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QUIZ 2 English V Form D

SECTION ______ UNITS 3&4
PROFESSOR ___________________
Spring 2016

Indicaciones Generales:
1. Esta prueba consta de 5 preguntas de comprensión auditiva, 16 de reconocimiento
comunicativo, y 5 de comprensión lectora.

2. Verifique que su prueba esté completa

3. Llenar en forma correcta y completa con la adecuada respuesta es de su EXCLUSIVA


4. Puntaje Máximo, 36 puntos. La nota 4,0 se obtiene logrando el 60% de este puntaje.

5. La Pauta de Corrección se encontrará en el Centro de Documental en Ambiente Aprendizaje

Web de la asignatura para que usted puede analizar su rendimiento académico, y las notas
obtenidas, las podrá ver en la plataforma y sala de clases en 10 días hábiles.

6. En la entrega de la evaluación usted podrá solicitar al docente su revisión de acuerdo a la

pauta de evaluación. Si transcurrido dicho plazo usted no presenta observaciones, se
entenderá su calificación como definitiva.

Todo intento de respuesta deshonesta será sancionado con nota mínima.

Listen to five people describing their jobs. Circle the best alternative according to the context. (10
points, 2 points each)

1. The boy works in a clothes shop for _____________________.

a) women and men only

b) children and women only
c) different kind of people

2. The university students works as a _______________.

a) a tourist agent
b) a tour guide
c) a river boat rider

3. The man _____________________.

a) loves his job and people don’t

b) likes his job, even though he says it is not that easy
c) likes working in a hard environment.

4. The speaker flies to countries like _____________________.

a) Europe, Italy, Spain and Great Britain

b) Italy and Spain
c) Spain, Italy, and Greece

5. This person helps _____________________.

a) doctors to operate on
b) sick people
c) children who are ill


Read the situations and circle the best alternative. (16 points, 1 point each)

Situation 1: Michelle Bradley is reading an email.

“Welcome to the training course “Write English”. Could you _____________________ me your office
number and the number of your extension, please?

a) send
b) reply
c) read
d) write
Situation 2: Robert and Jeff are talking about their jobs.

Robert: What do you do for a living Jeff?

Jeff: _____________________. I work in a factory.

a) I’m a scientist
b) I’m a buyer
c) I’m an engineer
d) I’m a doctor

Situation 3: Patrick just received a letter from a client in Canada. He is telling his colleague about what
was said.

Patrick: It looks like we _____________________.

Colleague: Great, so now we can sign the papers.

a) signed the deal

b) argued
c) drew up an argument
d) have an agreement

Situation 4: Jason wants to know about Sam.

Jason: _____________________?
Sam: I’m a salesman. I sell computers to companies.

a) What does Peter do for a living

b) What do you do exactly
c) What do they do for a living
d) What does Robert do for a living

Situation 5: Help John to start a message.

Dear Mrs. Smith:

_____________________ inviting me to your country next year. It would be a good opportunity to know
each other personally……

a) Thanks to
b) Many thanks
c) Thank you very much for
d) Could it be possible to

Situation 6: Rick works in accounting, his boss asks him to pay some of the workers more money.

Boss: Michelle and Susan worked more than 40 hours this week.
Rick: Yes, they worked _____________________ this week.

a) overtime
b) contract
c) longer
d) temporary work
Situation 7: George is expressing his satisfaction to Paul about an e-mail he got from him.

George: Thanks for your e-mail _____________________. You never fail me.
Paul: You know you can always count on me.

a) I was glad to sign for you on the mail

b) My best wishes for your nice e-mail
c) I’m delighted I replied to your message
d) It was a pleasure hearing from you

Situation 8: Michael and Linda are talking about a company Michael is trying to work for.

Michael: This Japanese company specializes in audio and video, and it has around 50,000 _____________.
Linda: What did you say? How many people work for the company?
Michael: 50,000

a) suppliers
b) customers
c) employees
d) employers

Situation 9: Sam is telling his colleague about Andrew, the new employee.

