0 1.000 — East
and countered Houston punch for shape to end Zenyatta’s streak of 19 Central Division
Dallas 2 1 .667 1 W L T Pct PF PA
punch in the second half. straight victories without a defeat. Memphis 2 1 .667 1 N.Y.Giants 5 2 0 .714 175 153
W L OT Pts GF GA Philadelphia 4 3 0 .571 172 157
The bay colt has won five of his last San Antonio 1 1 .500 1 1/2 Chicago 7 6 1 15 41 40 Washington 4 4 0 .500 155 170
Rangers CEO rips Yankees six races, including the Stephen Houston 0
Northwest Division
3 .000 3
St.Louis 6 1 2 14 26 17 Dallas 1 6 0 .143 154 187
Foster Handicap at Churchill Downs Detroit 6 2 1 13 30 24
fans, team apologizes in June. Blame breezed four furlongs W L Pct GB
Nashville 5 2 3 13 23 25
Portland 3 1 .750 —
ARLINGTON, Texas — All in 49.8 seconds on Monday, his last Denver 2 1 .667 1/2 Columbus 6 4 0 12 24 29 Atlanta 5 2 0 .714 169 133
Texas Rangers chief executive significant move before Saturday’s Oklahoma City 2 1 .667 1/2 Northwest Division Tampa Bay 5 2 0 .714 136 163
New Orleans 5 3 0 .625 167 148
Chuck Greenberg was trying to do Classic. Minnesota 1 2 .333 1 1/2 W L OT Pts GF GA Carolina 1 6 0 .143 85 150
Utah 1 2 .333 1 1/2 Colorado 6 4 1 13 39 39
was rile up his own fans. He got so “Over the last six months he’s Pacific Division Calgary 6 5 0 12 33 34 North
into it, the team had to issue an apol- turned into a true movie star, he really W L Pct GB W L T Pct PF PA
Vancouver 4 3 2 10 24 24
ogy — to Yankees fans. enjoys the cameras,” Gomez said. L.A.Lakers 3 0 1.000 — Green Bay 5 3 0 .625 176 136
Minnesota 4 4 2 10 26 27 Chicago 4 3 0 .571 126 114
“I thought Yankee fans, frankly, Blame certainly looked it during the Golden State 2 1 .667 1
Edmonton 3 4 2 8 28 33 Minnesota 2 5 0 .286 129 144
were awful,” Greenberg told the Sacramento 2 1 .667 1
early morning chill. He bucked a little Phoenix 1 2 .333 2 Pacific Division Detroit 2 5 0 .286 183 165
local ESPN affiliate on Monday. when Gomez pulled him up following L.A.Clippers 0 3 .000 3 W L OT Pts GF GA West
“They were either violent or apa- the gallop out and toyed with his lead Los Angeles 8 3 0 16 34 25 W L T Pct PF PA
thetic, neither of which is good. So I pony on his way back to the barn. Sunday’s Games Dallas 16 4 0 12 32 27 Seattle 4 3 0 .571 123 140
St.Louis 4 4 0 .500 140 141
thought Yankee fans were by far the If he’s nervous about taking on rac- Miami 101,New Jersey 78 San Jose 5 3 1 11 29 25 Arizona 3 4 0 .429 133 198
worst of any I’ve seen in the post- Dallas 99,L.A.Clippers 83 Phoenix 3 4 3 9 23 29 San Francisco 2 6 0 .250 137 178
ing’s reigning queen in the 1 1/4-mile Utah 120,Oklahoma City 99
season. I thought they were an Classic, it didn’t show. L.A.Lakers 107,Golden State 83
Anaheim 4 7 1 9 29 42
Sunday’s Games
embarrassment.” “I like to call him a war horse,” Monday’s Games San Francisco 24,Denver 16
Before Game 5 of the World Chicago 110,Portland 98 Two points for a win,one point for overtime loss or Detroit 37,Washington 25
Gomez said. “He gets in the trenches shootout loss. Kansas City 13,Buffalo 10,OT
Series on Monday night, the club and eyeballs other horses the whole
Toronto at Sacramento,late
St.Louis 20,Carolina 10
issued the following statement: San Antonio at L.A.Clippers,late Miami 22,Cincinnati 14
way around. He just fights it out.” Tuesday’s Games Monday’s Games Jacksonville 35,Dallas 17
TUE WED THUR FRI SAT SUN MON Atlanta at Cleveland,4 p.m. N.Y.Rangers 3,Chicago 2 Green Bay 9,N.Y.Jets 0
Philadelphia at Washington,4 p.m. Philadelphia 3,Carolina 2 San Diego 33,Tennessee 25
Boston at Detroit,4:30 p.m. New England 28,Minnesota 18
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 New Jersey at Vancouver,late Oakland 33,Seattle 3
@ Wild @ St.Louis vs.Lightning Minnesota at Miami,4:30 p.m. Tuesday’s Games Tampa Bay 38,Arizona 35
5 p.m. 5 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Orlando at New York,4:30 p.m. New Orleans 20,Pittsburgh 10
Ottawa at Toronto,4 p.m.
VERSUS CSN-CAL CSN-CAL Portland at Milwaukee,5 p.m. Open: N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta,
Memphis at L.A.Lakers,7:30 p.m. Montreal at Columbus,4 p.m.
Wednesday’s Games San Jose at Minnesota,5 p.m. Monday’s Game
vs. Memphis vs.Utah @ Detroit @ Toronto Detroit at Atlanta,4 p.m. Vancouver at Edmonton,6 p.m. Indianapolis 30,Houston 17
7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. Sunday,Nov.7
CSN-BA CSN-BA Charlotte at New Jersey,4 p.m. Wednesday’s Games
CSN-BA CSN-BA Chicago vs.Buffalo at Toronto,10 a.m.
Minnesota at Orlando,4 p.m. Boston at Buffalo,4 p.m. N.Y.Jets at Detroit,10 a.m.
Dec. 5 Indiana at Philadelphia,4 p.m. Toronto at Washington,4 p.m. Miami at Baltimore,10 a.m.
Nov. 7 Nov. 14 Nov. 21 Nov. 29 Dec. 12 Dec. 16
Bye @ Packers @ Chargers
Milwaukee at Boston,5 p.m. N.Y.Islanders at Carolina,4 p.m. San Diego at Houston,10 a.m.
vs. St.Louis vs.Tampa @ Arizona vs. Seattle
1:15 p.m. 1:05 p.m. 10 a.m. 1:05 p.m. 5:20 p.m. New Orleans at Houston,5:30 p.m. Tampa Bay at Atlanta,10 a.m.
5:30 p.m. Atlanta at Florida,4:30 p.m. New Orleans at Carolina,10 a.m.
FOX FOX ESPN FOX FOX NFL Net. Dallas at Denver,6 p.m.
New Jersey at Chicago,5:30 p.m. New England at Cleveland,10 a.m.
Toronto at Utah,6 p.m.
Nov. 7 Nov. 14 Nov. 21 Nov. 28 Dec. 5 Dec. 12 Dec. 19 Pittsburgh at Dallas,5:30 p.m. Arizona at Minnesota,10 a.m.
San Antonio at Phoenix,7 p.m. N.Y.Giants at Seattle,1:05 p.m.
vs.K.C. Bye @ Steelers vs.Miami @ Chargers @ Jags vs.Denver Memphis at Golden State,7:30 p.m. Detroit at Calgary,6:30 p.m. Kansas City at Oakland,1:15 p.m.
1:15 p.m. 10 a.m. 1:05 p.m. 1:05 p.m. 10 a.m. 1:15 p.m. Nashville at Phoenix,7 p.m.
Oklahoma City at L.A.Clippers,7:30 p.m. Indianapolis at Philadelphia,1:15 p.m.
L.A.Lakers at Sacramento,7:30 p.m. Tampa Bay at Anaheim,7 p.m. Dallas at Green Bay,5:20 p.m.
14 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Continued from page 11
“When the passing started
falling into place,that’s when
I realized if the pass is good,
thought big and played big. He got to the point
I can take anybody.”
he felt he was nearly unstoppable. But like all — Jason Rudberg
team sports, he needed his teammates to recog-
nize his play and then do their best to get the “He worked hard in practice and it showed
ball to Rudberg in the best position to take on game day. He developed confidence through
advantage of his abilities. practice. He felt very comfortable when he got
“We have a lot of good shooters on our team the ball, he knew what to do with it,” Hodzic
and I felt like I could step up this year and be said. “He goes 100 miles a minute and as long
the big inside presence,” Rudberg said. “Our as we were able to go in the right direction, it
Achilles’ heel has been passing. … When the was good. Sometimes he was too aggressive,
passing started falling into place, that’s when I but you can’t teach those intangibles. Some
realized if the pass is good, I can take anybody.” guys have it, some guys don’t. If I had six guys
with his effort in the pool, I wouldn’t com-
As Hillsdale started winning and Rudberg plain.”
started scoring, Rudberg’s confidence started to
soar. Hodzic realized after watching Rudberg in
DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS FILE practice, if he could get the same effort and
Hillsdale’s Jason Rudberg led the Knights in scoring this season, including 14 goals in two Nathan Mollat can be reached by e-mail:
intensity in games, the Knights would be in a nathan@smdailyjournal.com or by phone: (650)
games last week.He helped the Knights finish the season with four straight wins. good position. 344-5200 ext. 117.

And while CCS was not ever openly dis-

Continued from page 11
cussed, Sorenson believed it was a goal the
team really wanted to achieve.
“The funny thing is, they don’t overtly
express themselves that way,” Sorenson said.
“But in warmups (Monday), it was quiet.
five games. The No. 2 doubles team of Siena There was no chatter, there was no banter.
Roat-Shumway and Lindy LaPlante gave the They were serious.”
Bears three of the four team points they would Carlmont got its wins at No. 2 and No. 4
need to win the match, while the No. 1 dou- singles. Cory Sidell, only a freshman, could be
bles tandem of Fantuzzi and Chloe Rehlander the future of the PAL. She won her No. 2 sin-
sent the Bears into CCS with a 6-3, 6-2 win. gles match in straight sets.
M-A coach Tom Sorenson initially said he At No. 4 singles, Carlmont Christine Tataru
didn’t know how the Bears got into CCS — out-lasted M-A’s Lauren Diller. Tataru won
whether by winning the regular-season title or the first set 6-4, but Diller came back to win
the tournament title. But thinking about it for the second set, 6-4. They played a tiebreak in
PICK THE MOST NFL WINNERS AND WIN! DEADLINE IS 11/5/10 lieu of a third set and with the game tied at 9,
a moment, he believes the extra two matches
Tataru won the final two points for the 11-9 set
Pigskin Pick ‘em Week Nine will benefit the Bears down the road.
“It is more satisfying to go through the tour-
and match victory.
“We gave them a great fight,” said Carlmont
Win Dinner For Two and a Limo Ride* to Broadway Grill nament,” Sorenson said. “We’re probably coach Rebecca Pearlman. “The cards fell their
more tournament ready than if had gotten the way They played a little bit better at the
automatic berth.” important points.”
ROAD TEAM HOME TEAM had 13 receptions for 174 yards and two touch-
Kansas City
NY Jets
Continued from page 11
Childress didn’t mention the move when he
talked to reporters and said Moss was staying in
San Diego Houston the Boston area for a few days to spend time with
Chicago vs Buffalo family. Asked whether he regretted acquiring
vs coach Bill Belichick and his former team and Moss, the coach said “not at present.”
New England Cleveland criticized the Vikings for not paying enough
Miami vs Baltimore attention to his advice in the run-up to the Moss’s contract called for a $6.4 million base
Arizona vs Minnesota game. salary this season — leaving the Vikings on the
hook for at least $1.5 million. If Moss is claimed
New Orleans vs Carolina “I’m definitely down that we lost this game. I on waivers, the team that signs him is responsi-
Tampa Bay vs Atlanta didn’t expect we’d lose this game,” Moss said. ble for the remainder of his salary. If he clears
NY Giants vs Seattle “I don’t know how many more times I’ll be in waivers, then he can sign as a free agent under
New England again. But I leave coach new terms.
Indianapolis vs Philadelphia Belichick and those guys with a salute: ’I love
vs Claiming priority is based on inverse order of
Dallas Green Bay you guys. I miss you. I’m out.”’ the current standings, so the Patriots — who lead
Pittsburgh vs Cinncinati Moss had only one catch for 8 yards against the league at 6-1 — would be last. Belichick
the Patriots. In four games for the Vikings, he declined comment Monday.

