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Honey Jade Belen Zaragoza AB Political Science II-B

“Why don’t scientists have more authority in government?; A Reaction Paper”

In a simple definition, science, is knowledge about or study of the natural world

based on facts learned through experiments and observations. Government, on the other
hand, is a group of people that governs a community or unit. It sets and administers public
policy and exercises executive, political and sovereign power through customs,
institutions, and laws within a state. In these two definitions I have shown you, you can
now take a hint of how they can be interrelated or different from each other. Both fields
are concerned with the study and development of the physical world and the things the
make it works. In this paper we are going to find the right answer on the question, why
don’t scientists have more authority in government?

If we are going to trace back our history, there was no record of scientists having
more authority in the government neither acquired and held political powers. It is very
evident that in any society, the government has the control on scientific matters and people
behind it. Therefore, until the present scenario, scientists still have very small amount or
limited authority in government. Some people are now clamouring about this matter. Is this
the right time that we should give chance to scientists to have more authority in the

I am in my second year in Political Science and we are very exposed in dealing

with the matters that concern politics. It is what we are studying about. In political science,
authority is something that requires the acceptance. It is an acknowledged right to rule.
Before you can have it, you must first have the power which is the capacity to bring about
intended effects and legitimacy. Acquiring such authority is difficult because it’s a mixture
of power and intelligence to serve people. Government is not a science laboratory where
you can conduct researches on people, laws or institutions. It is a complex area where
decision-making and social problems are being dealt with every day. There is no
experiments nor observations here. That is why I strongly disagree that scientists should
be given more authority in the government.
Now let’s tackle on the reasons why scientists do not have more authority in the
government. If you will ask me, I can only tell you my personal perception on this matter.
That is why I did my research to answer properly this particular inquiry. These are just
some of what I have researched. Scientists have limited authority in the government
because they do not have the full knowledge in policy-making process. It requires a large
amount of time before a policy is being approved. Scientists follow scientific methods
while politicians do not. Government officials do not observe such scientific methods
because it is very different from theirs. Another reason is that scientists and government
follow different timescales. And the last one which is technically the most essential is that
public opinion matters, this is something that scientists could not achieve or consider
because of the science of their work and in the government, the public is the priority. It is
where their desires and needs are being addressed directly. In own my conviction scientists
could never have more authority in the government, the essence of governance is the
general welfare of the public. The public is not some sort of experiment that could be put
at stake. This is what scientists do not or always fail to heed.

This is only my stand on this matter, I am not demoralizing the work ethics of
scientists. I am just explaining my sentiments. I have high respect on them and I am grateful
to the products of their intellectual experiments and researches. They have a great impact
on the development of the modern world. They make life convenient and are finding ways
to treat incurable diseases. They have been a huge help in the different aspects of our lives.
It is very apparent in our society that we are enjoying their works. Actually, there are
scientists who study the science of government and politics. They are called “political
scientists”. They do not follow the traditional scientific methods in conducting researches
and they are not working in laboratories instead they apply their acquired political
knowledge in the real world. It is more acceptable in our society that they hold political
powers and being elected in some of the higher positions in the government. In this world
where double standards and educated people both exist, such matter is not yet ready to be
accepted. It will require time before we can change it.

Government and science are both profound. They are both unique in their own
fields. But before I expound it, I honestly do not intend to be biased in writing this paper,
so I decided that before I end it, let me also state here that the government has also it holes.
Conspiracies and corruption are being practiced in the government. In order to prevent such
malpractices of incompetent government officials, the government also need scientists for
it to work efficiently and fairly and to maintain the bureaucracy working. That is why there
are scientists who also work in the government and doing researches. We can see that hand
in hand, they help each other. Scientists working in the government is something that we
should not fuss about. But when it comes to handling authority, government must take
control. Science has already dominated the world and so we cannot agree that the
government would also be fully dominated by it. It is an important issue and we need
rational people to handle such authority. I do not imply that scientists are being irrational
but they could be in some ways. Authority should not be abused and used to exploit in a
wrong manner. That is why we must take consideration of the things that really matter
before we carelessly decide on such matter.

Maybe it is not yet the right time for scientists to have more authority in the
government. However, when the time comes that they will have full control of the
government. I am really hoping that they will prove themselves that they will use it in
solving the vital issues of the real world. Because, I could not imagine myself being
manipulated and experimented by mad scientists in the future. That will be enormously