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net WEDNESDAY Aprit 24, 201e

Classes were suspended in

many schools in Metro Manila
and neighboring areas to allow
building inspections. Gowmment
offices in quake-affected areas
were ordered closed.

o IN 5 P I cr o N t presirent Rodligo and senat€ (andidate (hristopt ta*r.*. ,rong, eo i

4s+otttJe N€ukt' talk to offidah aftertheir yisit to earthquake-hit 'ut€rte
pora<, pampanga on ruesday.
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death toll i

as new
Fresh quak6
\ strong earthquake at magnitude
I across the mostly rural region to from the Philippine ArmY and Catholic Philippines marked the four flights from Clark (two do- of those who have been res-
5.5 shook Samar lsland at 1:37 have to attend to theit
the Bureau of Fire Prot€ction Easter holiday. mestic and two international) on cued, we
p.m. on Tuesday, with the ePicen- i assess damage in isolated hamlets medical needs. Those who havt
rescued nine persons stuck in the Fr. Roland Moraleia, who is based Tuesday. Five international and
ter in San Julian, Eastern Samar. that lost power and communica-
in Porac, said the 1 8th-centuy belftY eight domestic flights to and fiom died, we have to attend to theii
The Philippine lnstitute of tions in one ofthe area's strongest collapsed supermarket.
A report from the Zambales of the St Catherine of Alexandria Clark scheduled on Ap riI 24 were funeral requirements. "l'hose
Volcanology and SelsmologY said tremors in years.
Provincial Disaster Risk Re- Church collapsed in the quake. also cancelled. whose houses were destroyed
the strong tremor was aho felt in Scores of rescuers in Porac were
duction and Management Of- High+ise buildings in the caPi- and who had to flee the earthl
Northern Samar, Westem Samar using cranes and jackhammers to
peel back the pancaked concrete fice said Waring Serano, 6, a tal swayed after the tremor struck State of calamity quake, they have to be fed. So1
and Tacloban City at int€nsity 5; we are in the rescUe and rcliel
sfucturc of Chuzon SuPermarket resident of Barangay Buhawen, Monday evening, leaving some
and in Masbate, tegazpi CitY in stage right now" Arroyo told
where the Red Cross said 24 people suffered massive irljuries after with large cracks in their walls. The quake was centered on the
Albay and Sonogon at intensity 4. reporters on the sidelines of th-e
were unaccounted for. being hit by falling rgcks during Thousands of travelers were town of Castilleios, about 100
San Julian experienced four Boao Forum in Tasuis Cily or
"Every minute, every second is a landslide. stnnded after aviation authorities kilomeiers (62 miles) northwest
lftershocks after the stong quake. Tuesday before retritnin gi%' t'"i
Public Works Secretary Mark shut down the secondarY Clark of Manila, local geologists said.
The latest quake sent tenified critical in this rescue" Cris Palcis, a
Airport, which is located on the Seismologists put Monday's home province later in the daf]
locals fleeing into the streetg with volunteer rescue dog handler, told Villar said there was "quite a big
site of the formel US military in- tremor at 6.3 initially, but sub- Sen. Joseph Victor 'JV' Eiercitol
images on social media showing AFP "Time is short for the people ddmage" on Pampanga roads,
under the rubble, so we have to ahountingto about P200 million. stallation that lies about an hour's sequently downgraded it to a chairman of the Senate Healtl
:racked roads, crumbling church Committee, said: "ln the wakq
be quick." In neighboring Bulacan prov- drive north ofthe capital. 6.1 magnitude.
walls and shattered glass. of the strong earthquake that hiJ
Pampanga Gov Lilia Pineda told ince, roads were passable and no It was still closed on TuesdaY as The Philippines is part of the
"No one started crying, but of
journalists that rescuers could still major damage was reported. officials assessed the heavY dam- Pacific 'Ring of Fire," an arc Luzon, I urge both national anq
counie some panicked because it
was really strong," said Rey Estrobo, hear at least one Person UaPPed
' President Rodrigo Dutertg who age to the terminal building and of intense seismic activity that local government authoritic$ t(
some cracking on the air taffic str€tches from quake-Prone fa- immediately conduct compreheni
a supeMsor at a hotel in Borongn beneath the rubble but the digging attended a briefing in Porac, sus-
pended the operations ofall Chu- .ontrol tower. pan through Southeast Asia and sive inspections of all building{
towrr nearthe epicenter ofsan Iulian. was proceeding delicately to avoid
Philippine Airlines (PAL) across the Pacific basin. and vital inftastructure in or(lcr t(
"Wdre still getting hit with af- accidentally crushing the suwivor zon branches.
The NDRRMC, on blue alert grounded one international and House Speaker Gloria Maca- ensure that they are safe.n i
tershocks, even as we speak," he WTH DEMPSEY REVES
told Agence Fnnce-Presse (AFP). statirs since Monday, rePorted 'Really swaying' 47 domestic flights to and from pagal Arroyo recommended a
that 29 structures and buildings Clark on April 23. PAL canceled state of calamity be declared
The quake also damaged several one international flight and 45 in Pampanga.
Toll could rise sustained damage following the
'The priority is to complet€
$rong quake. centuries-old .churches, which domestic flights scheduled for L. VERGARA, CATHERINE A
Brig. Gen. Edgard Arevalo, mil- were crowded with worshippers April 24 at Clark A@ort. the rescue that is haPPening MODESTO ANI
The toll from the Luzon quake
and then we have to take care FREDERICK SILVERI(
itary spokesman, said responders in recent days as the majodty- Cebu Pacific cancel€d at least
could rise as crews fanned out

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