TIEBREAKER: Total Points scored Pittsburgh @ Cinncinati ____________

How does it work?
Each Monday thru Friday we will list the upcoming weeks’ games. Pick the winners of each game
along with the point total of the Monday night game. In case of a tie, we will look at the point total on
the Monday night game of the week. If there’s a tie on that total, then a random drawing will deter-
mine the winner. Each week, the Daily Journal will reward a dinner for two and a limo ride* to Broad-
way Grill in Burlingame. The Daily Journal Pigskin Pick’em Contest is free to play. Must be 21 or over.
Winners will be announced the following Wednesday through Weekend in the Daily Journal.
What is the deadline?
All mailed entries must be postmarked by the Friday prior to the weekend of games, you may also
drop off your entries to our office by Friday at 5 p.m. sharp.
Send entry form to: 800 S. Claremont Street, #210, San Mateo, CA 94402. You may enter as many times as
you like using photocopied entry forms. Multiple original entry forms will be discarded.

NAME _______________________________ Mail or drop off by 11/5/10 to:

Pigskin Pick’em, Daily Journal,
AGE ________________________________ 800 S. Claremont Street, #210,
San Mateo, CA 94402
CITY ________________________________ The Daily Journal will not use
your personal information for
marketing purposes. We respect
PHONE ______________________________ your privacy.


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*Must be within 25 mile radius of restaurant
We are not responsible for late, damaged, illegible or lost entries. Multiple entries are accepted. One prize per household. All applicable Federal, State & Local
taxes associated with the receipt or use of any prize are the sole responsibility of the winner. The prizes are awarded “as is” and without warranty of any kind,
express or implied. The Daily Journal reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the
operation of the promotion; to be acting in violation of the rules; or to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner. Entry constitutes agreement for use of name &
photo for publicity purposes. Employees of the Daily Journal and Broadway Grill are not eligible to win. Must be at least 21 years of age. Winners will be notified
by phone. Call with questions or for clarification (650) 344-5200.
Each winner, by acceptance of the prize, agrees to release the Daily Journal and the Broadway Grill from all liability, claims, or actions of any kind whatsoever for
injuries, damages, or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership, or use of the prize.
THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 15
the 2004 Series that finished Boston’s sweep of seat at AT&T Park. Bobby Cox into retirement, then stopped the

Continued from page 1
St. Louis — this journeyman’s path led to
another title, helped by his go-ahead home run
in Game 2.
His godfather, the 79-year-old Mays, was
supposed to throw out the ceremonial first ball
but was absent because of illness.
two-time defending NL champion Phillies in
the championship series. Those wins, like this
came on the road.
“It was a tough year for me,” the oft-injured The Giants won their previous title when they In the Year of the Pitcher, the World Series
shortstop said. “I told myself to keep working played in New York at the Polo Grounds. That’s proved the oldest adage in the game: Good
NL Cy Young winner gave up three hits over hard and keep in shape because something is where Mays raced back for perhaps the most pitching stops good hitting, every time.
eight innings and struck out 10. going to be good this year.” famous catch of all time. Lincecum and the team with the best ERA in
Brian Wilson closed for a save, completing a A team seemingly free of egos did everything They moved West in 1958 and had tried ever the big leagues completely shut down Josh
surprising romp through the postseason for a right to take the lead. Ross, the surprising MVP since to escape a sort of big league Alcatraz — Hamilton and the club with the majors’ top bat-
pitching-rich team that waited until the final day of the NL championship series, stayed square the place where teams get stuck for decades as ting average.
to clinch a playoff spot. and hit a leadoff single and Juan Uribe followed also-rans. The Red Sox and White Sox got free, Texas hit just .190 in the five games and was
Manager Bruce Bochy enjoys calling his with another hit up the middle. not so the Cubs and Indians. outscored 29-12.
Giants a ragtag bunch. Maybe Renteria, Cody That put a runner at second base for the first So clang the cable car bells. Loudly, too. “They beat us soundly,” manager Ron
Ross, Aubrey Huff and Freddy Sanchez fit that time in the game and brought up Huff, who led Baseball’s best play in the Bay. Washington said. “They deserve it.”
description. Cut loose by other clubs this season the Giants in home runs this year. So what did Exactly when these Giants turned into world Texas became the latest Series newcomer to
and before, they all wound up in San Francisco. he do? He expertly put down the first sacrifice beaters is hard to say. Trailing San Diego by 7 make a quick exit. Houston (2005) and
But the foundation of this team — for now, bunt of his career. 1/2 games in the NL West on July 4, they mean- Colorado (2007) got swept in their first appear-
for the foreseeable future — is totally home Lee struck out Pat Burrell to keep the runners dered in the wild-card race until the stretch run, ances, Tampa Bay (2008) stuck around for just
grown, built on a deep, talented and young rota- put, but Ross began hopping home as soon as winning the division and finishing 92-70. five games. The AL champion Rangers became
tion, a rookie catcher named Buster Posey with Renteria connected, sending a drive that kept Come the playoffs, they became dangerous. the first team since 1966 to get shut out twice in
huge star potential and their bearded closer. sailing and landed over the left-center field wall. Any well-armed team is. Start with Matt Cain a World Series, with big hitters Hamilton,
“They did all right,” Bochy said. “I couldn’t And just like that, all the Giants’ past troubles — three postseason starts, a 0.00 ERA. Throw Vladimir Guerrero and Cruz left taking half-
be prouder of a group. They played with heart seemed like ancient history. in Lincecum, the two-time Cy Young winner. swings or flailing wildly.
and determination. They weren’t going to be Bonds, Mays and several other former San Add Madison Bumgarner, the 21-year-old rook- The Rangers’ franchise wrapped up its 50th
denied. My staff, they accepted their roles and Francisco stars are still a part of the Giants fam- ie who helped blank Texas in Game 4. season overall, in good hands with Nolan Ryan
had only one mission.” ily. “This doesn’t make sense. You don’t realize as president and part-owner. If only Big Tex
Renteria reprised his role of postseason star. Bonds got a hallowed home-run record, but it. It’s something that’s surreal. But that’s what could teach his team to hit, too.
His 11th-inning single ended Game 7 of the questions persist about alleged steroids use. He we are, World Series champs,” Cain said. By the final out, Ryan sat there glumly as did
1997 World Series and lifted Florida over visited the Giants clubhouse during the Series San Francisco posted a trio of one-run wins in the team’s No. 1 fan, former President George
Cleveland. Forget that he made the last out in and got a big hand from fans when he took his the opening round that sent Atlanta manager W. Bush.






16 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 HEALTH THE DAILY JOURNAL

How much is fat and how much is muscle?

By Eric Heiden mass; likewise, if you’re dehydrat- calories your body burns in a resting
TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES ed, your body will offer more resist- condition). You can probably find a
ance to the current. To ensure the lab or medical facility that uses this
The vast majority of fitness-seek- greatest accuracy in tracking your technology near you. It is a little
ers, even those who are quite knowl- progress, always drink eight ounces more expensive than the methods
edgeable, have no idea how to prop- of water 15 minutes before stepping previously mentioned, but it’s more
erly gauge their body composition on the scale, and weigh yourself at precise. You can find this technolo-
— how much of their body weight the same time every day and under gy at many universities, labs and
is fat and how much is muscle — the same circumstances (for exam- medical facilities.
which is so important to truly meas- ple, just after rising instead of after 5. Dual-Energy X-Ray
uring fitness. a number of different workouts). Absorptiometry (DEXA) is a tech-
Knowing your body mass index is 2. Skin fold tests are basically the nology that differentiates lean mass
useful, but BMI, like body weight pinch test, using calipers to precise- from fat mass from bone, based on
alone, doesn’t pinpoint the exact ly measure the amount pinched. how these tissues absorb two levels
composition of your body. (To learn You’ll find these tests offered at per- of X-ray differently. It’s very pre-
more about BMI visit www.faster- formance labs, gyms, spas and cise and reliable and can provide
betterstronger.com.) A body-com- health clubs. They are simple and your total body-fat composition as
position test will give you your ratio quick, but accuracy depends upon well as bone mineral density. It will
of fat to total body mass. Women the tester’s experience and the algo- even pinpoint the location of fat
typically have a much higher ratio rithm they use. However, if the deposits. DEXA is considered the
than men. The minimum considered same person tests you over time, gold standard; the latest body-com-
safe is 5 percent for males and 12 you will have “consistent inconsis- position research uses this method.
percent for females. A healthy tencies,” and you can easily and Check with your doctor for an OK
body-fat composition is 13-18 per- inexpensively monitor your and with your insurance provider (it
cent for men, and 20-24 percent for progress. may be covered). Many university
women. 3. Hydrostatic weighing uses your health systems offer DEXA.
There are several accurate means underwater weight to calculate your By testing your body-fat compo-
of assessing your body composition body density and, from that number, sition before beginning an exercise
or fat percentage. your body-fat percentage. It has a program and as you progress, you
1. Bioimpedance is now a feature low margin of error and can be will know when you are losing fat
on many home bathroom scales. found at many university health and gaining lean body mass as you
This technology gauges your body centers. exercise, and that fuels motivation.
composition by measuring electri- 4. BOD POD uses air displace- Just don’t test it too often, since
cal signals as they pass through fat ment to very accurately measure body-fat measurements don’t show
and lean mass. Fat offers higher your fat percentage as well as your small changes. Every 4 to 8 weeks Knowing your body mass index is useful,but BMI,like body weight alone,
internal resistance than lean body resting metabolic rate (how many is optimal. doesn’t pinpoint the exact composition of your body.
THE DAILY JOURNAL HEALTH Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 17

Love your liver: Natural liver support

By Paulette Millis • Use herbs and spices like
TRIBUNE MEDIA SERVICES turmeric, cinnamon, licorice root,
curcumin and artichoke.
Did you know the liver is the king • Use supplements to enhance
of the glands? It’s the largest gland liver function, such as alpha lipoic
in the body and is the largest and acid, chlorophyll and spirulina, B
most complex organ, having over vitamins, in particular choline and
500 functions. It weighs just over 1 inositol, which help prevent fat
kilogram and is situated under the accumulation and maintain choles-
rib cage on the right. It contains terol balance.
about a quarter of all blood circu- • Use digestive enzymes, aci-
lating in the body and is the only dophilus, wheat grass juice,
organ that can regenerate itself. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids,
The liver produces about one Vitamin E and a good quality mul-
quart of bile a day, emulsifying and tivitamin and mineral containing
digesting fatty foods and fat soluble
zinc and selenium.
vitamins A, D, E and K. It regulates
• Avoid smoking, caffeine and
carbohydrate metabolism and
therefore helps balance blood alcohol.
sugar. The liver manufactures cho- • Drink 2 liters of water daily or
lesterol, which is necessary for make herbal teas using dandelion,
good health and hormone produc- nettle leaves and other health-
tion; it converts thyroid hormone enhancing herbs.
T4 to T3.
The liver acts like a washing BEET SALAD
machine, cleaning out external tox- (from “Eat Away Illness,” by
ins and byproducts of our own Paulette Millis)
metabolism. It also metabolizes This raw beet and vegetable salad
alcohol and converts food into the keeps well in the fridge.
chemicals the body needs to sustain Ingredients
life. Liver toxicity may lead to 2 cups of beets, shredded
excess body fat as toxins lodge in 1 cup of carrots, shredded
the fat cells. 1 cup raw vegetable such as
Signs of liver distress may be turnip, celery, parsnip, celeriac,
chronic fatigue, depression and/or Chronic fatigue can be a sign of liver problems.
kohlrabi, shredded
irritability, abdominal pain and
in cosmetics, body care products, body’s ability to digest all nutrients. • Eat small meals frequently with 2 cloves of garlic, minced
swelling, skin problems and/or
itchy skin, chemical sensitivities, chemicals used in farming, chemi- Your liver processes 95 percent of good quality protein. 1 stalk celery, minced
digestive complaints and poor tol- cal food additives, pharmaceutical the alcohol you drink, at a rate of • Include lots of richly colored 1/2 cup slivered almonds, toasted
erance to fatty foods. Hormonal drugs, chlorinated and fluoridated only one quarter to one half ounce fruits and cruciferous vegetables in Mix above ingredients well.
imbalances, such as mood swings, water, car exhaust fumes, indoor per hour. your diet. Beets are wonderful heal- Dressing
PMS, hot flashes and difficulty los- pollutants from chemical cleansers, ing foods for the liver (see my 1/4 cup toasted sesame oil
ing weight may be signs of liver paint, carpets and furniture. HOW TO LOVE YOUR LIVER: recipe below for beet salad). 2 tbsp. hemp seed oil
Modern food is often processed, • Use a liver cleanse containing Cabbage family veggies include 2 tbsp. lemon juice
dysfunction. Liver spots, dark cir-
denatured and full of additives, milk thistle and dandelion periodi- broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, col- 1/2 tsp. basil or 1/4 cup chopped
cles under the eyes, yellowish eyes,
which greatly contributes to toxin cally to help your liver regenerate. lards and cauliflower. Green veg- fresh basil
bad breath, nausea, loss of appetite
overload. • Exercise regularly. gies and beets are particularly 1/2 tsp. oregano
and pale stools may also be signs of
Alcohol consumption prevents • Eat 30-38 grams of fiber per day, good. Dash of celtic sea salt
liver distress.
the liver from manufacturing diges- as fiber binds to bile and eliminates • Eat sulphur-containing foods, Combine with salad and store in
Toxins may also cause liver over-
tive enzymes, and hinders the fat-soluble toxins from the body. such as garlic, onions and eggs.
load. There are thousands of toxins fridge. Serves 4.
18 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 HEALTH THE DAILY JOURNAL

