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11930 Verhoeff Dr

Huntersville, North Carolina, 28078

March 8th, 2019

Ms. Kimberly Palmer, Graduation Project Coordinator

Merancas Middle College High School
11930 Verhoeff Dr
Huntersville, North Carolina, 28078

Dear Ms. Palmer,

Many students enrolled in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools struggle every day with bullying and
exclusion from cliques. These difficulties faced in school are often left unnoticed and undealt
with, resulting in problems that expand further down the road. Additionally, many students that
wish to seek help for these issues are turned away by their counselors due to lack of
communication or understanding. Failure to initially seek the proper guidance could result in the
problems furthering as well as the child making irreversible mistakes on their own.

My intended solution to this issue is to promote the counseling services to the student body, as
well as inform them of the benefits of visiting their counselors. Additionally, the faculty and staff
should make it a goal to promote events and activities where they promote communication and
group activities with individuals the students don't typically interact with. My desire is to
promote a safer environment where students will feel more free to communicate with each other
and the faculty at their school.

In on order to accomplish the solution to the issue of student excluded-ness and counselor
communication, my intended plan of action is to organize events in which students learn the
benefits of visiting their counselors as well as how to visit their counselors if they need to.
Additionally, I would like to organize events at schools where students are encouraged to interact
and sit with other students that they don't usually talk to. Hopefully, these events will encourage
students to form new relationships and deter the formation of cliques. Additionally, if students
know how to access their counselors, they can receive the help that they need, preventing issues
that may encumber their education.


Jordyn Pressley
Jordyn Pressley