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Bridge Journalist | Content Producer | Graphic Designer

To obtain a position in journalism, radio, television, production, media
11952 Erwin Ridge Ave marketing or communications, where my skills can be utilized; to
Charlotte, NC enable my professional growth and development.
Professional Experience

Contact January 2019- Social Media Intern | HBCUgo

(704) 231-0140 May 2019
Creating content and social media campaigns for the
company HBCUX. Including recruiting content producers to
zadrisblog.wordpress.com present on a major platform and newly released phone
application. Using creativity and marketing strategies to gain
traffic on all platforms.

Education January 2018- Social Media Intern | Healthy Babies Project |

Howard University May August 2018
Working for a nonprofit with teenage pregnant girls. Taking
charge of the companies’ social media sites, creating media
Bachelor of Arts in content which includes articles, photos, videos and web
Media, Journalism, Film development and fundraising campaigns.
and Communications
August 2017- Manager | WHBC 96.3HD Radio Station
May 2019
Audio Production Manager for Howard University student ran
Qualifications station, creating audio content and advertisements for local
and franchised companies. Content including athletic and
Strong Oral and Written
campus events ads.
Communications Skills
September 2017- Marketing Intern | Washington Redskins
Proficient in Adobe Suite December 2017
Assisting the marketing team during the traditional NFL
Proficient in Final Cut Pro season with sponsors and fan
enjoyments. Discusses with sponsors the importance of the
team and giving tours of the stadium.
Research and Analysis of Information
October 2016- Corps Member | AmeriCorps Jumpstart
Media Relations April 2017.
Teaching children in after school program the basics of
Problem Solving literacy and reading through the AmeriCorps fundamentals
and trainings. Gaining experience in child development and
literacy training for children.