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In the current document, I will write about the curriculum is from my sight point and also

I will give the answer to three questions that are related to the main topic “The


From my sight point “A curriculum is the engine in education, without curriculum, the

education won’t work because it helps us how to prepare to the students for real life. With

a curriculum we just don't encourage the students in to think “what can I do?” but “I

will”. We as teachers, we have to be the inspirations to our students so they can reach the

goals in the curriculum.”

Actually, we have to identify which are some activities students like to do in their daily

life also the problem they have to effort every single day inside and outside their home

and or the high school.

We prepare students for that they learn to fight the battle in the real world but not all

students approach that opportunity but also there are some teachers that they don’t inspire

to students to fight that battle. Students see education as an obligation but not like an

opportunity for their lives.

A great and very well curriculum elaborated will help and will give the tools for the

teachers to create an excellent teaching/learning environment.


1. What kinds of problems and activities do students engage in?

This could be answered taking in count how teachers encourage their students to

be active in their classes. A bored teacher, a teacher who doesn’t prepare the class

very well, a teacher who does not make a dynamic class, is another teacher who

throws to the students to an incompetent society.

Students should be encouraged to participate in all the activities that are related in

their lives for example in the school, in their neighborhood, etc. students will be

forced to identify which kind of activities will help for their wellness. Here

teachers have an important role because most students are sent to their schools

with the end of leaving a little of peace in their home as about their parents, others

students are sent to the schools because their parents think studying getting good

grades will be a great benefit for the family. There is a few percents of students

that go to school because they feel motivated.

Believe me or not many students go to schools for making different activities that

they do at home, they don’t go to schools for hearing the same thing they hear at

home and us as teachers we have to motivate our students for they experiment

new challenges, new activities and solve all the problems that will be appearing

every day.

We have to work with strategies for getting a great class and student feel more

encouraged to participate in the activities that we have planned, Morel said: “In

addition to carrying out surveys to know the perspectives of students and teachers,

studies have been compiled that result in the strategies to follow to achieve an

effective and interactive master class” (Morel, 2000, p. 65 - 66)

2. What connections are students helped to make between what they study in

class and the world outside of school?

“Thought is the base on which learning is based, the way to manifest intelligence.”

(Piaget, 1969). Intelligence develops a structure and a functioning, this same

functioning goes modifying the structure. Our society goes developing every day,

the education needs to be transformed to cover the expected of a new society. This

new society is the connection between inside and outside of the schools. Students

know that our world is changing every day, they are the new generation that will

help that this new society goes ahead. To learn English, math, science and the

other subject have a good propositive in the life of every student as they depend

whether they approach to get the most knowledge that good teachers teach in the

classrooms, they know that actually being a bachelor is not enough in this society

and they need to prepare for how to solve the problems that they will get in the


3. Can a school provide the conditions for youngsters, as they mature, to have

increased opportunity to set their own goals and to design ways to realize


Actually, we live in a competitive world with high expectations in the productive

and social process. We live in an era in which communication and information are

revolutionizing the economic conditions.

“The discipline originates in three sources: the educational center, the family and

social environment and the student.” (Abarca, 1966). In order for students to

achieve their proposed goals and achieve them, it is necessary to maintain a

disciplined environment. In the family aspect, the discipline must be given in the

time that the student must have for their entertainment, for their free time activities
but also for their studies. The schools help the students to strengthen their

knowledge so that they can defend themselves outside the institution. In the same

way, we teach students to set goals, these goals must be met as time goes by. Not

everything is classed between four walls, it is also teaching students to dream

beyond their own expectations. With a good discipline inside and outside the

home, inside and outside the school, students in the future will be able to reach

the proposed goals, that way when they are professionals it will not be hard for

them to fulfill their stipulated goals.


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