Colleague: Do you know anything about Andrew?

Sam: Yeah, I know _____________________. He always came to work late and was very lazy!

a) they retired
b) they fired him from his last job
c) he resigned from his previous job
d) he was made redundant before

Situation 10: James is apologizing to his supplier, Mr. Richards on the phone.

James: We’re sorry to say that in spite of the fact that we were interested in doing business with you,
Mr. Richards: Thank you for your honesty. I hope in the near future we can be in contact again.

a) we are ready to accept your conditions

b) don’t hesitate to get in touch with you as soon as possible
c) yours sincerely
d) we are unable to continue our discussions because of economic reasons

Situation 11: Nick Sullivan is giving a speech about his company.

Mr. Sullivan: In our company many employees do some temporary work. I mean, ____________________.

a) some of them joined the company ten years ago and they are still with us
b) they are supposed to work around 40 hours a week
c) they work for just six months with us
d) they do four hours each morning
Situation 12: Nicole is telling Justin about his CEO´s opinion on the results of their last meeting.

Nicole: The CEO is so happy about our latest agreement that _____________________ again.
Justin: Ok, I’ll call his office on Monday. Thanks for telling me!

a) can’t agree to your proposal

b) it’s great meeting you
c) he wants to get to know you better
d) he’s looking forward to seeing you

Situation 13: You are a representative at a trade fair. Tell the people about your company.

You: Good morning everyone. In my company ______________________________________________. So

there are 26 sites altogether.

a) there is a head office, 6 branches and 20 warehouses

b) there are 20 branches, the head office, 2 warehouses and 3 more offices
c) there are so many head offices, and branches
d) there are some head offices and only one branch

Situation 14: Samantha wants to know exactly what Megan does.

Samantha: What does Megan do exactly?

Colleague: She works at Falabella department store in retail. She sells products to the ________________.

a) manage
b) company
c) customers
d) suppliers

Situation 15: Emma is describing her job.

Oscar: So, Emma. You work in a factory, right?

Emma: Yes. I _____________________ the products that we sell to our customers. You know, I have to be
creative all the time.

a) buy
b) design
c) sell
d) manage

Situation 16: Frank told his friend Elizabeth about an interview.

Frank: You know, I really want this job at the _____________________. I want to be the big boss.
Elizabeth: That would be fantastic for you.

a) office
b) branch
c) shop
d) head office
III.READING. Read the text and circle the correct answer. (10 points. 2 points each).

Energy Services
Our Energy Services division provides on-site, technology-driven solutions to the global natural gas,
petroleum and petrochemical industries. In addition to recovery, production and process
enhancements, we also deliver a full range of water treatment offerings to refineries and
petrochemical plants.
The division is divided into a Downstream refinery and petrochemical processing service business,
and an Upstream group composed of our Oilfield Chemicals and Adomite business.
Our upstream process applications improve oil and gas recovery and production, extend production
equipment life and decrease operating costs through services including scale, paraffin and
corrosion control, oil and water separation, and gas hydrate management solutions. Our
downstream process applications increase refinery and petrochemical plant efficiency and the
useful life of customer assets, while improving refined and petrochemical product quality and yields.

1. Energy Services provides technological solutions to_________________________________________.

a) the gas production industry

b) many service oriented industries
c) oil and gas productivity
d) different energy-production industries.

2. They treat_________________________________________________________________.
a) water in different ways
b) petroleum and petrochemical products
c) refinery and petrochemical plants
d) natural gas to make it usable

3. The service business at Energy Services can ____________________________________________.

a) be divided into four different divisions
b) differ from the raw material and the client
c) have Downstream and Upstream process applications
d) deal with air, water pollution

4. Their Upstream application _________________________________________________________.

a) make equipment last longer
b) increase the cost of production
c) improves the water recovery and production
d) increase the plant efficiency

5. Energy Services is _____________________________________________________________.

a) an independent subsidiary company
b) a division of Nalco
c) a company providing technology-driven solutions to different industries
d) a department of an ecology-oriented company



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