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PHDEL 611, Leadership and the CEO in Education Course

January 26, 2019
ROOM 2, Graduate School Room

Program of Activities
Activity In-Charge
Registration Secretariat
Opening Ceremony Emcee
The program
Ice Breaker Mr. Edwin Acain
Speaker 1: Ms. Evamy Escol
The Framework for Leadership
Open Forum

Speaker 2: Ms. Maria Bea C. Lao

Collaborative Culture through
Open Forum

Speaker 3: Ms. Cristy Efondo

The School: System, Culture and
Open Forum
REACTOR Dr. Susan Labutap
And Participants
Discussion with Doc Dr. Susan Labutap
Assessment Speakers

Ms. Agnes Castro

Master of Ceremony
Topic Abstract
In Educational leadership the establishment of framework, is the
most crucial step in the leadership Education. The framework for
leadership encompasses the definition of the leadership is many
aspect and perspective. Defining in different views to better
understand leadership per se. the topic also discuss the effective
leadership based on critics and views of experts globally, with such
focus on condition requisites for effective leadership especially on the
context educational leadership. Further discussion on the nature of
leadership in the school and its open social system is briefly discussed.
To truly appreciate that framework is necessary, the
development of a collaborative culture in schools including discussion
of various theories in leadership that have been applied and maybe
applicable today are discussed in this topic. The challenges
encountered are also included especially in the context pf one’s
behavior in an organization, including the leaders.

Topic Learning Outcomes:

After having completed the seminar, the participants must be able to:

1. Define and understand “leadership”

2. Explain the nature and the requires for effective leadership;
3. Explain the various theories about leadership;
4. Discuss the nature of school culture and climate affecting