Docs help make pot available in California

By Lisa Leff sites. Interviews with clinic managers or doctors
and Marcus Wohlsen who own the clinics provided additional names.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The AP’s list of 233 doctors is not exhaustive,
nor can it be, given the lack of information with
SAN FRANCISCO — Fourteen years since the state.
Californians passed the first-in-the-nation med- An analysis of the names and state medical
ical marijuana law, pot is not just for the sick. board files showed that most marijuana doctors
Hundreds of medical marijuana doctors, operat- on the list have clean records.
ing without official scrutiny, have helped make But there were also 68 physicians who have
it available to nearly anyone who wants it. run afoul of regulators. Some of the disciplinary
They are practicing a lucrative and thriving actions against them included fraud, mis-pre-
specialty, becoming the linchpins of a billion- scribing drugs, abusing prescription or illicit
dollar industry. And yet they do not have to drugs themselves, as well as and negligence.
report to whom they recommend the drug to, The pot practitioners with blemished back-
how many referrals they give or for what ail- grounds include:
ments. • A San Francisco doctor who received four
“There is something inappropriate about doc- years probation after she failed to heed a psy-
tors being the gatekeepers,” said Timmen chiatrist’s request to reconsider her marijuana
Cermak, president of the California Society of recommendation to a 19-year-old patient suffer-
ing from depression. The patient committed
Addiction Medicine. “They are secretaries here suicide six months later. The doctor now oper-
... All they are doing is telling the police to keep ates medical marijuana practices in eight cities.
their hands off.” She declined to discuss the case.
As voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide if • A Glendale obstetrician-gynecologist who
they want California to be the first to legalize pleaded guilty last year to billing Medicare for
recreational pot use and sales, the medical mar- $77,000 worth of diagnostic tests he never per-
ijuana system they helped establish in 1996 has formed while working in Texas. Since moving
effectively become a legal cover to smoke pot. REUTERS
The system also stands as a cautionary exam- A sticker to support proposition 19,a measure to legalize marijuana in the state of California, to Los Angeles, he helped set up pot evaluation
offices in 11 locations. He said that moving to
ple for other states crafting their own laws. is seen on a power pole in San Francisco. California and becoming a medical marijuana
Among them are Arizona and South Dakota, fering from one or more specific serious condi- Because there are no reporting requirements, doctor was not related to his criminal case.
which have medical marijuana on Tuesday’s tions, such as AIDS or cancer. Most require figuring out who these doctors are is difficult. • A Fresno osteopath who was arrested in
ballot. patients to register, creating a paper trail for There are more than 100,000 licensed doctors June 2008 for driving under the influence of
Under California’s law, medical doctors and tracking both users and their physicians. in the state, and medical marijuana advocates alcohol and whose urine tested positive for mar-
osteopaths can recommend the drug for any ill- In California, however, there is no central estimate that roughly 1,500 of them have rec- ijuana, anti-anxiety drugs and a prescription
ness “for which marijuana provides relief,” a database to track doctors or patients. Beyond a ommended pot to at least one patient. stimulant. Two months later, he was arrested
category that has come to encompass condi- medical license, the pot physicians do not need Of those, advocates say, 400 to 500 doctors again for driving with a suspended license and
tions such as alcoholism, anxiety, asthma and to have any relevant training, familiarity with account for the majority of recommendations. involuntarily hospitalized as a suicide risk. He
insomnia. the scientific literature on pot’s benefits and To identify them, the Associated Press was convicted in both cases, and the U.S. Drug
Obtaining approval in the other 13 states that side-effects or special certification. scoured online directories maintained by mari- Enforcement Agency revoked his authority to
allow pot for medical use is far more difficult. They can simply hang a shingle, and start juana advocacy groups; ads in alternative week- prescribe narcotics. He is now giving pot rec-
Those states limit the drug to residents suf- practicing. lies and pot-themed periodicals; and clinic web- ommendations at his private practice.
THE DAILY JOURNAL DATEBOOK Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 19
World Series titles in Florida and St. by the public. Sabean drew the ire of

Continued from page 1
Louis to be the all-around threat he
was in his youth. All he did was go
out and win the World Series MVP.
Giants fans when the first move he
made was trading Matt Williams for
Jeff Kent among others. He even
This Irish comedic drama is the
At least Rowand and Renteria are on uttered his famous, “I am not an Crafts & Sewing. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. unromanticized comic portrayal of
the team, which can’t be said for Zito. idiot,” remark following that move. Little House, 800 Middle Ave., Ireland’s rural peasants that is cele-
generation of players how to properly He was left off the post-season roster Over the next decade-plus, people Menlo Park. Free. For more infor- brated for its humor, insight, imagi-
setup in the batter’s box and effective- mation call 326-2025. nation and power. $10 adults, $8 for
after his meltdown on the penultimate have questioned his moves and his seniors and students. For more infor-
ly hit the ball. day of the season against the Padres. Strong for Life. 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 mation visit http://www.carlmont-
constant craving for elite pitching.
There were some talented players But much like Rowand, you haven’t a.m. Little House Fitness Center, performingarts.com.
during those times, but not enough to Guess he knows what he’s doing. 800 MIddle Ave., Menlo Park. Free.
heard much from Zito, but that is not Bochy wasn’t aggressive enough, For more information call 326-2025. San Mateo High School Drama
give the Giants much of a shot of win- to diminish what he did this season — presents ‘25th Annual Putnam
ning a world championship. relied too much on non-performing Celebrate Dia de los Muertos. 4 County Spelling Bee.’ 7:30 p.m.
which was arguably his best since p.m. San Mateo Public Library, 55 San Mateo Performing Arts Center,
All those guys can now smile veterans. Righetti had lost it and was
joining the Giants. He won nine W. Third Ave., San Mateo. Families 600 N. Delaware St., San Mateo.
because the San Francisco Giants have games and at times looked like a Cy not the guy to handle the Giants’ are invited to a special Dia de los Meet an extremely appealing cast of
finally won the World Series. Young winner of old. young, dominant pitching. Muertos (Day of the Dead) Spanish lovable misfits, nerds and neurotics
and English story time and craft at as they spell and sing in this
This is for the victims and survivors Zito, Rowand, Renteria can feel sat- Guess these guys can stay around the San Mateo Public Library. Free. extremely witty show. $10 for stu-
of the 1989 earthquake. Even if the isfied they made a contribution for a while because the San Francisco For more information call 522-7838. dents and seniors, $15 for adults.
Group discounts available. Show
Giants had a remote chance of beating because the San Francisco Giants have Giants finally won the World Series. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 3 runs through Sunday. For more
a loaded A’s team, there was no way it finally won the World Series. This is for the media who took their Bye, Pain! Free Ear Acupuncture. information or to buy tickets visit
9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Ye’s Chi Clinic, smhsdrama.org.
was going to happen after the quake This is for Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell shots at the team, management, coach- 105 N. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo.
before Game 3 in 1989. The City was and Cody Ross, three guys other ing and players throughout the year Reduce the pain by acupuncture on Choir members wanted. 7:30 p.m.
crumbling and on fire, but it brought a and now gush about the Giants. I the reflex/trigger points on the ears. Calvary Lutheran Church, 401 Santa
teams didn’t seem to want. Huff had a Suggested $5 donation to congrega- Lucia Ave., Millbrae. Come join this
kinship and brotherhood out among down year in 2009 and no other teams admit it, I was one of them. But now, tional Church of San Mateo. For friendly choir who preforms every
San Franciscans as well as the Bay expressed interest in his services. The it’s all love because the San Francisco more information and to reserve Sunday at 10:30 during worship
your seat 558-8118. service.
Area as a whole. Now when the next Giants did. Giants finally won the World Series.
“Big One” hits, at least those affected Pat Burrell was released by Tampa This is for the fans — native San Early Memory Loss Wellness FRIDAY, NOV. 5
by the ’89 quake will have memories Program. 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Flickr Workshop. 9:30 a.m.
Bay and at home sitting on his couch, Franciscans, Bay Area fans, New York Rosener House, 500 Arbor Road, Woodside Library, 3410 Woodside
to erase the last one because the San wondering if any team would want fans and those scattered about the Menlo Park. A program for people Road, Woodside. Learn how to use
Francisco Giants have finally won the him. The Giants did. experiencing changes in memory or the photo-sharing website to upload,
world. Because let’s face it, the Giants mild Cognitive Impairment. $20. edit and share photos. Free. For
World Series. Cody Ross was put on waivers by are more than just a Bay Area brand For more information call 322-0126. more information call 851-0147.
This is for Barry Zito, Aaron the Florida Marlins. A one-time or a national brand, the team is a glob- Beginning Internet. 10:30 a.m. Fall Harvest Book Sale. 11 a.m. to
Rowand and Edgar Renteria, big Marlin prospect, he was essentially al brand. People around the world are Belmont Library, 1110 Alameda de 4:30 p.m. San Mateo Public Library,
money guys who have nearly become thrown on the scrap heap. Who would rocking Giants hats, living and dying las Pulgas, Belmont. Learn how to 55 W. Third Ave., San Mateo.
after-thoughts during this post-season want this guy? The Giants did. evaluate and search the Internet for Diverse selection of books sorted in
with their team from Sacramento to information. Free. For more infor- 35 categories. Bargain prices, bring
run. Rowand, despite losing his center Now all three can say they’re cham- mation e-mail conrad@smcl.org. your own bag. Sponsored in part by
field job to Andres Torres, never once pions because the San Francisco the Daily Journal. Free. For more
And for those New York Giants Art Lectures. 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Little information call 522-7802.
(at least publicly) whined about his Giants have finally won the World House, 800 Middle Ave., Menlo
position. From all accounts, he contin- fans, who stuck by the team when it
Series. Park. Auditorium will feature The E-mail Clinic. 1:30 p.m. to 3
ued to work hard and prepare for his This is for Tim Lincecum, Matt moved West, you can finally die happy Docent Kay Payne in a talk about p.m. Little House, 800 Middle Ave.,
because the San Francisco Giants have the current exhibit at the De Young Menlo Park. Free for memebers. For
time to play. It came Thursday night Cain, Jonathan Sanchez and Madison Museum of French Impressionist more information call 326-2025.
when he laced a two-run triple during Bumgarner. A home-grown staff that won the World Series. paintings. $3 members, $5 non-
the Giants’ seven-run eighth and a validated general manager Brian So snatch up all the World Series members. For more information Redwood City International
326-2025. Latino Film Festival. 5 p.m. San
start in center field in the title-clinch- Sabean’s obsession with pitching. This gear you can get your hands on, save Mateo County History Museum, 225
ing Game 5. rotation was the key reason the San all your ticket stubs, your crazy hair, Property Sales Workshop. 6:15 37th Ave., San Mateo. A gala open-
p.m. RE/MAX Star Properties, 282 ing reception with Latino delicacies,
Renteria seemed to be injured all Francisco Giants have finally won the foam fingers, pom poms, rally rags. Redwood Shores Parkway, Redwood beverages and live entertainment
year long and that, combined with a World Series. Save it all because when you’re old City. Learn how to package a home highlighting women and film.
or property for sale. Free. For more Festival runs through Sunday, Nov.
$9 million dollar contract, made him a This is for Sabean, Bruce Bochy and and gray, you’ll get to say the San information or to RSVP visit 7. $25. For more information visit
target of fans. Renteria has found the Dave Righetti, who stuck to their guns Francisco Giants finally won the JustYourHome.com. redwoodcity.org/LatinoFilmFestival
fountain of youth, drawing on his despite being fired millions of times World Series. .
Dance Nights. 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Twin
Pines Senior and Community 18th Annual Trivia Challenge.
responsible for their loss and distress, 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. South San

