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Tutorial No.6- Applications of Navier-Stokes Equation

1. Consider fully developed, steady flow
between concentric, rotating cylinders, as
shown in Fig. Obtain an expression for
power needed to rotate the inner cylinder
when the outer cylinder is fixed.
Formulate the necessary governing
equations (i)From first principles (ii)By
reducing and solving Navier-Stokes
equation for tangential direction
Ans. P 
r12  r22

2. An oil having viscosity of 7 poise and specific gravity of 0.85 flows through a
horizontal 50mm diameter pipe with a pressure drop of 18kN/m2 per meter
length of the pipe. Determine (i) Flow rate of oil and centreline velocity, (ii) Power
required to maintain the flow and (iii) velocity and shear stress at 8mm from the
Ans. 3.94lps, 4.02m/s, 7.1kW, 2.16m/s, 153N/m2.
3. Two fixed parallel plates kept at 8cm apart have laminar flow of oil (μ=2Ns/m2)
between them with a maximum velocity of 1.5m/s. Compute, (i)discharge per
unit width, (ii)shear stress at plates (iii)pressure difference between two points
25m apart (iv) velocity at 2cm from the plate (v) velocity gradients at the end of
the plates end.
Ans. 0.08m3/s,150N/m2,93750N/m2, 1.125ms, 75m/s/m
4. Laminar flow of a fluid of viscosity 0.9kg/ms and density 1250kg/m3 occurs
between a pair of plates of extensive wdth. The plates are 10mm apart and
inclined at 45° to horizontal. Pressure gauges mounted 1.2m vertically apart on
upper and lower plates record a pressures of 75kN/m2 and 250kN/m2. The upper
plate moves with a velocity of 2m/s relative to lower plate but in opposite
direction of the fluid flow. Obtain velocity and shear stress distribution between
the plates, maximum velocity and shear stress on upper plate.
Ans. 0.691m/s, -730.5N/m2.
5. A conical contraction in a pipe line is used to connect two pipes of diameters
D1 and D2 over a length L. Determine the pressure loss across it.

Q  D12  D22  D1 D2 
Ans. 128   
3  D13D23 
6 Obtain expression for velocity distribution, shear stress distribution and location
of maximum velocity for fully developed, steady flow in annulus space between two
coaxial cylinders in axial direction.

7 Obtain expression for pressure variation in radial direction for fully developed,
steady flow between concentric, rotating cylinders.

8Consider a liquid film falling down an

inclined plane of length L and width W.
Obtain an expression for velocity
distribution. What is the relation between
average and maximum velocity within the

9 A shaft of 12cm diameter rotates centrally in a journal bearing having a diameter

of 12.3cm and a length of 15cm. Annular space is filled with an oil of viscosity
0.096kg/ms. Calculate the power required to overcome the friction if the shaft rotates
with a speed of 1500rpm.