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Sample PHICO Paper for A4 Page Size

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First-Third Department, First-Third University
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Abstract —Exclusive breastfeeding as one of the
breastfeeding plays a very alternatives to improve
important role to improve the pregnant women’s knowledge
babies’ nutritional status, and attitude toward exclusive
especially to maintain and breastfeeding . It is also
improve their growth and suggested that the Health
development. It is sufficient for Agency make some efforts to
0-6 month old babies to only procure leaflet concerning
consume exclusive exclusive breastfeeding as a
breastfeeding without any facility to promote and involve
other supplementary food. The the competent people to create
preliminary survey result the leaflet so that they are
indicated that the coverage of absolutely interesting, effective,
exclusive breastfeeding in and efficient.
Blangpipdie was only 49%.
The objective of the research is Keywords— exclusive
to discover the influence of breastfeeding , knowledge,
leaflet on pregnant women’s attitude
knowledge and attitude toward
exclusive breastfeeding in
Blangpidie Subdistrict, Aceh I. INTRODUCTION
Barat Daya District. This is a
quasi-experimental research Breastfeeding (ASI) is the
using pretest-posttest group fulfillment of mother and child
designs. The research location rights. Breast milk as the best
in Blangpidie Subdistrict. This baby food created by God is
research was done in October not replaced with other foods
with population consisting of and beverages. Every first
all pregnant women in their week of August is designated
third trimester pregnancy and as "World Breastfeeding
75 women were taken as the Week", implemented to raise
samples. The treatment was by awareness of all parties about
disseminating leaflet. The the importance of
results are analyzed by using breastfeeding (MOH, 2016).
paired sample t-test. The results The presence of appropriate
show that there is a significant protective and nutrient factors
difference in the respondents’ in breast milk ensures good
knowledge between before and baby's nutritional status as
after the treatment is given with well as child mortality and
average margin 3.49 and p mortality decreases. Some
value (0.000) < α (0.05), which epidemiological studies suggest
indicates that leaflet have some that breast milk protects
influence on pregnant women’s infants and children from
knowledge about exclusive infectious diseases, such as
breastfeeding . There is a diarrhea, otitis media and
significant difference in the acute lower respiratory tract
respondents’ attitude between infections. Colostrum contains
before and after the treatment immune substances 10-17
is given with average margin times more than mature milk
6.64 and p value (0.000) < α (matur). Immunity contained
(0.05), which indicates that in breast milk, among others,
leaflet have some influence on will protect the baby from
pregnant women’s attitude diarrhea and reduce the
toward exclusive breastfeeding . possibility of infants affected
The results of the research by ear diseases, cough, colds
conclude that the role of leaflet and allergic diseases (MOH,
as supporting media for health 2014).
promotion gives some influence
on the improvement of
pregnant women’s knowledge
and attitude toward exclusive
breastfeeding. It is expected
that the Puskesmas make use of
leaflet on exclusive