Center, 20 Twin Pines Lane,
Belmont. Come enjoy dancing to Francisco Conference Center, 255 S.
Nastari said. great music and meet new friends. Airport Blvd, South San Francisco.
“You can’t truly appreciate the depth $6. For more information call 595- $30. For more information contact
7444. Roject Read at 872-3871.
Continued from page 8 of the physical and emotional pain these
people are suffering until you sit down Little House Book Club. 12:30 Redwood City International
p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Little House, 800 Latino Film Festival. 6:45 p.m.
and listen to their stories. We are here to Middle Ave., Menlo Park. Join us as Downtown Century 20 Theatres, 825
Costanzo, Kristen Costanzo, Michael make sure PG&E faces the reality of we discuss ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Middlefield Road, Redwood City.
Duerre, Judith Duerre, Karen Frechette, Stockett. Free. For more information Screenings of the award-winning
these horrors,” Nastari said. call 326-2025. movies ‘Habana Eva,’ with a Q&A
Gerhard Georgi, Ronald Giannini,
PG&E did not immediately respond to session with the director, and ‘Oveja
Christine Giannini, Loretta Groulx, THURSDAY. NOV. 4 Negra (Black Sheep).’ Films are in
a request for comment about the suits. Senior Appreciation Day. 9 a.m. to
Masami Himuro, Nicole Himuro, Joey Spanish with English subtitles.
Himuro, Emile Hons, Loretta Gayle The complaint comes on the heels of 4 p.m. 731 Walnut St., San Carlos. Festival runs through Sunday, Nov.
Dentist Dr. Ronald Asti will answer 7. $9 per film. For more information
Masunu, Robert Metcalfe, Linda roughly a dozen other lawsuits alleging questions, look at problem areas and v i s i t
Metcalfe, Jason Niedier, Joanne Niedier, PG&E was negligent and liable, includ- give oral examinations, no appoint- redwoodcity.org/LatinoFilmFestival.
ments necessary. Free.
John Niedier, Justin Niedier, Jayda ing suits on behalf of families who lost Alice In Wonderland. 7:30 p.m.
Niedier, Norene Aganos, Bryan Parkin, loved ones. Eight people died during and Sacn Phot Memories. 10 a.m. to Cañada College Mainstage Theater,
11:30 a.m. Little House, 800 Middle 4200 Farm Hill Road, Redwood
Melanie Parkin, Danielle Davi, Anthony after the fire. Ave., Menlo Park. $20 members, City. For more information and to
Davi, Kristian Parkin, Henry Sanchez, The suits are a mix of wrongful death, $25 non-members. order tickets visit bayareaetc.org.
Tracie Pyers, Elena Sanchez, Mateo The events of Sept. 9 “forever changed negligence and strict product liability Smart Choices in Retirement. 1 All-Beethoven Violin Concert. 8
Sanchez, Alicia Sanchez, Tracie Pyers, the lives of a San Bruno community,” claims. The last argues PG&E is liable if p.m. Millbrae Library, 1 Library p.m. Congregational Church of
Ave., Millbrae. Learn key principles
Gregg Tafralis, Mary Tafralis, Gilda claims the suit which says PG&E both the pipe that burst was found to be to stay on the right track and make Belmont, 751 Alameda de las
Pulgas, Belmont. Featuring violinist
Tarzia, Tim Crismas, Carlos Vasquez, could have prevented the disaster and defective, even if the company took savings last through retirement.
Eric Leong and pianist Dmitriy
Free. For more information call 697-
Carlene Vasquez, Timothy Wieland and “inexplicably” took nearly two hours to steps to ensure its safety. 7607. Corgay. $15, $10 for seniors, free
for children 8 and under. For more
Rose Wieland. shut off the “massive blowtorch.” The suit filed yesterday claims PG&E information visit uccbelmont.org.
Employment Roundtable for the
The suit, filed in San Mateo County Residents of the affected neighborhood knew of the gas leak but failed to Over 40 Worker. 10 a.m. East Palo
For more events visit
Superior Court Monday, claims Pacific “were immediately homeless, left in respond to reports of gas odors and Alto Library, 2415 University Ave.,
smdailyjournal.com, click Calendar.
East Palo Alto. Employment
Gas and Electric is responsible for negli- excruciating physical and psychological equipped the pipeline with only manual Roundtable will feature employers
gence, property damage, battery, inten- pain and scarred, physically and emo- shutoff valves despite it behind beyond from around the Bay Area dis-
its useful life. PG&E also knew the cussing their companies’ openings
tional infliction of emotional distress, tionally, for life,” the suit states. and hiring processes. Free. For more
loss of consortium, creating a private The goal now is to hold the utility pipeline was “fragile and suspect,” the information call 321-7712.
and public nuisance and trespassing. suit states. ‘Social Networking/ Blogging for
Artist.’ 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Little
House, 800 Middle Ave., Menlo
over in a traffic stop. San Bruno resident who suffered hous-

Continued from page 8
Taylor actually had dual hearings.
After being denied a bail reduction in the
morning, she returned to court that after-
ing and “food” damage. Wise, a San
Francisco resident claimed she lived in
an in-law unit on the property but home-
Park. Discuss ways of showing your
work via benefits and fund raisers
for your favorite causes. For more
information call 326-2025.

noon for further arraignment. Taylor owners later contacted said there was no Website Building for Beginners. 7
p.m. San Carlos Library, 610 Elm
pleaded not guilty and did not waive her such building. St., San Carlos. Learn how to build
a preliminary hearing. right to a speedy trial. She returns to Taylor is accused, along with Deonte and publish a simple website with
In a separate hearing, Niesha Marie court Nov. 15 for a preliminary hearing Jerome Bennett, 25, of Oakland, of also Weebly. Free. For more information
call 591-0341.
Taylor, 26, sought and was denied bail. and remains in custody. posing as a victim and lying about her
Like Wise, Turner bailed out of cus- Wise and Taylor are two of several address to the Department of Motor An Evening with Sister Helen
Prejean. 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 2300
tody on a $25,000 bond shortly after people charged with fraud and related Vehicles. Bennett bailed out and is want- Adeline Drive, Burlingame. Meet
her arrest. However, authorities who crimes after the deadly Sept. 9 gas ed on the same $100,000 arrest warrant Sister Helen Prejean, the nun whose
had already hiked other fire scam sus- correspondence with convict Patrick
explosion and fire in San Bruno. on which Taylor was arrested. Sonnier was made famous in her
pects’ bail to $100,000 put out a war- According to prosecutors, Wise went Two others were arrested at the same book ‘Dead Man Walking’ and the
rant for her arrest. She was apprehend- to the victim relief center seeking a time as Taylor and Bennett on similar movie of the same name starring
Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. $25.
ed in San Francisco after being pulled $1,000 Visa card by saying she was a charges. To register visit mercy-center.org.
For more information visit pre-

Carlmont High School presents

‘The Playboy of the Western
World.’ 7 p.m. Carlmont
Performing Arts Center, 1400
Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont.
20 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 COMICS/GAMES THE DAILY JOURNAL

Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010 quandary when it upsets everything you try to do today. Clean
up your mess.
New endeavors or means of doing things might pay off more
in the near future than old ways have in the past. If you get TAURUS (April 20-May 20) - You need to guarantee that you
a chance to try something new, it could turn out to be a vast won’t spoil the fun for everybody else when getting together
improvement over your current methods. with friends should someone be in attendance whom you
don’t like, or you had better opt not to join in.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Don’t go along with the group
if what they want to do violates your principles or high stan- GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - It’s OK that challenges can
dards, regardless of the peer pressure some may place on hold some kind of special appeal for you at times, but don’t
you. Stand by your high-mindedness. deliberately create confrontation just for the fun of it. The
consequences could be costly.
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) - Instead of being the
disruptor within the household, contribute to the tranquility CANCER (June 21-July 22) - Unfortunately, it could backfire
of the family. Selfish demands will cause kinfolk to rebel or if you attempt to outdo one of your companions who’s just
behave similarly. about perfect at doing everything. It is likely to be s/he who
ends up taking you to task.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) - Because you have such a
strong personality, it is generally best for you to avoid bossy LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - You can take bets that reckless or
types of people. You’ll have little appreciation for being told impulsive spending will take you to task tomorrow if you can’t
what to do, when or how to do it. help yourself today when you purchase something expensive
you really can’t resist.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) - Be certain that, when taking
on a partner, your counterpart will have as much to offer as VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) - There’s a strong possibility that
you do. If your deal lacks parity, there won’t be any benefits a situation on which you and your mate hold opposing opin-
for you to share. ions could arise and become a major impasse if you’re not
careful. Don’t let it out of the box.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) - Don’t make the same mistake Previous
again by seeking the advice of someone who advised you LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - You may have been deluding
poorly previously. Try to think for yourself, but if you can’t find yourself for quite a while into believing that something that Sudoku
the answer, be careful to whom you go. has been left unattended will eventually disappear. Sadly, that

ARIES (March 21-April 19) - Unless you first complete what

devil may pop up again. answers
you started yesterday, you could find yourself in a heck of a Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Want More Fun and Games?

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Homer’s wanderer
Onion goody T Y P E E R A S U P A
5 Least amt. 58 Finger count S K I N F L I N T D A M
8 Jellystone bear 59 “Blondie” kid E N N U I K I N D L E
12 Watch’s face 60 Tilly and Ryan A R C S C A Y S
13 Alias letters 61 Understand A N T S Y A S K S
14 Was, to Ovid 62 Peaks DO E SW I S H I NG
15 Menacing A RMC H A I R C U P
17 Ax cousin DOWN B ON N B E E T S
18 Battery size 1 NFL scores J E E P G A R B
19 Vocation 2 Livy’s trio MA T R I X R U B L E
21 Cronyn’s mate 3 Jayhawker st. EMU N E GO T I A T E
24 Towel word 4 Wooden horse saga L E D GN U S N I NO
25 Very little 5 — Hari S S E A T E GR A N
26 Harem head 6 Mamie’s man
11-02-10 ©2010, United Features Syndicate
30 Ph.D. exam 7 DEA operative
32 Bridal notice word 8 Accounting times
33 Lawn wetters (hyph.) 28 Nonsense verse 45 Exploiting
37 Filleted fish 9 Gavel-banger’s cry writer 47 Atlas closeup
38 Edge a doily 10 Looks dreamily 29 Pierre’s noggin 48 Yardstick
39 Bouncy gait 11 Anatomical passage 31 Accident-prone 49 Goes bad
40 At anchor 16 Pronounces rodents? 50 Unit of force
43 Clean water org. 20 Gotcha! 34 Made do with 53 Fiddle-de- —
44 Sky-dive 21 Noah’s numbers 35 Dry off 54 Bulldogs backer
46 Candy-stripers 22 Flying prefix 36 Workout facilities 55 Sports off.
48 More curious 23 Patricia of 41 Unlatch, to a bard 56 “Titanic” message
50 Loud noise “Cookie’s Fortune” 42 Throne
51 Valhalla host 27 A law — itself 44 Ms. Foster of films
THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 21

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment

The best career seekers
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110 Employment 110 Employment
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104 Training 109 Musicians recruit from the Daily Journal...
TERMS & CONDITIONS Contact us for a free consultation
The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- DO YOU PLAY THE
fieds will not be responsible for more
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia- VIOLIN OR CELLO?
bility shall be limited to the price of one
insertion. No allowance will be made for
Do you live in the Call (650) 344-5200 or
San Mateo area?
errors not materially affecting the value
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- I want to form a Email: ads@smdailyjournal.com
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- neighborhood piano trio.
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate remid@sbcglobal.net

106 Tutoring 110 Employment 110 Employment

110 Employment
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ume Deli/Catering Company seeks re-
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the Daily Journal six days per
elementary and middle school
students with all aspects of
2 years week, Monday through Satur-
day. Experience with newspa-
reading and writing skills -- experience per delivery required. Must
essays, spelling, vocabulary, have valid licenses and appro-
and literature comprehension. required. priate insurance coverage to
Immediate provide this service in order to
be eligible.
10 Years’ Experience
Flexible schedule Placement
Papers are available for pickup
Reasonable rates on all assignments in San Mateo at 3:00 a.m.
Contact Shauna for more details at
CALL (650)777-9000
Please apply in person Monday-
650.365.2750 or Friday only, 10am to 4pm at The
DramaEducationProject@yahoo.com Daily Journal, 800 S. Claremont LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION CREW:
Must have three years verifiable Land-
St #210, San Mateo. scape Construction experience, valid CA
CAREGIVERS Driver’s License, good driving record, re-
CNAs, hourly & live-ins, There are currently no openings, liable vehicle and be fluent in English.
but we will store your application Please call 650.440.9083.
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Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273,
search, updates of our ongoing fea-
tures and interviews. Photo interns al-
so welcome.
(408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273
Certificated Local CAREGIVERS We expect a commitment of four to
We’re currently looking for SALES - eight hours a week for at least four
Teacher experienced eldercare aides-- months. The internship is unpaid, but
intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
All Ages! CNAs, HHAs & Live-ins Putnam Auto Group terns have progressed in time into
with excellent references to paid correspondents and full-time re-
join our team! Buick Pontiac GMC porters.
(650)573-9718 Good pay and
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$50,000 Average Expectation
a must… College students or recent graduates
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Drivers preferred. 5 Men or Women for experience is preferred but not neces-
Call Claudia at Career Sales Position sarily required.

