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When configuring Cisco IOS login enhancements for virtual connections, what is the
"quiet period"?

a) The period of time in which virtual login attempts are blocked, following repeated failed login

b) The period of time in which virtual logins are blocked as security services fully initialize

c) A period of time when no one is attempting to log in

d) The period of time between successive login attempts

2823461. What Cisco Security Agent Interceptor is in charge of intercepting all read/write
requests to the rc files in UNIX?

a) Configuration interceptor

b) Network interceptor

c) File system interceptor

d) Execution space interceptor

4235191. Which consideration is important when implementing Syslogging in your network?

a) Syncronize clocks on the network with a protocol such as Network Time Protocol.

b) Log all messages to the system buffer so that they can be displayed when accessing the router.

c) Enable the highest level of Syslogging available to ensure you log all possible event messages.

d) Use SSH to access your Syslog information.

e) Use TELNET to access your Syslog information.

5646921. Which security protocols are used by AAA servers?



c) Kerberos


7058651. For the following statements, which one is the strongest symmetrical encryption

a) AES

b) 3DES

c) DES

d) Diffie-Hellman
8470381. For the following options ,which one accurately matches the CLI command(s) to the
equivalent SDM wizard that performs similar configuration functions?

a) aaa configuration commands and the SDM Basic Firewall wizard

b) setup exec command and the SDM Security Audit wizard

c) auto secure exec command and the SDM One-Step Lockdown wizard

d) Cisco Common Classification Policy Language configuration commands and the SDM Site-to-
Site VPN wizard

9882111. Observe the following options carefully, which two attacks focus on RSA? (Choose all
that apply.)

a) BPA attack

b) Adaptive chosen ciphertext attack

c) DDoS attack

d) Man-in-the-middle attack