107 Musical Instruction (650) 556-9906 • Car Allowance Please send a cover letter describing
www.homesweethomecare.com your interest in newspapers, a resume
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train. Apply AM/PM @ 470 Ralston Ave.,
Bronstein Music Belmont Top Performers earn $100k Plus!! Send your information via e-mail to
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So. San Francisco CONSTRUCTION OFFICE STAFF - Paid training included ular mail to 800 S. Claremont St #210,
Phones, A/P, scheduling, customer serv- Call Mr. Olson San Mateo CA 94402.
(650)588-2502 ice, filing, WORD, EXCEL, FULL TIME. 1-866-788-6267
bronsteinmusic.com Medical, Dental, Holidays. Fax SALARY
REQ, and resume to (650)631-3663.
22 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment Drabble Drabble Drabble

Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices

smissed, a judgment is entered, or the
court makes further orders. These or-

LEGAL NOTICES ders are enforceable anywhere in Cali-

fornia by any law enforcement officer
who has received or seen a copy of
Fictitious Business Name Statements, Trustee Sale AVISO: Las ordenes de restriccion que
figuran en la pagina 2 valen parra ambos
Notice, Alcohol Beverage License, Name Change, conyuges o pareja de hecho hasta que
se despida la peticion, se emita un fallo o
Probate, Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons, la corte de otras ordenes. Cualquier au-
Notice of Public Sales, and More. toridad de la ley que haya recibido o vis-
to una copia de estas ordenes puede ha-
cerlas acatar en cualquier lugar de Cali-
Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County. NOTE: If a judgment or support order is
entered, the court may order you to pay
110 Employment 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices Fax your request to: 650-344-5290 all or part of the fees and costs that the
court waived for yourself or for the other
NOW HIRING for Live-in Caregiver CASE# CIV 497786 CASE# CIV 499389
Email them to: ads@smdailyjournal.com party. If this happens, the party odered
to pay fees shall be given notice and an
SIGN ON BONUS!!! ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR opportunity to request a hearing to set
Recruiting for San Mateo, San Francisco CHANGE OF NAME CHANGE OF NAME aside the order to pay waived court fees.
and Santa Clara areas. We offer excel- SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, AVISO: Si se emite un fallo u orden de
lent benefits! COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, manutencion, la corte puede ordenar que
*Medical / Vision / Dental / Life Ins. 400 COUNTY CENTER RD, 400 COUNTY CENTER RD, usted pague parte de, o todos las cuotas
* 401K/Credit Union * Direct Deposit REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 y costos de la corte previamente exentas
REQUIREMENTS: PETITION OF PETITION OF 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices a peticion de usted o de la otra parte. Si
* 1 yrs experience * Own Vehicle Kit Sum Choi Cindy H. Linanderson esto ocurre, la parte ordenada a pagar
* Good Communication skills. Petitioner, Kit Sum Choi filed a petition Petitioner, Cindy H. Linanderson filed a STATEMENT #241053 STATEMENT #241680 tunidad de solicitar una audiencia para
Call today to set up an interview: with this court for a decree changing petition with this court for a decree The following persons are doing busi- The following person is doing business anular la orden de pagar las cuotas ex-
1-800-417-1897 or 650-558-8848 name as follows: changing name as follows: ness as: Isabella & Archer Productions, as: Trapper Jack’s Crab Shack, 219 El entas.
or send Resume to Present name: Kit Sum Choi Present name: Cindy Hsin-Ying Linan- 1153 Shelter Creek Lane, San Bruno, Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030 is The name and address of the court is:
Dedward@LivHOME.com Proposed name: Gloria Kitsum Choi derson CA 94066 hereby registered by the fol- hereby registered by the following owner: (El nombre y direccion de la corte son):
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons Proposed name: Cindy Hsin-Ying Lin An- lowing owners: Erich Heidelberger & Ma- TSH August, Inc., CA. The business is Superior Court of California, County of
interested in this matter shall appear be- derson ria Heidelberger, same address. The conducted by a Corporation. The regis- San Mateo
fore this court at the hearing indicated THE COURT ORDERS that all persons business is conducted by a General Part- trants commenced to transact business 1050 Old Mission Road
SALES/MARKETING below to show cause, if any, why the pe- interested in this matter shall appear be-
INTERNSHIPS nership. The registrant commenced to under the FBN on South San Francisco, CA 94080
tition for change of name should not be fore this court at the hearing indicated transact business under the FBN on /s/ Simin He / The name, address, and telephone num-
The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking granted. Any person objecting to the below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
for ambitious interns who are eager to /s/ Erich Heidelberger / This statement was filed with the Asses- ber of the petitioner’s attorney, or peti-
name changes described above must file tition for change of name should not be This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo tioner without an attorney, is: (El nombre,
jump into the business arena with both a written objection that includes the rea- granted. Any person objecting to the
feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 10/28/10. (Published in the direccion y numero de telefono del abo-
sons for the objection at least two court name changes described above must file County on 09/21/2010. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 11/02/10, gado del demandante, o del demandante
of the newspaper and media industries. days before the matter is scheduled to a written objection that includes the rea-
This position will provide valuable San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/19/10, 11/09/10, 11/16/10, 11/23/10). que no tiene abogado, es):
be heard and must appear at the hearing sons for the objection at least two court 10/26/10, 11/02/10, 11/09/10). Araceli Rojas
experience for your bright future. to show cause why the petition should days before the matter is scheduled to
Fax resume (650)344-5290 652 Easton Avenue
not be granted. If no written objection is be heard and must appear at the hearing San Bruno, CA 94066
email info@smdailyjournal.com timely filed, the court may grant the peti- to show cause why the petition should
tion without a hearing. not be granted. If no written objection is Date: (Fecha) Apr. 8, 2010
A HEARING on the petition shall be held timely filed, the court may grant the peti- STATEMENT #241178 STATEMENT #241661
SEASONAL/HOLIDAY -- Bell ringers on November 16, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept. tion without a hearing. The following person is doing business The following person is doing business John C. Fitton, Clerk, by (Secretano, por)
for the holiday season. GY. Make ap- as: Kimia Consignment Services, P O as: Chamber Advertising Solutions, 1038 P. Pedrini, Deputy (Asistente)
24, Room 2C, at 400 County Center, A HEARING on the petition shall be held Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal
pointment to apply. Job begins Nov. 26 Redwood City, CA 94063. on November 19, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept. Box 7455, Menlo Park, CA 94026 hereby Hull Ln., FOSTER CITY, CA 94404 is
and ends Dec. 24. registered by the following owner: Meh- hereby registered by the following owner: November 2, 9, 16, 23 2010.
A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall 24, Room 2C, at 400 County Center,
Call (650)266-4591 be published at least once each week for Redwood City, CA 94063. rak Ayati, same address. The business is C.J. Media Inc., CA. The business is
four successive weeks prior to the date A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall conducted by an Individual. The regis- conducted by a Corporation. The regis-
set for hearing on the petition in the fol- be published at least once each week for trant commenced to transact business trants commenced to transact business
VALETS NEEDED- lowing newspaper of general circulation: four successive weeks prior to the date under the FBN on 08/01/2010. under the FBN on
Redwood City location. Fulltime hours, to The Daily Journal, San Mateo County set for hearing on the petition in the fol- /s/ Mehrak Ayati / /s/ Charles E. Jones /
start immediately. Clean DMV record and Filed: October 7, 2010 lowing newspaper of general circulation: This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses-
must be able to drive stick shift. Call 510- /s/ Stephen Hall / The Daily Journal, San Mateo County sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
869-6993 or 510-655-4000 ext. 5830. Judge of the Superior Court Filed: October 6, 2010 County on 09/30/2010. (Published in the County on 10/28/2010. (Published in the
Dated: 10/07/2010 /s/ Stephen Hall / San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/19/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 11/02/10,
(Published 10/19/2010, 10/26/2010, Judge of the Superior Court 10/26/10, 11/02/10, 11/09/10). 11/09/10, 11/16/10, 11/23/10).
127 Elderly Care 11/02/2010, 11/09/2010) Dated: 10/06/2010
295 Art
(Published 10/19/2010, 10/26/2010,
11/02/2010, 11/09/2010) FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME SUMMONS PAINTING "jack vettriano" Portland gal-
FAMILY RESOURCE STATEMENT #241581 (FAMILY LAW) lery 26 x 33. $65. (650)345-1111.
The following person is doing business CASE NUMBER: 093919
GUIDE as: Sensagility, 570 El Camino Real Ste. NOTICE TO RESPONDENT(Name): PICTURE WITH Frame Jack Vettriano
The San Mateo Daily Journal’s CASE# CIV 498810 (Aviso Al Demandado): Rodrigo Eduardo with light attached $100. (650)867-2720
twice-a-week resource guide for Hernandez Garcia. You are being sued.
CHANGE OF NAME FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME hereby registered by the following owner: (Lo esta demandando)
children and families.
SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, STATEMENT #241198 Marian Harris, same address. The busi- Petitioner’s name is: (Nombre del de-
296 Appliances
Every Tuesday & Weekend COUNTY OF SAN MATEO, The following person is doing business ness is conducted by an Individual. The mandante:) Araceli Rojas
as: Congress Lounge, 1537 Sixth Ave- registrant commenced to transact busi- You have 30 calendar days after this AIR CONDITIONER - slider model for
400 COUNTY CENTER RD, narrow windows, 10k BTU, excellent
Look for it in today’s paper to REDWOOD CITY CA 94063 nue, Belmont, CA 94002 hereby regis- ness under the FBN on Summons and Petition are served on
tered by the following owner: Conwest, /s/ Marian Harris / you to file a written Response (form FL- condition, $100., (650)212-7020
find information on family PETITION OF
resources in the local area, LLC, CA. The business is conducted by This statement was filed with the Asses- 120 or FL-123) at the court and have a
Ethan Daniel Brown a Limited Liability Company. The regis- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo copy served on the petitioner. A letter or
including childcare. TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: trants commenced to transact business phone call will not protect you. KENMORE DISHWASHER, exc. condi-
County on 10/22/2010. (Published in the
Petitioner, Ethan Daniel Brown filed a under the FBN on San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/26/10, If you do not file your Response on time, tion, 3yrs old, $95. (650)483-3630
petition with this court for a decree /s/ Homayoon Pejooh /
11/02/10, 11/09/10, 11/16/10). the court may make orders affecting your
changing name as follows: This statement was filed with the Asses- marriage or domestic parnership, your KENMORE MICROWAVE, exc. condi-
150 Seeking Employment a)Present name: Ethan Daniel Brown sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo property, and custody of your children. tion, 3yrs old, $45. (650)483-3630
b)Proposed name: Ethan Daniel Warner County on 09/30/2010. (Published in the You may be ordered to pay support and
San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/12/10, MINI FRIDGE - 34 inches high, runs well,
a)Present name: Kathleen Paige Brown FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME attorney fees and costs. If you cannot $85., (650)355-2996
EXPERT b)Proposed name: Kathleen Paige Warn-
10/19/10, 10/26/10, 11/02/10). STATEMENT #241150 pay the filing fee, ask the clerk for a fee
HOUSECLEANING The following person is doing business waiver form.
er If you want legal advise, contact alawyer
Mid-Peninsula, 25 years experience, a)Present name: Aidan Louis Brown FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME as: Milestones and Moments Events, MINI-FRIDGE - 32" tall; White Kenmore
English-speaking, own car. immediately. You can get information- $70. Call (650)229-4735
b)Proposed name: Aidan Louis Warner STATEMENT #240944 LLC, 1518 Lago St., #107, San Mateo, about finding lawyers at the California
Loyal, prompt and reliable. Do THE COURT ORDERS that all persons The following person is doing business CA 94403 hereby registered by the fol- Courts Online Self-Help Center
errands. References. interested in this matter shall appear be- as: Bijou Dog, 1611 Adrian Rd., Burlin- lowing owner: Milestones and Moments (www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp), at the PORTABLE GE Dishwasher, excellent
fore this court at the hearing indicated game, CA 94010 hereby registered by Events, LLC, CA. The business is con- California Legal Services Web site condition $75 OBO, (650)583-0245
Nancy 650-652-7850 below to show cause, if any, why the pe- the following owner: Bijou Dog, CA. The ducted by a Limited Liability Company. (www.lawhelpcalifornia.org), or by con-
tition for change of name should not be business is conducted by a Corporation. The registrant commenced to transact tact your local county bar association. RADIATOR HEATER, oil filled, electric,
granted. Any person objecting to the business under the FBN on Tiene 30 dias corridos despues de haber 1500 watts $25. (650)504-3621
The registrants commenced to transact recibido la entrega legal de esta Citacion
name changes described above must file business under the FBN on 07/01/2010. /s/ Tamoia Powell / y Peticion para presentar una respuesta SHOP VACUUM rigid brand 3.5 horse
201 Personals a written objection that includes the rea- /s/ Kristina Lin / This statement was filed with the Asses- (formulario FL-120 o FL-123) ante la power 9 gal wet/dry $40. (650)591-2393
sons for the objection at least two court This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo corte y efectuar la entrega legal de una
days before the matter is scheduled to sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo County on 09/28/2010. (Published in the copia al demandante. Una carta o llama- STOVE TOP 4 burners with electric grill
FUN WOMAN WAITS! be heard and must appear at the hearing County on 09/15/2010. (Published in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/26/10, da telefonica no basta para protegerio. commercial grade $50., (650)756-6778
SF, 23 yrs. Loves FUN, to show cause why the petition should San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/12/10, 11/02/10, 11/09/10, 11/16/10). Si no presenta su Respuesta a tiempo, la
romantic dinners, sweet not be granted. If no written objection is 10/19/10, 10/26/10, 11/02/10). corte puede dar ordenes que afecten su
talk & flowers. timely filed, the court may grant the peti- matrimonio o pareja de hecho, sus bi- VACUUM CLEANER heavy duty like
Affectionate guy a +. tion without a hearing. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME enes y la custodia de sus hijos. La corte new $45. (650)878-9542
Lets talk soon. A HEARING on the petition shall be held STATEMENT #241698 tambien le puede ordenar que pague
Call me NOW! FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME manutencion, y honorarios y costos le- WASHER/DRYER “MAYTAG” - Brand
on December 1, 2010, at 9 a.m., Dept. STATEMENT #241354 The following person is doing business gales. Si no puede pagar la cuota de new with 3 year warranty, $850. both,
Must be 18+. PJ, Room 2C, at 400 County Center, The following person is doing business as: Lopez Creative, 118 Linden Avenue, presentacion, pida al secretario un for- (650)726-4168
Redwood City, CA 94063. as: Guiding Light Therapy, 1965 Edin- San Bruno, CA 94066 is hereby regis- mulario de exencion de cuotas.
A copy of this Order to Show Cause shall burgh St., San Mateo, CA 94403 hereby tered by the following owner: Dario Lo- Si desea obtener asesoramiento legal, 297 Bicycles
be published at least once each week for registered by the following owner: Kelly pez, Jr., same address. The business is pongase en contacto de inmediato con
four successive weeks prior to the date Clohessy, same address. The business conducted by an Individual. The regis- un abogado. Puede obtener informacion BICYCLE "MAGNA" 24 inch wheels
set for hearing on the petition in the fol- is conducted by an Individual. The regis- trants commenced to transact business para encontrar a un abogado en el Cen- purple, $40., San Mateo, (650)341-5347
lowing newspaper of general circulation: trants commenced to transact business tro de Ayudo de las Cortes de California
under the FBN on (www.sucorte.ca.gov), en el sitio Web de
The Daily Journal, San Mateo County under the FBN on /s/ Dario Lopez, Jr. / BICYCLE - Sundancer Jr., 26”, $75. obo
Filed: October 22, 2010 los Servicios Legales de California
/s/ Kelly Clohessy / This statement was filed with the Asses- (www.lawhelpcalifornia.org) o ponien- (650)676-0732
/s/ Stephen Hall / This statement was filed with the Asses- dose en contacto con el colegio de abo-
Judge of the Superior Court sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
sor-County Clerk-Recorder of San Mateo
County on 11/01/10. (Published in the gados de su condado. BICYCLE WHITE sidebar tires 8 ftSOLD!
Dated: 10/19/2010 County on 10/08/2010. (Published in the NOTICE: The restraining orders on page
(Published 10/26/2010, 11/02/2010, San Mateo Daily Journal, 10/12/10, San Mateo Daily Journal, 11/02/10, 2 are effective against both spouses or GIRL'S BIKE HUFFY Purple 6-speed
11/09/2010, 11/16/10) 10/19/10, 10/26/10, 11/02/10). 11/09/10, 11/16/10, 11/23/10). domestic partners until the petition is dei- good cond. $35 - Angela (650)269-3712
THE DAILY JOURNAL Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 23
610 Crossword Puzzle 610 Crossword Puzzle 610 Crossword Puzzle 302 Antiques 381 Homes for Sale 381 Homes for Sale
Cylinders oak case - Serviced yearly,

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle beautiful, $550/obo, (650)344-6565

ENGLISH ARMOIRE with stand. Bought

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis for $415. Sacrifice for $330.
ACROSS 4 Lash cosmetic 38 Pile-of-dishes 52 First of 13 popes
303 Electronics
1 Throaty attention 5 One who’s quick place 53 Fort featured in
getter to anger 39 Steed and Mrs. “Goldfinger” 46” MITSUBISHI Projector TV, great
5 Contemptible 6 Sportscaster Peel’s show, with 55 Cigar suffix condition. $400. (650)261-1541.

person, in slang Berman “The” 57 Largest of the COMSWITCH 3500 - Eliminates need for
11 Brewery cask 7 Therefore 42 Homeric war epic Mariana Islands extra phone line, used for fax, computer
modem, telephone answering machine,
14 Mideast’s __ 8 Total 44 __ VO5: beauty 58 Director never used, $35., (650)347-5104
Strip 9 Nadir’s opposite product Preminger
DELL PHOTO 924 all in one with 2 ink
15 Set in waves, as 10 Netherlands city 46 Twelve o’clock 59 Prefix with stat cartridges $60 obo. (650)290-1960
hair 11 Plymouth Reliant, meeting 61 Skater Midori JVC VHS recorder - Like new, $15.,
16 Prompt on stage e.g. 47 Stuffed with food 62 The Beatles’ “I (650)367-8949
17 Being convincing 12 Continental 48 Do a laundry task Saw __ Standing PANASONIC COLOR tv with Vhs combo
20 inches like new $70. 650-347-9920
via coercion currency 51 Certain PCs There”
20 Ski resort 13 Jeweler’s stock PHILLIPS VCR plus vhs-hu 4 head Hi-Fi
grooming vehicle 18 Mountain lake ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: like new, $35. (650)341-5347
PROSCAN VCR plus VHS HQ with re-
21 Yves’s yes 19 Brief fight mote San Mateo, SOLD!
22 Bow-toting god 24 Dagger of yore SAMSUNG COLOR tv 27 inches good
23 Boxer sounds? 26 Whip mark condition $90. 650-347-9920
25 Food package 27 “Happy birthday SANIO CASETTE/RECORDER 2 way
meas. __!” Radio - $95.obo, call for more details,
27 Making a 28 Racers Al or
SONY RADIO cassette recorder $15
comeback, say Bobby black good condition. (650)345-1111
33 Gossipy Barrett 29 Decide to play for TEKNIKA VCR HQ $40. SOLD!
34 Vintage car pay TV - Big Screen, $70., ok
35 Ship-locating 30 Kuwaiti neighbor condition,(650)367-1350
system 31 Keep from
36 Yiddish laments flowing, as a 304 Furniture
37 Sticks to, as a stream 2 END Tables solid maple '60's era
$40/both. (650)670-7545
task 32 “Orinoco Flow”
40 One of the “Little New Age singer 3 PIECE COFFEE TABLE SET: $100.
Women” 33 Univ. military
BEACH CHAIRS (5) $5/each. (650)592-
41 Part of a front- program 2648
end alignment 37 Heal, as bones BEDROOM SET - Feminine, separate
xwordeditor@aol.com 11/02/10
43 Mississippi or full bed frame. Includes blonde dresser
with mirror & 2 night stands, $250., 306 Housewares 310 Misc. For Sale
Mersey: Abbr. (650)291-3064
45 Sneering rollers $25. (650)871-5078 Mixer-Vintage incl.juicer & bowl, beater BOOKS - 10 @ $3. ea., or all for $25.,
$30 OBO (650)576-6067 (650)341-1861
49 “Was __ loud?” BOOKCASE - $25., (650)255-6652
50 Drawer feature OASIS COUNTERTOP water cooler dis- CHARCOAL BBQ like new with cover
CABINET - wood, $70., (650)367-1350 penses cold and luke warm water $50., and extended holder $55. (650)347-9920
51 Actress Chase CHANDELIER WITH 5 lights/ candela-
COMIC BOOKS (10) assorted $15/all.
54 Miner’s find bre base with glass shades $20. REVEREWARE, 1,3.4 qt. pots, 5",7" (408)420-5646
56 Genetics pioneer pans, stainless steel w/copper bottoms,
excellent cond., $60/all. (650)577-0604
Mendel CHEST - 6 drawer chest of drawers, large dog cage good condition, 2 door
44x18x29, $20., (650)341-4905 with tray, $75.,(650)355-8949
60 Telling a little 307 Jewelry & Clothing
COFFEE TABLE - $60., (650)367-1350 DOOM (3) computer games $15/each 2
white lie SMALL JEWELRY cabinet - 17” H, 12” total, (650)367-8949
63 Pasture call COFFEE TABLE - Square, oak Coffee
Table w/leather top, $30. (650)771-1888
W, 2 glass doors, plus 2 drawers, very
pretty, $35., (650)592-2648
64 Wobble ETAGER over the toilet water tank - wal-
65 London art COFFEE TABLE light brown lots of stor- 308 Tools nut, $25., San Mateo, (650)341-5347
museum age good condition $65. (650)867-2720
CLICKER TORQUE wrench 1/2 inch
FULL BAG of plastic containers. $30/all.
66 When one hand drive 20-150 LBS reversible all chrome
COMPUTER DESK $70. (650)367-1350 $40. 650-595-3933 JANET EVANOVICH BOOKS - 4 hard-
is up and the backs @ $3.ea., 4 paperbacks @ $1.
other is down CREDENZA - $25., (650)255-6652 CRAFTSMAN 16” SCROLL SAW - ea., (650)341-1861
67 Doctor’s good condition, $85., (650)591-4710
CURIO CABINET, Hand tooled lighted LOUNGE CHAIRS - 2 new, with cover &
Curio cabinet Blonde. 5.5" X 23" X 1.5"
directives $98. San Mateo. 650-619-9932
power 15 gallon compressor, SOLD!
plastic carring case & headrest, $35.
each, (650)592-7483
68 Melville’s “Typee”
DESK 60”w 28”h 30” d, two shelf exten- DOLLEY - Heavy Duty, Dual Use 54" MASSAGE KIT $18 in original box ,
sequel sion 4 drawers $60 (650)364-7777. hgt. Upright-Push Cart South City (650)368-3037
$99.OBO (415) 410 - 9801
DOWN light wood 42 x 34 $99. (650)341-1645 PRESSURE WASHER 2500 PSI, good railroad" call for details excellent condi-
1 FBI investigators condition, $350., (650)926-9841 tion $50. (650)593-8880
seat, $35., (650)355-2996
2 Goldie of “The SPEEDAIR AIR COMPRESSOR - 4 gal-
lon stack tank air compressor $100.,
MERCHANT MARINE, framed forecastle
card, signed by Captain Angrick '70. 13 x
Banger Sisters” By Bruce Venzke (650)591-4710 17 inches $35 cash. (650)755-8238
DRAFTING TABLE 30 x 42' with side
3 Opera star Pinza (c)2010 Tribune Media Services, Inc.
11/02/10 tray. excellent cond $75. (650)949-2134 TABLE SAW 10", very good condition PERSIAN CARPET (Klim) good condi-
$85. (650) 787-8219 tion. Red and blue w/ bird design. 65 in x
wood, great condition, glass doors, fits 45 $100. (650)867-2720
315 Wanted to Buy 315 Wanted to Buy 298 Collectibles large TV, 2 drawers, shelves , $100/obo.
+ 850 Super Blower, Electric like new PICNIC COOLER with utensils and small
$40. pair South City (415) 410-9801 plates and wine cups. still in wrapper
beautiful design, $25., leave message
door, 1 drawer, excellent condition, anti- 309 Office Equipment
que, $95. obo, (650)349-6059. PICTURE FRAME - Large, $25.,
CALCULATOR - Casio, still in box, new, (650)367-1350
CLASSICAL, OPERA dvds (200), al- FRAMED MIRRORS - Pair of dark wal- $25., (650)867-2720
most new, and (100) CD’s, $3,000 all, PLANTS 10 assorted in pots in or out 10
nut, framed mirrors, 29” X 22”, perfect, for $3.75/each. (650)349-6059
(650)233-0111 each $25., pair $44., (650)344-6565 DELL ALL IN ONE COLOR PRINTER
SCANNER with 4 extra ink cartridges, SHEEP SKIN seat covers fits most cars
DANCING FIGURINE by Bradley Dolls - HUTCH - maple finish, 4 shelves, 52 $40. obo., SOLD!
Musical, plays “If You Love Me”, 8 1/2 “ beige needs cleaning $60 obo. (650)290-
inch W, $75., (650)341-1645 1960
tall, $20., (650)518-0813 FILING CABINET - 2 drawer wood filing
INFLATABLE BED with pump, queen, cabinet, 20x25x30, $45., (650)341-4905 SUIT/COAT HANGERS (14) sturdy good
GLASSES 6 sets redskins, good condi- $45., (650)341-4905
tion never used $30/all. (650)345-1111 quality hardwood unused $1/each or all
FILING CABINET - 4 drawer steel filing $10. San Bruno 650-588-1946
MAHOGANY BEDROOM DRESSER - cabinet, $30., (650)341-4905
HISTORY BOOK of "Superbowls by the 37 L x 19 W 9 drawers and attached mir-
bay" game 1-18, $35., (650)592-2648 ror 37 H x 36 W , $75., (650)341-1645 METAL CABINET - 4 drawers, beige TRIVIAL PURSUIT GAME - genius edi-
16.5 inches W x 27 3/4 H x 27 inches D. tion, used a few times, no missing
NIGHT STANDS - (2) Two drawer night $40., San Mateo, (650)341-5347 pieces, $22., (650)347-5104
JACK TASHNER signed ball $25. Ri- stands, 18x16x19, $25., (650)341-4905
chard (650)834-4926 OFFICE LAMP - new in box, $35/obo, VACUUM CLEANER $50 (650)367-1350
OFFICE DESK - $25., (650)255-6652 (650)303-3568
OAKLAND A'S bobbleheads 80's (2)
$15/each or $25/all (408)249-3858 RECLINER - Beige, $40., (650)771-1888 OFFICE LAMP brand new $8. (650)345- VHS (40) 3 for $5 or $50/all, (415)468-
1111 2787
POSTER - framed photo of President SHELVING - 2000 square foot of shelv-
Wilson and Chinese Junk $25 cash, ing, $500. obo, (650)212-6666 OFFICE WATER COOLER Hot - Ex Hot VICTORIAN BUILDINGS collection of
(650)755-8238 ,Cold - Ice Cold Like New South City Liberty Falls 11 for $30/all 3.5 to 4 inches
TABLE & CHAIR SET - new, perfect $99. OBO (415) 410 -9801 tall. (650)592-2648
SALEM CHINA - 119 pieces from 50’s. condition, $475., (650)638-1285
Good condition, $225., appraised at VIETNAM VHS (5) documentary. good
$800., (650)345-3450. TWO END tables: $35 or $20 each. 310 Misc. For Sale condition $15/all. (408)249-3858.
AREA RUG - Beautiful, plush, 11’ x 6’ VIKING DAISY SEWING MACHINE - by
SANTA DOLL 4ft. velvet suit w/gift WHITE WICKER ROCKING CHAIR - remnant solid tan color, never used, tags “Husqvarna”. Portable case included,
sack + tree, hand crafted, like new, $25 Solid construction, $35., (650)341-4905 still attached, extremely clean, $60., $175., (970)319-4269
(650)576-6067 (650)347-5104
WICKER CHAIRS - (2) $45. or $25. for WETSUIT - Barefoot, like new, $40.,
one, (650)341-4905 (650)367-8949
VASE - with tray, grey with red flowers, ARTIFICIAL FICUS Tree 6 ft. life like, full
297 Bicycles 298 Collectibles perfect condition, $30., (650)345-1111 WOODEN BOOKCASE with doors, $20., branches. in basket $55. (650)269-3712
(650)771-1888 311 Musical Instruments
BARBIE BEACH vacation & Barbie prin-
26 inch 21 speed SOLD!
49ER REPORT issues '85-'87 $35/all,
300 Toys WOODEN KITCHEN China Cabinet: $99 cess bride computer games $15 each, 2 ORGANS, antique tramp, $500 for
(great condition!), (650)367-1350 (650)367-8949 both. (650)342-4537
obo never used, SOLD!
306 Housewares KEYBOARD CASIO 3 ft long $50.
298 Collectibles 8 VERY OLD BOTTLES - most used for BARBIE DOLL - 36" my size Barbie doll,
fully dressed, $35., (650)583-5233 (650)583-2767
medicines, whiskey, milk, root beer, all in
good condition, $90. all, (650)347-5104 302 Antiques "PRINCESS HOUSE" decorator urn
2 VINTAGE COFFEE CANS - both emp- "Vase" cream with blue flower 13 inch H BEADS - Glass beads for jewelry mak-
ty, Hills Bros. red can, 1922-45, Hills $25., (650)868-0436 ing, $75. all, (650)676-0732 316 Clothes
BABEBALL CARDS assorted (25) ANTIQUE SOLID mahogany knick-knack
Bros Java Mocha, early 1980’s, $40. or bookshelf with 4 small drawers, good
both, (650)347-5104 $15/all. (408)420-5646 BETTY BOOP Women's perfume in box BLACK LEATHER MOTORCYCLE
condition, $95. 650-726-5200 BATHTUB TRANSFER bench never $10. (408)249-3858 JACKT - Large, water proof, new, $35.,
BARBIE DOLLS - in boxes, $5. ea., used $50. (408)249-3858 (650)342-7568
BLUE BACK disc never used in box
28 RECORDS - 78 RPMS, Bing Crosby, (650)676-0732 $15. (408)249-3858
CHINA CABINET - Vintage, 6 foot,
Frankie Laine, Al Jolson, Guy Lumbardo, solid mahogany. $300/obo. CANDLEHOLDER - Gold, angel on it, BOOTS - 2 pairs purple leather, size 8.
many others, all in book albums, $90. all, BAY MEADOW coffee mug in box $10. (650)867-0379 tall, purchased from Brueners, originally CABINET OAK, fits over toilet water One is knee length, other is ankle length,
(650)347-5104 (650)345-1111 $100., selling for $20.,(650)867-2720 tank, like new $25. (650)341-5347 $150.obo, (650)592-9141
24 Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 THE DAILY JOURNAL

310 Misc. For Sale 310 Misc. For Sale 440 Apartments 620 Automobiles 630 Trucks & SUV’s 670 Auto Service
MAZDA '09 MAZDA3 I Sport Silver GMC '07 YUKON SLE Black 9975T
9895P $12,788.00 Toyota 101. Please $27,998.00 . Toyota 101. Please men-
REDWOOD mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
tion the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000


10050P $13,988.Toyota 101. Please
GMC '08 Canyon SLE1, white, auto,
$17,991. #TS15643 Melody Toyota, Call
877-587-8635. Please mention the Daily
1 bedroom, 1 bath mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-

in senior complex HONDA '07 Civic Si, blue, manual,

$17,991. #T7H700724 Melody Toyota,
MAZDA '09 MAZDA6 I Sport White
(over 55). 10074T $14,988.00. Toyota 101. Please Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
Daily Journal
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Close to 5000 HONDA '07 CR-V EX-L, silver, auto,
downtown. MITSUBISHI '09 GALANT ES Cream
$20,792. #T7C058407 Melody Toyota,
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
Gated entry. 10138P $12,788.00. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Daily Journal.
5000 KIA '09 SPORTAGE LX Beige 10049P
Move in NISSAN '10 MAXIMA 3.5 S Gray
9955P $25,488. Toyota 101. Please
$17,988.00 . Toyota 101. Please men-
tion the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000

Special. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-

MERCEDES BENZ '09 M-Class ML350,
polar white, $36,492. P80169537 Melody
Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please men-
NISSAN '09 ALTIMA 2.5 White 9956P tion the Daily Journal
830 Main Street, RWC $14,998.00. Toyota 101. Please men-
(650)367-0177 tion the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 NISSAN '07 Sentra, gray, $11,191.
#P7L623495 Melody Toyota, Call 877-
587-8635. Please mention the Daily
NISSAN '09 SENTRA 2.0 FE+ Gray Journal
10051P $11,998.00. Toyota 101. Please
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- NISSAN '08 350Z, gray,
470 Rooms $21,992. P8M750023 Melody Toyota,
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
FOSTER CITY - Own bathroom, $800. SCION '08 TC SPEC White 10054P Daily Journal
316 Clothes 379 Open Houses mo. including utilities, own parking,
$14,488.00. Toyota 101. Please men-
tion the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 NISSAN '08 Xterra, gray, C3 FIX CAR
$19,691. P8C538011 Melody Toyota, GRAND OPENING!
MEN'S SUIT almost new $25. SUBARU '06 LEGACY WAGON Out- Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
650-573-6981 HIP HOUSING
back 2.5 XT Black 10015T $17,588.00 . Daily Journal
MENS "BASS" black loafers like new
OPEN HOUSE Non-Profit Home Sharing Program
San Mateo County Toyota 101. Please mention the Daily Oil Change & Filter
Journal. (650)365-5000 TOYOTA '07 HIGHLANDER Hybrid Up to 5 QT Synthetic Blend
size 12D $35. (650)868-0436 LISTINGS (650)348-6660
w/3rd Row Blue 10080T $26,988 Toyota $19.95 + Tax
TOYOTA '07 COROLLA CE Gray 101. Please mention the Daily Journal.
MENS SLACKS - 8 pairs, $50., Size (650)365-5000 Plus Waste Fee
36/32, (408)420-5646 List your Open House REDWOOD CITY 10093T $9,588 . Toyota 101. Please
in the Daily Journal. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
SCRUBS - Medical, woman’s, Size L, Sequoia Hotel 5000 TOYOTA '09 4RUNNER SR5 Silver Four Wheel Alignment
pretty prints, excellent condition, $9. ea, 800 Main St., 9886P $27,488.. Toyota 101. Please $55.00
5 pairs of pants $6. ea.(650)290-1960 Reach over 82,500 $600 Monthly TOYOTA '07 CAMRY HYBRID Basic mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- Special prices apply to most cars +
potential home buyers & $160. & up per week. Silver 9965P $17,988 Toyota 101. 5000
light trucks
SOCCER CLEATS - 3 pair, size 6,7 & 8, renters a day, (650)366-9501 Please mention the Daily Journal.
$10. each, (650)679-9359 (650)365-5000 TOYOTA '10 HIGHLANDER BASE
from South San Francisco (650)279-9811 White 10069P $26,998 Toyota 101. 609 So. Claremont St.
317 Building Materials to Palo Alto. TOYOTA '08 HIGHLANDER LIMITED Please mention the Daily Journal. San Mateo
in your local newspaper. Gray 10018T $32,988 Toyota 101. (650)365-5000
DOUBLE PANED GLASS WINDOWS - Please mention the Daily Journal.
various sizes, half moon, like new, $10. Call (650)344-5200 Room For Rent (650)365-5000 TOYOTA '10 HIGHLANDER LIMITED
and up, (650)756-6778 Travel Inn, San Carlos Silver 10048P $34,588 Toyota 101.
$49 daily + tax TOYOTA '08 TUNDRA 2WD Truck Please mention the Daily Journal.
318 Sports Equipment $280 weekly + tax SR5 Silver 10053P $22,998 Toyota 101. (650)365-5000
Clean Quiet Convenient Please mention the Daily Journal.
670 Auto Parts
2 GOLF CLUBS - Ladies, right handed, 380 Real Estate Services Cable TV, WiFi & Private Bathroom (650)365-5000 TOYOTA '10 VENZA BASIC Gray
10040P $25,888 . Toyota 101. Please 2 CHEVY American Mag wheels torque
putter & driver $5/each (650)755-8238 Microwave and Refrigerator 2 polished good condition, SOLD!
950 El Camino Real San Carlos TOYOTA '09 CAMRY BASIC Green mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
BROWN LEATHER GOLF BAG with 11 (650) 593-3136 9998P $16,488 Toyota 101. Please 5000
golf clubs, $65/all, (650)592-2648
BUCKET OF 250 golf balls various
DISTRESS mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
5000 635 Vans
Dealership Quality
brands $25/all. (650)339-3195
SALES SAN MATEO, single female preferred
$400/mo. Including utilities and $400 se-
curity deposit. (650)678-3125
9997P $14,588 Toyota 101. Please
CHEVROLET '07 Express Van, white,
38K miles, Auto, white, $17.892.
Affordable Prices
Complete Auto Service
Foreign & Domestic Autos
bird super sixty (wps60), ultimate fish Bank Foreclosures. mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
#P71161334. Melody Toyota, Call 877-
880 El Camino Real
finding technology, never used, in com- 587-8635. Please mention the Daily
plete package, $100., (650)347-5104 $400,000+ 620 Automobiles Journal. San Carlos
GOLD'S GYM - GT2000Power Tower + Free list with 10010P $18,988 . Toyota 101. Please DODGE ‘94 Caravan, no rear seats. www.880autoworks.com
Instructions as new, asking $100/obo, mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
(650)344-6565 pictures. Don’t lose money 5000
Used as a pickup truck. Needs engine
repair, $250 (650)678-1018
PeninsulaRealEstate.info on a trade-in or CHEVY RADIATOR - Like new, $60.,
TRIATHLON WETSUIT - Quintanaroo, (650)367-8949
ladies, me, good condition, SOLD! Free recorded message consignment! TOYOTA '09 YARIS BASIC White HONDA '07 Odyssey EX-L, blue,
$24,492. #P7B059887 Melody Toyota,
10136P $12,889 Toyota 101. Please
older "C"Hemold $25., (650)868-0436
1(800)754-0569 Sell your vehicle in the
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the
Daily Journal
used $800. (650)921-1033
ID# 2042 Daily Journal’s EL CAMINO '67 - parts (Protecto top)
KIA '09 SEDONA LX Silver 10086P
319 Firewood Dolphin RE Auto Classifieds.
TOYOTA '10 CAMRY Hybrid Basic
$17,888.00 . Toyota 101. Please men- $95., (650)367-8949
Blue 9784P $23,988$24,988. Toyota
101. Please mention the Daily Journal. tion the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
FIREWOOD - clean, dry oak dimensional FORD ‘73 Maverick/Mercury GT Comet,
(650)365-5000 Drive Train 302 V8, C4 Auto Trans.
14 inches long 115 pounds $10/all Just $3 per day. NISSAN ‘01 Quest - GLE, leather seats, Complete, needs assembly, includes ra-
Daly City , (415)333-8540 sun roof, TV/DVR equipment. Looks
HOMES & PROPERTIES TOYOTA '10 MATRIX BASIC Silver new, $15,500. (650)219-6008
diator and drive line, call for details,
9885P $15,288 Toyota 101. Please $1250., (650)726-9733.
322 Garage Sales The San Mateo Daily Journal’s Reach 82,500 drivers mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
weekly Real Estate Section. from South SF to 5000 TOYOTA '07 SIENNA CE Maroon HEAVY DUTY jack stand for camper or
9969T $18,988 Toyota 101. Please SUV $15. (650)949-2134
THE THRIFT SHOP Look for it Palo Alto TOYOTA '10 PRIUS I Silver 10072P
mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
every Friday and Weekend 5000
Sale - 50% Off All Mens Clothing
to find information on fine homes Call (650)344-5200 $21,998 Toyota 101. Please mention 672 Auto Stereos
Thursday & Friday 10:00-2:00 ads@smdailyjournal.com the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000
Saturdays 10:00-3:00 and properties throughout
the local area. 10082P $22,558 and , Toyo- MONNEY CAR AUDIO
Episcopal Church TOYOTA '10 RAV4 SPORT Gray ta '09 Sienna CE Blue 10083P $21,888
1 South El Camino Real 10029P $23,488 Toyota 101. Please Toyota 101. Please mention the Daily We Repair All Brands of Car
San Mateo 94401 AUDI ‘03 A4 3.0L Grey 10068T mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- Journal. (650)365-5000 Stereos! iPod & iPhone Wired
$12,995. Toyota 101. Please mention 5000 to Any Car for Music! Quieter
(650)344-0921 the Daily Journal. (650)365-5000 Car Ride! Sound Proof Your
TOYOTA '10 YARIS BASIC Blue 640 Motorcycles/Scooters Car! 31 Years Experience!
10030P $14,288. Toyota 101. Please
BMW '09 5 Series 528i Blue 9980T mention the Daily Journal. (650)365- BMW ‘03 F650 GS, $3899 OBO. Call 2001 Middlefield Road
$34,988Toyota 101. Please mention the 5000 650-771-4407 Redwood City
GARAGE Daily Journal. (650)365-5000

BMW ‘06 325i - low miles, very clean, TOYOTA '10 YARIS BASIC Green
10081P $13,588 Toyota 101. Please
HARLEY DAVIDSON ‘83 Shovelhead -
special construction, 1340 cc’s, Awe-

SALES loaded, leather interior, $20,000 obo.,

(650)368-6674 mention the Daily Journal. (650)365-
some!, $5,950.obo.
Call Rob (415)602-4535.
680 Autos Wanted
ESTATE BMW 540I ‘03 - Excellent condition,
loaded, leather, 103K mi., $12,495.,
Wolfsburg Gray 10087P $17,988.. Toyo-
ta 101. Please mention the Daily Jour-
HONDA ‘01 Reflex Scooter - Silver,
$1,999., Call Jesse (650)593-6763
Don’t lose money
SALES BUICK ‘97 LE SABER- Dark green, au-
tomatic 201k mi. Includes service re-
cords. Excellent condition. $1900 OBO.
nal. (650)365-5000

VOLKSWAGEN, '07 Jetta Wolfsburg,

645 Boats on a trade-in or
Make money, make room! EVINRUDE MOTOR, for Boat, 25
(650)342-4847 $13,994. #T7M150061 Melody Toyota, horsepower, (415)337-6364
Call 877-587-8635. Please mention the Sell your vehicle in the
List your upcoming garage CHRYSLER '06 PT Cruiser Touring, 60K Daily Journal.
sale, moving sale, estate miles, white, $7,992. #T6T269964 Melo- PROSPORT ‘97 - 17 ft. CC 80 Yamaha Daily Journal’s
sale, yard sale, rummage dy Toyota, Call 877-587-8635. Please Pacific, loaded, like new, $9,500 or trade,
mention the Daily Journal 625 Classic Cars (650)583-7946. Auto Classifieds.
sale, clearance sale, or
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THE DAILY JOURNAL NATION/WORLD Tuesday • Nov. 2, 2010 27

Yemen: Insider told Saudis of bomb plot

By Hamza Hendawi
and Ahmed Al-Haj
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Fixing security system
SAN’A, Yemen — Information that
helped thwart the plot of U.S.-bound
mail bombs wired to explode on cargo
cost would be in billions
planes came from an al-Qaida insider By Gregory Katz
who was secreted out of Yemen after THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
surrendering to Saudi authorities,
Yemeni security officials said Monday. LONDON — The technology exists to safeguard the
The tip reflects how Saudi Arabia has world’s air transport system against threats like the Yemen-
worked aggressively for years to infil- based mail bombs, but the cost may be too high to be prac-
trate al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, tical.
which is operating in the unruly, Analysts warn that the cost of screening every piece of air
impoverished nation on its southern cargo in a bid to prevent terrorists from downing airliners
doorstep. might bankrupt international shipping companies, hobble
The tip came from Jabir al-Fayfi, a already weakened airlines and still not provide full protec-
Saudi who was held for years at the U.S. tion.
military prison at Guantanamo Bay, “In a worst case, it would stop world trade,” said James
Cuba, and was released to Saudi Arabia Halstead, a longtime consultant with the Aviation
in 2007. Soon after, he fled Saudi Arabia Economics firm. “UPS and FedEx would probably go bust.
and joined the al-Qaida affiliate in REUTERS We’d have a full-disaster scenario.”
Yemen, until he turned himself in to A cargo plane of Federal Express (FedEx) is seen at the Cologne/Bonn airport near The cost of the extra effort, he said, “would be almost too
Saudi authorities in late September. Cologne,Germany. much to consider.”
Yemeni security officials said they Many countries already conduct extensive checks of
Saudi Arabia has been recruiting key figure in al-Qaida in the Arabian
believe al-Fayfi may have been a double Peninsula, is the chief suspect behind cargo, Halstead said. But the increasingly sophisticated tech-
informants in the terrorist network and
agent, planted by Saudi Arabia in also has been paying Yemeni tribal assembling the sophisticated mail nology used by terrorist groups makes further refinements
Yemen among al-Qaida in the Arabian chiefs — and even gives cash to figures bombs, according to U.S. intelligence extremely difficult.
Peninsula militants to uncover their in the Yemeni military — to gain their officials. Authorities “do as much checking as they can in many
plots. The officials said that after his loyalty. German officials said Monday the places, but it’s the danger of these small items that is the
return to the kingdom, he told authori- President Barack Obama thanked mail bombs contained 10.58 ounces problem,” he said.
ties that al-Qaida was planning to send Saudi King Abdullah, a top U.S. ally, in (300 grams) and 15.11 ounces (400 The problem is compounded by the frequent use of pas-
bomb-laden packages. a Saturday telephone call for the “criti- grams) of the explosive PETN — senger flights to carry cargo, some of which has not been
The officials spoke on condition of cal role” by Saudi counterterrorism enough to cause “significant” damage to properly screened.
anonymity because they were not authorities in uncovering the plot. After the planes. By contrast, the explosives In last week’s narrowly averted plot, one device almost
authorized to talk to the media. Tribal the Saudi alert, two bombs hidden in that failed to work last Christmas on a slipped through Britain and the other seized in Dubai was
leaders in Yemen aware of the situation, packages mailed from Yemen and Detroit-bound airliner used 80 grams of unwittingly flown on two passenger jets. Investigators were
and similarly speaking on condition of addressed to synagogues in Chicago PETN secreted in the underwear of a still piecing together the potency and construction of the two
anonymity, confirmed al-Fayfi’s role. were discovered Friday on planes tran- Nigerian passenger. Al-Qaida in the bombs, which they believed were designed by the top explo-
Saudi officials did not respond to calls siting through Dubai and Britain. Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibili- sives expert working for al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula,
for comment. Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, considered a ty for that. the Yemen-based faction thought to be behind the plot.

Indonesia volcano shoots Around the world

Appeals court extends life of gay military policy new blast; 21 more rumble
Iraqi Christians mourn
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS before a new Congress is sworn in. Ronald Reagan and one appointed MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia —
A divided three-judge panel of the by President Bill Clinton, on Oct. 20 Deafening explosions of hot gas rat- after church siege kills 58
SAN FRANCISCO — A federal 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals imposed a temporary hold keeping tled evacuees miles (kilometers) BAGHDAD — After the gunmen
appeals court on Monday indefinite- granted the U.S. government’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” in place. from an Indonesian volcano killed the priest and nearly everyone
ly extended its freeze on a judge’s request for a stay while it challenges Monday’s decision means gay Monday, the latest eruption in a in the first row, an eerie quiet
order halting enforcement of the the trial court’s ruling that the ban Americans who disclose their sexu- deadly week. The country reported descended over the pews. The only
military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” pol- on openly gay service members is al orientations still can’t enlist in the increased rumblings at 21 other occasional sounds were sporadic
icy, heightening pressure on the unconstitutional. armed forces and can be investigat- active volcanoes, raising questions gunfire, the muffled cries of the
Obama administration to persuade The same panel, composed of two ed and ultimately discharged if they about what’s causing the uptick hostages and the shouts of Islamic
the U.S. Senate to repeal the law judges appointed by President already are serving. along some of the world’s most militants — sometimes over their
volatile fault lines. cell phones.
Appeals court hints at tossing part of Arizona law No casualties were reported in
Mount Merapi’s new blast, which
came as Indonesia struggles to
Suddenly the lights went out.
Iraqi forces began entering the
building, telling parishioners: “We
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of furor when Arizona Gov. Jan
Appeals signaled it was ready to toss Brewer signed it April 23. The fed- respond to an earthquake-generated will save you.”
SAN FRANCISCO — Arizona’s out the provision of Arizona’s law eral government filed a lawsuit soon tsunami that devastated a remote Then a shattering blast shook the
immigration law faced tough scruti- that criminalizes the failure to carry after to invalidate the measure. chain of islands. The two disasters church as a suicide bomber set off
ny from a federal appeals panel immigration papers showing lawful U.S. Deputy Solicitor General unfolding on opposite ends of the his explosives.
Monday as the state’s governor residency in the United States. Edwin Kneedler argued Monday country have killed nearly 500 peo- By the time the siege of Our Lady
appeared in person to support the But the three-judge panel didn’t that the provisions in question vio- ple and strained the government’s of Salvation church was over
controversial provision on the day tip its hand over which way it was late laws making immigration emergency response network. In Sunday night, 58 people were dead
before the election in which she’s leaning on other provisions of the enforcement the exclusive domain both events, the military has been and 78 wounded — nearly everyone
seeking her first full term. state law that touched off a national of the federal government. called in to help. inside the building.

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